20+ Smart and Gorgeous IKEA Hacks (and great tutorials)

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I have just finished remodeling my home, and I am telling you it has been a hell lot of work. But I saved at least half the money and got just the vibe that I needed because of stylish, affordable, and cost-effective Ikea furniture.

If you are looking to manage your space, remodel new furniture, and craft customizable pieces, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of over 20 excellent IKEA hacks that are smart as useful.

And these hacks are quite versatile. You’ll find space-saving hacks that combine two types of furniture in one. And then you’ll find ideas that can completely change the look of a dull piece of furniture to a modern art using little effort and expenditure.

And of course, the list isn’t exhaustive. As you start getting the hang of how easy it is to DIY Ikea furniture and remodel them, you’ll begin to employ your own ideas. So let’s not wait anymore and start delving into this very exciting list.

20+ Smart and Gorgeous IKEA Hacks (and great tutorials)

1. Wooden Headboard with Stikwood

Via Sugarandcloth

Owners of the MALM Bed should seriously consider this clever wooden headboard made of shiny stikwood that looks as natural as they come. You’d just need to reclaim the stikwood and put it cleanly on to the headboard.

The little bit of remodeling can give your bedroom furniture a classic look.

2. Kitchen Island and Dining Table

Via Ikeahackers

Here is the much-awaited combo we didn’t know existed yet. Having a small apartment comes with its 99 storage issues and having a combined kitchen island, and the dining table can solve at least 2 of them.

What is more? All you’d need is Kallax Shelf Units, planks, and a few more affordable items to build this fantastic combo. 

3. DIY Platform Bed


Lack of organization and access makes a lot of under bed space go to waste. All we have ever managed to do is store quilts, blankets, and trolleys there. But this DIY platform is here to change space management forever.

And the kind of storage space it is giving us- well divided in sections makes it a must-have for those living in 2 room apartments or so. 

4. Rehashed Lack Table

Via Simplynamoured

Thick wooden lack tables are classics but can look too old-school and dull in a modernist decor. You want something edgy, something that shines like new and looks sharp.

A bit of rehash can get you this otherwise expensive table with a wooden top and metal frames. The X shaped base just completes the relaxed metallic vibe and makes for a great aesthetic.

5. DIY Fur Stool

Via Daintydressdiaries

It might be an unpopular opinion, but finding decor and furniture for cute, flowery decor themes is more challenging than for the modern themes—the ideas you usually like cost a lot because of their exclusivity.

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If you have a rosy and adorable aesthetic in your office or bedroom, you can’t just stay without having this fur stool. The fantastic fluffy cushion exudes the warmth you always wanted to have. But you might be surprised how inexpensive the stool is at $3.50!

6. Mudroom Bench and Storage Hack

Via Housebyhoff

Lack of organization is a common issue with mudroom furniture. We always have lots of unused counter spaces and overflooding of underused shelves. It just looks so messy.

But a few affordable IKEA furniture and a bit of an effort can get you this elegant bench cum storage space. You have a comfortable place to sit while doing laundry and have just enough space to hang, store, and keep items.

7. Affordable and Compact Office Desk

Via Prettyprovidence

Whether you’re at home or the office, your productivity is at its best at YOUR desk, isn’t it? But looking at the simplicity of the office desks, it just doesn’t feel right to pay exorbitant amounts that stores ask for office desks.

But here is an office desk that requires just about a few hours of effort and takes under $60 to build! And the bureau has all the space you would need in a compact room. I really like the way the tutorial has finally decorated their desk, which you can also take inspiration from.

8. Charging Station

Via Hometalk

Here is an issue that we almost always ignore- the uncomfortable positions of charging ports. By the amount of time we spend on the phone, we can need a charger anywhere- in the kitchen, the bedroom, and the living room.

So if you have those wrongly places ports, it’s time to build a cute DIY charging station that also enhances the aesthetic. You can even keep other items like power banks, clips, and avoid ruining those on the kitchen countertop.

9. Map Side Table

Via Killerboxblue

If you have Wanderlust in your Instagram bio but don’t want this side table hack, it’s probably a shame. It just fits in so well in a travel lover’s room or house. You can always customize the map as you like and pin the locations you have covered so far.

The vintage map is a great idea to transform your inexpensive and dull IKEA table while fitting your wanderlust theme.

10. Dress Up Storage from Billy Bookcase

Via Rainonatinroof

Kid’s storage solutions are small yet unusually high priced. And you need to have one for kids because they seem to lose everything as they threw it in the black hole. Relieve your daughter of worries of finding her favorite hat, clip, or shoes at the last minute using this simple makeover.

Moreover, it looks quite vibrant and well finished. You can also teach your children the art of organization and help them make it a habit to keep things organized in it.

11. Stairway Platform Bed Hack

Delivering the arrangement of your room can help create a calm, peaceful vibe. That is essential to have, especially in bedrooms, and this platform bed hack offers a fantastic way to do that.

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It just uses space in a stairway fashion around the headboard, and you can also use the space underneath as a secret den. Perhaps this and an almirah would be all you need in your bedroom, leaving you enough space for the dresser too.

12. Rustic Wall Mounted Kitchen Spice Rack

Via Theinspiredhive

Nobody likes to cook in an unorganized kitchen. It can be unhygienic and wastes a lot of time while cooking. And with the stove, oven, toaster, chopper, and whatnot on the shelf, you are left with little spaces for jars and bottles.

This wall-mounted spice rack frees you of this worry and also enhances your kitchen decor. It uses the waste space around the wall and also makes the decoration more complete and spices more accessible.

13. Card Catalog Makeover

Via Littlehouseoffour

Even pieces of furniture as small as card catalogs can cost a lot if you want to blend them in your rustic furniture. But don’t compromise on the organization or decor of your offices and make this super simple card catalog using IKEA mini Chests.

Don’t forget to name the items kept in each drawer for easy access. Anybody who enters your office would know just at a glance what is kept wear and you won’t lose anything again.

14. Tarva Drawers and Desks

Via Grosgrainfab

Sharing a single room flat with someone can be quite a task, but our bachelor broke asses can’t afford more than that either. So what do you do? Well, you can combine furniture and make some kind of 3-in-1 pieces like this one.

You can customize it just like what you need. Here you are getting a work desk, a host of drawer chests, smart storage solutions for books, and so, storage space for a stool as well as shoes- all under your television. Well, that does sound quite irresistible, doesn’t it?

15. Modern Vanity

Via Newblooming

The ladies out there want to have their vanity clean and uncluttered. Everything should be available at your fingertips, and the place itself should look worthy gazing at. But do you know that your old vanity can make for a minimal modern one that fits your decor and needs?

Look for this excellent craft that gives you generous space for your perfumes, lipsticks, mascaras, and whatnot at the cost of a lip gloss! You can additionally add drawers if you want more space or have a vast collection of makeup items.

16. Raskog Cart Herb Garden

Via Thekitchn

Plant lovers can never have enough of the greens in their homes. So when your hanging and corner space gets over, or you’re short on space, make a Raskog cart your mobile herb garden using the easy tutorial.

It saves you of the trouble of shifting the heavy pots towards sunlight now and then. You can quickly move this cart outdoors or to the kitchen to pluck out the herbs you have planted- there’s nothing like homemade herbs like oregano and basil.

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17. Fabric Pouf

Via Kristimurphy

These gorgeous and warm sitting poufs are on the trend these days. Likewise, they are quite expensive, but Kristy Murphy has brought you an easy and affordable way to have it. You can work around with your old IKEA cube or buy a new one- it hardly matters because you’re going to apply the fabric.

Choose your fabric as per the color scheme of your decor or whatever way you love it to be.

18. Modern White Dresser Makeover

Via Inmyownstyle

Old dressers or IKEA furniture aren’t items to dispose of. Instead, you can rehash them into this mind-blowing dresser that we can’t put our eyes off. Everything from the mobility to the choice of the drawer handles, texture, and so on looks just perfect.

Moreover, its mobility ensures you can use it as a vanity van- move it around the house as per your convenience and save a lot of time and space

19. Chic Leather Beach Chair

Via Kristimurphy

Leather furniture has such a luxurious, and rich feel to them than having a few pieces can completely change the feel of your decor. But of course, they are expensive. Kristy Murphy, though, has some other ideas for you.

Just look at this super comfy yet affordable slingback leather chair for an ideal morning by the pool with some cold beverages. It looks as good in the corner of the bedroom for just a soothing nap.

20. Hanging Dining Room Lights

Via Ikeahackers

This tutorial is some hours of effort. Intricate detailing is essential, but the more randomly you weave, the better it will look. These dinner hanging lights are just ideal for modernist decors and date nights. 

The lighting just sets the tone for warm dinner parties and romantic date nights. You might put any restaurant to shame by showing them these pretty hanging lights.

21. DIY Wine Bar

Via Ikeahackers

Building a customized bar can be quite expensive if you hire a professional for it. Instead, have fun with your bar by adding your little personalization to this fairly reasonably costing bar.

The LED lights and hanging wine glass storage really did it for me. It looks absolutely fantastic and sets the mood for a long binge session. And your shots in your snapshots will look all the better with such intoxicating lighting. 

These were 21 of the most creative hacks we found using IKEA lately. Of course, with the variety of affordable furniture items available at Ikea, there’s no end to the makeovers you can do with them. Start with these ideas, and you can always make your customizations as well when your creative nerves really start to kick in.