71 Cheap and Easy DIY Fire Pit Ideas

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Before you know it, the anticipated cold weather will be back! And during that beautiful season, a warm backyard fire pit will be the perfect place to be with family and friends to share some talks and yummy marshmallows.

Fire pit projects will make a terrific addition to your yard. Who wouldn’t love to sit around the warmth and crackling logs of a good fire? But do you know what’s even more terrific? If it is done by you! A fire pit made from scratch is a fantastic story to tell and building your own backyard fire pit isn’t as difficult or expensive.

So go ahead and take a look at 71 cheap and easy DIY fire pit ideas.

71 Cheap and Easy DIY Fire Pit Ideas

1. Cozy Round Stone Fire Pit

Via Hgtv

This DIY fire pit is the ideal place to curl up with a good book. To execute this, all you need to do is follow their simple instructions! The first step is of course buying concrete bricks. Then, the next step is choosing a spot that is flat and level and then, building!

This won’t take more than a few hours and can be a fun weekend activity.

2. Fire Pit Using Concrete Tree Rings

Via Instructables

Would you believe you can make a firepit with just 50 dollars? Seems like a joke, right? But nope! For around $50, you can make this tiny and beautiful backyard fire pit out of concrete tree rings, a small grill, and small stones or decorative rocks.

3. Fire Pit under 60 Dollars

Via Keepingitsimplecrafts

Now that we checked out a firepit under 50 bucks, why not under 60 now? But how? Alright, first you need to construct a circle of concrete blocks to completely encircle the inner base. Then you need to stack the blocks up to three levels and secure them properly so they don’t tumble over.  

4. Brick and Lava Stone Fire Pit

Via Goodhomedesign

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to have a beautiful backyard? The answer is creativity. To help you out we’ve got this DIY fire pit. The first step is to determine the size of your pit, then dig, fill with lava stones, use bricks around the rim, fill the space with sand, and voila!

5. Beautiful Square Fire Pit

Via Hgtv

Square firepits are both elegant and simple to make. And this one-of-a-kind pit only requires you to build a concrete square frame, fill it with gravel, add a metal fire bowl, and finally some decorative stones on top to hide the gravel—simple. 

6. Cinder Block Fire Pit

Via Tools2tiaras

Wanna know how to make a fire pit out of repurposed items for under $20? Here you go! In this DIY, cinder blocks can be used for the base, cement landscape edging for the walls, landscape blocks for the corners, and old bricks to finish it off.

7. Another Square Pit

Via Caroleknits

Square fire pits may look expensive but that’s not always true! The process for making a square fire pit rather than a circular one is the same; all you need are cement blocks, rectangular pavers, and crushed stone. You begin by sketching out the region you wish to work with, then proceed to build your pit from there. 

8. 4 Step Fire Pit

Via Abeautifulmess

4 steps? What are they? They are:

  • Mark the spot
  • Dig the pit 
  • Load it with gravel 
  • Add 2 layers of stones 

This design is so nostalgic that it’ll bring up childhood camping memories. The stones are secured with an adhesive, and it’s a terrific place to gather with friends and family.

9. Stacked Stone Fire Pit

Via Hometalk

If you have a sandy or muddy area that you want to turn into a fire pit, all you have to do is dig a hole and surround it with a few large flagstones. You can add one layer of bricks for the fire pit or even two. 

10. Tabletop Fire Pit

Via Theartofdoingstuff

Anyone will fall in love with this trendy fire pit right away! If you’ve got a patio wooden table, you’re halfway there. The other materials to complete this stunning art are metal netting, marine silicone, small round rocks, gel fuel, glass picture frames, metal planter, etc.

11. Round Brick Fire Pit

Via Tuffguardhose

This DIY fire pit is quick, simple, and, honestly quite cheap. All you have to do is dig a hole in the ground to the desired height for your fire pit and then surround it with bricks in a circular pattern. This pit will give an antique, rustic vibe you’ll love.

12. Pirate Ship Fire Pit

Via Geekologie

Wanna make your guests’ jaws drop with an awesome sailing ship fire pit? We’ve got you. This is the one for the folks who want an eye-catching fire pit that also works as a barbecue. 

13. Tractor Wheel Fire Pit

Via Handimania

Have you got a spare truck wheel at your home or know someone who can give it to you for a cheap price? If so, grab it because that’s what makes this DIY so lit (pun intended)! The outside rubber part of the wheel isn’t needed, so remove it, and then follow the “handimania” blog’s easy steps!

14. Pallet Fire Pit

Via Instructables

If you have a lot of outdoor gatherings on weekends, you probably like the concept of sitting around a fire pit and eating grilled BBQ with friends and family. And for you to enjoy it inexpensively, here’s a DIY that requires pallets, a fire pit kit, and basic carpentry skills.

15. Firepit and Bench

Via Attachmentprone

A firepit with a bench to sit and roast marshmallows, how cool is that? To get this done, you’ll only need to do a few steps. By combining a couple of concrete slabs, you can create a simple rectangular fire pit for under $75. You can tile the space surrounding the fire pit and add a few seats and chairs to make the look complete.

16. Mini Tabletop Fire Pit

Via Dunnlumber

Here is a fantastic low-cost fire pit idea that’ll take only around two hours to make. This miniature fire pit is tiny enough to fit on a patio table while still providing enough heat to cook marshmallows! And it’s decorated with fire glass crystals to make it look beautiful.

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17. In-ground Stone and Brick Firepit

Via Imgur|Machoish

Bricks and stones can also be used to make an in-ground fire pit. All you have to do is dig a hole the size of the fire pit you want, then arrange stones around the edge. After that, you need to surround the pit with concrete slabs and stones to make it look unique!

18. Wheelbarrow Fire Pit

Via Misseffiesdiary

After the pirate ship idea, this is another one of our cool and unique fire pit ideas. Changing an old wheelbarrow into a fire pit ensures that it is portable. This DIY will surely add an extra vintage aspect to your landscape.

19. Simple Fire Pit

Via Scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom

This may look simple but surely will give a cottagecore aesthetic look. Using bricks is one of the simplest ways to construct a fire pit. And so, you can arrange them to construct any shape you want, then fill in the gaps with stones. Once it is done, adding a BBQ grill will make the fire pit multipurpose!

20. Steel and Stone Firepit

Another material that can be used to build a fire pit is steel and it isn’t costly as well. You can quickly set up two rings using steel sheets, one slightly larger than the other. To give it a better structure, fill in the space between the two with large slabs of stone.

21. Koi Pond Fire Pit

Via Lucyslampshade

If you’re thinking of getting rid of an old fish pond in your backyard, use this DIY to put a spin on it. In this DIY, an old koi pond has been turned into a stoned fire pit in the ground. It surely will transform your backyard into an aesthetic place.

22. Modern In-Ground Fire Pit

Via Lowes

The greatest way to spend an evening is relaxing by a backyard fire. This fire pit is built to be level with the ground and it will make the area look super stylish and modern. Because the project entails constructing a paver patio around the fire pit, it needs more planning and preparation.

23. Mosaic Fire Pit

Via Hometalk

This above-ground fire pit design may take a little longer, but the end product will not disappoint. First, you need to dig out the grass, and then lay down the bottom level of pavers in a square. Then the concrete retention pieces must be set in a circle centered on the pavers. Lastly, the mosaic will bring a splash of color to the whole look!

24. Fireplace Kinda Fire Pit

Via Instructables

A fire pit does not have to be round and does not have to take up a lot of room. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, you can still make a wonderful DIY fire pit. This DIY Fire Place Kinda Pit is built with a high back wall to keep it close to a side fence.

It will look so expensive but you alone know how economical it is!

25. Patio Fire Pit 

Via Howtonestforless

Do you wish to brag to your neighbors about your new patio fire pit that looks like 700+ dollars but only comes under 125$?  It’s going to take less than an hour to build this and all you need are retaining blocks and a fire pit kit. 

Since the blocks are quite heavy, you don’t need to glue them down.

26. Another In-Ground Fire Pit

Via Instructables

Another one? Well, why not? This one is for those who find an inground pit more appealing than installing a fire pit above ground. Begin by digging a hole, then mixing the concrete and creating the fire pit’s walls. After this, by following the other steps, your creative pit will be all set.

P.S. The location will be permanent so dig in the right spot.

27. Fire Bowl

Via Houzz|Recapturedcharm

Feeling like your backyard is boring? Then spice it up with a unique fire bowl. With a diameter of 12 feet, this stunning and distinctive table fire pit might be the perfect addition to your patio. This is a fantastic idea, and it would be a nice place to cuddle your loved one on a cold night. 

28. Fire Pit with a Metal Fire Ring

Via Imgur|thpike

Using a metal fire ring is a pretty cool and useful concept. The project must begin with a fire pit outline, then some digging, and placing the ring in the center. Add three layers of stone around the ring—pretty basic.

Add pea stones in the ring and add lava rocks on top of them.

29. The Backyard Ingle

Via Oldworldgardenfarms

If you have a rocky terrain in your backyard, this is a beautiful DIY that will suit it. This simple stone fire pit is an ideal setting for family members and friends to sit around and toast marshmallows. Use stones lying around your backyard for constructing this and it won’t make a hole in your wallet.

30. Spectacular Fire Pit

Via Imgur|meestermcfeelme

This is a pretty unique fire pit—it represents the hot flaming sun! This amazing sunburst fire pit design will require a huge area so measure out your space before going for it.

31. Stacked Circular Stone Pit

Via Houzz

To make this simple fire pit you’ll need concrete, mortar, flagstones, firebricks, etc. Choose firebricks that are mostly flat for setting up this fire pit. Also, make sure you let the foundation cure completely before proceeding further. 

32. A Romantic Fire Pit

Via Houzz

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day for you to spend a quiet evening with your partner. Sometimes you can sit by the beautiful fire pit holding hands and enjoy some quality time. The propane-fuelled square fire pit along with handcrafted wooden benches, and romantic lighting will make the atmosphere romantic. What do you say?

33. Simple Yet Vogue Fire Pit

Via Bowerpower

We all know how simple is always at its finest! So here is a DIY fire pit idea that is simple, useful, and yet wonderful! Prep the area and start the excavation if you love this idea.

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34. Flatstones Fire Pit

Via Ourfairfieldhomeandgarden

If you’re willing to spend some cash on a cool DIY then flat stones should be your first choice. They are typically more expensive, but the mood they add to the entire area is invaluable! This project will indeed take two days or so, but the “camp in the woods” vibe will make it up for all the hard work it requires.

35. A Modern Fire Pit

Via Manmadediy

A crackling fire in a modern bowl won’t fail to astonish the crowd. This DIY is one of our favorites because it looks so elegant. If you’re searching for something current and stylish, this is the one to go for.

36. Fire Pit with Stones of Different Sizes

Via Imgur|GetCarterCA

A fire pit does not have to be flawless or aligned to look amazing. That is why we bring you this one that looks authentic and rustic. In this idea, the stone comes in a variety of forms and sizes, giving the design a highly realistic and one-of-a-kind appearance.

37. Stone Wall with Built-in Fire Pit

Via Bhg

The perfect spot for a pleasant fire pit is the backyard, indeed. This fire pit is constructed of stacked stone, which also serves as a low retaining wall, giving the outdoor fire pit an attractive look. The area beside the fire pit also doubles as a seating area.

38. Table Top Fire Pit

In this DIY you will not only be making a tabletop fire pit but also be honing your craftsmanship skills. This amazing fire pit serves its purpose in providing warmth and also adding style and beauty to your home. Another bonus is that it’s portable.

39. DIY Adirondack Fire Bowl Table

Via Interiorfrugalista

This lovely DIY fire bowl table uses small eco logs or gel fuel cans rather than firewood which is a great alternative! It’s a terrific idea because even those with a small backyard may enjoy the benefits of having a fire pit. 

40. Tabletop Tiki Torch

This might not be an ideal firepit but this is one of the trendiest tabletop fire torches that will keep the winter night warm and good. With the instructions provided in the video, one can easily make this stunning piece of work in no time.

41. Elegant Fire Pit

Via Thegardenglove

Are you one of those people who want to build a fire pit but feel like, “Nah, I am not a builder”? If so, here is an easy-to-make and simple design to help you out. This fire pit is made out of easily available supplies and some labor. Don’t worry, you’ll ace this!

42. Fire Pit with Circular Seat Walls

Via Paradiserestored

This setup includes a freestanding seating area with a pleasant fire pit, a pizza oven, a comfortable outdoor living room, and more. This can be used as an inspiration for your upcoming DIY firepit.

43. Charming Fire Pit Seating Area

Via Instructables

A charming atmosphere can be created by stringing bistro lights above and around your fire pit. You can do this if you’re throwing a party in your backyard. 

44. Garden Fireplace with Bench

Via Instructables

This DIY idea is the one for households that have a huge family or often invite many guests. Moreover, this is a fantastic setup of a firepit surrounded by cobblestones that looks tidy and perfect enough to burn the wood.

Additionally, building this wonderful bench for you to sit on will enhance the experience.

45. The Outdoor Stacked Stone Fireplace

Via Myuncommonsliceofsuburbia

If you have enough space for such a magnificent work of art as this, then what are you waiting for? This outdoor fireplace would be a fantastic addition to your home and the stacked stone with a chimney will give your backyard a rustic look.

46. Rock Fire Pit for Camping

Via Instructables

When you like camping out in your backyard with your family, then you definitely need a fire pit to enhance the experience. With simple instructions, you can build this fire pit individually or together with your family.

47. Another Backyard Fireplace 

Via Milkpaint

We previously saw some outdoor fireplaces that needed large space and some craftsmanship. While this brick fireplace with a wooden storage area does need some space, it isn’t much hard to build and is unique in its way. 

48. Keepsake Fire Pit

Via Sharpecreations

Are you planning on making your first-ever fire pit? Would you like to cherish it as long as it stays? You can do so by making every member of your family add their handprints to the bottom of the pit. 

49. 2-in-1 Fire Pit

Via Thelilypadcottage

This is a two-in-one fire pit—when you’re not burning logs, you can turn it into a wonderful table by covering the open area. How cool is that?

50. Portable Fire Pit with Built-in Log Storage

Via Instructables

This is one of the most brilliant ideas on this list that will save you money. It elevates the concept of upcycling to a whole new level. All you need to do is make a fire pit using an old shopping cart that can be dragged around. Oh, and you can also store logs in the bottom rack.

51. The Home Road Fire Pit

Via Homeroad

Have you got a muddy corner that’s of no use? If so, it is time to utilize it. The author of this DIY has given clear instructions that will help you turn your corner to a place to enjoy yourself with family. Use stones and a non-combustible adhesive to set up the fireplace. 

You can decorate its surrounding area with pea gravel.

52. Fire Pit with Custom Capstone

Via Theownerbuildernetwork

This fire pit is unique because it is rectangular and looks lower to the ground, unlike the rest. Moreover, this fire pit features a one-of-a-kind capstone decorated with colorful broken glass. Add some pop of color instead of going for a plain fire pit!

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53. Dig a Hole, That’s All

Via Mikekraus

This fire pit is relatively simple and easy to create. It essentially starts with digging a pit in the ground, laying out cinderblocks with decorative bricks on top, and that’s it.

54. Washing Machine Fire Pit

Via Hgtv

If you’re planning to throw an old washing machine, don’t because there are ways to upcycle it! Even after years of laundry service, your machine is going to give you a good time with this DIY. Take out the drum from the machine, give it a makeover with paint, and add pipe legs.

55. Fire Pit + 2 Benches for just $100

Via Thetypicalmom

Looking for a fun-looking and attractive fire pit with a seating area? Here’s a great DIY idea where you can build a firepit by yourself using gravel and concrete blocks and have a great time with your family during the holidays. 

56. Stainless Steel Garden Fire Pit

Via Instructables

Have a frontloading washing machine just rusting away? Grab its stainless steel drum to make this fire pit. It can also work as an incinerator to get rid of garden waste and food waste.

Since this fire pit is elevated from the ground using galvanized steel tubes, you don’t have to worry about any burn marks on the ground.

57. Fire Pit with Grill

Via Redheadcandecorate

Using a grill and bricks, you can create this beautiful fire pit that serves various purposes. Gather around the firepit at the next party and roast some marshmallows or grill some yummy steak!

58. Backyard Fire Pit in 30 Minutes

Via Kleinworthco

Make a backyard fire pit in less than 30 minutes? Sign me up. Kleinworth & Co. has brought this quick and inexpensive fire pit idea that can be made using easily available materials like rocks and a cast iron fire pit bowl

59. Classy Fire Pit

Via Hertoolbelt

This beautiful 36” ring fire pit will surely add to the charm of your backyard. This firepit can be made out of old concrete stones and bricks once you dig out the permanent spot. You can also change the size of the ring as per your wish!

60. Farmhouse Style Fire Pit

Via Countryfarmandhome

If you have an amazing view behind your house, then this idea can be executed wonderfully. The best part about this DIY is that you can use the same material to build the benches that surround the firepit once you’ve arranged them as per the instructions. 

61. Spruced Up Fire Pit

Via Thriftdiving

This fire pit can be made using a fire pit kit or concrete blocks, gravel (you can also use lava rocks), construction adhesive, and other supplies. In case you feel the fire pit looks sort of isolated, add a walkway.

62. Compact Fire Pit from Half a Sheet of Steel

Via Instructables

Don’t wanna go with the same old brick and concrete pits? No worries! Here’s a trendy idea where you’ll repurpose an old steel sheet to bring out a fire pit. 

If you want to, you can add handles to the sides so that you can easily shift this fire pit.

63. Mini Fire Pit

Via Artsyfartsymama

S’mores are best enjoyed on winter evenings and they needn’t always require a large fire pit. Keeping that in mind, this beautiful mini fire pit will be a hit with your family and friends. You’ll be using a terra cotta clay pot and a saucer for making this. And don’t forget the s’mores station!

64. A Gas Fire Pit

Via Outdoorrooms

Building a gas fire pit is quick and easier than building with fire stones. All you have to do is build a fire pit out of concrete hardscape blocks, concrete adhesive, a gas burner kit, lava rocks, and other easily available supplies. 

65. Propane Fire Pit

Via Instructables

Who knew a simple alteration can make an old fire pit look stunning? This DIY makes use of an old firepit stand/frame to make a propane fire pit. You’ll have to create a fire ring for this and a propane pipe as well.

66. Backyard Fire Pit in One Hour

Via Coastalcreatorsct

In this unique DIY, you will make a fire pit using flagstone landscaping blocks, concrete pavers, a galvanized metal tub, a metal tub, and some other supplies.

Make sure you drill 4-5 holes at the bottom of the tub for drainage. We don’t want water to pool in case it rains.

67. Flower-Style Fire Pit

Via Thestonybrookhouse

This 2-layer stacking wall block fire pit resembles a flower and that’s why it’s so unique! And would you believe this idea can be wrapped up within 50$? Just chip of each block with a sledge hammer to resemble a flower petal.

Leave some gaps in the bottom layer to allow airflow so that the fire will burn efficiently.

68. Concrete Tiles Fire Pit

Via Familyhandyman

Face bricks and firebricks are used to create this gorgeous and fashionable fire pit in your backyard. While you’re building this pit, leave 4 gaps and opposite points in the firebrick part. These gaps will let air in and make sure that the fire burns well.

69. Double-Layered Fire Pit

Via Thriftydecorchick

This fireplace was built with a kit that includes stones, glue, and a metal ring. All you have to do is add the stones around the ring in 3 layers. 

70. Beautiful Modern Fire Pit

Via Lovecreatecelebrate

If you have an existing propane fire table and you want to give it a makeover, this DIY is for you. Use black tiles and black grout to give this firepit a unique flair. When it comes to creating an attractive firepit, you can never go wrong with the color ‘black’.

71. Pallet Firepit

Via Ryobination

Create this lovely and trendy campfire by recycling old wooden pallets. Apart from that, this project requires a propane insert, tiles, and plywood. Working on this fire pit idea would be a lot of fun for you for you’ll only end up being much creative. 

Good things take time and with that being said, the more you put the effort into these firepits, the more cherishable it will become. Have fun flexing your DIY skills!