13 Unexpected Ways To Decorate With Plants

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Plants are a necessity to keep your surroundings clean, healthy and fresh. They produce the basic requirements for all other living things i.e. oxygen.

Keeping plants in our surroundings makes it healthier, brings positivity, purifies the air and add a touch of nature to it. 

Adding a touch of nature into your house is always a great way to make it look beautiful, classy and attractive. 

Just choose the plants that can be kept inside or keep them in that area where they can survive.

Here are 13 ways in which you can make your house look beautiful and keep your surroundings healthy.

1. Create A Plants Corner

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Create your own plant corner if you have an empty corner or where there is not much.

Put in plants of your choice. small, large, bonsai, cactus or anything that you like.

This will make the room fresh and lively. Putting colourful plants and pots is another option to make it look more attractive and appealing.

2. The Green Window

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Not asking you to paint your window green.

Just giving you a view inside of the window, a refreshing and beautiful view. 

Build some shelves and make more space for those beautiful plants you would love to see every day.

This can be done on any window of your house be it your kitchen or the living room or bedroom. 

3. Do Not Lose Floor Area

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Put up your favourite plants on the stairs. Makes your house fresh and lively without taking up any floor area.

You can put large pots if your stairs have right or left turns or just small pots on corners of each stair according to the space available. 

4. Just a Branch

Do not wish to put a pot or that huge plant or don’t have time to check on the plants every day? 

Just put a branch or frond. There are plants that can survive on just water and do not need to be potted with soil.

You can put such plants and just change or refill water in the jar or vase once or twice a week.

5. DIY Hanging Plants

Learn to make these DIY Plant Hangings with clay. Make and decorate them the way you want. 

Clay pots are considered good for putting plants. They allow oxygen and moisture to penetrate. 

These DIY Hanging Plants are amazing because they do not take up any extra space and can be hung both indoors and outdoors.

6. Make Your Own Pretty Pot

So this is a DIY which will help you make your own pretty pots using cement and latex gloves.

This process surely is a little time taking but you would love having something like this in your house.

This is a lovely way to keep your house decorated and filled with greenery together.

7. Tiny-tiny Air Plants

Do not wish to give up floor space or put a reminder in your everyday schedule to take care of plants?

Hang these tiny air plants and you do not need soil or pots to plant them or water them every day. 

All you got to do to keep them alive is just a spritz of water. 

Check out these lovely air plants and how to make these.

8. The Best Out Of Some Waste

Let’s get the best out of some waste that we have.

This DIY is quick, cheap and looks pretty. Create pots using some old rags, towels or clothes. And they do make your house look beautiful and decorated.

Make these pretty pots and save some money too.

9. A Small Succulent Dish Garden

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Succulents are plants that have some parts fleshy and thick. They can store water in unusual areas.

These are low maintenance plants and look beautiful. 

Succulents do not need to be grown necessarily in the soil these can be grown in the gravel. 

A good thing about succulents is that you can grow new plants if you already have them using cuttings.

10. Plant Them Vertically

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There are different ways in which you can put the plants of your choice without using any

floor area. 

One of the ways is to plant them vertically on the walls. Use a pegboard frame and put the plants in mason jars. 

Or you can buy or make these hexagon wall planters

These look classy and can be put even in your bedroom.

11. Plant Stands

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Plant stands look good and can be kept anywhere you wish. Plant stands are a lovely addition to your beautiful plants. 

Stands make the plants a little higher from the floor level and you have the option to keep changing the pots every now and then.

Plant stands can be purchased or you can even make them on your own.

12. Greenery with Added Colours

Via Thecreativityexchange

Plants are good for our surroundings and make the space lively and fresh. But putting in some other colour with green would not harm. 

Flowers blooming in your plants will make the place look more bright and colourful. 

Orchids are a type of flower that is loved by all. 

The Creativity Exchange is telling us about the different ways in which you can plant orchids and keep them healthy.

13. An Indoor-Outdoor Garden

Another great way to have all the plants that you love in your house without keeping them inside is keeping them all in your balcony. 

Create your own small garden in your balcony. This way you can keep them all in one place and still not use any space inside the house.

Follow these great ideas and make your house lovely and fresh. Some plants need a little sunlight, some grow without it. Therefore, you need to keep in mind what the plant needs when buying it.

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