51 Best Halloween Desserts

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Desserts are as important as the main course, those sweet and delicious treats might even be the stars of the show! And since Halloween is right around the corner and you’re probably hosting a bunch of parties, you must be on the lookout for the perfect Halloween dessert.

The thing about the perfect Halloween dessert is that it should not just be extremely delicious, it should also look fun and interesting (and maybe even a little bit creepy).

In this article, you’re going to find 51 delicious, creative and fun-looking Halloween desserts that you’ll wanna try out ASAP. Whether you are looking for a spooky one or an adorable one, a crafty one or a last-minute one, you’ll get every type here.

Scroll down and check out some clever and amazing Halloween dessert ideas!

51 Best Halloween Desserts

1. Poison Apple Cake

Via Thecakeblog

Looking for a spooky dessert? A drippy, dark, Halloween cake with the infamous poisonous apple from Snow White on top will make an excellent dessert. You’ll definitely receive a lot of compliments too!

2. Pumpkin Doughnuts With Hot Cocoa Glaze

Via Halfbakedharvest

These cute baked buttermilk pumpkin doughnuts with a coating of hot cocoa glaze will make the hungry cosplayers’ stomachs growl. These will be great as starters at the party!

Top off the doughnuts with chopped pecans and chocolates.

3. White Chocolate Candy Bark

Via Delish

If you are looking for a last-minute, easy-to-make Halloween dessert, this white chocolate bark is recommended. Chop the bark into pieces after it has set in the refrigerator for some time and serve it to everyone to munch on!

4. Fossil Cookies

Via Goodhousekeeping

Making these fossils using cookie dough is super easy. Just press the insect shapes onto the dough—any insect you’d want on your dessert—and use colored glazes of your choice.

5. Bloody Red Velvet Cupcakes

Via Thelittleepicurean

Red velvet desserts are always trending—they’re just everyone’s favorite! So make a lot of red velvet cupcakes decorated with cream cheese frosting and raspberry coulis. Add meat cleavers made using royal icing to these cupcakes to get a bloody Halloween dessert. 

6. Boozy Pumpkin Milkshake

Via Bromabakery

Here’s an easy and quick blend for your impromptu Halloween party. Combine vanilla ice cream, pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, milk, and bourbon to make this delicious milkshake. You can exclude the bourbon to make it kid-friendly.

7. Wicked Oreo Pops

Via Delish

These wicked and mischievous Oreo pops can be fun starters too! Stick lollipop sticks to Oreos, dip them in white chocolate, and draw the faces using black icing.

8. Boo-Scotti

Via Goodhousekeeping

Biscotti with boo faces makes…Boo-Scotti! Dip the biscotti in melted white chocolate first and when it has hardened, draw the faces using a toothpick and melted dark chocolate.

9. Halloween Web Cheesecake

Via Cocooncooks

A simple web chocolate cake is spooky enough to be your Halloween dessert. Be careful while making the web pattern using a skewer—you have to clean it with a napkin after drawing each line to make sure your cake looks perfect.

10. Black Velvet Whoopie Pies

Via Iambaker

The black and orange combo is unbeatable, especially when it’s Halloween. Make black velvet whoopie pies and stuff them with orange buttercream. Serve them and see some happy faces around the table. 

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11. Dracula Dentures

Via Delish

They might look gross, but they sure are tasty! Probably the only tasty dentures you’ll ever find. Make them with chocolate chip cookie dough, frosting, marshmallows, red coloring, and slivered almonds (for the fangs!).

12. Devilish Meringue Halloween Cookies

Via Wilton

Add devilish horns made using royal icing on top of meringue cookies—these will add a wicked touch to your Halloween desserts. The color combo of the cookies is our favorite black and orange or crimson.

13. Marshmallow Cobweb Cupcakes

Via Handmadecharlotte

Make some regular ol’ cupcakes, place Hershey’s Kisses on them, and top them off with melted marshmallow cobwebs! It’s weird how this fake cobweb looks like the real deal—and it tastes way better!

14. Oreo Spider Webs

Via Delish

Add a spooky touch to your Oreos with cobweb designs. You’ll only need three ingredients for making these delicious desserts. Dip double stuffed Oreos in melted chocolate and design the spider webs. 

15. Red Velvet Skull Cake

Via Shoresociety

This one is so cool and spooky—and not to mention delicious! You have to buy a mini skull-shaped cake pan(s) and bake some red velvet skull cakes. Pipe the details on the skull with buttercream and your funky Halloween dessert is ready!

16. Chocolate Skeleton Cookie Cupcakes

Via Goodhousekeeping

The cute cookie skeletons on top of candy-covered cupcakes will make for a lip-smacking dessert at your party. All you have to do is insert the decorated skeletons into the cupcakes once they’ve dried.

17. Chocolate Blackberry Cheesecake Trifles

Via Thereciperebel

A sweet trifle made from scratch is the best shortcut you can ask for in any festival. The trifle here is made layered with brownies, blackberry cheesecake mousse, and chocolate pudding. Fruity and chocolatey! 

18. Adorable Ghouls Cake

Via Lapechefraiche

If you can’t think of any fancy Halloween dessert, just place some cute little ghouls on top of a cake and ta-da! The crunchy meringue ghouls that haunt the pumpkin cake here are adorable, aren’t they? 

19. Boozy Creamsicle Shakes

Via Delish

If you and your guests enjoy creamsicles, then try out this sweet creamsicle shake made of vanilla vodka, milk, orange sherbet, and whipped cream. It won’t look spooky but it has almost all the Halloween colors!

20. Moss Cookies

Via Goodhousekeeping

This one is not spooky but resembles the moss found on an enchanted forest floor! Decorate the cookies using green frosting and cookie crumbs to achieve this look. 

21. Graveyard Chocolate Cheesecake Dip

Via Wellplated

To keep it simple and spooky, build a tasty graveyard over a cheesecake dip with cookies, candy corn, and crushed Oreos. It’s recommended to make the dip beforehand and store it in your refrigerator—add in all the cookies and decorations right before serving.

22. Haunted House

Via Womansday

If you’re creative and love crafts, this edible haunted house will be the perfect Halloween dessert. Grab some attention with this house made of colorful cookie dough and candies.

23. Graveyard Layered Cake

Via Delish

Here’s another graveyard for you, but this time it’s on a delicious chocolate and vanilla layered cake. The whole thing sounds spooky but those cute little ghosts actually make this cake look rather adorable! 

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24. Marshmallow Pops

Via Mybakingaddiction

If you don’t have much time on your hands and need a quick and tasty dessert for your party, make these delicious marshmallow pops. All you’ll need are three ingredients—huge marshmallows, candy melts, and sprinkles.

25. Melted Witch Cake

Via Thefirstyear

Sure, witches are scary, but this layered cake with witch legs sticking out of them looks pretty hilarious. Her legs aren’t edible but that tasty cake is!

26. Chocolate Pudding Spider Pies

Via Lilluna

If you want a fun and festive treat, a spider pudding pie is a way to go! Use oreo crumbs, black licorice, and red candies to make those scary spiders.

27. Meringue Ghost Tarts

Via Goodhousekeeping

Add a “ghostly” touch to dark chocolate and caramel tarts with cute meringue ghosts. Serve these immediately and bask in the glow of all the compliments you’ll get!

28. Reese’s Bats

Via Delish

These Reese’s bats are everything you need for Halloween—they are spooky, tasty, funky, and kind of cute too. All you’ll need for making these batty desserts are mini Reese’s, Oreos, peanut butter, and candy eyes.

29. Haystack Creatures

Via Womansday

Wacky-looking aliens made from noodles dipped in chocolate and sitting on toasted coconut— doesn’t this sound like the perfect icky yet tasty Halloween dessert? Give the aliens green jellybean eyes with purple pupils to make them look extra weird.

30. Mummy Pops

Via Delish

Even Nutter Butters can be turned into spooky treats! How? Decorate them with buttercream frosting and add candy eyes, that’s it!

31. Skeleton Cookies On Candies

Via Goodhousekeeping

Prepare some chocolate skeleton cookies and serve them on a bed of green Nerd candies at your party. Simple but spooky!

32. Chocolate Pumpkin Witch Cupcakes

Via Countryliving

These chocolate pumpkin cupcakes are covered with hazelnut frosting and topped with coffee liners and chocolate cones. Keep them on mini “brooms” and serve at your party!

33. Decorative Skulls and Pumpkins

Via Womansday

These are probably the chicest skulls and pumpkins I’ve ever seen. The decorations on the cookie skulls and pumpkins are done using colorful royal icing and candy-coated sunflower seeds.

34. Cupcakes with a Surprise Inside

Via Countryliving

Hide some M&M’s and Sixlets inside heavenly chocolate cupcakes topped with cream cheese buttercream frosting—your guests will be surprised when they bite into them. This will make for a fun end to your tasty Halloween dinner. 

35. Cookie Coated Caramel Apples

Via Thepioneerwoman

Want to add a twist to plain o’ caramel apples? Cover them with cookie crumbs and serve your guests these crunchy and tasty treats.

36. Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats

Via Prettyprovidence

Rice krispie treats, green food coloring, black melting candy, and silver spray-painted marshmallows will help you make these Frankensteins. Follow the recipe for regular rice krispie treats but add in marshmallows and melted butter to make them extra gooey. 

37. Purple Monster Treats

Via Milkandhoneynutrition

Get the marshmallow cereal treats from the store and make these little guys. Dip, sprinkle, and eat—it’s that easy.

38. Spooky Bars

Via Goodhousekeeping

You can make these delicious bars in just a few steps. Spread all the Halloween candies onto melted chocolate, refrigerate it, and then break it into pieces—easy-peasy.

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39. Spooky Eyeballs Cookies

Via Lovetobeinthekitchen

Ok, these are actually spooky. But their deliciousness will stop the guests from running away. Top the double chocolate chip cookies with candy eyeballs and bake them to get these creepy little treats.

40. Towering Haunted House Cake

Via Countryliving

Honestly, it saddens me to cut such creative desserts and eat them up, but they make a really good impression. If you want that, make this creepy chocolate house cake with icing and edible embellishments, and wow everyone at the party!

41. Mummy Pretzels

Via Thepioneerwoman

Not just mummy pops, make some mummy pretzel rods too. Cover the pretzels with loads of white candy coating and finish the look with candy eyes. 

42. Cream Cheese Brownies

Via Averiecooks

Brownies loaded with orange cream cheese, crushed Oreos, and choco chips are sure to make everyone drool—super delicious and sinful.

43. Meringue Bones

Via Goodhousekeeping

If you don’t want anything fancy, make these simple yet scary meringue bones for dessert using just four ingredients. They are sweet, crispy, and light, and can be stored for around two weeks at room temperature.

44. Nutter Butter Boos

Via Homemadeinterest

Here’s another dessert made using Nutter Butters. Dip the cookies in white chocolate or almond bark and get your very own tasty little Boos! 

45. Peanut Butter Monsters

Via Insidebrucrewlife

This one is a fun and cool no-bake Halloween dessert. Dip big peanut butter balls in melted green chocolate and top them with purple sprinkles and candy eyeballs. 

46. Spider Web cake

Via Goodhousekeeping

Here’s a spooky, delicious chocolate cake with a rich Oreo frosting. Even though it has spiders and cobwebs, it’s so tasty that people won’t be able to resist grabbing a huge piece for themselves! 

47. Marble Candy Apples

Via Sugarandcharm

If you don’t feel like making the traditional caramel apples this Halloween, go for marble candy ones instead. The glossy aqua-colored melted syrup makes the apples look exotic. If not aqua, go for any other colorful marble candy. 

48. Frightful Fruit Kebabs

Via Projectdenneler

You can add any kind of fruit along with marshmallows to make these somewhat healthy kebabs. This one is made of kiwi, marshmallow, and cantaloupe—all of which contribute to its Halloween look.

49. Ghost Popcorn Balls

Via Thefirstyearblog

Everyone loves popcorn, so turn it into a Halloween dessert! Make balls of popcorn by adding in a marshmallow mixture, then dip them in melted white chocolate, and finish with candy eyes. 

50. Black Cat Cake

Via Womansday

Turn the witch’s favorite pet into a tasty dessert this Halloween. This chocolate black cat has rich buttercream frosting and fondant decorations that make it scary yet tasty. 

51. Black and Red Crinkle Cookies

Via Goodhousekeeping

Bake chewy red velvet cookie dough coated with extra-dark cocoa powder to make these crinkle cookies. Their red and black colors perfectly suit the Halloween vibes.

Choose the perfect dessert for your party, gather up all the ingredients, and get started! You’ll surely receive a lot of praise for your creations. Have a sweet and spooky Halloween!