11 IKEA Plant Hacks Your Green Friends Will Love

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Our homes are a reflection of our personality and level of creativity. Often When it comes to decorating our homes, we like to go by the trend to beautify our pads! 

So what’s trending is… “Home gardening”!

Are you also Got up by the bug of Home planting? Is home planting your new niche?  Do the vivid natural colors, the different shades of green, different patterns of leaves fancy you and you believe that plants make perfect ornaments for your home?          

Then, get your creative side out as we have got some amazing IKEA hacks that will make you and your plants fall in love with…Check out how using simple, inexpensive Ikea tools you can create a great decorative piece for your plants.

11 effortless Ikea hacks that will surprise you!  

IKEA is a household solution for all the furniture, kitchen and home decor needs, its popularity is due to the availability of diversified products, unique style statement all at an affordable price.  

We have brought to you an interesting collection of hacks that are going to take you by surprise and definitely make you step out to nearby IKEA stores!

1. Hanging Plant Lantern

Turn a simple-looking IKEA lantern into an interesting hanging planter. Follow easy steps by Apartment therapy to make a beautiful looking Hanging Plant lantern.

Use this to decorate your living rooms or turn your balconies into a hanging garden or hang them onto trees in your garden.{Pro tip: fix small solar string lights to brighten up your garden}

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2. Cutting Board Shelf

This is a simple, effortless yet most interesting hack. Designed by decor lovin, follow her simple DIY to hang your pots and create a fine piece of art yourself. This is an amazing idea to save space for more plants. You can get more creative by painting the cutting boards with interesting graffiti.

3. DIY Totem Planter

Add to the beauty of your home decorations by this amazing art hack by We are Scout, it is so simple that you just have to paint and stack up bowls. Paint a bunch of these Totem Planters and place each of them on different tables around the home. It also represents spiritual significance. 

4. Wicker Plant Basket 

A kailo chic life has come up with a unique way of making hanging baskets using wicker. They are sleek and look so well on the walls, spend an afternoon crafting them to fancies your walls.

Paint the wicker baskets to complement with your walls {create a theme, let your walls tell a story} use suitable wall stickers to create a masterpiece!

5. Shelf Bracket Hanging Planter 

Ikea’s shelf bracket turns into a fascinating plant hanger. Its Pretty Nice shares this simple idea which is worth a try! Also, try layering pots one below the other, this can help you diversify your garden by adding new plants and not worrying much about space.

 6. Acacia Wood Plant Stand

Learn how Sugar & Cloth turned a regular plant stand into an artistic piece, invest in some time and make a captivating decor, place it at your drawing rooms to get flooded with compliments.

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This is sure to give your drawing room a classic, sleek modern look. You can as well use White marble plates to give it a rich look.

7. Leather Belt Hanging Partner

Reuse your old leather belts into hanging planters which do not fail to impress and instantly makes an attractive decor.Ikea hackers have an easy tutorial. Decorate it with solar string lights to add a little sparkle. Hang it on your windows and turn them brighter!

8. Terrarium Lanterns

Thou Swell teaches an interesting and simple way to bring in life into trendy Ikea white lanterns which are delightful to look at, another inexpensive way to create an artistic wonder. Use colorful flowering plants, add a few pebbles to make it interesting.

9. Wine bottle Herb Garden

Reuse your wine bottles and turn them into the mini herb garden, see how Curbly does it, you can either hang it in your kitchen or at your balcony to instantly enhance the place. This is one of the best ways to turn waste into treasure.  

10. Ceiling Lamp Flower Pot

Create the prettiest flower pot that will be treasured in your garden for its aesthetic look. Follow these simple steps by Ikea hackers which are simple and interesting. Paint the lamp matching it with the color of the flowers. Use a golden color lamp indoors.

11. Serving Bowl Succulent Planter 

Us colorful IKEA serving bowls to root in your plants’ lotus, water lilies make a great choice. You can also use faux plants. Justina from L.A. has created an attractive looking tripod succulent planter. Adding scented light candles to the bowl will bring life to it.

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These Ikea hacks certainly are an effortless way to give an artistic look to our walls, balconies, and bedrooms.

Also, plants are not only visual treats but they also help in us healing mentally and physically…Home planting has to be the best gift we give to us, loved ones and our homes, it’s proven to have several benefits. In this way, you are also helping mother nature grow, flourish, and heal itself.

So make sure to buy necessary items required next time you hit an IKEA store!!! 

Happy home planting!!!