21 Genius IKEA Bedroom Hacks To Try

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Walk down your memory lane and think when was the last time you decorated your bedroom or even changed its settings? Quite long most probably. Your bedroom is the most personal space you have in this whole world so why not make it happening?

Your room perhaps is full of IKEA furniture or you must be ruminating on buying some. Whatever the case would be, the point is you have access to IKEA furniture at your place so let’s just get them to some genius work. 

Yes, I’m talking about refurbishing your bedroom with some genius IKEA hacks that you must definitely try out this summer. 

Let’s go through some of the ideas and I can vouch for them that you’re absolutely going to admire them. 

21 Genius IKEA Bedroom Hacks To Try

1. IKEA Kallax Hack With Doors And Overlays

Via Thepinkdream

Cover your regular IKEA Kallax with these edgy doors and overlays. Give it the look to add up to the beauty of your bedroom. You can use it as a storage unit and even as a dresser sometimes. See, you’re getting a two in one at a cheap cost. 

2. DIY IKEA Kura Bed Hack

Via Lovelyindeed

Undoubtedly it looks like a kid’s bedroom but you can also try this cute hack for the kid inside you that can turn your casual bed to a cute wholesome bed. You’re going to adore it for the rest of your life. You can also customize your children’s bed with this technique. 

3. DIY Wooden Headboard

Via Sugarandcloth

Presenting you a spectacular trick to transform your dull headboard into a rustic wooden headboard. A little bit of patience is all you need (as a virtue obviously). Once it’s done, pair it up with some black and white-colored sheets. 

4. IKEA Rast Dresser Hack

Via Sincerelysarad

To all the DIY lovers out there, this one’s especially for you. Why so? Well, to be honest the list of supplies might scare a novice but the end result is a retreat for sure. You have to go big to add this glamorous element to your bedroom. 

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5. Master Bedroom Nightstand

Via Dearlilliestudio

If you want something inexpensive and personalized, this one’s for you! They’ve provided every single detailing about this super awesome nightstand. You can top it up with a photo frame of someone you love in addition to some more itsy bitsy decoratives.   

6. IKEA Regolit Hack

Via Pillarbluebox

Add the requisite amount of glam and flamboyant to your bedroom with this affordable and gorgeous feather lampshade. It’s such an overwhelming idea to execute and a great way to pull off something productive during your weekend.   

7. Rustic Cube Shelves

Via Homemadelovely

If you’re willing to give your room a pinch of rustic touch, these cube shelves are apt for you. The geometrical shapes are anyway catchy yet easy to build. Give it some time and off you go with this stylish thing in your bedroom. 

8. DIY Gilded Accordion Sconce

Via Poppytalk

Install this dazzling pair of sconces around your bed and witness the magic. This is the perfect option for you if your bedroom does not have ample space for a nightstand but you still want a lamp. With a tad bit of customization it will be eligible for your bedroom. 

9. IKEA Pax Drawer

Via Grillodesigns

An under-bed storage hack to resolve all your space issues. This trick is originally designed for your kids’ bedroom, however, you can give it a personalized touch and carry it on in your room as well. Ain’t it a clever way to have extra space! 

10. DIY Headboard With Brass Nails

Via Cuckoo4design

Try this gorgeous DIY to renovate your headboard and give it a cool look of brass nails frame. It will take quite a while to reach its best, so you can execute it on your weekend. You can also customize its shape the way you want.  

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11. IKEA Floating Nightstand

Via Ikeahackers

A floating nightstand is another way to cure your spatial issues if you have a tiny bedroom. You can make this elegant piece of art by simply using an IKEA cutting board. Is it too much? No it’s definitely too less for the vibes it prevails. 

 12. Wire Basket Side Table

Via Ikeahackers

I’ve seen several wire baskets but this one got me falling for it! Its flamboyant is remarkable and you know the best part? It’s quite easy to build as well. Whether or not your bedroom needs a side table, you must try it ’cause once it’s done you wouldn’t be able to resist yourself but end up using it. 

13. Brass Pulls To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Via One.it

If you have storage space underneath your bed, you must be knowing the struggle of hinging it in and out without a handle. Say no to that headache anymore. These amusing brass pulls are the perfect solution that will also add up to your room decor. 

14. Shelving Unit To TV Stand

Via Infarrantlycreative

Grab your tools and exercise your woodworking skills this time. Make this brilliant uncovered shelving unit which you can also use as a TV stand on top and a bookshelf at the bottom. Besides, it can also serve you as a showpiece stand. 

15. IKEA Bookcase Makeover

Via Thejpetite

Can you imagine building this glam bookshelf using just a piece of wrapping paper? Oh what a bliss it is to easily convert your boring IKEA bookshelf into this masterpiece. You are free to customize it according to your preferences and adore the outcome.   

16. Hexagonal Mirrors

Via Planetedeco

Own these electrifying mirrors without even breaking your bank. The Midas touch (yeah I know it’s copper actually) in them can probably be the best element in your bedroom decor. The hexagons are given for your reference, you can arrange them in whatever shape you love. 

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17. IKEA Kallax File Cabinet Hack

Via Oheverythinghandmade

The moment I came across this idea, I knew this is a must-have for my bedroom. It can literally handle every little belonging of yours and that too in an organized manner. You can separately store the various kinds of stuff inside it and it’s super easy to make.   

18. DIY Painted Basket

Via TellIloveandparty

I’m personally a fan of baskets and respect them for the role they play in the tidiness of our homes. This painted basket from IKEA decorated with some primary craft supplies is worth owning every bit of. It will bring a chic vibe to your bedroom decor. 

19. IKEA Ottoman Crate Hack

Via Pillarbluebox

Illustrate your name on this rustic yet contemporary styled IKEA crate turned into an ottoman. It’s such an offbeat project which provoked me, even more, to add it to the list. So head over for a crate and get yourself to work. 

20. IKEA Malm Into A Four-poster

Via Hestershandmadehome

Buying a four-poster bed can be an expensive deal but having one actually isn’t. Confused? Well, I’m talking about constructing one. You can re-form your existing bed using IKEA supplies. You can also add a drape of cotton cloth to create a canopy style. 

21. DIY Banquette Seat

Via Melodrama

Does it look like straight up from a fancy hotel to you too? You can own this beauty without even spending extra pennies, however, a little bit of effort is highly required. So bring out your A game to build this elegant banquette seat.

We’ve listed some of the genius ideas that you can work out with your IKEAs. Give them a shot and you’ll see how beautiful, inexpensive, and durable these contours are. So go rock them all!