61 Best Farmhouse Fall Decor Ideas

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Nature’s ready to welcome Autumn and even you must be thinking of ways to spruce up your homes to provide it a warm welcome.

A recent trip to the antique store or a quick garage cleaning session might have triggered your grey cells, and you might be considering a farmhouse theme for the Fall decor this year. Well, your choice is pretty good as rustic themes best suit Fall. From burnt-orange accents to million-dollar antique finds, everything gels with the seasonal picks.

If you are trying to find some decor inspiration, you are in the right place. Rustic tiered trays, Fall-themed mantel decor, cozy tablescape for Thanksgiving, and gorgeous pumpkin art—we have it all. These decors scream Fall and they guarantee a splendid farmhouse vibe in your house!

Check out 61 Best Farmhouse Fall Decor Ideas and choose the ones you can pull off!

61 Best Farmhouse Fall Decor Ideas

1. White and Green Autumn

Via Justdestinymag

An impressive white and green table decor is sure to grab attention at the Thanksgiving party. Whether it is the mini green apples and pears or the white statement pumpkins marking their presence here and there, everything is amazing about this decor! 

2. Welcome Fall with Copper Accents

Via Wilshirecollections

I know you are drooling over this one, and who wouldn’t? The stunning Hello Fall banner paired with DIY Fall leaves screams Fall and brings warmth to your home.

My favorite here is the caged lampstand which has tiny pumpkins inside. Those textured and copper-hued pumpkins would add extra beauty and a cozy vibe to your space. 

3. Fall Bouquet and Pumpkins

Via Allthingswithpurpose

Farmhouse decors aren’t expensive, especially if you choose to DIY them. Here is a beautiful bouquet with Fall flowers paired with white small and big pumpkins. This can be used as a centerpiece for the dining table or it can be placed on your living room table.

4. Be Grateful for Autumn

Via Happyhappynester

This floor-to-ceiling chalkboard decor would surely garner attention at the gala Thanksgiving party. It would look good in your kitchen, especially on the side of your fridge but you can place it anywhere you like!

5. Fall Christmas Tree

Via Savvysavingcouple

Who says Christmas trees can only be put up only during Christmas? Decorate one this Fall using pumpkin ornaments, flowers, ribbons, and banners—make sure that the decorations are all in shades of orange, yellow, and red.

6. DIY Fall Centerpiece

Via Homewithhollyj

Kick start your Fall decorations with this extremely pretty centerpiece. It has a gorgeous flower bouquet with artificial flowers in the center and to add the Autumn feel, small and big pumpkins surrounding it. 

7. Thrifty Antiqued Pumpkins

Via Diybeautified

These antiqued pumpkins have thankful words scribbled on them and they could be used to decorate your dining room table or a side table.

You would need foam pumpkins, paints, and certain items to help the paints dry properly. You can pair them with orange or yellow flowers to complete the look.

8. Home Cathedral Mirror

Via Chapelcottagechicks

Get a little religious with the decor this Fall, and bring home this cathedral mirror. The best place for it would be the mantel counter and you can complete it with Autumn elements like pumpkins and flowers. The mirror can be bought online or you can always DIY with your creativity and faith. 

9. The Crate Show

The Autumn decor here has two soda crates in a tiered structure surrounded by Fall pumpkins of different colors and styles. To add some sauce, there is a vintage Happy Thanksgiving sign right in the center of those white and brown pumpkins. 

10. Blue Fall Tablescape

Via Thefebruaryfox

Blue will not feel like an outsider amidst the Fall colors, trust me. It is so elegant and beautiful that the blue berries and napkins gel with burnt orange florals and white pumpkins beautifully. Try something different this Fall!

11. DIY Pumpkin Obelisk Towers

Via Homewithhollyj

Here is something to add to your outdoor Fall decor and make your place look irresistible. You will just need a big planter to house this pumpkin tower, and some rod iron pumpkins as plastic ones won’t last outdoors for long. 

Add the rest of the decorations as per your liking.

12. Statement Fall Corner

Via Inspirationformoms

This cute Fall corner is enough to fill your house with farmhouse vibes and make your guests stop and check it out. It has got faux, orange pumpkins, baby white pumpkins, a Fall-themed printable in a frame, and yellow-orange florals on the sides which look stunning. 

13. Rustic Garden Table

Via Lizmarie

Greens and white are a perfect combination, isn’t it? This decor not only brings nature to your dining table, but those white pumpkins also add the Fall vibes. You can use faux greens for the planters, and be as creative as you want. 

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14. Unique Moss Pumpkins

Via Edithandevelynvintage

If you envy those colorful and textured pumpkins at malls and stores, why not make moss pumpkins by yourself and welcome Fall with greens? You will need preserved moss, plastic pumpkins, scissors, and of course, glue to complete this DIY. 

15. Glitter Pumpkins

Via Theinspirationboard

Get into the spirit of Halloween with these glittery pumpkins—they have glitter ghosts, bats, and scary spiders. You can always use real pumpkins for this, but if you want them to last, go for the plastic ones.

16. Colorful Fall Mantel

Via Thefrugalhomemaker

Fall is all about yellow and orange hues and this mantel decor does justice to it. From Fall banners and floral wreaths to cute buckets of flowers and pumpkins, this one has got all. You can also add matching cushions for your living room to complement this Fall decor and it would look surreal! 

17. Ladder and Pumpkin Sign

Via Beautyforashes

A vintage ladder can bring a rustic feel and will look amazing when paired with seasonal elements as well. The ladder here houses rustic pumpkins in different shades and it has a wooden pumpkin sign on top.

The decor is perfect for the backyard or even the front porch.

18. Pumpkin Centerpiece

Via Simplemadepretty

This unique pumpkin DIY would surely be the showstopper of your Thanksgiving party. You would need wire pumpkins, candle plates, silver paints, and glue for this. The pumpkin can be used as a centerpiece and it would go with any neutral Fall-themed table decor. 

19. Autumn Vibes Tray

Via Itsthelittlethings

This 3-tiered setup displays a small hut on the top which is quite a unique decor. Decorate the rest of the tiers with Fall elements and it’s ready to roll! 

20. Spilling Flowers and Pumpkins

Via Aimeeweaverdesigns

The chicken wire tray makes the decor rustic and the spilling flowers scream Fall. They are paired with white pumpkins to keep maintain that rustic vibe, but you can always go for colorful or patterned ones to complete the decor. 

21. Wreath with Pumpkins

Via Thehappyhousie

How about a beautiful and elegant pumpkin wreath for your front door? This statement wreath has small, white pumpkins on three corners. The hydrangeas and berries together with the green leaves make it a decor to die for.

22. Basket of Pumpkins

Via Lizmarie

A dark wire basket with white pumpkins will provide good contrast and look rustic at the same time. Complete the look with white florals and green stems. You can either use this as a centerpiece or keep it somewhere on the front porch. 

23. Grey Fall Centerpiece

Some centerpieces are impossible to ignore and this is one of them. It has got rustic candles, statement napkins, and burnt-orange pumpkins that scream Fall. You can pair it up with greenery and make sure you plan the placemats accordingly. 

24. Fall Wheel Wreath

Via Lollyjane

This metal wheel wreath is minimally decorated with the cutest pumpkins in the world paired with fall florals and fruits. For the wheel, you can use a metal wheel or a bicycle rim and spray paint it with a glittery color. 

25. DIY Cotton Wreath

Via Creeklinehouse

To make this simple cotton wreath, you will need a grapevine wreath form, cotton balls, and some pinecones. Once done, use a black and white ribbon to hang it on your front door. You don’t always need something fancy!

26. Berry Stems Centerpiece

Via Cleanandscentsible

One of my favorites from the list, this pretty centerpiece will require some faux berry stems, a little bit of real greenery, and glass bottles of varying heights, that’s it. Choose a stained wooden tray for the base and it would look surreal! 

27. Spray Painted Mirror

Via Thefrugalhomemaker

It is not possible to buy new stuff every year for Thanksgiving decor, but we don’t want to repeat the same ones as well. Let’s repurpose some items instead!

This mantel decor consists of an old mirror that has been spray-painted white and paired with Fall florals and leaves. You can also add a FALL banner and some pumpkins to complete the look. 

28. Farmhouse Fall Table Setting

With a cute wooden owl and cotton tree in the backdrop, a white tray has been used as the base and is filled with twigs. This decor gives off a rustic feel and it’s pretty unique as well. If you are good with woodwork, you can make this by yourself.

29. Fall Wreath with Pumpkin Bowl

Via Houseofhawthornes

This inexpensive DIY project will add a splash of burnt yellow to your house. It has Fall leaves glued to a grapevine wreath with a bucket of tiny Fall vegetables. The bucket is a bushel basket lid, filled with orange pumpkins and gourds.

Complete the look with a nice burlap bow near the basket and it’s done! 

30. White and Yellow Centerpiece

Via Sarahjoy

I never thought that the combination of white and yellow would look this good. An old, scuffled toolbox has been transformed into a stunning Fall centerpiece with white pumpkins, yellow daisies, and white florals.

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You can take inspiration for the tablescape from the above picture by placing a bunch of dry wheat wrapped with vintage hankies and it’s done!

31. Hand-knitted Fall Pumpkins

If you love embroidery, this could be the perfect holiday craft for you. These handmade, knitted pumpkins are filled with scrap pieces of fabric, and the top is knotted with jute ropes. You can stitch the cover with any fabric you like and it would look amazing.

32. Blue and Orange Tablescape

Via Homewithhollyj

If you are gearing up for the grand Thanksgiving dinner, take a look at this unique blue and orange tablescape. With a magnificent and long leafy garland as the centerpiece, the table boasts intriguing place settings and classy napkins.

33. Rolled Book Page Wreath

Via Brassyapple

When it comes to seasonal wreaths, the choices are never-ending. The best part is, everything is extremely creative just like this unique rolled book page wreath. You will need a foam wreath and bow to hang it.

The pages look like textured roses when they are rolled and nothing can be more aesthetic! 

34. Faux Floral Centerpiece

Via Abluenest

Here’s another beautiful centerpiece with florals and pumpkins. It has got amber bottles, baby boo pumpkins, and floral stems on a white, statement tray. The simple decor is worth your time and it is perfect if you are hosting a small party this year. 

35. A Fall Hoop Wreath

Via Simplydesigning

Hoop wreaths are always extra-charming than regular ones and this one is very vibrant due to colorful florals. Add orange berries, rust flowers, and yellow flowers to an elegant gold hoop and hang it with some jute string.

36. A Candlelight Tablescape

Via Thefrugalhomemaker

Thanksgiving and candlelight dinners go hand-in-hand and this tablescape ticks every box. It has a farmhouse feel, pumpkins to signify Fall, and a glowing centerpiece. The candles beside the orange placemats will make the atmosphere warm and cozy. 

37. Autumn Decorative Basket

If you want to ditch traditional Fall wreaths this year and try something new, this might be the perfect choice for you. The rustic woven basket is full of Fall leaves and florals and there are tiny, orange pumpkins peeking amidst the leaves. 

38. Pinecones and Pumpkins

Pinecones are one of the most sought-after Fall elements and they have unmatched aesthetics. The fusion of pinecones and white pumpkins, backed by a Happy Thanksgiving sign in wooden blocks looks more than stunning.

The decor could be placed in your mantel or maybe somewhere on the front porch. 

39. Gather Grapevine Wreath

Via Thriftednest

This unique Eucalyptus wreath has mini pumpkins and black and white textured ribbons to complete the look. The scrap board piece in between with the “Gather” scribble is the wow factor that makes this wreath unique. 

40. Navy Blue Pumpkins

Via Wilshirecollections

It is hard to ignore blue, thanks to its elegance and beauty, and these navy blue pumpkins are a visual treat as well. Make sure you buy faux pumpkins of different sizes and you can paint them yourself. Complete the look by placing a succulent or faux green beside it. 

41. 3-Tiered Wooden Centerpiece

Via Lifeonsummerhill

Tiered decor pieces always have an edge as they are extra showy and one can be very creative with them.

This 3-tiered wooden tray houses several harvest decorations that signify Fall and is also a symbol of how thankful you are. It has small white pumpkins, white flowers, a statement coffee mug, and faux green leaves.

42. A Shiny Wreath

Via 2beesinapod

Once you are done enjoying your pumpkin spice latte, take a look at your front door. It is time to get it ready for Fall! Here is a shiny, floral wreath that would be done in less than 10 minutes. You will need a foam wreath, 8 to 10 large Fall floral stems, and glue, that’s it! 

43. Harvest Front Porch Decor

Via Jenniferallwoodhome

Here’s a typical farmhouse front porch decor with a Harvest wooden banner as the showstopper. It is supported by Fall picks of vivid colors and flowers which makes it a sight to behold. The decor has two big pumpkins, you can keep real ones or use plastic pumpkins to beautify your front porch. 

44. Neutral Fall Wreath

Via Livelaughrowe

I love simple projects that are made extraordinary with creativity like this one. This one has a pallet wood, a simple, heavy fabric wreath, a white pumpkin, and raw corn in a mason jar.

The highlight here is the drop cloth wreath, this would probably be the first time that you are ditching burlap to make a rustic wreath! 

45. Fall Front Porch

Via Craftberrybush

From statement lanterns and mums and pumpkins to fresh floral garland and a fruit basket, this front porch screams Fall. You can even add statement wreaths to complete the look.

46. Spooky Fall Mantel

Via Happilyinspired

Since Halloween will be here in a few days, get your mantel ready to match the spooky vibe. From a Hocus Pocus banner and ancient candle stands to bats and pumpkins of different colors, this mantel decor has every seasonal pick. 

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47. Cute Fall Rug

We can find Fall inspiration in anything and this rug looks extremely creative and amazing! It can be placed near the front door and used as a welcome mat for your gala Thanksgiving party. You can place a little, orange or white pumpkin beside it and welcome Autumn in style! 

48. Black and White Fall Porch

I love the majestic black and white combination and this minimalist front porch looks extremely elegant. The vintage lantern with white candles, the Hello Fall chalkboard sign, and pumpkins complement each other very well. You can also work with some cushions and include them in this creative decor. 

49. Farmhouse Pumpkin Topiary

Via Thelatinanextdoor

Create some cute, neutral pumpkin topiaries to welcome Fall this year without digging a hole in your pocket. Buy dollar tree pumpkins of different sizes, get terra-cotta pots, and some twine and moss for the decor. The whole decor won’t even cost you 3 dollars!

50. Fall Tray

A metallic or wooden tray with assorted fresh pumpkins can be used as a decor piece in your living room. The display of fresh pumpkins on your coffee table or the mantel would be lovely and you can always add extra layers of Fall picks to make it more beautiful. 

51. Pretty Halloween Decor

This rustic setup has got scary elements wrapped with creativity and fun. The striped pumpkin, the mason jars with a crooked smile, and a black crow, everything is color-coordinated pretty well! Add some Fall leaves to complete the look.

52. A Splash of White

This tablescape with white pumpkins, white florals, some decorative woven balls, and beautiful chrysanthemum flowers looks beautiful and rustic. Pair it up with other white table settings and you are good to go. 

53. Chic Paper Pumpkins

Via Heartfilledspaces

If you are looking for a nice Fall DIY project, check out these paper pumpkins. Add LED candles to them and they’ll give your home a cozy vibe.

54. Fall Outdoor Decor

You wanted a farmhouse feel in your house this Fall, and we have got you covered for the outdoor as well! This fascinating Autumn-themed outdoor setting has haystacks, Fall veggies, and dark red and violet flowers coming together to put up a spectacular display.

You can decorate your lawn or backyard garden in this way and enjoy the pumpkin lattes in style! 

55. A Harvest Corner

Set up a harvest corner in your home this Fall. This decor features a rustic wooden box with a bunch of wheat, stabilized eucalyptus branches, and some ornamental pumpkins to add the Fall vibe.

You can also put a nice banner with a thankful message and complete the decor. 

56. Heirloom Pumpkin Fireplace

Via Sarahtucker

If you have an abandoned fireplace in your home, it is time to use it for Fall decorations this year. Pile up colorful pumpkins inside it and you will have a unique, Fall-themed fireplace setting.

57. Fall at Country House

We always long for a country feel in our city houses and if you take inspiration from this decor, you can feel that vibe right in your backyard. It has a cozy chair with blankets topped with a big Fall pumpkin. It also features a rustic wooden box acting as a base of fresh apples, and beautiful florals! 

58. Chinoiserie Pumpkin DIY

Via Stonegable

If you love to be creative with your pumpkins, this DIY will be very exciting for you. Make a few pumpkins with different blue and white patterns and pair them with other Fall picks like pinecones, florals, and so on. You can also include some Fall leaves to make the decor extra beautiful! 

59. Faux Succulent Pumpkin

Via Confessionsofaplateaddict

You will need a carvable white craft pumpkin and some faux succulents that are available in the Fall floral collections. You will also require a floral foam oasis and a Sharpie pen. All eyes will be on this beautiful green and white centerpiece.

60. Fall Tiered Tray

Via Diningdelight

I can’t get enough of decor with tiered trays, they are so beautiful! Here is another one with Fall foliage and pumpkins to add the seasonal vibe. It also has some copper and metallic elements to amplify the rustic effect. 

61. Rustic Pumpkin Planter

Via Confessionsofaplateaddict

An easy and inexpensive DIY is something that we love and this rustic pumpkin planter ticks all the boxes. You will just need a white faux pumpkin from the dollar store and some beautiful yellow or orange flowers.

We know we have spoiled you with choices and we are not sorry for it. It is time to test your skills and creativity. Don’t worry about the results, just choose your favorite and make your house ready to welcome Fall in style!