31 Best Halloween Party Foods

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Halloween! A major holiday in the official season of spooks, Halloween calls for scary stories, pumpkin carving, extravagant costumes, and an overload of confections and candy.

Food is a big part of any holiday, with specific dishes forming associations with specific holidays. You have pudding and roast dinners for Christmas, turkey for Thanksgiving, chocolate eggs for Easter- you get the drift, right?

Similarly, Halloween too has a few trademark food associations but has also the unique quality of innovation. For, any food can be Halloween food. With a little effort.

The following list bears 31 best Halloween party foods. Peruse, and carefully.

31 Best Halloween Party Ideas

1. Banana Mummies

Via Realfood.tesco

An obvious ode to mummies, this recipe features peeled bananas, white chocolate strip bandages, and M&M eyes.

Especially favoured by children.

2. Black Cat Cookies

Via Mccormick

Throwing caution to the wind in the context of the old superstition that paints black cats as evil, black cat cookies are intricate, delicate confections that taste seriously amazing.

Elegant finger food, they are sure to pass muster among children and adults alike.

3. ‘Pumpkin’ Tortilla Chips

Via Flickr

Carved pumpkins on the doorstep is a given on Halloween evening. This delicious snack idea takes inspiration from the same and is deceptively simple to execute.

All you need to do is cut and shape regular tortilla shapes into pumpkin-like shapes.

4. Jack Skellington Candy Apples

Via Delish

Candied apples are a staple for any good Halloween party. This recipe puts a twist on the traditional candied apple, by skillfully adding a pop culture reference that makes the apple all the more interesting visually.

The combination of white and dark chocolate also makes the flavour of the apple more varied.

5. Mummy Cupcakes

Via Goodhousekeeping

Cupcakes that can be unwrapped and eaten. Need I say more?

6. Witch Guacamole

Via Confettiandbliss

A platter of guacamole that resembles a snarling witch. It is remarkably simple to create- use carrot sticks for the hair, a cherry tomato for the nose. Coconut shavings, perhaps, to create the imagery of a sly leer. Olives, of course, for beady eyes!

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7. Witch Calzones

Via Jeanniestriedandtruerecipes

Another witch-inspired Halloween snack, these calzones are shaped like a witch’s crooked hat.

The stuffing can be of the maker’s choice- cheese, hummus, tomato and ham, egg and pickles, etc.

8. Monster Sliders

Via Chelseasmessyapron

A regular slider, except, it has olive-topped cheese sticks for eyes and cheese slices strategically placed to look like bared teeth.

9. Deviled Tea Eggs

Via Karenskitchenstories

Not your usual deviled egg, this recipe involves making the egg spicy and zesty, full of kick.

The ingredients that go on top of the egg are quite simple to procure- sriracha, chilli oil, and Chinese five-spice powder.

10. Bat Sandwich Cookies

Via Goodhousekeeping

A cookie-sandwich that is shaped like a bat.

Holds appeal for lovers of Halloween and Batman alike!

11. Graveyard Taco Dip

Via Chickabug

A taco dip that features crackers dipped halfway into the dip to serve as sunken tombstones, spring onion shavings that give the appearance of overgrown grass, and a food colouring pen to emblazon the ‘tombstones’ with spooky inscriptions.

12. White Chocolate Ghosts

Via Goodhousekeeping

Made out of white chocolate, these edible ghosts resemble friendly sheet ghosts and have chocolate chips for eyes.

13. Mummified Garlic Bread

Via Foodtasticmom

This recipe is a homage to a universal love for Italian cuisine and is super simple to make.

The ingredients include garlic bread, black olives, and melted string cheese. It makes for the perfect accompaniment to a spicy dip.

14. Pull-Apart Bread

Via Chopstickchronicles

A recipe for bread that involves making the bread into a consistency that falls apart and melts in your mouth. And is a medley of scary monster faces.

15. Brain Dip

Via Homemadehooplah

Grisly to look at, this ‘Brain’ dip is a clever concoction of red velvet cake batter and cream cheese frosting.

Serve with breadsticks dusted with powdered sugar.

16. Severed Fingers

Via Kitchentreaty

Cut breadsticks in the appropriate size and length of a finger, dip it in white chocolate and use a pumpkin seed as a dry, rotting fingernail.

17. Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Dip

Via Anightowlblog

A recipe made for the less adept in the kitchen or simply when one is running out of time, the pumpkin pie dip has all the flavour of an actual pie without much hard work.

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It goes well with any kind of bread and/or baked goods.

18. Tombstone Taco Cups

Via Forkandbeans

Individual taco cups topped by an inscribed cracker for the tombstone and in the colour scheme of a decrepit, old graveyard.

The ingredients include a lot of vegetables in the colours black and green- olives, beans, peas, etc.

And guacamole, of course.

19. Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Via Bakedinaz

A cheese ball that is sculpted to look like a pumpkin and plastered with tortilla chips, the cheese concoction that goes inside can be one of your choosing. The recipe, of course, features a successful combination- cheddar and cream cheese. The sharpness of cheddar pairs rather well with the gooey softness of cream cheese.

20. Skeleton Bones

Via Getcreativejuice

Featuring a ‘bone’ made out of cream cheese dip, this recipe involves minimal effort and provides the maximum effect.

Add a spicy jam and crackers, too.

21. Avocado Sriracha Deviled Eggs

Via Cookincanuck

An unusual take on deviled eggs, this recipe features just the egg white with yolk scooped out to accommodate instead mashed avocado with hints of sriracha, chilli oil, and citrus.

22. Buffalo Meatball ‘Pumpkins’

Via Thegunnysack

This meatball dish is a culinary marvel, and yet one that is super simple to make.

The meatballs are doused in pumpkin puree, a ranch dressing and buffalo sauce. Add cilantro and a grilled breadstick to masquerade as the pumpkin stalk.

Serve hot.

23. Cheddar Cheese Fingers

Via Sunset

Another recipe for finger food, and quite literally this time, these cheddar cheese fingers can be made in large batches and in very little time.

Use chilli flakes, lime, salt, and garlic shavings to add flavour. Grill the ‘fingers’ for a slight char that only elevates the taste.

24. Halloween 7 layer Dip

There never can be enough dip at a Halloween party, and this one might just take the prize for being the most inventive.

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This 7-layer dip recipe features a plethora of vegetables and spices- olives, cream cheese, spider miniatures made out of spangled black bean sauce, a tomato salsa to line the edges and a lot of crushed herbs.

25. Mummy Brie

Via Delish

Layered puff pastry wrapped around a block of Brie.

Olives or cherry tomatoes can be used for the eyes.

26. Caramel Cream Cheese Spread

Via Shewearsmanyhats

Halloween need not be all about candied apples, there are other ways to use and eat apples. A particular favourite of mine is this recipe, one that features a sweet cream cheese spread to layer on top of apple slices.

The spread is a mix of cream cheese and caramel in 2:1 ratio. Honey can serve as an alternative to caramel.

27. Meatball Mummies

Via Mychinet

Meatballs wrapped in cheese made to look like mummy faces. Served hot, with ketchup or Tabasco on the side.

28. Witch’s Broomstick

Via Cakescottage

A vegan option that is fun to eat and make- the broomstick is made of a pretzel stick while the bristles can be any julienned vegetable- carrots, celery, peppers. or cheese.

Bind together with a chive.

29. Zombie Boogers: Green Matcha Popcorn

Via Keyingredient

The ordinary gets a ghoulish makeover in this simple recipe. All you need to do is bake a batch of popcorn and lightly coat each kernel in matcha dust.

30. Spooky Crackers

Via Peasandcrayons

Use a cookie cutter to creatively cut cheese into spooky molds. Put the cheese pieces atop the crackers.

Use peppercorns for eyes.

31. Eyeball Donuts

Via Sugarandcloth

The way to craft an eyeball doughnut is simpler than it sounds- you need powdered sugar, chocolate drops and gummies.

Coat the doughnut in the powdered sugar, press onto the top a gummy, and add a chocolate ball over it. Voila!

Halloween snacks do not follow anyone universal rule. It is an avenue where bifurcations and deviations are plentiful and are, indeed, encouraged. A spooky Halloween snack can be made out of anything, as long as the drive for execution is present. As well as inspiration but that goes without saying, does it not?