21 Must Try IKEA Kitchen Hacks You Should Not Miss

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Are you lacking pantry, storage or counter space? Need some help in solving those kitchen conundra? Introduce some easy home decor into your kitchen with these IKEA designs and achieve a customized kitchen update! 

It is never easy to balance efficiency and style especially for something that is more than just super functional. In order to make you go creative with your kitchen space, we have listed some of the best IKEA kitchen hacks that will also help you maintain functionality. 

From refreshing herbs to DIY painted cutting boards, we will make you repurpose use stuff and create something magical for your kitchen. Make a statement with these amazing hacks and show off your hard work with pride. 

Check out these 21 Must-Try IKEA Kitchen Hacks You Should Not Miss and renovate your kitchen today! 

1. Hanging Baskets 


Shelving units are our go-to options when it comes to space-saving. So, if the cabinet and pantry are not just enough for you, install separate wooden shelves for that extra space.

Add a wired basket at the bottom of the shelf and have an incognito spot for your fruits and vegetables. 

2. Handy Baskets


Store all those spaghetti and noodles ingredients in a handy vegan basket and have your pantry at one spot every time you crave for a quick snack.

You can also keep a separate basket for your favorite chips and chocolates so that you could save time when you are up for a late-night craving. Treat your vegan friends with your awesome recipes and impress them at once!

3. Bed Slats Hanger

Via Ichdesigner

Want some stylish DIY for your kitchen? Reuse those IKEA bed slats into wall hangers! You will have a nice and functional vertical storage in your kitchen. Attach the utensils, recipes, and other items with hooks and maximize the space. 

This easy DIY would cost you very little and let your kitchen stand out the most!

4. Extra Drawers 

Via Ikeahackers

Customize your kitchen pantry with some pull-out storage options with these IKEA drawers. The shelves are good for tall utensils but for canned products, nothing can be better than drawers.

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Those clunky cans would find a separate place for themselves, which is way out of sight and hence, you won’t require much organizing! 

5. An Island

Via Goldenboysandme

Ever noticed those big open shelves in supermarkets? This DIY is similar to it, only in a much shorter version. Install an open shelving island in your kitchen with open front and back and you would have bonus space for your pantry and groceries. 

You can organize the compartments for baking, snacks, and poultry and also keep those handy baskets inside it!

6. Fancy Sink

Via Neatntiny

The kitchen sink is undoubtedly the focal point of every onlooker so that one should be an eye-candy. Choose an elegant faucet for your kitchen, something that can make you go WOW.

Don’t forget to ensure that they match with the backdrop and has a spray head. The most preferable color, in this case, is grey and white!

7. Herb Garden

Via Curbly

Diversify the usage of wine bottle holders and put some organic herbs and indoor plants on display. Take a pint glass, fill it with soil, and then place those refreshing herbs. You can install the wine holders right beside your kitchen for some natural fresh feeling.

The pint glasses can easily fit in those DIY compartments and you have your hanging garden in the kitchen ready! 

8. Kitchen Bar

Via Clubcrafted

This one is more of a breakfast bar rather than the obvious ones. This fresh IKEA unit is beautifully crafted to create a mobile breakfast zone, complimented with the fiery yellow stools. Perfect for a small kitchen, this design is surely meant for a romantic breakfast date with your beloved! 

9. IKEA Kitchen Storage

Via Apartmentapothecary

Installing a goody holder like this inside your kitchen cabinet will give you extra space to store all those bulky items like chopping boards, wrapping foils, and cleaning products.

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You can also keep your favorite magazine collection or recipe books here in case you decide to take a quick look while making dinner! 

10. Copper Lighting

Via Kojodesigns

A stunning addition, these copper painted light fixtures can make any kitchen stand out. You can also place some matching items around the kitchen that would soften the overall look and abides by the unique theme. Do remember, the taller those lights are, the better it looks!

11. Learning Tower

Via Happygreylucky

If you want your toddlers and adolescents to get familiar with the kitchen and cooking, this one is for you.

Help them get stuck with easy baking with these IKEA kitchen ladders which helps them reach the counter safely. So the next time you are roasting that turkey, kids won’t get involved in your work!

12. Baking Cart

Via Maillardvillemanor

Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you always devour those chocolate cakes and bake something delicious every weekend? 

Stop thinking about those deserts and install a baking cart right away! This portable and efficient shelving unit is enough to store all your baking essentials so that you have them handy always. 

13. Unique Island

Via jenloumeredith

Couldn’t find a kitchen island that could fit your space? Customize a bookshelf into a kitchen island! You can attach a separate wooden countertop, paint the body and design the compartments to fit your requirements. Enjoy some Christmas wine on your very own bookshelf island!

14. Rustic Open Shelving

Via Lemonthistle

Make this amazing industrial shelves with wood and give them a rustic look. These open shelvings maximize the space and you can store cutleries, essentials, and even vases to decorate your kitchen. Moreover, the metallic edges of the shelves are giving them a classy look. 

15. Antic Bar Cabinet

Via Thevintagerugshop

An incredible IKEA bar cabinet would add that final touch to your spectacular kitchen interiors. The mid-century design is capable of connecting you to that vintage vibe in this modern era.

So, the next time you are sipping a drink with your partner, don’t forget to appreciate the beauty of this masterpiece! 

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16. Utensils Hanger

Via Notmartha

You might already have this in your kitchen as a resting place for all those tall utensils. If you don’t, install one now and ease your cooking hours with this clever utensils hanger. You can also repurpose and recycle used wood to make this structure. 

17. Bar Cart

Via Akicsihaz

We did talk about a vintage bar cabinet, so why not a bar cart this time? This small and white bar cart is nothing but a gorgeous addition adorning your interiors. Sip in some cocktails while you binge-watch your favorite series and roll it away when not in use. Cool, isn’t it? 

18. Glam Hooks

Via Lovecreatecelebrate

Install a similar and elegant wall hooks in your kitchen wall and put all your fancy spoons, knives, and forks on display. You can always be creative with the color of the hook and the towel rod! 

19. Floating Shelves

Via Classyclutter

Floating shelves are very pretty and they are least space-consuming, but they can be a real mess if we try to install it over tiles.

With this hack, you can install floating shelves over tiles with painter tapes, drills, and screws. Use your creation to store kitchen essentials, dinnerware, and all those pretty vases. 

20. Trendy Kitchenette

Via Mamasdance

Add some glam to your kitchen by painting those cabinets and modifying those handles. You can dye the cabinets with statement colors or just paint them white. Customize the drawer handles with shining fittings and glass fixtures. After all, your kitchenettes do need some love! 

21. Painted Cutting Boards

Via Fabulesslife

Add some life to those cutting boards that help you every day in your kitchen duties. This gorgeous and customizable DIY would also serve as a great decorative item for your kitchen. What are you waiting for? Paint them up! 

If you are confused or not sure what to do, don’t think much, just do it. So, if you are planning to remodel your kitchen, this is the right time. Choose from these easy IKEA ideas and go for it!