14 Easy Gift Wrap Organization Ideas

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The best part about gifting something is searching and buying the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Packing, Wrapping and Decorating these gifts attractively makes the gifting thing even more fun. 

But! Like me do you also think that packing and wrapping is too much work? I mean the former part i.e. packing and decorating is interesting and fun but the latter is a bit of task. 

You got to keep all those wrapping sheets and decorative items properly and neatly so that they can be used further.

Let’s make the task easier by organizing your gift wraps and making your wrapping and decorating task fun and hassle-free till the very end. 

14 Gift Wrap Organization Ideas

1. A Separate Almirah 

If you are much of an art lover and keep using these gift wraps, decoratives, sheets, etc., every now and then, it is best to keep them in a separate almirah or use a shelf of the storage almirah. 

Organizing all this material in a separate almirah or shelf keeps it clean and easy to find. 

You can keep as much material as you want if you have a separate almirah and arrange it according to your requirement.

2. Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer Bag

Double Sided Hanging Gift Wrap & Bag Organizer Storage So, this amazing double-sided hanging gift wraps and bag organizer is available on Amazon

Keep all your wrapping and decorative material at one place using this hanging organizer in different compartments.

This also keeps the wrapping paper safe from rips and wrinkles and you can keep the gift bags flat and compact in it. 

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Check out this Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer Bag now.

3. Everything In A Drawer 

Keep all your gift wraps and decoratives in a drawer but keep them organized. 

Separate different kinds of material. For eg., keep the scissors, cutters in one category, sheets in another, and so on.

Now, divide spaces in the drawer according to these categories using hardboard, and you are sorted.

No need to search the entire drawer to get one thing. 

4. Gift Wraps And Bags Storage System 


Group all your material according to the occasion or event. Put them in different sections of your magazine racks.

You can also put a title on every shelf to keep it easy.

Marking different sections will make your task easier when you need to do some packing.

5. DIY Organizer

Via 2littlehooligans

You will need a stool as shown in the picture. Paint it, let it dry and cover it from the top to half of its height with a cloth.

Turn the stool upside down and Tadda! You now have this new place to keep your gift wraps and decorations. Use the image above for a more detailed explanation.

6. Pegboard Frame 

Via: Honey Bear Lane

Put up a pegboard frame at any desired wall. Try to choose a wall that has a desk near it to work on. Pegboard frames can be fixed at your desired location and can be as big or small as you want it to be. 

All your wrapping rolls, decorations, washi tapes, and other materials can be assembled in one place and in the way you want it to be. 

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Check out Honey Bear Lane to get a step by step tutorial on how to get your framed pegboard organizer:

7. A Garment Bag Organizer 

ProPik Hanging Double Sided Wrapping Paper Storage Organizer with Multiple Front and Back Pockets Organize Your Gift Wrap & Gift Bags Bows Ribbons 40”X17 Fits 40 Inch Rolls (White)
Via Amazon

Use a garment bag to keep all your gift wrapping rolls in one place and without letting them get wrinkles, cracks, or getting dirty.

A garment bag is large and approximately 12-14 rolls can be stored in one bag. Use a transparent garment bag so you don’t have to take out all the wrapping rolls when searching for one particular roll.

8. Gift Wrap Center

Via Containerstore

The Container Store is providing on its website a customized gift wrap center.

This is basically a box which is long enough to hold your gift wraps, along with this box they are giving 1 shoebox and 3 accessory boxes.

All your gift wraps and decorations can be accommodated in this box and the box can easily be kept under your bed.

9. Gift Wrap Cart

Need to use all the gift wraps, ribbons, decorations, washi tapes, etc. regularly?

This gift wrap cart is a must-have for you. Available on Amazon.com this gift wrap cart allows you to take itself to, wherever you want to work as it has wheels. 

What better than having all your material securely placed in one place and the ease to use it wherever you wish to. 

Check out all its features and get it delivered now from Amazon.

10. Reuse A Laundry Basket


Laundry baskets are large and can hold those long wrapping paper rolls nicely. 

You can reuse a laundry basket to keep all your gift wraps straight and nicely rolled. 

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Keep the laundry bag at a place where there is a desk or plain surface so that you have a flat surface to work on nearby.

11. Inside Of Your Storeroom Door

Via: Hi Sugarplum

Create a gift wrapping and decorating station on the inside of your storeroom door. 

Create a DIY wrapping station the way you want it to be.

This will not take up any extra space in your cupboards and is easily accessible for everyone. 

Organize things as you want. Follow the instructions by Hi Sugarplum.

12. Wall Mounted Organizer

Via: Refined Rooms

One of the best ways to keep your gift wraps at one place without using any extra space anywhere else in the house and having the benefit of keeping all rolls separate and completely visible is to have them on a wall.

For a complete tutorial on how to make this check out Refined Rooms.

13. Wire Shelves

Via: The Old Park Homestead

Organize all the gift wraps on these wired shelves. You can put the wrapping papers on these wire shelves the way we put clothes on a rope. 

You cannot keep the rolls of wrapping papers in this but this is definitely a good way to keep your gift wraps.

14. A Trash Can

Via: Hative

A trash can is long and thus can easily be used to keep the wrapping rolls. 

You just need to add wheels at the bottom so that it becomes portable and you do not have to keep running for all the material you need.