21 Best IKEA Malm Dresser Hacks

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IKEA hacks have become quite popular over the years. The reason behind this is that though everyone likes the budget-friendly IKEA it is always a good thing to stand out and these hacks let us do just that. Be it shelves, dressers, beds, lamps there are a lot of ways out there to revamp the basic IKEA furniture.

One of the most common and popular furniture is the classic IKEA Malm Dresser. The classic design makes it a multipurpose table. The problem with this perfected design is how common it is but that can be solved by sprucing up your Malm dresser.

Here is a curated list of my favorite IKEA Malm Dresser Hacks online.

1. IKEA Malm Mirrored Overlay

Via Cheapocopycat

So mirrored designs on furniture are trending they give a certain minimalist look to the furniture. But these elegant designs can sometimes burn a giant hole in your pocket. With this hack, you can get that elegant look that will fit in your budget.

There are many online sites that sell customized overlays for different models of Malm dresser. And there are many patterns (for each model) to choose from.

Once you have the overlays, get mirror cuts according to the overlay design. The decision to choose the design is one that takes time because the rest is quite straight forward. And the end result is truly awesome.

2. IKEA Malm Dresser Changing Station

Via Apartmenttherapy

An IKEA Malm dresser can be easily used as a changing table for kids. It is super convenient as it has space to organize everything that baby would need and you can place it in your room once the baby grows old.

Make sure that they are properly anchored to the wall if you keep it in the nursery. There are many ways to DIY your malm dresser so it looks cute in the baby’s room.

3. IKEA Malm Dresser Bay Window

Via Frugalfamilytimes

I have a thing for window seats. Just sitting in natural light near a window with a good book makes for an ideal day. If your home also doesn’t have a built-in bay window and you crave for one then it is an easy way to create a bay window.

You can simply put one wide 6 drawer dresser near the window or if you want to be a little more thorough than you can follow the given tutorial for a built-in bay window. Add some seat cushions and throw pillows to complete the look.

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4. Mirror Top Malm Dresser

Via Ikeahackers

A very chic way to glam up your dresser using a tempered glass mirror. Now this hack unlike most hacks in this list is not for laymen. It requires handy work. So if you are not comfortable with it then you can take someone’s help or skip it.

5. Campaign Style Dresser

Via Homeyohmy

Another way to glam up this old thing is playing with its contrast. IKEA furniture generally comes in basic neutral colors which give us the room to play and make them unique.

As in this hack, the drawer boards of a black malm has been painted white. And with the help of corner brass brackets and handles the look gets complete.

Try to get your hands on some cool vintage drawer handles. A nicely colored dresser can make the room look cohesive or bring that pop of color it needs.

6. Easy Glam-Up For Malm Dresser

Via Preciouslyme

This is one of the easiest hacks to decorate your malm dresser on the list. All you need is sheets of contact paper. You can use golden strips like the tutorial to use between the space of drawer to create a very minimalist look.

You could also use marble-pattern contact paper and create a marble effect for the top of the dresser. There are infinite possibilities to revamp the everyday IKEA dresser and give it a spin of your choice.

7. Industrial Style Malm Dresser

Via Designertrapped

We love IKEA for how budget-friendly it is. This hack saved the blogger $500 at least. This industrial-style malm dresser just needs some steel pipes, wood, self-tapping screws, and steel floor flanges.

The end result just blew my mind especially seeing the difference between the cost of such furniture if you buy it online.

8. Sticker Malm Decor

Via Sliik

Stickers are not just for children you can decorate your IKEA Malm dresser with some classic stickers. Like these raindrop stickers that were used to make the dresser look cohesive with the room.

Pair this hack with contact paper one and you got yourself a decorated dresser in no time. Nursery dresser can also be decorated with this hack, there are many fun and vibrant stickers the kids will adore.

9. Glam Overlay Malm Dresser

Via Myoverlays

Mirror overlays have their hype but it is not everyone. If you want that overlay design this is another way to go. No expertise and no handy work needed.

Just spraypaint over some plain overlays with a color that suits the theme of your room and you got yourself a stylish dresser. Like this one did with a golden color.

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10. As A Kitchen Island

Via Ikeahackers

There are many ways to use a Malm dresser but this is one of my favorites. Kitchen islands are generally built-in to your kitchen but if due to budget constraint or any other reason you did not have one then this is for you.

Malm dresser can be customized easily to suit your kitchen island needs. It has enough space to fit all the supplies you will need and you can glam it up further with some of the other hacks. Spruce up the counter with some nice kitchen island light fixture.

11. Artistic Malm Dresser


If you want your dresser to be unique than this is the hack for you. You need a large poster big enough to cover your dresser. Choose a poster that will go with the room. Trim and paste and you have a truly one of kind Malm dresser. Decorate with some funky and cool drawer handles.

12. Ombre IKEA Malm Dresser

Via Pickedandpainted

Ombre pattern is so in nowadays because of how pretty it looks. Many people have color-themed rooms. This is a great way to incorporate different shades of the theme while also making the boring IKEA Malm dresser look chic.

13. The Dorothy Draper Inspired Chest

Via Betterdecoratingbible

Dorothy Draper was the first American to set up an interior design company. This look is inspired by her collection which is extremely rare and expensive.

Turn an every day IKEA dresser into a vintage piece of furniture with some spraypaint, homemade inlays, and vintage drawer handles. I was awestruck with how well finished the end result looked.

14. Nail Head Customized Malm Dresser

Via Scissorsandthread

Use nails with round nail heads to customize your dresser. The tutorial used golden-colored nails but since rose gold is so in nowadays you can try that too (Spray paint regular nails).

Go for classic his and her or something quirky. Combined with some cool knobs the dresser will have a completely new look or a very cheap prize.

15. Wood Icing Textured Drawers

Via Howtonestforless

This textured look makes the dresser stand out on its own. It looks even more beautiful when combined with the pastel color palette. This one has been created with a textured self liner so there are many textures to choose from.

Match the color tone with your room. You can also accessorize it with some chic handles and corner brackets to get an even more put-together look.

16. Customized Photo Dresser

Via Iwantbdphotography

The best way to personalizing anything is with photographs. Personalize a regular IKEA dresser with photographs. A lovely way to showcase a photo while also a great way to revamp the dresser. Trim and paste is all it needs to create this look.

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17. Lego Style Dresser For The Kids Room

Via Diyprojects

Kids Love lego, so why not turn an IKEA dresser into a LEGO dresser for them. Its vibrant color will be the right pop of color that the room needs. If you are putting a dresser in the kid’s room make sure that it is properly mounted to the wall.

18. Malm Dresser T.V Stand

Via Purelykatie

Malm dressers were made for the bedroom but anyone creative would find many places to use it. One such way is to use a Malm Dresser as a T.V Stand in the living room or even in the media room.

You can leave some shelves open for your cable box, PlayStation, and remotes. And using some of the hacks you can style the dresser so that it is not just a stand but a beautiful addition to the room.

19. Chalkboard Paint Dresser

Via Sewwoodsy

Paint the drawers with chalkboard paint. This makes labeling the drawers easy and gives the furniture an effortless yet cool look. You can put it in the kid’s room and they can spend their time drawing on the chalkboard and expressing their creativity.

If you have kids or you are thinking of putting such a dresser in their room than always mount the furniture properly to the wall ensuring the safety of the children.

20. Mini Closet For Kids

Via ramblingrenovators

This is one of my favorites Malm dresser hacks, it is an amazing idea resulting in a super cute outcome. You can make this cute closet for your kids out of a dresser. Just pull out some drawers and attach a closet rod.

I also loved the vintage style mirror on the side it just completes the look. Once the kid gets older you can put up the dresser again. There is no reason why you can’t have it for yourself (just use a bigger dresser).

21. Malm Dresser Work Station

Via Styleathome

I saved it for the last but this was the inspiration for this post. This popped up on my Pinterest and got me interested. Many of us have a problem with space in our home. You want that open look so you need to get creative with your furniture.

This dresser turned workstation helps you with that. A sleek working station with storage cubbies is not a bad deal at all.