117 Cheap And Easy DIY Garden Ideas

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Gardens are the places in our homes that give us solace! Beautifying them gives justice to both the home and the person who’ll henceforth enjoy the vista. Making DIY garden crafts is one of the simplest ways to adorn your outdoor space on a budget. 

So to help you get started, we have these unique and stunning garden ideas, that will give your yard a vibrant makeover. Among these handpicked 120 ideas, there is an idea for everyone–be it for someone trying to prep the patio or the front yard! What are you waiting for mate? Jump in!

120 Cheap And Easy DIY Garden Ideas

1. DIY Outdoor USA Pallet Garden Flag

Via Mylifeabundant

With this lovely USA flag, you can show your respect and love for your nation. This enjoyable DIY project takes only a few hours to complete and will look incredibly gorgeous. 

2. Easy DIY Stone Planter


Going natural is the main  with having your own garden. To make the statement true, make your own stylish stone planters out of patio stones rather than plastic planters that cause harm to mama earth.

3. Backyard Container Pond

Via Penick

This one-of-a-kind pond is not only simple to set up but also adds a fascinating water feature to your garden! With this DIY pond, a fully working ecosystem is made, promising a delicate view.

4. Striped Raised Garden Beds 

Via Deliacreates

Growing plants in the garden is a must, isn’t it? Why not then begin a little food garden in your backyard? It is a great chance to make some garden beds that will adorn your yard as well!

5. Window Flower Boxes

Via Howdoesshe

Window boxes are a charming addition to any window. They are colorful and exude a friendly atmosphere. These DIY flower window boxes are both inexpensive and simple to make, so grab your tools and flowers!

6. DIY Stamped Plant Labels

Via Burkatron

Making a set of garden labels to quickly identify all of the different plants in your garden is a great way to organize. You can easily make these clay labels yourself by following the easy instructions!

7. DIY Bird Bath

Via Mamitalks

Having potted flowers is always a great touch, but adding a birdbath makes it even more intriguing. This entertaining DIY project mixes the two and adds a lot of colors to your garden. 

8. DIY Modern Garden Trellis

Via Francoisetmoi

Build a trendy garden trellis to help your climbing vines go the distance. The climbing plant will eventually grow over the trellis, creating a lush green wall in your landscape.

9. Tin Accent Wall 

Via Craftytexasgirls

This accent wall made out of inexpensive roofing material is definitely going to create a buzz! It can be used to replace one portion of a fence in your garden to accentuate the view!

10. DIY Flower Bench

Via Burkatron

This chic DIY gardening bench not only serves a practical purpose but also serves as a beautiful place for a small plant, which adds to its aesthetic appeal. Amazing, ain’t it?

11. Concrete Garden Orbs

Via Madebybarb

Instead of water and flour, this DIY idea uses a concrete mixture to enhance paper mache. It’s actually a lot easier than it seems, and it’ll look great in your yard!

12. DIY Planter With Hose Stora

Via Diycandy

Hoses definitely have to be kept safely. With this planter, you can keep your hose hidden and safe until you need it. Safety at its best!

13. DIY Hanging Plant Planter

Via Thesprucecrafts

This DIY hanging plant planter is the ideal answer if you are short on gardening area or just want to add a new trendy design to the yard. This is a great idea!

14. Upcycled Garden Hose Door Mat

Via Markkintzel

Do you have an old hose that you’re about to throw away? If so, do not because this DIY is going to give you a new mat, that promises vogue and simplicity. Ready to upcycle?

15. Cowboy Boot Planters

Unique planters that are unique will stand out and impress many people. Repurpose your old cowboy boots to grow small flowers like daffodils or marigolds – it will be worth it.

16. DIY Bubble Fountain

Via Scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom

Fountains add tranquil sounds and a heavenly feel to the garden. Even if a full-scale fountain is not feasible, there’s no reason you can’t make your own little one. This DIY will give you a serene look at a lower cost. Enjoy!

17. DIY Paint Dipped Garden Tools

Via Sarahhearts

Are your gardening tools looking rusty and old? Then, by painting the handles of the same color, you can make all of your gardening tools look new! This DIY project is indeed useful.

18. Vertical Garden

Via Instructables

Building a vertical garden with a shoe organizer is a brilliant idea. This garden not only looks amazing and saves space, but it also keeps pests and pets away from your herbs and vegetables.

19. Solar-powered Lantern

Via Theseasonalhome

This customized lantern serves as a DIY sign that looks beautiful during the day! Moreover, at night the radiance is incredible and no one will ever be able to tell it had been upcycled at a low price.

20. Hanging Gutter Garden

Via Goodshomedesign

Gutter gardens make use of the vertical space in your yard, allowing you to grow flowers and veggies even if you don’t have much grass. Just make sure you pick a location that receives direct sunshine each day – that’s it!

21. Gardening Apron

Via Satoridesignforliving

Sew a homemade gardening apron to store your pruners, twine, and seed packs around your waist and keep all your gardening tools within easy reach. Isn’t that a great way to save pennies?

22. Kitchen Fairy Garden

Via Organizedclutter

An ancient wooden barrel serves as the planting’s foundation and then you’ll have to fill it with dirt and smaller containers. In this idea, you can also use ordinary terra cotta pots or almost any other type of container.

23. DIY Colorful Cinder Block Planters

Via Akailochiclife

How about painting old cinder blocks in fun geometric forms and stacking them on top of each other? It surely will make a colorful planter garden that can be used to host a variety of plants.

24. Vertical Pallet Garden

Via Kellymooreblog

Vertical planters are fantastic even if you have a vast outdoor space because they conserve space and are quite appealing to look at. For this idea, an old pallet can be transformed into the ideal planter for vertical gardens.

25. Modern Grid Mini Lattice

Via Francoisetmoi

With this idea, you will be building a tiny trellis that when inserted into a planter will support your potted vines and climbing plants. Ain’t this idea thoughtful? Well, it is modern and trendy as well!

26. Kiddie Pool Garden

Via Thespruce

If you don’t want to rip up your lawn or don’t have one, an old plastic kiddie pool makes an excellent raised garden bed. All you have to do is fill the pool with soil or compost and start planting.

27. DIY Modern House Number Planter

Via Abeautifulmess

This modern house number planter gives more planting space and a stylish focus piece on your home’s entrance. This is a 2-in-1 deal so making this DIY is absolutely worth it!

28. Terracotta-Pot Flower Tower

Via Dengarden

If you just have a small amount of area for flowers or vegetables, a few terra cotta pots can be used to create a beautiful tiered garden. This is a terrific idea and looks very colorful.

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29. DIY Washi Tape Garden Markers

Via Sarahhearts

When you’re cooking, do you ever get mint mixed up with parsley? To avoid potentially disastrous mix-ups in the future, label all of the herbs in your garden using washi tape markers.

30. Hanging Tin Can Garden

Via Stuffstephdoes

Recycling old tin cans and using them in your garden is a great money-saving idea. With these mini tin planters, you can grow flowers, herbs, or vegetables. These look great hung from fences, decks, or even on the side of a house.

31. DIY Criss Cross Outdoor Planters

Via Centsationalstyle

Do you wish to transform your front yard as well? Then, plant small shrubs in a pair of classic outdoor pots! This when flanked on either side of the front door on your porch, will look stunning.

32. Elevated Garden

Via Addicted2decorating

If you don’t have much of a yard and want to maintain your garden on the deck or porch, these elevated gardens are the ideal choice. Simply construct the boxes to the desired height and create your tiny garden.

33. DIY Deck Flower Box

Flower boxes never fail when one wants to step up their garden. With that being said, this wonderful tutorial will let you add a flower box to your deck by hanging it over the railing. It will look stunning, truly!

34. Herb Spiral

Via Gardeners

For small garden settings, this DIY herb spiral is a big transformation. Because the spiral contains high oints, it is actually healthier for many herbs. These work for flowers as well!

35. DIY Monogram Planter

Via Burkatron

With a stunning monogram planter, you can personalize your garden. This amazing idea of creating one with your initial will give you so much happiness. Moreover, making this craft is super fun.

36. Mosaic Tile Window Box Planter

Via Centsationalstyle

With a wonderful tile mosaic planter that is great for little buds, you can give your garden more space. Not only will it provide that, but it will also look super-rich in your garden.

37. Garden Fountain

Via Thisoldhouse

Fountains are ideal for gardens and they’re not as hard as you think to construct. A fountain provides you with the soothing sound of water as well as the beauty of gorgeous flowers or plants.

38. DIY Seed Balls

Via Thesprucecrafts

For faster gardening, combine single seeds into a single big gardening seed. Then make one huge hole and drop the seed ball into it. This will result in a large number of plants in a small space.

39. DIY Colorful Gradient Planters

Via Abeautifulmess

Paint some multicolored gradient pots for your patio to add a pop of color to your flora. This not only will add space but also look ecstatic and elegant.

40. Hanging Basket Garden

Via Abeautifulmess

Layered hanging baskets, which you can make yourself, add a vertical gardening area to your little yard. This will be so adorable especially if you plan to make a herb garden.

41. Enticing Garden Path

Via Sunset

Outlining a garden path with small shrubs, hostas, and other leafy plants will make your entrance look lovely. This DIY act as a great entrance even if you don’t have a lot of room.

42. Decorative Pond

Via Goodshomedesign

To bring the tranquility of water to your yard space, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a pond. You can make one yourself out of an old tire, and the best part is that you can use tires of any size.

43. DIY (Solar) Address Sign

Via Theseasonalhome

This customized lantern serves as a DIY address sign which during the day looks beautiful and at night looks incredible. Nobody will believe that it was merely a lantern that had been upcycled at a low price.

44. Painted Garden Statues

Via Hydrangeatreehouse

These garden statues with a fresh coat of paint can be given a new life. Pro tip: Garden sculptures look fantastic when hidden among other landscaping or flower pots.

45. Concrete Mushrooms

Via Crownhilldaybyday

These adorable DIY cement mushrooms will give your yard a quirky feel. They’ll be a hit with the kids, and they’ll make great take-home gifts at your BBQ party.

46. Backyard Mini Beach

Via Sunset

To relax you don’t have to be living near the ocean or driving miles and miles to reach there. This beach idea will make you feel like you’re on summer vacation.

47. Coffee Table And Fire Pit Cover

Via Thehandmadehome

When you’re not using your fire pit, this fantastic DIY project doubles as a stunning coffee table and a fire pit cover. You can make a trendy coffee table out of a few pieces of wood and a little paint -simple as that.

48. Vertical Wooden Slat Garden

Via Designwinedine

This vertical garden saves a lot of space. Pots can be hung from it which looks fantastic against a fence or a wall. It could also be used as a partition wall if properly placed.

49. Spiral-Shaped Vegetable Garden

Via Ohmycreative

This small vegetable garden will blend in beautifully with your current landscaping. It would also look fantastic in a yard corner, next to a pool, or next to a shed. Go for it!

50. Cedar Plant Box

Via Homebyjenn

This is a blissful idea where flowers can be placed in three tiers with this cedar planter box, creating a stunning display. It looks fantastic on a porch or next to a fence leaning up against the house. It would look great on a patio as well.

51. Vertical Planter

Via Theownerbuildernetwork

Vertical planters are simple to make and will assist to bring foliage to your patio. These planters are ideal for those who do not have much space in their backyard!

52. Living Pallet Table

Via Craftgossip

This pallet table is fantastic and can be used for multiple purposes. It’s not only ideal for outdoor gatherings, but it also doubles as a planter. The table is simple to construct, and you can make a lovely water garden in the center.

53. Living Wall Gardens

Via Thefeltedfox

These wonderful privacy fences provide plenty of room for planting herbs, flowers, and more. You can make them as small or as large as you want, and they’ll look like artwork.

54. DIY Window Boxes

Via Gardenista

Window boxes are simple to create and may be used to grow anything from flowers to herbs and veggies. This not only gives yu more room to expand, but also adds beauty to your home. 

55. DIY Swing Set

Via Crazywonderful

Swing sets are popular among children of all ages, and even adults! For a wonderful fresh-looking set, this blog and its instructions have you perfectly covered. Check it out.

56. Mason Jar Lid Garden Stakes 

Via Modpodgerocksblog

Garden stakes not only help you remember what you planted and where you planted it, but they can also add a nice decorative touch to your garden. You can make your own stakes instead of buying dull store-bought ones with this simple DIY.

57. Solar Light Chandelier

Via Homejelly

Chandeliers are commonly found in dining rooms, but why not use them in your outdoor space? This fantastic DIY project transforms an old chandelier into a stunning new light fixture for your patio or backyard. How wonderful!

58. Garden Bird Bath And Planter

Via Homestoriesatoz

A fanciful flash of color in your cottage garden is a charming accent. This unusual usage of pots provides a vertical space to grow your flowers as well as provides birds with a bath.

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59. Succulent Garden

Via Instructables

A succulent garden is a wonderful idea if you are looking for plants for your little garden space and want something that will provide you with a lot of colors. They grow nicely and make the atmosphere look blissful. 

60. Flower Pot Fairy Garden 

Via Restorationredoux

This adorable fairy garden will make everyone around it get astonished because it screams creativity. This is a great project to do with your kids that brings a little bit of magic to your garden.

61. Recycled Wine Barrel Planter

Via centsationalstyle

In rustic gardening, wooden barrels are a great add-on! With this fun DIY project, you can expand the planting space in the barrel and create ique planter. The end result is a sculpture that will look super intriguing.

62. Frame Planter

Via Provenwinner

Finding a gorgeous piece in a thrift or collectibles store and making it even more attractive shows how skillful a person is. With that in mind, this hanging frame planter is easy to create and satisfying when done.

63. Garden Under Glass

Via Gardendesign

Isn’t it amazing when you can simply keep your floral treasures behind glass to add more virtue to them? If you’re in for this DIY, check out the instructions. You surely won’t be disappointed by this mini garden.

64. Chandelier Planter

Via Diyshowoff

This planter is really simple and inexpensive to create, with spectacular results. Depending on the style you choose, this DIY can come out to be really attractive!

65. Soil Blocks

Via Velacreations

Seeds planted on soil blocks might help protect your infant plants from transplantseveraly offer a number of benefits, for instance, soil blocks greatly decrease transplant shock. They’re not only cheap but also super handy.

66. Mosaic Flower Pots

Via Happinessisabutterfly

Mosaic crafts provide more satisfaction and use than simply adorning a terra cotta flower pot. For this DIY, you can use chipped or discarded ornamental plates as mosaic tiles and stick them on terra cotta pots.

67. Garden Markers Spoons

Via Turningtheclockback

Plant markers are a great way to express yourself by painting your garden. With only a little paint, you can make these beautiful markers that will brighten up plant beds. 

68. Garden Art Mushrooms

Via Bobbiesgirlcarol

Kitchen pans and bowls that you no longer use shouldn’t be thrown away because this DIY is going to make use of them to produce something outstanding. Little red-capped mushrooms look stunning when kept in the garden.

69. DIY French Style Bench

Via Anoregoncottage

There’s no need to spend a lot of money on an expensive French-style patio bench when you can make one yourself. Find two matching chairs from thrift stores, remove the seats, and replace them with a homemade rectangular base. Done!

70. Outdoor Serving Station

Via Countryliving

Want a little party? Then check out this game-changer, killer idea! This Murphy-style mini bar will transform your backyard to look like a mini pub. Fill with your favorite food and drinks, then enjoy it.

71. DIY Tire Planter

Via Diyshowoff

Do you wanna save mama earth? Then reusing an old tire rather than dumping it is a great choice. In this DIY you will give an old tire a fresh start by painting it in a bright color and gardening. 

72. Pallet Swing Bed

Via Themerrythought

Would you love to swing while lying comfortably? Isn’t it a blissful experience? In this DIY, you’ll build a pallet swing bed that will feel heavenly when you relax and let your imagination run wild.

73. Outdoor Lighting

Via Julieblanner

Outdoor lights thated will definitely make your home feel boring and dull. With that in mind, get ready because you’re about to light up your lights with this DIY!

74. DIY Fire Pit

Via Oldworldgardenfarms

On a cold winter night, who doesn’t enjoy gathering around a warm fire? While firepits are costly, making one by yourself is going to cut down the expenses and also keep your muscles prepped up.

75. Concrete Leaf

Via Gardensmuse

You’ll appreciate these DIY concrete leaves if you’re the kind of person who wants leaves to never wither away. With this DIY, you can have preserved leaves, painted in gorgeous colors, and used as garden ornaments.

76. The Rocky Bucket

Uploaded image
Via Centsationalstyle

Coastal-themed garden decor gives your garden a beachy feel, which can help you get in the spirit of summer. To make this stunning rock bucket for your favorite plants, all you need is a metal bucket, river rock tile, and grout.

77. Antique Key And Faux Pearl Wind Chimes

Via Cancandancer

With goods from your local craft store, you can make these stunning, antique key wind chimes. The pleasant clinking of wind chimes will surely evoke your memories when the nice summer breeze hits.

78. Frugal Pergola

Via Thecreatedhome

A beautiful pergola is often costly. But DIYs are right here to save the cost. This pergola is simple to construct on a budget and can be used in any space.

79. Bottle Cap Flower

Via Craftsbyamanda

With this adorable pinwheel, bottle caps gain a second chance at life in the garden. It’s made using metal caps from soda and beer bottles.

80. DIY Sandbox With Cover

Via Tarynwhiteaker

A sandbox is a fantastic area for children of all ages to have fun. You can create one for a low cost using standard hardware store goods! Surely, your kids will be happy.

81. Rain Barrel

Via Momprepares

Doesn’t a rain barrel that costs around $30 seem amazing? Well, you can make it!  To harvest rainwater, you don’t need to spend a lot of money – all you need is a little imagination and the tutorial linked above

82. DIY Glow In The Dark Planters

Via Sweetandsimpleliving

These fascinating glow-in-the-dark planters will add a fun aspect to your landscape that you can enjoy after the sun goes down. This is a design that both children and adults will love. 

83. Pallet Wood Walkway

Via Funkyjunkinteriors

Build a rustic wooden pathway out of reclaimed wood. It can be used to connect two regions of your backyard or to give a quiet spot some personality. Innovative, right?

84. Glass Table Top Water Wall

Via Centraltexasgardener

Look no farther than this eye-catching repurposed table fountain if you’ve always desired a stunning water feature in your garden. The water softly cascades down the glass, which will be loved by everyone!

85. Concrete Outdoor Seating

Via Lenasekein

Want stunning outdoor seating? Then have a look at this. Concrete blocks, hardwood, and concrete adhesive can be used to make this colorful bench. For comfort, add colored cushions.

86. Whimsical Birthday Party

Via Alicewingerden

Is your loved one’s birthday coming up? If so, hang fabric banners and old drapes from sturdy tree branches to create an exquisite party area in your backyard. It’ll look very lovely and charming!

87. Clay Pot Critters

Via Plaidonline

Clay pot animals created with a few coats of acrylic paint and the imagination of young kids will make any garden look blissful. Parents will surely enjoy making these flower pot animals with their children.

88. Kids’ Playhouse

Via Thehandmadehome

Do you have 2+ kids? Then giving them some entertainment in your backyard is ideal. Make this adorable playhouse, complete with a bright and cheerful kid-sized picnic table in a lovely blue and white color scheme! They’ll love it.

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89. DIY Tin Can Lanterns

Via Eliseenghstudios

It is never too late to bring some romantic touch to your garden. So, hang these easy-to-make lanterns from tree branches or line the porch railing for a soothing glow.

90. Garden Butterfly From Recycled Spoons

Via Nikkylynndesigns

These butterflies built from discarded spoons and screws are the cutest garden art you’ll ever see. If you don’t usually have butterflies fluttering in your backyard, then these will help you.

91. Mason Jar Lantern

Via Chezbeeperpepe

For good reason, mason jars have been popular in home design for several years. These simple mason jar lanterns can help you get a fairy tale vibe in your garden.

92. Rustic DIY Bathing Suit Rack

Via Thesummeryumbrella

People owning a backyard pool know the trouble of handling wet clothes. Rather than leaving your wet, soggy towels on the ground, hang this attractive rack to keep your suits and towels properly.

93. Tea Pot Fountain

Via Hometalk

With this fountain fashioned from an old tea kettle and a whiskey barrel, you can add a touch of DIY flair to your garden or backyard. How good is this idea!

94. DIY Wine Bottle Water Feature

Via Kellydiy

Dear wine lovers here is your DIY! This project is a great way to recycle wine bottles while also adding a relaxing retreat to the garden. You’ll love it!

95. Flowerpot Bird-Feeder

Via Thegardenroofcoop

If you love simple, neutral yard decor, this bird feeder built from terra clay containers will work out for you. The bird feeder is easy to put up and is a lovely spot for birds to come together. 

96. Easy DIY Outdoor Chandelier

Via Allthingsheartandhome

Not all chandeliers are costly because DIY exists! A rustic but lovely chandelier can be made of grapevine balls, white lights, twine, and a branch. When hung on the patio, it will look tantalizing. 

97. Geometric Planter

Via Bhg

Large outdoor planters can be pricey, but they add unique color and depth to your backyard. Don’t worry – we have these amazing inexpensive planters made out of corrugated plastic for you!

98. Tree Bench

Via Thisoldhouse

Got a huge tree in your backyard? If so then why not build a tree bench out of that giant tree? This inventive outdoor bench design will require some wood (of course). And when it is done, do add some pillows to give it a good look!

99. Woodlog Planter

Via Hallmarkchannel

The idea of turning an old hollowed-out trunk into a lovely, natural container garden is too appealing to not try out. Experiment with whatever piece of wood you choose – it will turn out great.

100. Brick Herb Markers

Via Simpledetails

This project is a whimsical way to properly name your garden without cluttering it with signs. It’s simple, effective, and a lot of fun. The only things you’ll need are some paint, some great handwriting, and bricks.

101. Fence Mural

Via Hunker

This DIY is especially for people who are skilled in painting. The main idea is to create a mural on your fence so artists, get to work!

102. Backyard Fire Pit


Backyard ideas that contain a fire pit are the greatest! Build your fire pit out of wall stones and give some space for seating. Firepits are ideal for get-togethers and marshmallow parties. 

103. DIY Vertical Flower Bed

Via Theidearoom

The vertical garden is an irresistible DIY project that allows you to bring the splendor of new growth into almost any location. 

104. Ladybug Mosaic Garden Decoration

Via Icreativeideas

Ladybugs are a favorite of many people because they are small, charming, colorful, and delicate. You can easily make these tiny bugs from scratch, using concrete and some colored marble.

105. Shell-Potted Succulents

Via Radmegan

If you’ve ever raised succulent plants, you do know that all they require is excellent soil and water to thrive! Instead of the traditional wooden or clay pots, try planting them in shells!

106. Bicycle Planter

Via Ourfairfieldhomeandgarden

If you’re looking for innovative and effective ways to improve your DIY skills, go no further than this inventive bicycle planter. The bicycle planters are eco-friendly, imaginative, and decorative, as they serve more than one purpose!

107. DIY Toadstool

Via Twigandtoadstool

Toadstools are so popular these days because of the hobbit movie! This DIY is a great fit for your backyard because they are small enough to serve as decorations while also being large enough to give you a seat.

108. Raised Bed

Via Isavea2z

There are numerous advantages to having a raised bed garden, including the elimination of pests and weeds, as well as snails and other insects. While the effort is high, it’ll definitely pay off.

109. Rope Swing

Via Dukesandduchesses

Whether you want to surprise your kids or enjoy yourself, a rope swing is a great idea. Making your own rope swing is not that hard and with the given instructions, it’s easy peasy!

110. DIY Planting Board

Via Pittypatpages

This magnificent DIY planting board is both stylish and useful at the same time! If you’ve decided to take up gardening as a new passion and want to devote all of your time and energy to it, you should start building this.

111. Spring Time Tic-Tac-Toe

Via Chickenscratchny

This gorgeous springtime tic tac toe game will instantly bring your entire garden to life! Simply paint the famous tic tac toe game on the tree stump with black, red, and white paint, and let it work its magic on your yard from there.

112. Herb Garden From A Pallet

Via Pinkwhen

Have you ever considered how valuable and efficient pallets are? If not then this DIY could change your mind because after seeing this extremely fantastic herb garden, you’ll indeed want to try it out.

113. Tea Cup Bird Feeder

Via Bushelandpecky

Feeding the birds is one of the most beautiful and adorable things to do and look at. In this DIY, you’ll be making a super simple and inexpensive teacup bird feeder which you can hang in a tree.

114. Weed Stopper

Via Familyhandyman

If you don’t pay attention to the weeds, they’ll take over your flowers and plants before you realize it! And so easily avoid them with this simple garden hack– it is worth it.

115. Garden Stone Decor

Via Instructables

This DIY idea will make your garden decor come out terrific. All you need are a few elongated stones and some white and black paint to help you draw some lovely little eyes on the stones.

116. Stepping Stones With Cake Pans

Via Intimateweddings

Stepping stones are useful not only for decoration but also for ensuring that you do not trip on slick soil. If you’ve never created stepping stones at home before, here’s how you can make one with a cake pan.

117. Potato Garden

If you have a little garden but want to make the most out of it, this DIY is for you. In this DIY you’ll get to know how to plant and grow 100 pounds of potatoes in just four square feet! .

Whether you live in the city or the countryside, with a big or small farm, all these DIYs will surely work out for you. So have fun while doing these and keep upping your garden game. We wish you the best!