21 IKEA Plant Hacks For Your Green Friends

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Plant growers are my favorite kind of people. They usually don’t fear hard work and are always up for trying something new and exciting for their plants. Plants these days are available to be grown in and around our homes easily. This facilitates us to have a personal garden of our own at our place. 

Plants don’t ask for much but have you ever thought about doing something special for them? Well, we have and thus found some really nice IKEA hacks for the plants in your life. 

Since they sense emotions and respond accordingly just like humans, it’s time to show them some love and make them happy! 

21 IKEA Hacks For The Plants In Your Life

1. Window Herb Garden

Via Ikeahackers

Hang your plants on the windows of your homes using curtain rods. Install these rods on your windows and dedicate this space to your tiny patio plants. Use two to three of such rods and turn your window into a lush green herb garden. This hack will work well for the balcony spaces as well.

2. Strawberry Planters

Via Sowanddipity

Build a vertical hanger from an IKEA plastic shopping bag for your strawberry plants. It is an easy build-up that can be quickly put together and you will have a planter for your strawberries. It’s just perfect for them in every way.

3. Vertical Succulent Garden

Via Craftberrybush

Expand your set of usage of those IKEA lack tables at your homes. This creative idea can turn your simple lack of table into a vertical garden for your succulent plants. Succulents don’t require much watering so they are the perfect choice for your table garden. 

4. Tripod Planter

Via Lonny

Turn your inexpensive bowl into an eye-catchy planter using some chair legs. This colorful and vibrant hack will be a style statement for you. You need a tripod stand, some table legs and a few supplies that you’ll easily find at your home. 

5. Steps Plants Stand

Via Sugarandcloth

Create this contemporary stand for your indoor plants. This is an inexpensive project to make a stand for your plants and fantastic home decor idea. Grab a super glue, plant stand, screws, nuts and clamps and you’re ready to rock this hack. 

6. Vertical Wall Garden

Via Designwinedine

If you haven’t got any plans for the weekend but are really adamant to do something, then build this vertical patio garden for yourself. Re-create your plain wall into a green vertical garden. This is really a fun and engaging project to try on! 

7. Plant Shelves

Via Ikeahackers

Spread sheer flamboyant with these hanging plants. Not only will it cover your plain walls but also be an amazing way to display your patio plants. Lush green plants inside our homes is the latest trend we’re hovering over, you must try them out. 

8. Wine Bottle Holder Herb Garden

Via Curbly

IKEA wine bottle holders are not merely what they ought to be, you can use them as planters for your herbs and construct a herb garden at your home. The liveliness of your plants hypes you up for the rest of your day so give them a significant place to stay in your home. 

9. Colorful Kitchen Garden

Via Abeautifulmess

There’s no better way to grow your plants other than this. Add some magic to your kitchen area with these colorful pots of your little herbs. Their capital requirements are almost negligible but the returns are nothing less than a blessing to behold. 

10. Turn An Inexpensive IKEA Lantern Into A Hanging Planter

Via Apartmenttherapy

I came across this downright elegant lantern hack for my indoor plants. Now you don’t need a vacant place on your table or around your apartment. To create this amazing hanging garden, all you need is a ceiling ( that you have in surplus ) and a lantern. 

11. IKEA Tradig As A Planter 

Via Housepet

Turn this simple IKEA tradig into a vivacious planter. It is conventionally used as a fruit bowl but you can use it as an inexpensive yet beautiful project to do. A unique home for your indoor plants and herbs. 

12. Turn IKEA Basket Into DIY Planter

Via Houseofhawkes

Turn this waterproof basket into a legitimate planter. You can never run out of ideas to sow your plants till you have these IKEA products around your place. You just have to invest a little time and effort to make these beauties. 

13. Totem Planter

Via Wearescout

Try out these handmade contemporary totem planters for your indoor plants. You just need white-colored IKEA bowls and acrylic paint to create your own planter. For one totem planter, you’ll need around three to four white bowls and some basic supplies. 

14. Rug Planter

Via Lizmarieblog

Presenting you an inexpensive DIY planter idea! Make a planter box of fabric rug for your indoor plants and keep it anywhere around your home, it will be a pretty decor idea for your place.  

15. Plant Drawers

Via DIYinpdx

Have you ever thought about converting those cupboards into planters? I never thought of creating something like this. If you also brought one of these drawers from a shopping spree and now have no idea what to do with them, then it’s a must-try for you. 

16. Plant Wall In The Bathroom

Via Housemixblog

Bring the freshness of plants inside your bathrooms as well! Build this lively plant wall in your bathroom using IKEA lack shelves and some plants ( you may include real as well as artificial plants ). Make these cheap planters for your bathroom during free time on your weekend. 

17. Wall Garden Favors

Via Ruffledblog

Make these tiny tins filled up with some gravels and plants majorly. They will allow you to bring some outside feels inside your home. And is a unique way to upkeep your plants safely without covering much space. 

18. Modern Indoor Planter

Via Tellloveandparty

A modern DIY planter for your modern home! Grab this IKEA planter, balsa wood, acrylic paint, washi tape, gorilla glue, and a knife to execute this project. This will surely change the face of your home decor and will be an easy storage option for your plants. 

19. Ombre Planter

Via Thecraftedlife

Create these charming ombre planters in just a few minutes. They’re really easy and full of creativity. You can add your own touch to it by using various colors, sprays, shapes, and patterns of these planters. Make sure to perform this project in a ventilated area so that the spray can dry quickly. 

20. Seagrass Hanging Planters

Via Burkatron

Here’s another way to have a hanging garden of your own. Grab some jute strings, seagrass baskets, bin lining, scissors, and your favorite little indoor plant. You’ll love how the end result will turn out to be – crazy and lovely hanging planters I suppose. 

21. Bowl Planter

Via Enthrallinggumpton

This is perhaps the easiest planter on the list. Transform your IKEA kitchenware into a potential bowl planter. They are so eye-catchy that you just can’t walk away without having a glance at them. What a great way to plant those lovely indoor plants in your home!

So, the list comes to an end but not your imagination and creativity. Gear up yourself to try out some of these and invent some on your own. After all, those green friends deserve a nice place to rest.