31 Dollar Store Thanksgiving Decorations

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In the pre-internet days, most people would just hang up a wreath and put a few branches in a vase and call it a piece of craft. But Pinterest, Etsy, and YouTube arrived, and the world was never the same.

With so much inspiration on the internet, all of us want more these days. And if you haven’t yet explored the eternal world of DIY craftspeople have been sharing for Thanksgiving, then you are missing on a lot.

But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Instead of scrolling through tons of designs and crafts, you just need to check these 31 Thanksgiving decoration ideas. I bet you won’t be satisfied with only one either.

Moreover, all these decor ideas are crafted using Dollar Store items, and thus, they won’t burn a hole in your pocket. All they’d take is a dollar or two and a little bit of effort to completely makeover your home for this Thanksgiving.

31 Dollar Store Thanksgiving Decorations

1. Glitter Glam Pumpkins

Via Thinkingcloset

What is Thanksgiving decor without a bit of glam? Of course, no one asked for it, but it’s your side table, and it deserves the glittery shine because subtle isn’t always the way to go. Let these glitter glam pumpkins steal the limelight from your ceiling lights this Thanksgiving using this simple tutorial.

2. DIY Fall Wreath

Via Cmongetcrafty

Not every DIY task has to take 20 hours. Take, for instance, this beautiful yet easy to make fall wreath that takes just under 30 minutes to make. And it’s crafted to such perfection that even the best of DIYer friends would ask you for the crafting recipe!

3. Dollar Store Fall Leaf Topiary

Via Thekimsixfix

The cute decor is just cute decor, and you just can’t deny it. It’s the essence a few pieces exude, and these balls are just the perfect example. You can place these cute pumpkin balls in a bowl, and it makes for an excellent rustic centerpiece. Moreover, these plastic baseballs hardly cost anything too!

4. Sunflower Pumpkins

Via 365design

It’s quite surreal to realize that adding a few inexpensive items in the right combination can help you create a decor item that’d probably cost $50 at the gift gallery. You just need to put these faux pumpkins on an available dish for an attractive centerpiece.

5. Glass Menus from Photo Frames

Via Creatingwithklc

These impressive menus and gift cards took just half an hour to create. You can choose from a vast collection of frames from the dollar store and customize it as per your decor. A white market is all you’d need to make this exciting cornerpiece.

6. Decorative Thumbtack Dollar Store

Via Inspiration.kenmore

It’s surreal to realize how people have been modifying cheap dollar store pumpkins for exquisite decor items. If you want to add a zing to your living room side table, just cover the whole pumpkins with thumbtacks, and you’re getting a disco ball style decor at such a low cost.

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7. Metallic Fall Leaves

Via Thecrazycraftlady

If you’re a sucker of metallic decor like me, you just have to add these faux metallic leaves in your thanksgiving decor. Most of us already have these fake leaves waiting in our craft stash. A little inspiration and paintbrush would make you this glamorous thanksgiving decor.

8. DIY Napkin Rings

Via Homemadelovely

Have you seen a cuter idea for a napkin ring? Well, I haven’t, and it can be customized so quickly too. All you need is to print your favorite marvel character, map, flag, or whatever you want. Print, cut, and secure, and there you go.

9. Thanksgiving Banner

Via Athoughtfulplaceblog

DIY crafts don’t have to involve hours of hard work to look good. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, here is a straightforward yet flashy idea for thanksgiving. Sometimes, a thank you is all you need to be graceful.

10. Maple Leaf Candleholders

Via Ruralmom

No, it’s not possible. A $2 candleholder can’t look that good. Well, it does, and it’s yours to own! And this is not just decoration for your mantelpiece; it will look even better on the dinner table. We all know-how expensive thanksgiving dinner table decor is, so here you go.

11. Rustic Floating Candles

Via Enchantingbymoncheri

Thanksgiving parties are all about having a cozy and comfortable vibe. It’s time you are grateful, and these rustic floating candles can enhance the love we have for each other easily. And they cost nothing more than a few cheap dollar store accessories that you might have bought last Christmas and are unused.

12. Thanksgiving Candle Wreath

Via Mygourmetconnection

Two of the most popular decor items- Candles and Wreath combine to make this gorgeous piece of table decor. The metallic pumpkins and embossed candles add the dash of luxury we all strive for in our home. But all you’d need is a handful of affordable supplies to make this elegant piece.

13. Thanksgiving Table Runner

Via Houseofharper

One of the most unassuming yet crucial corners to cover while decorating is the dinner table. You’d mostly suffice with a couple of candles. But here is an idea to take it to the next level- replace your tablecloth with these attractive table runners that enhance the thanksgiving vibe at $1!

14. Abundance Seed Balls

Via Finecraftguild

Here’s a symbolic centerpiece idea that would look good for fall, Thanksgiving, and even after that. Cornucopia horn is a vintage symbol of abundance, while the seeds represent an abundance source of renewal as well as harvest. This centerpiece adds vibrance and positivity to your interiors.

15. Burlap Turkey Thanksgiving Wreath

Via Thewreathdepot

Flower wreaths are cool, and all this turkey inspired burlap wreath has changed the way I will look at wreaths forever. It adds just the right bit of warmth and decoration to the entry doors. Made of minimal supplies, the wreath also sets the theme of your menu if it contains turkey.

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16. Turkey Thanksgiving Tule Wreath

Via Busycreatingmemories

Turkeys are the star attraction of almost every Thanksgiving dinner. This is one of those last-minute crafts that would save you the embarrassment of being unprepared. The adorable turkey face just tops off a vibrant wreath idea that will rock at any entry door.

17. Dollar Store Gourds

Via Interiorfrugalista

These cute dollar store gourds are highly customizable, and here is a quick and easy centerpiece idea for the last minute preps. It’s for one of those times when Thanksgiving is 24 hours from then, and you suddenly feel a gaping vacancy on your center table. It hardly takes a few minutes to make these too.

18. Fall Jars

Via Craftsbyamanda

It’s hard not to fall in love with these burlap jars. They are so welcoming and fresh. The cream-colored burlap, coupled with the cute dollar store sunflowers, is just the combo you’d need at vacant corners that feel like a burden. They won’t look bad on the front porch or beside the door, either.

19. Thanksgiving Placemats

Via Frugalmomeh

Placemats are more critical parts of the decor than you think. They can have a lasting impression on your guests. But you don’t need to go extra for it. Here is a frugal yet impressive tablescape idea specifically for Thanksgiving. They add to the decor without stealing the limelight from your picturesque center candles.

20. Cinnamon Stick Candles

Via Gardentherapy

Candles aren’t just about the lights and the warmth. The fragrance also matters a lot. And what better scent can your candles have than a bundle of cinnamon sticks? It’s a minimal piece of decor that is lovingly bound with a little rope providing fragrance and lights at the same time.

21. Faux Pumpkin Vase

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

You could have easily spent a $100 bill, on an exclusive and elegant centerpiece like this, if not for this tutorial. These plastic pumpkins have just become a lavish centerpiece with a touch of gold spray paint. There’s hardly a reason why you would splurge on your centerpiece anymore.

22. Confetti Stuffed Turkey

Via Studiodiy

In making preps for the adult guests, we usually forget having something to entertain the kids. Entertain your nephews and nieces with this feisty confetti stuffed turkey. It’s blending well with the interiors and contains the joyful flavors of confetti no children ever said no to.

23. Customizable Utensil Holder

Via Bloomdesignonline

These editable thanksgiving place cards are ideal for making a little return gift for Thanksgivings! You can add a couple of knives and spoons and add quirky personalized messages to these. They’ll also look great if you put these holders at every chair with a customized message for every guest- how generous and thoughtful!

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24. Fingerprint Craft for Kids

Via Momenvy

It’s not a bad idea to cut yourself some tasks and bring the kids to work. And why not start with this cute little thanksgiving craft that your kids can make quickly? They’ll look impressive on front gates as well as hangings on the wall. 

25. Turkey Handprint

Via Simpleeverydaymom

Spring a cute little surprise with a customized thanksgiving message for your guests with this Turkey handprint. These would look great on your entrances as well as the above windows. The multi-colored feathers look quite impressive and add a vibrant touch to the white walls.

26. Gratitude Pumpkin

Via Coffeadcarpool

Cuteness can discount you for your ungrateful days. And this gratitude pumpkin craft is as cute as it is grateful. It’s super easy to create, and this smiling face will cheer up any Thanksgiving party whatsoever.

27. Paper Plate Turkey Hats

Via Honeyandlime

Bookmarks aren’t just for books. These are exciting decor items for your walls if they look as good as this paper plate turkey hat. These are super cheap to craft and can cover a vast distance at the cost of nothing. 

28. Thanksgiving Treat Bags

Via Artsyfartsymama

Thanksgiving treat bags are a must-have at every thanksgiving dinner, but why spend a lot of money when you can craft these at almost no cost. They add a touch of vibrance and liveliness to any center table without looking overworked either. And this tutorial is so well explained that a look at it will suffice to craft.

29. Picture Frame Lantern

Via Harleedesign

I can bet $50 on how your guests would never guess this luxurious lantern is built from dollar store items. Yes, just take a look at this exquisite masterpiece that has been crafted from the readily available dollar store items. It’s absolutely a piece of genius decor for Thanksgiving.

30. Etched Glass Decor

Via Passionatepennypincher

We could only imagine what a bit of etched cream and dollar store glasses can create. But this blogger has made a very viable and stunning decor item to be put on the side table. It would look great on the heart as well as the shelf below the window pane.

31. Floral Wire Pumpkins

Via Madincrafts

Pumpkins don’t always have to be orange and meaty. They can be as hollow as these floral wires in whatever color you prefer. The metallic wires look exquisite, especially around bookshelves. They add that glossy touch to an otherwise minimal bookshelf.

While these ideas are unique and the tutorials are precise, you shouldn’t shy away from adding your customizations. After all, DIY crafting is all about having creative liberty and giving things your touch.