59 Creative Ways To Display Your Photos On The Walls

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Do you want to elevate your interiors with a mix of character and prints? An impeccable gallery wall that never goes out of style is something you need.

Whether you are putting happy family pictures on display or some souvenirs and precious art collections, a gallery wall is an answer to all visual pleasures. Also, gallery walls are always about personality with a mix of curated prints and catchy colors. Can something this spectacular and vivid ever go out of style?

From wall scrapbooks and eclectic displays of art to subtle monochrome photo grids and some extravagant and luxurious living room ideas, we have everything to help you make your own gallery wall! Keep reading to know more!

59 Creative Ways To Display Your Photos On The Walls

1. A Chaotic Mess

Via Ordinaryroyalty

Do you want to add some eclectic style to your home? Save some space for a gallery wall and see how the magic works! Don’t just stick to plain and everyday looks but welcome a mix and match of unrelated designs, textures, and styles. You must have a collection of your favorite decor pieces waiting to be displayed – this is your chance to do so.

2. Elegant Gallery Wall

Via Colorandchic

You know what they say – elegance is everywhere, you just need the right eyes. This custom gallery wall screams beauty in every sense and you can’t take your eyes off it! If you have white walls, nothing could be better than a black-and-white grid of happy memories. The minimal frames and rectangular shapes work well with almost all furniture. 

3. Typography Art Gallery Wall

Via Designertrapped

If you love letters and monograms, here is an easy DIY project to make the ultimate typography gallery wall. The first step here is to curate all the typography artwork that suits your personality and arrange them. Rest is all about choosing the right wall – and you’re done! 

4. A Floor-to-ceiling Arrangement

Via Streetfleastyle

Floor-to-ceiling arrangements are mainly chosen to decorate the entryway or the dining room because they are the ones in the public eye. If you have similar interests and adore colors, this combination of vintage floral art and bold patterns would be the best for you. 

5. Dashing Dining Room Wall

Via Happystartsathome

Happiness begins at home and this stunning gallery wall might be your road to happiness. The dashing dining room wall speaks for itself when it comes to optimized and smart living. There is a perfect blend of style and warmth and a makeshift arrangement that won’t spoil the wall.

6. Farmhouse Staircase Gallery Wall

Via Lizmarieblog

Stairway gallery walls are not that common despite having tons of white or empty walls because we don’t pay much attention to them. Why not utilize this gem and add some farmhouse flair to your home? This fascinating wall has got a massive wall of happy quotes paired with greens, a clock, some paintings, and a massive abstract wall print. 

7. Botany Wall Art

Via Blesserhouse

To everyone who loves green plants and wants them in their home, you have one more idea for incorporating green – the gallery wall. Green is a combination of elegance and warmth and is used to soften a rigid space like a packed living room. The botanicals are printable and are very easy to hang once framed. 

8. Styled Corner Gallery

Via Abeautifulmess

Much like those stair walls, we ignore those corner walls shamelessly when it comes to home decor. I mean, you have everything here, from quotes and one-liners to pictures and patterns. The vivid frames are accommodated effortlessly in a black-and-white setup and it’s beyond lovely! 

9. Black And Yellow

Things are beyond excellent when you add unconventional stuff to the gallery wall and these jute items are proving my point. The basic idea here is to create an appealing layout with black and white frames. These jute bags and a big basket cover were the last ones to be added and they made the wall stand out like nothing else. 

10. Minimalist And Green

Via Cottonstem

I have always been a fan of green décor items and the white and green combination is my favorite. A perfectly curated gallery wall with warm quotes about a home could inspire anyone. The look is completed with equally stunning and attractive metal wreaths with a dash of faux greenery.

11. Gallery On The Stairs

Via Seekinglavenderlane

Didn’t like that farmhouse-style gallery wall? Here is one more to add life to those empty staircase walls and we are going for gold! Instead of the classic black and white, add black and gold frames with a clock. 

12. Colorful Photo Gallery

Via Designertrapped

A super-colorful gallery highlighted by sconces would be the right choice for you if you’re a fan of colors and DIYs. Yes, a budget option in the gallery wall list, this piece of art won’t dig a hole in your pocket because you just have to follow some easy steps and it’s done. Make sure you choose the frame color in accordance with the photo for the best look.

13. Game Of Shapes

Via Blesserhouse

There are two major aspects here that would make you choose this – it is a space-efficient, staircase wall design, and secondly,  the enticing shapes! You have circles, rectangles, ovals, monograms, and whatnot. I mean, who could even imagine one frame can have so many shapes and patterns, and yet could look this good? Somebody did say it correctly – beauty is unconventional!

14. DIY Gallery Wall

Via Porchdaydreamer

Ditch symmetry for now and concentrate on making the best gallery wall right in the bedroom. Most gallery wall options are limited to bigger spaces and have options for every room except the bedroom. This DIY has made it possible and you have the best, white-pink frames to add flair to those walls. Buy the essential supplies and get to work right away! 

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15. A Caddy-Corner Gallery Wall

Via Collectivegen

One more corner gallery wall option and this time you don’t need a big empty wall. A small corner in your bedroom would do the job. If you have white walls, black and gold frames are good. For colored walls, use lighter shades for the frames to make them stand out. 

16. Custom Farmhouse Wall

Via Customframedesigns

This gallery wall is not just about making a corner gallery wall with country vibes but also about reusing old stuff. You have a painted wooden frame, there are wooden arrows everywhere and except for those posters, everything else can be handmade. If you love arts and crafts, don’t think twice before choosing this. I am sure your very own spectacular gallery wall would be the talk of the town!

17. Symmetrical Gallery Wall

Via Thelearnerobserver

For all the symmetry lovers out there, you can put up a compact and sophisticated gallery wall without cluttering a big wall. Those walls between two rooms or right in the passage, need your attention and love. Choose your best pictures and frame them like this 6-frame symmetric gallery wall. You are free to play with colors here and make sure they match the interiors. 

18. Bathroom Gallery Wall

Via Designertrapped

I am not asking you to free up the wall reserved for the mirrors and the vanity but use the tiled wall to hang some wall art. There is tons of space left after fixing the hooks and it is high time you utilize that empty wall. Not just frames, you can add some hanging plants, some geometric wall vases, and even huge letters that would look great.

19. Abstract Kitchen Wall

Via Ariyonainterior

Mixing subtle hues and using warm light with them has been one of the very popular interior decor hacks and we love it. This kitchen was planned similarly and here you have a small and sweet, 3-frame kitchen gallery wall, ready to rule. You can surely make a bigger one, make sure you visualize and analyze the space and colors properly before drilling.

20. Mini Gallery Wall

Via Yellowbrickhome

If you are living in a typical studio apartment in the middle of the city, you would know how important 1m of space is. Small space doesn’t mean compromising on adding your favorite decor ideas to your home. That small wall space right above the TV would be perfect to make that cute and chic gallery wall. Don’t forget to up the ante with statement lights! 

21. Family Gallery Wall

Via Chrislovesjulia

There are tons of choices when it comes to making a sweet and simple gallery wall, but all of them aren’t kid-friendly. If you have a toddler at home, you cannot hang glass frames on lower walls. This DIY guides you to make the best gallery wall where you don’t have to worry about your kids’ safety. 

22. Mix Of Prints And Decor

Via Hisugarplums

This living room is a compilation of decor and colors. From that shining blue sofa to the rugs and wall art, every item is striking and has a story to tell. There is no symmetry in the gallery wall, just an arrangement of the small, medium, and extra-large paintings. 

23. Wall Plates Display

Via Verandahhouse

A gallery wall is not limited to frames and photos and this display of vintage plates screams perfection. Amidst a navy blue background, the charismatic arrangement of patterned blue and white plates is worth praising. You can pair it with green plants in the vicinity and complete the look. 

24. Modern And Minimalist Gallery Wall

Via Vivandtimhome

Talk about minimalism? What can be more simple and elegant than a floating shelf with frames? You can make the shelf as long or big as you want the gallery wall to be and it would be done without any hassle. The look is paired with a white sofa with beige leg stands and it screams elegance.

25. DIY Wooden Puzzle

Via Thenavagepatch

Who knew some wooden blocks can stand out like this? You can make this gallery wall without spending half of your paycheck. You can also make a life-size scrapbook here by pasting some pictures right onto these blocks – so easy!

26. Black And White Wall

Via Theblushhome

There aren’t many options when it comes to arranging those frames on a gallery wall, it’s either symmetrical or asymmetrical. You can bring some unexpected twist to it by following the shape of the white or empty wall. Just like this idea, the frames are resting in the direction of the stairs and it looks quite interesting. Play with the shapes of the frames as well and create a masterpiece! 

27. Photos And Plants

Via Paisleyandsparrow

Not the living room or the bedroom, let’s consider the study or your home office now. If you take inspiration from this idea, you can see a plethora of vivid designs, patterns, and colors. There are also air plants and a boho-style mirror which would keep you hooked unlike anything else.

28. Modern And Chic

Via Studiodiy

What better place than a gallery wall to display your art collection? Moreover, you can add custom pieces, mementos, air plants, and so much more right beside those happy family photos. This attractive idea is all about acing the layout – a colorful arrangement of everything that makes your heart smile! 

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29. Rustic And Attractive

Via Ablissfulnest

I know you are getting those Thanksgiving vibes with this idea and I cannot agree more. If you are more of a religious person, it is time to thank the Creation in a classic farmhouse style. Whether it is some artwork from your ancestors or souvenirs or maybe group pictures that goes way back in time, there is a place for all of them. The typographic additions make the decor more interesting and I can’t stop admiring it!

30. The City Wall

Via Annawithlove

31. An Eclectic Gallery Wall

Via Anikapannu

Gallery walls bring a dynamic touch to closed spaces and are also great if you want to bring some organization into a living space. They are created to define your personality most uniquely and it is all about your art collection. Every item on this wall tells a story and this is your goal as well. Hang everything meaningful to you and you would be proud of the results! 

32. Home And Memories

Via Rsatointeriores

Home is where family is and no place on Earth can match the peacefulness of our HOME. How about incorporating these emotions into a gallery wall? You just need bold statement letters and some pictures. The rest is all about arranging them on an empty wall and you can see how good it looks.

33. Custom Posters

Via Instagram @olazwolenik

Whether it is a poster from a movie or comic or random flyers from your favorite rock band, putting them on display means color and character. Even black and white posters look great because they bring an unmatched monochromatic tone to the walls. This simple gallery wall doesn’t have any showy pieces but it still looks great, thanks to the multicolor posters!

34. Dorm Room Gallery Wall

Via Artbyaleisha

I did mention that you don’t need huge walls to make a gallery so here’s one more compact and chic idea. This wall belongs to a college dorm room and has got those millennial vibes. Something like this would also look great in a study room or laundry where you don’t have tons of space but a small and sweet empty wall to adorn. 

35. On A Shelf

Via Melaniejadedesign

When you don’t want to disturb the empty wall by drilling nails in it, make some floating shelves. These shelves can be the base of the gallery wall and it looks stunning. Make sure you choose the frames by coordinating with the background color. This is a great solution if you are in a rented apartment. 

36. DIY Photo Gallery

Via Decoratinglife

Another DIY photo gallery and this time it is neither asymmetrical nor a grid of frames. This DIY is here to bring out our personality in the form of pictures and it is all about your ideas. You can take inspiration from it and make intricate measurements. Make sure every art piece or frame is a piece of conversation.

37. Staircase Wall Art

Via Posterjack

Here is an entire article to answer all your staircase gallery wall doubts and it’s worth checking out. You have several ideas to display your family photos on the stair wall no matter how much space you have. From the bold and beautiful decor to add more shades to a statement wall, you have it all. 

38. Peel And Stick Wall Decals

Via Posterjack

You might have compact space or worse, commitment issues, and fear of drilling. Don’t turn your back on a fascinating gallery wall because you have these peel-and-stick stickers to make your day. They are compatible with any surface and can be removed and reapplied about 200 times. Swap those photos every season! 

39. Memory Wall On Shelf

Via Pinterest

Floating shelves are quite functional and they’re not just about storing stuff. You can place some amazing frames, clocks, air plants, and decor pieces on the shelf and have a memory wall on the shelf!

40. Lights And Pictures

Via Jennasuedesigns

A simple grid of custom frames will never go out of style and you can up the ante by pairing it with shining lights. The rectangular grid is made up of 6 perfect square frames. A stunning combination of luxury and rustic designs has transformed a regular white wall. A similar approach can be used for statement-colored backgrounds. 

41. For Large Walls

Via Jennakateathome

Very similar to the last one, here you have some faux greens as an extra and it is mind-blowing. They add so much character and style to a rather simple design and it adds a layer of softness to the layout. This one is more inclined to farmhouse decor and is suitable for your country home. 

42. Boho Living Room

Via Ariyonainterior

Boho is synonymous with unconventional and this stunning living room goes way beyond our expectations. The gallery wall in the center consists of 3 frames and you cannot take your eyes off that big, bold tree in between. Pair it with equally unique and creative furniture and decor items and keep your guests hooked to the decor! 

43. For The Love Of Comics

Via Instagram @wilwig

The love and craze for comics aren’t limited to those childhood days – let’s admit, we still go head-over-heels on those evergreen scenes. It is time to move a step ahead and frame the posters to make a comic gallery wall. It would look better in a grid layout and you will love the astonishing play of colors and characters here!

44. Family Room Gallery Wall

Via 36thavenue

A striking floor-to-ceiling gallery wall design is here to make your day. Thanks to these unconventional shelves which were used as stands for all the attractive art pieces. There is a partition in between to make space for the television cabinet and the design is artsy without cluttering. 

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45. Contemporary Minimalist

Via Society6

Your home is a reflection of your personality and taste and you shouldn’t lose any chance to achieve the ultimate feel. So, if you love a clean, simple, and minimalist gallery wall, a contemporary look like this would be your best pick. An arrangement of not more than five frames would do the job well and you will love it. 

46. Vintage Bohemian

Via Littlegoldpixel

Unusual and unconventional artworks bring out the best in you because they reflect your creative choices. For example, the basket at the center of the statement tribal art piece could be a souvenir and it looks amazing. It is paired with random pictures and there is no particular theme but is appealing to you – and that’s boho-style! 

47. Grown Up Chic

Via Posterstore

If you love earthy tones with a hint of white and pink, this striking combination of cozy and luxury would flatter you. The striking dark tones combined with the soft pink is the perfect amalgamation of the fluffiness of home and the extravaganza of a hotel. 

48. Retro Hipster

Via Gallerywallrus

Do you love to include exposed bricks in your home decor? If yes, you would surely love pairing urban furniture with retro vibes. You also have a mix of colors here and it makes the look a complete package that is suitable for compact city apartments.

49. Inclined Gallery Wall

Via Dearlillie

Abiding by the shape of the mighty staircase, here is an array of gold frames that would catch attention. This design is all about the unconventional arrangement of the frames and the only tough job here is to collect the frames in different sizes to bring your visuals into reality. 

50. Colorful Office Wall

Via Ariyonainterior

Your workplace deserves a punch of funky colors with vivid patterns and here is a great idea. The minimalist approach is very catchy because you have pretty paintings combined with indoor plants and compact furniture. 

51. Moody Teen Bedroom

Via Ariyonainterior

Add some drama to that bed wall with some stunning posters, and statement flyers of your favorite music bands. It doesn’t deal with moods, but it is more about favorite celebrities and iconic characters from the entertainment world. It would be better to place a bed against this wall and complete the look. 

52. Vacation Postcards Display

Via Apartmenttherapy

This is a classic display of postcards from all around the world, something we don’t do very often. Whether you have a collection of these from all those vacays or you’re buying a set, it’s all about your urge to put them on display. Find a suitable wall and fill a grid with frames! 

53. Subtle And Elegant Display

Here is something when you don’t want to clutter the wall and put those memories on display under five frames. This layout is quite good because you will need to consider the sizes if you want to highlight your thoughts and personality. The wall is very well complimented by the sofa and other furniture in the vicinity. 

54. Blue And White Display

Via Onsuttonplace

Did you ever think about adding accent plates to an empty wall? Well, now is the time to mix and match colors, shapes, and sizes. You can also add some frames to the layout and make it a wonderful gallery wall in every sense! 

55. Simple And Minimalistic

Via Pinterest

Taking you back to city apartments with less space, this small and sweet gallery wall would add some character to a rather boring living room. You just have to be careful with the colors and make sure you choose the ones that optimize the space. 

56. Symmetry And Wooden Blocks

Via Delineateyourdwelling

If you did any wood block art back in high school, brush up your skills with this DIY. Make this easy and inexpensive wood block wall art and your gallery wall dream would be a reality! Not a fan of botany? Go for anything you like and nail those paintings. 

57. Gallery Wall For Dining Room

Via Designstylepurpose

One more grid wonder is right at your disposal and this is for big dining rooms. Not only plenty of wall space but also a bigger carpet area would be great if you are carrying out this layout. The best dream and worst nightmare here is the color. Be careful when choosing the paint and the frame color; the rest is easy peasy!

58. Cute Pink And White Gallery Wall

The white and pink combination has always been one of the top choices when it comes to contemporary style with an elegant touch. You won’t need white frames with pink borders but soft pink furniture would do the job. Choose golden frames and people would love every bit of it!

59. Abstract Prints And Frames

Abstract prints do bring a bohemian vibe to any interiors but you don’t need to work with ten different props to make a gallery wall stand out. Three statement and abstract prints would be enough to grab eyeballs when combined with the right background. Make sure you work on the furniture as well and it’s all good.

With all these amazing ideas, I’m sure you’re itching to get started on your gallery wall. Choose a design inspiration that goes best with your interiors and get working! We hope you found this article helpful!