51 Dollar Store Organization Ideas For Small Spaces

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Organizing your home is of paramount importance when the space available is limited and relatively small. You can optimize space by using every nook and corner efficiently and who knows, you might end up adding or freeing up some space!

And who said that home organization has to be expensive? If you are aware of the huge spectrum of stuff available in Dollar Stores, you don’t have to empty your wallet in order to add some orderly fashion to place.

From decluttering linen closets and makeup drawers to using under the sink space effectively, we have covered some interesting organization hacks. All of these can be done by using stuff from the Dollar store.

So scroll down and check out 51 DOLLAR STORE ORGANIZATION IDEAS FOR SMALL SPACES and expand your small space!

51 Dollar Store Organization Ideas For Small Spaces

1. DIY Clothing Storage

Via Theredchairblog

Don’t have a closet in your apartment? Are those big cabinets too costly? You can make DIY clothing storage with recycled cardboard boxes and wired storage cubes from the dollar store. Label each box to finish the look and you will love it!

2. Under the Sink

Via Amynewnostalgia

When your apartment is small, every bit of space counts. There is a lot of space under the kitchen sink and you can use it to store cleaning supplies, garbage bags, paper towels, and so on.

Installing a tension rod will be of big help. You can even get some baskets from the dollar store and organize soaps and brushes in that space. 

3. Baskets for Bath Linens

Via Imbusyprocrastinating

Install these nesting baskets in the bathroom and store towels and other linens without any fuss. Use up that empty wall space!

4. Towel Bar for Pots and Pans

Via The2seasons

Yes, those clingy pots and pans really create a mess in your kitchen cabinets due to their awkward shape.

Install a towel bar on the sidewall of the kitchen counter and hang them up. You can get towel bars and hooks from the dollar store and you’ll have not only utilized an inconvenient spot but also freed up your cabinet space! 

5. Under the Bathroom Sink

Via 320sycamore

It’s time to give the space underneath your bathroom sink a makeover too. Buy nesting bins and a shower caddy from the dollar store and organize that messy area. This time, your styling appliances, soaps, and shampoos would stay in place. 

6. Use a Pegboard in the Kitchen

Via Abeautifulmess

The kitchen is the most affected zone when your living space is small, and with all those utensils and groceries, it can get messy without organization.

Upgrade a bare, blank wall by installing a pegboard and hang pots, pans, spatulas, and more. Chalk out their positions so that you never forget where they were hanged.

7. Organize a Deep Drawer

Via Seededatthetable

If you have deep drawers in your kitchen, it is time to divide the area using wooden boards—your utensils and their lids would never be lost again. Separate frying pans from non-stick ones, pots from cookers, and make your life super easy. 

8. File Box Appliance Storage

Via Dreamgreendiy

To store your hairstyling tools, install a file box near the bathroom vanity so that it’s within easy reach. Besides, a file box is not flammable and it won’t let you compromise on the decor aspect as well. 

9. Spice Rack

Via Thestonybrookhouse

You would need an efficient storage hack for storing all of your spices. After all, what is a kitchen without loads of spices? Get some cooling racks from the dollar store and turn them into fancy spice racks by attaching them to the pantry or cabinet door.

It won’t even cost you $5 and I am sure you would be happy to see those spices in one place. 

10. Extra Storage in the Bathroom

Via Teruterus|Reddit

Finding good storage spaces in bathrooms can be overwhelming sometimes. Here’s a hack to add some extra space. Install a second shower rod and get some baskets from the dollar store. Hang them with the help of shower curtain rings and now you have extra space! 

11. Canned Food Storage

Via Myuncommonsliceofsuburbia

Storing canned food can be a hassle but we have a hack for you. Spend on some nifty little wire baskets and stack those cans one above the other. You can label each basket with cute prints and make it easy for your family to get what they want!

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12. Pantry Organization

Via Alejandra.tv

Pantries can get messy pretty quickly if you don’t know how to go about organizing them. Buy some long and slim airtight containers from the dollar store and you’ll have yourself an organized pantry! These containers will take up vertical space and this way you’ll be able to store more items.

13. Storage Shelves with Plastic Crates

Via Hometalk

You must have come across those plastic crates of different sizes at the dollar store. Convert them into wall storage shelves and you can declutter your cabinets now. This is an amazing kids’ room organization hack. 

14. Hang Coffee Mugs from Tension Rods

Use the wall beside your kitchen counter and install a tension rod on it. You can get S hooks from the dollar store and hang mugs and cups over here. You’ll save cabinet space this way. 

15. Family Room Cabinets

Via Organizingmadefun

We all have a cabinet that belongs to everybody in the house and never fails to get messy. Optimize the space by hanging some baskets under the shelves with cup hanger hooks and keep that place organized. 

16. Pot and Pan Organizer Rack


Height adjustable pan organizer rack, Vdomus pan and pot lid holder black metal (black)

Vertical stacking is so far the best organization method and you can use it to store pots and frying pans that consume space. Get this simple but efficient height adjustable pan rack and store your pots and pans in a vertical manner.

17. Organized Medicine Bottles

Via Askannamoseley

Just like our pantry and kitchen cabinets, we have a dedicated medicine cabinet that can get messy in the blink of an eye. Buy plastic containers of different sizes and organize the medicines. You can also label each container for ease of use. 

18. Vanity Drawer Organizing

Via Tatertotsandjello

One glimpse of that messy, cluttered makeup drawer can make us go mad—no matter how hard we try, we can never make it stay neat! To solve this woe, get some wired baskets from the dollar store and stack those brushes, lipsticks, and other stuff in their allotted baskets.

This easy hack would free up some drawer space as well. 

19. Binder Clips for Freezer

Via Thriftyfun

Bags of frozen foods are prone to get lost amidst the chaos in the freezer as they do not take up much space. There is also a chance that contents would spill out if they aren’t stored properly.

To deal with these issues, use binder clips from the dollar store and hang them on the racks—you’ll also be able to optimize the available space. 

20. Storing Kids’ Pens

Via Therewasacrookedhouse

Kids often create a mess with those crayons, pens, and pencils scattered everywhere in their room. Install a rail with hooks in your kid’s room and hang some colored buckets on it bought from the dollar store.

Make sure your kids put all the items back in their places after usage.

21. Cabinet Door for Utensils 

Command Wire Hooks Value Pack, Medium, White, 7-Hooks (17068-7ES), Organize Damage-Free

A failsafe method to maximize kitchen space and declutter your cabinets is to use up cabinet doors. Buy some command hooks, install them on the insides of cabinet doors, and hang light utensils on them. 

22. Office Organization

Via Aehomestylelife

As I said, plastic bins and baskets from the dollar store can create magic, and here is another one. Your study or craft shelves can be organized by storing those office supplies in plastic bins. Spraypaint them to make them look chic and elegant!

23. DIY Trash Bag Rollers

Via Simplyorganized

Trash bag containers are inconvenient, especially when they are kept in cabinets. Switch to a DIY wall-mounted trash bag roller for quick access. You would just need a wooden dowel and curtain rod brackets from the dollar store. 

This setup can be installed under your kitchen sink.

24. Gift Wrap Organizer

Via Thecountrychiccottage

Craft supplies and gift wraps do need some efficient organizing. Use those plastic, over-the-door shoe organizers and convert them into an amazing gift wrap storage in a few minutes. 

25. Magnetic Toy Storage

Via Dollarstorecrafts

Declutter your kid’s room by installing DIY magnetic toy storage. You would need steel pizza pans from the dollar store for this one and some other easily available supplies. Put those magnetic toys on display and let them stay organized! 

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26. DIY Belt Hanger

Via Livesimplybyannie

Are you a belt enthusiast with a small closet? Here’s an easy hack to hang them up in an organized manner. You would need a shower rod and shower curtain rings to make this hanger and you’ll be able to swiftly choose the belt you want to wear with your outfit every day!

27. Dollar Store Refrigerator Makeover

Via Thedomesticgeekblog

We might not realize it, but our refrigerator definitely needs a makeover to keep things fresh and avoid lingering odors. Some cheap yet wonderful and colorful baskets from the dollar store with chalkboard labeling can do the trick pretty well.

28. DIY Tights Organizer

Via Lanaredstudio

Thinking of the right way to hang up your tights collection in your small closet? Buy some wooden cloth pegs from the dollar store and install them on an empty wall with a glue gun. Your tights will have a fixed spot now! 

29. Electronic Odds and Ends

Via Imperfecthomemaking

When we are short on space, even small stuff like electronic cords and cables can be a nuisance due to their odd shapes. Organize batteries and cables in plastic cups from the dollar store and place them in a basket—you won’t have to deal with tangled wires again! 

30. Organizing Jewelry and Accessories

Via Perpetuallychic

You must have a dedicated accessory drawer in your closet which gets really messy no matter how tidy you try to keep it. Switch to cheaper jewelry organizers—buy some paper towel holders and magazine holders from the dollar store to keep everything organized. No more messy drawers!

31. Kid’s Closet Organization

Via Iheartorganizing

In my opinion, keeping your kid’s closet organized is very important otherwise they would always need your help rifling through the drawers. Instead of piling all the clothes in one drawer, use plastic or canvas containers to stock them.

Label them up according to their contents and your kid would find it very convenient. 

32. Bins for Clothes Closet

Via Inmyownstyle

We can use those efficient $2 bins for anything and everything and here we have them again. Store your seasonals like sweaters, Halloween costumes, etc. in these bins and stack them on the topmost shelves of your closet. It would protect the fabric and free up closet space as well. 

33. Utensil Tray Organizer

Via Tatertotsandjello

You must have come across those silverware trays at the dollar store. Repurpose them into a beautiful jewelry organizer and those earrings will never get misplaced again. You can also paint those trays to match your room decor.

34. Easy Scrapbook Supply Storage

Via Creatingkeepsakes

Crafting and scrapbooking is a good hobby and a productive way to spend your free time, but keeping those supplies in place might not seem easy. Use coat racks, spinning racks, and baskets to keep them neat and tidy. Simple!

35. Linen Closet Redo

Via Abirdandabean

Does your linen closet always seem to explode whenever you open it? Redo that ignored closet once and for all with some colorful baskets from the dollar store. Separate the towels, clothes, bedsheets and label the baskets in which they are kept.

36. Broom and Mop Organizer

Via Yellowblissroad

Just like those electric cables, brooms and mops take up lots of space due to their weird shape. Get hook racks from the dollar store, install them on a free wall, and hang the cleaning supplies over there. 

37. Crate Organization Inside Closet

Via Realitydaydream

Buy some plastic crates and cup hooks from the dollar store and hang the crates on the lower part of the closet shelves. This easy organization hack would maximize your closet space without any hassle, and they look pretty good too! 

38. Utilize Doors

Via Mommysavers

We talked about using the inner surfaces of cabinet doors, and this hack is about using doors efficiently. You would need a pocket door organizer, a shoe tray, and plastic bins from the dollar store to make this fully-equipped organizer that won’t take up any extra space. 

You can store whatever pieces of clothing you use regularly over here.

39. Mason Jars Spice Storage

Via Thekitchn

You don’t have to rush to Walmart to get those mason jars, they are readily available in dollar stores. Store spices and other essentials in your pantry in mason jars and you will save space as well as keep your spices fresh. 

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40. Laundry Room Makeover

Via Abowlfulloflemons

Who said laundry makeovers would dig a hole in your pocket? This DIY has used everything from the dollar store like bins and baskets of all shapes and sizes. The outcome is amazing and you must try this out! 

41. Mesh Hamper for Beach Supplies

Pop-Open Light Duty Hamper Easy Carry Mesh Hamper 14x14x22 Approximate

You must have beach clothes and swimsuits stuffed somewhere in the linen closet. It’s time to get them out and free up some closet space. Stack those beach clothes inside mesh hampers which are portable and very convenient when you decide to have a beach outing. 

They can be kept on the topmost closet shelf until you decide to visit the beach.

42. Ziploc Bags for Organization

Via Ziploc

Just like those bins and baskets, you can use Ziploc bags to keep seasonal clothes together and tidy up your room. These are very helpful if you live in a dorm where space is extremely less.

If you don’t have enough space in the closet, consider storing these underneath your bed.

43. Organize Toothbrushes

Via Livingwellmom

Attach plastic cups to your bathroom cabinet door and use them to store toothbrushes and toothpaste. You can get these cups from the dollar store, paint them up and you are done. It would be out of sight, but not out of reach for your kids’. 

44. An Organized Playroom

Via Clutterbug

The best way to organize your kid’s playroom would be by using cubbies. Get plastic bins from the dollar store for every cube and store toys and other supplies in an orderly fashion. Label them for extra convenience! 

45. Organize Outside Toys

Via Theorganizedmama

Your kids’ outside toys must be stored separately as they’ll have a lot of dirt stuck to them. You must have a dedicated shelf for these and you can keep them organized in bins, baskets, buckets, and so on from the dollar store. Get creative by coloring and labeling them. 

46. Hanging Shower Caddies

Via Thecrazycraftlady

Hang up shower caddies so that those shampoos and soaps aren’t out of reach when you are in the shower. Also, these plastic caddies from the dollar store would free up space inside the bathroom cabinet!

You can also allot separate caddies for different family members.

47. DIY Pots and Pans Organizer

Via Restorationbeauty

Here is a fully detailed DIY where you can transform and organize the pots and pans cabinet with different racks from the dollar store. They are cheap and durable and you don’t have to deal with messy kitchen cabinets and clanging utensils anymore!

48. Kids’ Drawer

Via Delightfulorder

If you have kids at home, this one is for you! You must be well-acquainted with the mess the little ones’ sippy cups, bowls, and glasses can create. Bring home small baskets from the dollar store and organize the kids’ drawer. This would maximize the space and they won’t create a mess like before.

49. Craft Supply Organization

Via Kellyelko

We haven’t talked about those popular clear containers available at every dollar store yet. They are mainly used as shoe boxes, but you can repurpose them and create a magical craft station. Organize the supplies in those boxes and don’t forget to get creative with the labels.

50. File Folder Storage

Via Onetoughmother

A unique file or folder storage, this DIY would keep your study super-organized! Get those metal napkin holders from the dollar store and sort paperwork and documents with ease. You can keep all the necessary papers together without any fuss.

51. Hall Closet Organization

Via Averagebutinspired

This one is very much like the family closet organization, but a little more optimized. Install racks from the dollar store on the insides of the closet door and increase space. You can also add in extra shelves to store more clothes. Nothing is impossible!

I know that you are spoiled with choices now and your brain is brimming with ideas. Try out your favorites and don’t worry about the outcome, I am sure you would do great. So let’s not waste any more time and get to the organizing right away!