51 Best Halloween Treats

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Looking to add a lot of spookiness to your Halloween party? Of course, the decor of your house sets the vibe but what else can you do? Making some unique and creepy treats can make for a cheerful evening. Focusing on the spooky treats is also important if you have to provide something entertaining for the children.

We have curated this list of best Halloween treats that cater to everyone’s needs—there are vegan treats, treats low on sugar, extremely creative ones, and treats that are classic and comforting. So scroll down and check out 51 unique lip-smacking treats you can make this Halloween.

51 Best Halloween Treats

1. Halloween Layer Cake

Via Delish

While everyone goes overboard trying to add spookiness to their dessert, this orange Halloween cake is more welcoming than others. Top it off with some ghosts on skewers and Milano cookies to blend in with the Halloween vibe.

2. Double Chocolate Mummies

Via Womansday

Add some dutch cocoa powder to make this spooky treat for the Halloween party. The colors are particularly fantastic and so is the contrast. But don’t undermine the deliciousness of these creepy yet flavorful mummies.

3. Bewitching Candy Truffles

Via Womansday

You’d find it hard to give truffles a spooky twist. But some candy melt and chocolate decorations provide the tasty truffles with some creepiness for Halloween. Use various frosting techniques to create bats, mummies, pumpkins, and whatnot.

4. Candy Apples with Gummy Worms

Via Womansday

These candy apples look ghoulish but are sweet and easy to make. While candy apples are common treats on Halloween, the gummy worms and praline crunch add extra creepiness to the treat. It’s a bite-sized option that can be served with drinks too.

5. Mummy Pumpkin Hand Pies

Via Countryliving

Here are some creepy mummy hand pies that will prove to be irresistible on the dinner table. These are sweet, sugary and the edible candy eyes in between make the treats spooky. It’s a quick snack you can make in the mornings too.

6. Spiced Pumpkin Molasses

Via Taste

Here is an excellent way to fit molasses in your Halloween dessert.  You can make a creepy smiling face on the cake using frosting. You can also give it the look of a spooky pumpkin by adding a stem on the top. Of course, all that doesn’t take away the intoxicating flavor of molasses.

7. Meringue Ghost Tarts

Via Goodhousekeeping

The flavors of caramel and dark chocolate would melt in your guests’ mouths and make them fall in love with these meringue tarts. It’s also pretty easy to create the ghostly design on them.

8. Cookie Bat Cupcakes

Via Goodhousekeeping

If you aren’t too much into baking or have no time to cook, just use store-bought cupcakes to make these creepy Halloween treats. Use Oreos to make a wonderful colony of bats on your cupcakes and don’t forget to give them edible eyes!

9. Peanut Butter Cookie Pops

Via Tasteofhome

These delicious peanut butter cookie pops contain a surprise inside—candy bars! You can decorate the cookies and give them a spooky look with frosting and food coloring.

10. Mummy Brownies

Via Tasteofhome

Bring some mummified treats straight out of the grave. The colorful eyes bring some variety to these deliciously creepy brownies. It’s a bit-sized snack and has a special place on the table.

11. Jack-o’-Lantern Empanadas

Via Tasteofhome

These spectacular bite-sized treats will be popular among children and adults as well. It’s savory and creepy yet funny with different pumpkins displaying different moods and silly smiles. The spice is pretty balanced and it takes little time to make.

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12. Loaded Cheese Cream Brownies

Via Averiecooks

Combine the rich flavors of cheese, cream, and chocolate this Halloween. These gooey brownies will surely be the star attraction of the dinner table with the orange cream cheese and decadent flavors of coffee.

13. Pumpkin Pie Hummus

Via Cashewsandquinoa

There’s no occasion wherein you can’t cook hummus. And here’s a sweet pumpkin hummus pie that is absolutely lip-smacking. Combine it with pretzels and apple slices for a quick, easy, and unique snack.

14. Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bar


Via Chocolatecoveredkatie

Here’s a Halloween snack for weight watchers that provides the sinful pleasures of choco chips. The zucchini adds some veggie nutrition so you can share it with your health-conscious friends and impress one and all.

15. Halloween Charcuterie Board

Via Diaryfreeforbaby

All the elements of this charcuterie board are delicious and combine spookiness with taste to match the festive vibe—you’ll find your guests flocking around it! It’s surprisingly easy to make and healthy too.

16. Candy Bar Blondies

Via Thebigmansworld

Another excellent treat for the diabetic and health-conscious, these healthy candy bar blondies will take around just an hour to make. 

17. Cranberry Cream Cheese Dip

Via Budgetbytes

The cranberry dip adds the much-needed bloody red color to the Halloween table. The simple ingredients needed for this dip include cream cheese, green onions, and some homemade cranberry sauce that can enhance the flavors. Serve it with crackers and apple slices.

18. Pumpkin Almond Butter Cups

Via Thefoodiedietician

The flavors of almond butter, pumpkin, and chocolates combine to create these heavenly butter cups. These are an absolute treat for kids and contain the most delicious ingredients and are yet so easy to make.

19. Whoopie Vegan Pies

Via Minimalistbaker

Add a vegan treat to your Halloween table that that tastes just as good as other desserts. The mini oreo cakes and the gooey cream inside make the otherwise spooky pies fantastic and attractive.

20. Monster Grape Eyeballs

Via Holleygrainger

Sometimes you don’t have to put in hours to create a satisfying dish. Some treats are just for decoration and these tasty grape eyeballs are as effortless to make as they are creepy. 

21. Spicy Brownies

Via Budgetbytes

Rarely do you get to have something that’s sweet and spicy at the same time. But it’s Halloween and it’s time for some experimentation. This dessert adds an element of surprise with some cayenne pepper along with cinnamon.

22. Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal with Caramel Sauce

Via Cookingclassy

Pumpkins, oatmeal, and a drizzle of caramel sauce over it make for an exciting combo. It’s a traditional delicacy with a fusion that would impress your guests. You can serve it as a starter at your Halloween party or even as breakfast.

23. Spooky String Cheese

Via Sizzlingeats

Here is a treat idea that is spooky and yet will make the kids laugh. Kids love to eat string cheese and you can take help from your kids to make these quick snacks. It’s not much but is a valuable addition to your treat table.

24. Monster Mouth Bites

Via Thedomesticdietician

While these mouth bites may be time-consuming, they are surely fun and filling too. The trick or treaters will love them! It’s made up of apples and hence is a pretty healthy snack. 

25. No-Bake Finger Bites

Via Bigmansworld

With three simple ingredients and no baking involved, these finger bites are a quick treat for your Halloween party. It’s finger-licking good and the crispy buttery goodness is a treat everyone will enjoy.

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26. Pumpkin Pretzel Brownies

Via Amyshealthybaking

A combination of pretzels and brownies is a spooky and delicious dessert you can make without breaking a sweat. You just have to place the creepily designed pretzels on top of the crowd’s favorite brownies and serve them.

27. Vegan Oreo Brownies

Via Veganinthefreezer

Another excellent option for vegans, these oreo brownies taste as delicious as they look. The combination of black and orange makes the treat pretty spooky without compromising the taste. 

28. Harry Potter Truffles

Via Dinnermom

When it comes to Halloween treats, how can we forget Harry Potter? Bring the magical world to your Halloween party by making these decadent golden snitch truffles. What’s better than grabbing the snitch and winning the Quidditch match? Eating it!

29. Halloween Snack Board

Via Chelsealeblanc

If you’re looking for a center table treat, this snack is an impressive idea. It consists of sweet, crispy, and savory ingredients that taste so well together. Just combine them in the form of a jack-o’-lantern to create this spooky and delicious board.

30. Halloween Dessert Shooters

Via Happyfoodstube

The RIP sign never gets old for Halloween. Combine sinful Oreo pudding soil and chocolate gravestones to create some delicious shooters for the party. Add a bit of booze and bring the party alive!

31. Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

Via Realsimple

Use this flavorful sweet n’ spicy recipe to add an element of surprise to your treats. You just have to combine the spice mix with regular cookie dough to create a bunch of jack-o’-lanterns everyone will enjoy.

32. Truffle Mummies

Via Cremedelacrumb

The white truffle mummies can scare the hell out of anyone in dark. But the taste is anything but scary with the remarkable goodness of truffle and chocolates. The gooey pumpkin and cheese filling makes the treat all the more satisfying.

33. Pumpkin Patties

Via Momontimeout

Make some delicious handmade patties and dress them in the shape of pumpkins for another quick treat idea. The shape and design of the patties can put store-bought treats to shame and it takes under 2 hours to make these. 

34. Caramel Candy Corn Bark

Via Iheartnaptime

Don’t want your Halloween to be too sweet? Add some saltiness to it with this caramel bark. It fits in the Halloween vibe and adds a lot of colors to the table. 

35. Spiderweb Cheesecake

Via Epicureanmom

The spiders lingering on this delightful cheesecake will make people think twice before eating. But the deliciously baked cake is hard to resist so nobody can say no to it.

36. No-Bake Halloween Bar

Via Cutefetti

This recipe uses just 4 ingredients and is good enough to beat the best Halloween treat available in the supermarket. And kids won’t be able to resist the goodness of Oreos either.

37. Backside Black Cat

Via Hungryhappenings

Black cats are witches’ favorite pets so adding a treat shaped like cats is an excellent idea for Halloween. The melted chocolate over these cookies makes these feline bites irresistible.

38. Butterfinger Fudge

Via Abajillianrecipes

Candy corn is easily one of the most desired ingredients for Halloween so why not use it to make a quick bite? The homemade recipe has a bit of a twist and both kids and adults will love it.

39. Vampire Donuts

Via Sheknows

Have you ever seen a donut this creepy? You’d find it hard to recall because it’s a horrific sight with those spooky eyes and a wide-open mouth with pointed teeth. It’ll be a hit at the party!

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40. Sugar Wafer Frankensteins

Via Shakentogetherlife

Another no-bake recipe for your Halloween party, these Frankenstein cookies are frankly more funny than cute. Make some smiley ones, some sad ones, and of course ones with poker faces. 

41. Graveyard Dirt Cake Cups

Via Sugarspiceandfamilylife

Here is a sinful recipe straight from hell. The graveyard sign, the chocolate dirt, and the bones make the whole treat pretty spooky. The pudding cups are justifiably ones to die for because of their delicious taste and deadly decoration.

42. Silly Apple Bites

Via Forkandbeans

These healthy and spooky apple bites are pretty easy to make and taste good as well. The trick or treaters will love these creepy yet delicious apple and strawberry bites.

43. Peanut Butter Zomby Eyeballs

Via Insidebrewcrewlife

Just a look into these eyeballs would creep the hell out of anyone. But these are wonderfully delicious to eat and are the idea of an ideal quick treat for Halloween. The red gel splattered around the eyes makes these eyeballs horrific yet tasty.

44. Bat Energy Bites

Via Chelseasmessyapron

How can you forget about bats when planning Halloween treats? The spooky mammals are easy to create and are frankly quite cute. It’s a good little snack for toddlers too and doesn’t require too many ingredients.

45. Witchy Guacamole Dips

Via Forkandbeans

This can be served as an appetizer and will satisfy most of your guests at the party. It takes substantial space at the table and is an ideal treat if you aren’t in the mood to put in a lot of effort. You just have to collect the ingredients and set the platter before the party.

46. Spooky Deviled Eggs

Via Deliciousasitlooks

Decorate classic deviled eggs to make them spooky for Halloween. Adding a spider on the top can turn a regular egg into a creepy one and that’s all it takes!

47. Mini Mummy Sweet Pizza

Via Simpleveganblog

Bring something delicious to the table for all the pizza fanatics. It’s a vegan dish so it caters to all your guests too. You can also use animal-based cheese if nobody in the house prefers vegan. 

48. Halloween Banana Popsicles

Via Wellplated

If you just want your treats to be scary but not too sugary, then these banana popsicles would fit right on your table. The greek vanilla yogurt adds some much-needed flavor to the dish while enhancing its nutritional value.

49. Frankenstein Kiwis

Via Twohealthykitchens

Here is Frankenstein back at it again but this time made of healthy and tasty kiwis. You’ll never be able to look at kiwis again and not think about these cute Frankenstein monsters. They’re easy to make and very attractive as well.

50. Candy Corn Fruit Parfaits

Via Lifeinthelofthouse

Here is a cleaner and healthier alternative to regular sugary candy corn. The quick-to-make parfait recipe includes the goodness of fruits and whipped cream, all combined to look like candy corns.

51. Date-Oatmeal Stuffed Apples

Via Prevention

If you have a lot of apples in the house, try creating something horrifically delicious like this one. It’s different from your regular apple pies and makes for a cozy treat straight from the oven after dinner.

These were some of the most decadent yet spooky recipes for Halloween summed up for you. You can always mix different ingredients or replace them to suit your preference. Skip the boring and expensive treats from the supermarket and bring some innovation to your Halloween party with these quick treats.