23 IKEA Kallax Hacks That You Need In Your Home Now

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The versatility and high utility of IKEA Kallax make it a preferred choice to remodel into exciting furniture. It’s inexpensive, durable, comes with ample storage, and requires very little work to create a range of different setups.

Whether you’re looking for a TV stand or a reading nook, anything is possible with IKEA Kallax. Moreover, you can match the vibe of your own interior decor by matching the colors and texture or making distinct contrasts.

These inspiring IKEA Kallax hacks can help you build a variety of setups from animal hunches to bar karts. It will save you a whole lot of money and you can also replace parts or repaint them anytime it gets ruined. Choose from these 23 IKEA Kallax remodeling ideas and make the one that fits your needs and budget.

23 IKEA Kallax Hacks That You Need In Your Home Now

1. Kallax Bench Reading Nook Solution

Via Pinterest

A worthwhile reading session is incomplete without a cozy and comfortable place to sit. You can get engrossed in the realms of the fictitious world when the ambiance and seating are right. Hang a yellow lamp overhead to match the reading nook vibe.

2. Tiny Built-In Expedit Cube Bench

Via Ikeahackers

Needless to say, the decor around the seating is as important as the seating itself. Of course, comfort is a top priority and these attached Expedit Cubes make for a fantastic bench.

The green and white contrast provides an old-school feel. The hexagonal mirror at the back of the wall is an essential part of this hack helping you take gorgeous mirror selfies.

3. IKEA Kallax TV Stand

Via Infarrantlycreative

Are you tired of watching your LED mounted on the wall? Why not go back to the cabinet style arrangement? It would be even better if you can make the stand with an inexpensive Kallax shelving unit. Moreover, it provides you ample space to keep showpieces and utilities on the shelf. 

4. Kallax Bar Kart

Via Sugarandcloth

One of the toughest tasks when hosting apart is providing everyone with enough liquor. No one should complain that they got less and importantly, you should manage your stock well.

Having a mobile bar can solve that problem as everyone can reach out to the snacks, glasses, and liquor with ease. Moreover, it is inexpensive and you can also use such a kart to serve food on the dining table.

5. DIY Neon Bookshelf

Via Flaxandtwine

Are you looking to build an inexpensive yet pleasant looking bookshelf for yourself? Why not save yourself time as well as cost by using IKEA Kallax to make this stylish bookshelf. You can attach as many blocks as you want and can even increase the height as your collection increased.

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6. IKEA Cubes into Rustic Apothecary

Via Sawdust2stiches

Why buy a new expensive trolley drawer when you can remodel your old IKEA shelf into this masterpiece? The rustic style looks fine and elegant and would add an aesthetic appeal to your living room. You can additionally use this as a useful storage space or even a TV Stand.

7. DIY Rustic Cube Shelves

Via Homemadelovely

The beauty of modern design hacks is that they can turnover modern pieces into vintage rustic masterpieces. You would just need some reclaimed wood and a bit of skill to customize your IKEA Kallax into this fine storage shelf. Frame your favorite painting or quote and put it on the top of the shelf for a stylish look.

8. Teddy Cubby And Reading Corner

Via Ikeahackers

It’s a tough task to get your kids reading but not anymore. I bet your kids would absolutely enjoy reading on this comfy and cute reading nook. And the best part is that it is made of inexpensive IKEA Kallax shelves.

Moreover, you can store your kid’s toys and books along with some extra bedding in the storage space which is a huge plus.

9. Farmhouse Lockers

Via Littlehouseoffour

Yes, we all have seen those old fashioned lockers in the washrooms, college corridors, and amusement parks. But a locker style storage space in your house?

Now that’s an interesting hack. If you’re tired of your family members keeping their offseason jackets, bags, and shoes scattered, this locker is your key for an organized home.

10. DIY Craft Room Work Table

Via Landeeseelandeedo

Adequate storage space, a bench to sit and a comfortable height to work on, there’s hardly anything else you would want from a craft room work table.

You can keep your accessories and equipment in the multiple storage spaces. Moreover, you can use the surface roughly and it won’t hurt when it gets damaged. It’s easy and inexpensive to replace the surface.

11. Quick And Convertible Toy Storage

Via Themakerista

Organizing your kid’s toys is a challenging task because of the lack of segregation in toy baskets. Getting your kid this convertible toy storage will help him locate their toys easily.

The presence of both open and closed spaces helps organize toys better. You can keep showpieces and frequently used objects in the open space and breakable ones in the closed.

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12. DIY Banquette Seat

Via Melodrama

Eating food at the center table is a good habit. But you don’t want to have a cup of coffee and snacks at the center table because of the attention it gets.

A peaceful coffee and a book are best read on comfy nooks in the corners. This banquette seat is going to be home for the introverts. The storage spaces help you keep your books and stuff underneath too! 

13. Flat Filing Cabinet Hack

Via Oheverythinghandmade

Work from home hasn’t been more popular than it is right now and for good reasons. Now that you have started doing that, you know how difficult it’s to keep everything arranged like in an office environment.

This flat filing cabinet will help you sort your important office documents easily. Multiple racks help segregate groups of documents easily.

14. Kallax Media Stand

Via Theeverygirl

The best part about IKEA shelvings is that the minutest of the modifications can drastically change the look for good. Adding the little furniture legs completely changes the vibe of the shelf in this media stand. The desktop tables don’t have to be boring as they are made to look after all.

15. Garage Storage Shelf

Via Polishedhabitat

Whether you’re making a worktable for your man cave or multipurpose cabinet for your garage, this hack is as good as they come. You can use this place like a kitchen, workplace as well as a bar.

You don’t have any excuses for being short on space now. The cutlery and hardware tools hanging side-by-side makes for an exciting masculine feel.

16. Wood-Wrapped Baby Changing Table

Via Younghouselove

Raising a baby is no mean task. Blending into a newborn routine is as difficult for the parents as it might be for the newborn. Having a changing table is one of the large numbers of tasks on your newborn to-do list.

Now you know how quickly babies grow and soon they won’t need a separate table to get dressed. Remodeling your IKEA Kallax into this lovely changing table is a great makeshift and inexpensive option.

17. Shades Of Brown Storage

Via Ashlinakaposta

If style and aesthetics are what you’re looking for, see no more than this fine transformation by The Decorista. The style-focused storage solution looks engrossing with vibrant splashes of paint. They have used multiple shades of brown but you should match your own walls to make the decor seamless.

18. Cushioned Storage Bench

Via Tonicliving

The custom-fit foam cushions on this Kallax Unit make for relaxing seating. The ample storage space beneath can have multiple uses. Here they have kept gorgeous jute baskets to keep stuff which makes this makeover all the more appealing.

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19. Kallax Airport For Boy’s Room

Via Limmaland

You can spend thousands of dollars on the expensive decor items in all but kid’s rooms in your house. This is because a kid’s room doesn’t need a lavish, natural, or sophisticated vibe.

It should be the kind of vibrant and playful decor that matches a child’s liveliness. Build this exciting Airport using a simple Kallax shelf for your kid’s room.

20. Master Bedroom Storage Solution


While the living rooms are filled with furniture including shelves, cupboards, and more, it is the bedroom that requires the most storage space. The area around your bed must have all the necessary utilities you would need in your bedtime.

You also need to store private things that should be kept in a secure place. This bedroom cabinet hack will fit in well in almost any kind of bedroom.

21. Craft Storage Unit With Hemnes

Via Craftystorage

Here is an intelligent combination of Medium-Sized Expedit units and Hemnes units that make for an ideal craft storage table. Don’t get misled by the name. It’s a viable project for an office cupboard and has enough space to keep all your documents, artifacts, and more.

22. Industrial Kallax Hack

Via Grillodesigns

This industrial Kallax shelf makeover is the perfect blend of modern vibrance and the old-school vibe. The metal brackets around the wooden shelf take you a few decades back but it’s just an imitation of a metallic look using a simple technique.

The orange-colored shelves in between help it retain its modern touch along with the dash of old-school.

23. Kallax Animal Hutch

Via Ikeahackers

This Kallax Animal Hutch is a completely out-of-the-box hack. You are actually saving a lot of money you would spend buying a lockup for a rabbit. Combining multiple Kallax compartments enables the rabbit or other small pets to roam and explore the space. 

These were our handpicked Kallax Hacks from which you could choose the one suitable for your needs. Of course, you can customize these as per your preference and add your own ideas to it. Once you have zeroed in on a project, don’t procrastinate and start working ASAP.

Many DIY projects remain in the head but never materialize due to procrastination but you’ll certainly feel satisfied after completing the makeover.