30 Halloween Porch Decor Ideas

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Halloween month is finally coming up and most of us can’t wait to get into our fancy costumes and go trick or treating and collect delicious candies. But everyone’s favorite part is always going to be the Spooky Decorations!

So how exactly do you spice up your porch for all the toddlers and teens and their sweet tooth? Well, don’t worry, we have some amazing ideas and DIYs s to completely transform your porch which then would be fit to scare away all the children with its ghostly looks…or make them feel warm and welcome (whatever you prefer!).

So let’s get right into it so that you can have a fantastic Halloween….or should I say, Fangtastic! 

30 Halloween Porch Decor Ideas

1. Eerie DIY Ghosts

Via Abeautifulmess

Hang these spine-chilling yet cute and fluffy little DIY ghosts to give your porch extra spookiness. These are extremely easy to make and look super cool too!

2. The Duff Way

Via Instagram

Hilary Duff’s 2017 Spooky Skeletons had honestly won everyone’s hearts (unless the disturbing creatures stopped hearing all together). Get your doors looking like this and have the most haunted-looking house on the block. 

3. The Hay Fest

Via Sugarandcharm

This Sugar And Charm inspired look will make your porch go from good to gourd. No seriously…all you have to do is use stacks of hay covered in cobwebs instead of a table to make sure that you have the best Halloween buffet and make your porch the talk of the town! 

4. Pumpkin Porch

Via Potterybarn

Put up funny yet scary little pumpkin lights to give your porch the Halloween glow and experience the perfect ‘The Night Before Christmas’ vibe! 

5. Bat Attack

Via Partycity

Hang the bat decors on your porch and make it look even spookier. These winged creatures are frightening enough to make your home look exactly like the set of an old horror movie. 

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6. Web Wreath

Via Countryliving

Wreaths have always been famous during the holiday season so why not make your creepy spiderweb wreath to haunt the trick or treaters? 

They’re extremely simple but also very chic so definitely worth giving a try! 

7. Raging Ravens

Via Createcraftlove

Halloween is known for witches and what better way to decorate your house than with a witch’s best friend- A Raven. Fill your porch with these ravens and have a raging Halloween! 

8. Baskets Here There Everywhere

Via Countryliving

Cut your pumpkins into half and scoop out the insides. Then all you need to do is, attach some grapevines to it in the shape of a handle and voila! Your trendy pumpkin basket is ready. Fill it up with treats and decorate your porch. You may even garden it. 

9. Broken Windows

Via Hgtv

Give your porch a scare-boost by using frosted paper. Attach them to your windows and other glass items and cut out small pieces to give it a broken look. 

10. Painted Pumpkins

Via I.pinimg

Now this one is for the people who prefer a little fun and colorful Halloween. Use spray or acrylic paints to make your pumpkins look bright and your porch, dazzling! 

11. Skull-etons

Via Hgtv

Get a few plastic skulls from the local store and paint them in creepy Halloween colors like black white and orange. Then stick each one of them to a thick rope. Hang them to the porch and you’re ready to start haunting!

12. Creepy stair rats

Via Attagirlsays

Line your porch stairs with plastic skulls and rats. You can even use carved pumpkins and cobwebs to drape them with! 

13. Pink Pumpkin Flamingos

Via Awwsam

Make your porch sweet and adorable by using these cute stick flamingos…and hey, the kids will love it too. 

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14. Corn On The Cob

Via Marthastewart

This elegant black corn with golden leaves has the perfect touch to make your porch a little more graceful. All you need to do is, completely dry the corn and then spray paint it. Then tie a thick rope on its back and hang it from the walls. Lovely, isn’t it? 

15. Creepy Cat

Via Hgtv

Do you start decorating your porch from a month before Haloween? Because I do. Then I’m guessing you must have some extra time to make your porch perfect. So grab some plywood, black paint, and easily available tools to create this masterpiece. 

16. Glowing Tombstones

Via Marthastewart

This is the perfect way to make your house look more haunted and eerie. Made with painting paper bags, these will light up your porch with bulbs under it.

17. Blood-curling drapes

Via Hgtv

These long and scary decorations are made using nothing but cheesecloth and tea bags. Boil some water with black tea bags and add pieces of cheesecloth. Once dry, hang then on your porch for a horrifying look. 

18. SpiderMan Who

Via Myuntangledlife

Do you think that the only person capable of weaving huge spider webs is SpiderMan? Well, we can’t do things he can, but this? Why not, we certainly can! Use some white rope and a large spider soft-toy to make your porch the best in the block! 

19. Mummify the door

Via Thriftydecorchick

Use some white fabric and tie it diagonally to create this simple yet spooky look. 

20. Black Lantern

Via Bhg

Use Halloween themed lanterns of all shapes and sizes to make your porch look nothing less than incredible. 

21. Monster House

Via Craftibilities

Remember that movie about the house that ate people? Well, now you can transform your porch exactly similar to that one. Except for the fact that your house won’t consume you. All you need is some paper, a pair of scissors, and amazing art skills! 

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22. Googly Eyes And Angry Doors

Via Bitzngiggles

This easy decor idea is not only funny but also fits amazingly with any theme. Just cut out some facial expressions using paper and attach large googly eyes to your door. 

23. Pumpkin Mat

Via Bhg

Use a welcome mat, some pumpkin stencils, and colorful paint to amp up your porch this Halloween! 

24. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Via Womansday

Use some matte spray paint and paper cut-outs of the word you want to write and there you have it, the creepiest mirror in the block is now yours! 

25. Orange Delight

Via Rebeccasdiy

Carve out your orange peels and place a candle or small glowing lights inside to achieve this cute look. 

26. Headless Doorman

Via Womansday

Get a plain black suit and hang it in your porch with a carved Jack-o-Lantern around its neck to create your spooky doorman. 

27. Carved Pots

Via Bitsofbriblog

Paint your flower pots to give them a carved pumpkin look! 

28. Snake Wreath

Via Goodhousekeeping

This slithery decoration is simple and yet Scary. Grab some rubbery snake toys and attach them on a normal wreath. You’re Done!

29. Cute And Fun Cut-outs

Via Goodhousekeeping

Print some adorable monster cutouts and stick them onto your windows to give your home a nice and fun look. 

30. Glow In The Dark Candles

Via Diynetwork

Make these candles with a glue gun and see them work their magic even after the fire goes off! 

Now that you know all this, use these simple, chic, and extremely spooktacular tricks to make your house look terrifying as well as welcoming and have your neighborhood stare in awe. So go on and start decorating while I do the same. Witch you a happy Halloween!