50 Free Christmas Printables

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All the embellishments and decorative items we need to properly celebrate festivals aren’t really affordable all the time—their prices also tend to skyrocket as those special days come closer. But I can help you solve a teensy bit of your problem.

What is better than free items? Nothing! How about 50 free Christmas printables that you can use for decoration and other purposes? If you don’t know calligraphy or designing or don’t feel like crafting stuff at all, use these free printables for a quick solution. 

Are you looking for a cheaper yet beautiful way to decorate? Or something to spice the gift packages up a little? These free printables will come in handy here! Check them out. 

50 Free Christmas Printables

1. Meaningful Christmas Card

Via Simpleeverydaymom

Light up people’s hearts and make this a meaningful time for them through these free Christmas printables. The pack comes along with a Christmas card, cardholders, and even a little game. 

2. Merry and Bright Card

Via Basicinvite

Add a spark to the Christmas gifts you’re giving out this year by adding this free Merry & Bright printable to them. Simply download it, type in your/your family name, and print it out on cardstock. 

3. Vintage Truck & Tree Card

Via Darlenebrink

If you wanna add a painted card to the gifts but can’t really paint well (let’s face it all of us cannot be amazing artists), this watercolor printable will be a lot of help!

4. Watercolor Wreath Card

Via Greetingsisland

Spread joy with a floral printable Christmas card that you can customize according to your liking. Add photos and stickers and send out the cards!

5. Modern Christmas Printable 

Via Presentationmagazine

You may also go for a printable that’s vector illustration-designed and has a hand-made display font to make a cool impression. If you want it in large, you’ll get that here too! 

6. Sketched Snowman Card

Via Greetingsisland

This cute little snowman card will surely win the hearts of all the receivers. You can customize the text inside, add stickers, and photos too before printing it out.

7. Victorian Santa Card 

Via Allthingschristmas

A classic Victorian Santa card is sure to catch people’s attention. You can write your heartfelt messages on the inside after printing out the Santa cards of your choice.

8. Gather Around Christmas Card

Via Greetingsisland

A Christmas tree made of the words “Merry Christmas” is a pretty clever design! Add photos, stickers, and texts to these free cards and send ’em out!

9. Rudolph Card

Via Mescards

The sketch looks like a kid’s drawing, doesn’t it? And it’s hella cute too. Send out this card to your loved ones this Christmas—they’ll love it.

10. Chalkboard Labels and Tags 

Via Liagriffith

Complete your holiday gifts’ look with a gift tag or label. These free chalkboard labels and tags can be customized as per your wish using some free fonts. 

11. Santa’s Presents Card

Via Greetingsisland

Santa and his presents against the starry night sky will make for a perfect Christmas card. Imagine the compliments you would receive! The receivers don’t have to know you didn’t draw it! 

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12. Sweet Messages Gift Tags 

Via Gatherandfeast

Send out short positive messages through these simple but beautiful printables. You can make your gifts better by adding these sweet message tags.

13. Lighted Christmas Tree Card

Via Mescards

Enliven your loved ones’ Christmas with this printable card of a beautiful lighted Christmas tree. The bright lights against the night sky backdrop look mesmerizing.

14. Holiday Labels 

Via Falaladesigns

Get these “To and From” watercolor and glitter holiday labels and attach them to the gifts to make them look even more captivating.

15. Red Truck Gift Tag

Via Ninahendrick

Even if the packaging is not so special, a cute little tag will always beautify it. Attach this cute little red truck tag to give the presents a simple yet eye-catching finish. 

16. Mitten and Stocking Tags

Via Marthastewart

How cute do these little mittens and stockings look?! These will definitely be the cutest addition to the gifts. You can even customize them with buttons, snowflakes, etc. 

17. Feather Gift Tags

Via Basicinvite

These feather printables are perfect to adorn holiday gifts and cards with. The patterns, texts, and designs of these tags are different from the ones we usually use—all the more reason to try them out! 

18. Funny Holiday Gift Tags

Via Agirlandagluegun

The funny and humorous texts on these printables will win hearts and let your loved ones have a hearty laugh. Spread love and joy along with some laughter through these hilarious printables. 

19. Candy Cane Co. Christmas Printable

Via Lollyjane

Here’s a Candy and Co. Christmas printable that has many uses—you can add it to gifts, send out as cards, or even display it on your mantel. 

20. Advent Calendar Treat Bags

Via Yellowblissroad

Put up treat bags that will also act as a countdown for Christmas and New Year. Download these advent calendar printables and turn them into tiny bags filled with goodies.

21. Christmas Tags for Candles

Via Sixcleversisters

Thinking of spreading the smell of Christmas through scented candle jars? Add a personal touch with these super cute printable tags for those scented candles. 

22. “Farm Fresh Christmas Tree” Wall Art

Via Funlovingfamilies

If you are planning to decorate your house in a rustic farmhouse style this Christmas, this Farm Fresh printable wall art will be a classic addition to the look. 

23. “Cookies and Milk” Placemat

Via Studiodiy

Leave some cookies and milk for Santa and the elves too. But don’t just serve them on an ordinary placemat, serve them on this cute printable Cookies and Milk placemat. Color the placemat however way you like.

24. “Jingle All The Way” Printable

Via Eighteen25

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way—this song always makes me feel giddy and happy. Display a “Jingle All the Way” printable as part of your Christmas decor and spread joy around the house.

25. Christmas Lights Garland 

Via Pagingsupermom

If you are decorating your house at the last minute, or simply feeling lazy to craft stuff, download these printables and make a Christmas “lights” garland. It’ll make your house bright and cheerful.

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26. Black and White Snowy Boxes and Tags

Via Studiodiy

I have always been a fan of black and white prints. These ‘Let It Snow’ gift boxes and tags are beautifully patterned with snowflakes and trees, making them perfect for Christmas.

27. Advent Calendar Garland 

Via Ellaclaireinspired

Make a pretty little advent calendar garland and put it up on a rustic ladder, along with some Christmas embellishments like bells, mini mittens, mini trees, stars, etc. 

28. “Be Merry” Gift Tag 

Via Settingforfour

Top off your chocolate mason jar gifts with these cute “Be Merry” printable tags. You can also personalize the tags with names and designs after printing them out.

29. “Merry and Bright” Holly Watercolor Tag

Via Findingsilverpennies

A simple watercolor printable tag with the words “Merry and Bright” will make a pretty addition to the holiday packages. You can also print out a larger version of this and display it on the mantel.

30. Mistletoe Ball 

Via Pagingsupermom

Make pretty “mistletoe kissing balls” with these free mistletoe printables. Cut them out using sharp scissors, attach them, and hang them up. This is a quick and easy decor idea.

31. God Bless Us, Everyone

Via Sweetcdesigns

God showers his blessings on all of us and this quote helps sum up our feelings of gratitude and joy. Frame and display this printable this Christmas!

32. “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” Gift Tag

Via Tarynwhiteaker

Our Christmas buddy who always goes “Ho-ho-ho” is gonna come soon with bags of presents and treats! Spread the word out by attaching tags containing this message to mini gift bags containing chocolates. 

33. Christmas Mazes 

Via 123homeschool4me

Have fun this Christmas with these printable maze tags which are perfect for children. They’ll have a lovely time playing with these—use them to keep your little ones occupied! 

34. Alphabet Ornaments 

Via Kindergartenworksheetsandgames

These alphabet printables are fun as well as educational. Make the kids trace the dotted letters of the alphabet and then ask them to arrange all the ornaments alphabetically. 

You can then string all the ornaments up into a garland and put it on display.

35. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” Sign

Via Yellowblissroad

The words in this printable’s message are arranged in the form of a Christmas tree and look beautiful. You can laminate this sign so that you can use it for many more Christmases to come.

36. “O Holy Night” Christmas Sign

Via Theturquoisehome

If you want a quick little decor for the cabinet or mantel top, print this “O Holy Night” message, frame it and display it there. 

37. “O Come Let Us Adore Him” Printable

Via Penelopepoppy

We are extremely lucky that Jesus took birth on Earth and paid for our sins through his sacrifice. So let’s celebrate and adore Our Savior with this little “O Come Let Us Adore Him” printable.

38. Red Buffalo Plaid Check Printables

Via Sixcleversisters

Red buffalo plaid check printables are pretty suitable for Christmas. These printables contain cute/funny messages and greetings to everyone who visits your home. Frame them and display them on the mantel.

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39. Gingerbread Rhyming Puzzles 

Via 123homeschool4me

Make a fun little puzzle for kids with the help of these gingerbread rhyme printables—print them out, then cut the jagged lines to break them into pieces. It’s the perfect way for your little ones to have fun this holiday season.

40. Christmas Station Wagon 

Via Craftberrybush

A station wagon carrying the Christmas tree indicates that Christmas is coming! Notify everyone with this pretty watercolor printable card/decor item.

41. Tree Farm 

Via Littleglassjar

Here’s another farmhouse style printable that you can display in a photo frame. White, black, wooden, any frame will look great with it. You can also decorate this printable in any way you’d like after printing it out.

42. Holly Jolly Decor

Via Carissamiss

This simple and sweet printable is pretty versatile ‘cause it goes with any frame. You can even print out a lot and turn them into a pretty little garland.

43. Gift Card Holder

Via Livinglocurto

Here’s a very very cute little to-and-from Santa Claus printable card holder for you to send your gift cards in. Place the gift card inside the holder and tie twine around it—you don’t need to use glue.

44. Christmas Cheer Printable

Via Livelaughrowe

Spread cheer this holiday season with the help of this cute and colorful printable. You can display it on the shelf or mantel after inserting it into a frame or even send it to your loved ones as a gift.

45. Scavenger Hunt  

Via Madewithhappy

All the kids at your Christmas party will be thrilled to take part in this scavenger hunt. Print out the list containing all the items for them and make their day merry!

46. Reindeer Gift Tags

Via Homemadeinterest

What’s Christmas without the good ol’ reindeer? I love the delicate snowflake and reindeer patterns here. These tags will certainly be an attractive addition to the presents.

47. Christmas Bingo 

Via Madewithhappy

Want to keep the kids occupied while the adults are partying? Here’s a fun Bingo game printable for the kids out there. Don’t the pictures on the boards and calling card look adorable?

48. Wine Bottle Tag 

Via Ohmycreative

Attach this printable tag to a white wine bottle and gift it to a person who can actually relate to the message on it. It’ll definitely bring a smile to their face!

49. Tic-Tac-Toe Game 

Via Madewithhappy

This Christmas tic-tac-toe game will be enough to spread some fun and joy this holiday season. The winner gets more presents!

50.  Graphic Gift Tags

Via Thehappierhomemaker

The cute graphic versions of Christmas items like Christmas trees, snowmen, candy canes, etc. on free printable gift tags are as good as the store-bought ones! Try them out!

Now take advantage of all the free items we’ve listed in this article and use them to make beautiful holiday cards and gift tags—use them for house decoration purposes too. Happy Holidays!