41 Stunning Ikea Wedding Hacks

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We’re here with these stunning IKEA wedding hacks to save your bank balance from drowning as we all know that wedding is a costly affair. 

Weddings are once in a lifetime event that takes place in almost everyone’s life. Some of us wish it to be a simple and private affair while others fantasize about it as a grand occasion. Whatever your idea of a perfect wedding plan might look like I’m sure you aren’t fantasizing about spending your whole life savings on it.

As of 2019, statistics say that an average US wedding costs as much as $33900 including the wedding ring, reception, and everything. So before you plan out anything just take a look at this list of best IKEA hacks for weddings so that you’ll easily be able to save big while making it a memorable experience for you. 

41 Stunning Ikea Wedding Hacks

1. Message And Photo Board

Via Ikea

A unique way to let your friends and other guests give you blessings on your special day. This IKEA hanger can hold up some of your pre-wedding photos and will still have enough place to attach the messages.

You can also stick up a menu to this wire memo board to save some space on the tables and of course it’s going to enhance the decor. 

2. Glass Wedding Card Box

Via Stylemepretty

Keep this box to preserve precious cards from your beloved guests. This gorgeous box can be personalized according to your taste. There comes a personal message written on each box for the newlyweds. 

Even if you don’t like what they already have, you can come up with some ideas of your own like the font and creative designs made on it. 

3. Picture Frame Photo Prop 

Via Weddingchicks

People are usually quite fond of taking pictures or getting themselves clicked. Now think of having such an elegant prop to pose with! That would be amazing, right? Make your wedding a fun and happening event for all. 

From the newlyweds’ photoshoot to guests everyone can use it and they’ll definitely love it. 

4. Glass Bottles For Table Numbers

Via Almostmakesperfect

Now that you can save some space on the dining tables as you may shift the menu to that wire memo board, you can use this space for something more creative. 

Make these colorful glass bottles to place on those tables and display the table numbers with sheer style and glamour. 

5. DIY Ombré Candle Votives

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

Add some lively colors to your wedding and make this special day a little more memorable. Contribute your bit to make this day great and make these colorful ombré candles votives.

These candleholders with lacy patterns will for sure steal a bit of attention from you ( I hope that’d be okay ). 

6. Lace Flower Pot

Via Onefabday

You can use one of those IKEA products to keep the colorful flowers in place. Give them the exposure they deserve. You can use this flower hanging display in the church while taking vows or at the entrance of your reception party. Whatever the setting will be they will play their role very well. 

7. Glass Bell Jar

Via Ikea

A glass bell jar is a quite versatile product and therefore can serve so many purposes at your wedding. You can lighten them up with fairy lights or simply put some small plants inside them. 

You can also store some of your eatables inside it just for display purposes like the ones in bakery shops.

8. Olive Plant Centerpiece  

Via Junebugweddings

A centerpiece plant on the table can literally cost too much to you plus the investment is totally irrelevant because you won’t be able to use it again. Instead of running behind those expensive centerpieces, check this out. 

It will be comforting on your budget and easy to be customized. 

9. Glass Candlesticks

Anything made up of glass looks elegant and glamorous just like these candlesticks. They’re really cheaper than the usual ones and will leave a moving impact on your guests. 

Their simple yet graceful look will not disappoint you even once. If you’re having a reception at night then this one’s a must-have for you.

10. Multipurpose Chalkboard

Via Stylemepretty

You must be thinking about how a chalkboard would help you with your wedding decor. Well, you have no idea how useful this chalkboard can be. You can use it as a frame for flowers or as a signboard. 

Besides, you can even write a feel-good gesture message for your guests.

11. Rattan Basket Flower Display

Via Runtoradiance

Use this rattan basket to contain flowers, LED lights or other decorative items in your wedding. Owing to its huge size it can very easily handle bigger objects like a champagne bottle with ice as well.   

However, using it as a floral display will work the best for an occasion like a wedding. 

12. Golden Flower Vase

Via Sophiehannah

Everything fancy has its way to feature in our wedding decor. These golden flower vases are one amongst them. It is cheap yet looks extremely extravagant and apt for wedding ceremonies. 

As they’re cheap you can use them as a decorative item on each of the dining tables.  

13. Wedding Photo Booth

Via Instructables

Let this be another fun station for the guests in your wedding ceremony. People love photoshoots especially when they’re being shot in a set-up like a photo booth. 

Firstly, you can use it for your photoshoot and after that hand it over to your guests for some entertainment. 

14. Glitter Paper Lantern

Via Ohhappyday

This is a DIY project that will make you a little more invested in your wedding rituals and will bring you a sense of achievement. Hang it in the doorway of your ceremony or use it simply as a centerpiece. 

It’s not necessary to use a glitter paper. You can also use any vintage designed sheet of your own choice, after all it’s your wedding! 

15. Ice Cream Truck Wall

Via Ohhhappyday

Create this beautiful illusion for the guests at your wedding party! I’m sure they’ll be stunned to find an ice cream truck in the middle of a wedding place. 

It’ll look exactly like the real one and will cost you relatively very much cheaper. It’s really a contemporary and unique style to host an ice cream stall. 

16. Net Curtain Teepee 

Via Ikeahackers

Produce this IKEA curtain into a tent canvas for your outdoor wedding set-up. Top it up with some floral decoration and you have a fantastic tent made exclusively for your wedding.

This would be an interesting place for guests to visit and rest for some time and children to play. 

17. Glass Frame Notice Board  

Via Nouba

Another hack including a glass notice board that you can use anywhere in your wedding. You can use it as a menu display. You just have to write whatever you wish using a white pen and it will be really impactful. 

Surrounding it up with flowers and keeping it on a rustic chair is a great idea. 

18. Glass Bottles Hack

Via Ikea

Ikea revealed these amazing hacks using glass bottles. Fill them with water and mark table numbers on them. You can also put candy sticks to give them a bubbly look. 

It is super customizable and will please the people of every age group. Dressing them up with the leaves or flowers would obviously be a great thing. 

19. Mini Bucket Flower Pots

Via Livethemma

These mini bucket flower pots are on my bucket list for my wedding decor. Just kidding. They’re obviously worth trying if you’re looking for an affordable idea to show up with your decor game. 

You can place lights inside it to make it look luminous or simply keep them with the greenery. 

20. Hanging Basket Planters

Via Akailochiclife

Create these edgy hanging planters using Fryken IKEA basket trio. If you’re organizing a party at night, you can also attach fairy lights on them. So add some greenery to your wedding party without wasting much space. 

You can also place some of your pictures around these plants, just for display. 

21. Spice Jar Favours

Via Sweetraisins

You can use these little spice jars as wedding favors for your guests. It’s a great way to show them some love and appreciation for having them.

These little jars can contain jelly beans, candies or tiny cupcakes. Tie ribbon near their mouth to dress them up like a doll.  

22. Repurpose Curtains As Table Runners

Via Weddingchicks

Save your expenditure for the table runners that you’ll require on your wedding day. Repurpose these IKEA curtains as gorgeous table runners. The table overall looks are quite elegant with a lacy table runner placed on it. 

Just cut and stitch them into the length you want. You can also find several options in terms of color, design, pattern, etc. 

23. Sharpie Wedding Hangers

Via Somethingturquoise

The greatest thing about these hangers is they’re really inexpensive. It can be a sweet memoir to your special ones that will remind them of your special day. 

I can see it becoming a trend in near future especially for the maid of honor and bridesmaids. So create these beautiful hangers for your gang.   

24. Solar Lamps

Via Ikeahackers

Needless to say that these lamps are going to cut down huge on your electricity bill. Besides, you will feel sheer elegant vibes when they’ll be lit up.

All you have to do is to charge them in the sun a few days prior to your wedding day and you’ll be good to go.  

25. Maskros Pendant Lamps

Via Stylemepretty

If you’re looking out for something more than just a lantern lamp, then this one’s for you. Try out this modernized glamorous collection of pendant lamps to light up your wedding reception party. 

They’re not as expensive as they seem so you can save big on its cost.  

26. Tea-Light Holders  

Via Pinkscharming

Tea lights are a staple to the parties around the states. They’re one of the conventional products from IKEA that are widely popular for their usability. 

You can use them near your reception area as they can be colorful and full of fragrances. They’ve also introduced the electrified version of it to stimulate its presence in more parties. 

27. Golden Lanterns

Via Ruffledblog

Get these glass bottles and lanterns from an IKEA outlet and create a super-duper entrance pathway at your wedding. They’re fancy and really cheap. 

All you need to do is clean them up, spray them with the color of your choice, and design them with floral arrangements. 

28. Bar Carts

Via Heyweddinglady

Presenting you these carts that you can use to serve drinks, desserts or favors as well. The golden texture really looks like bliss and will add extra fanciness to your wedding decor. 

Make this DIY project to impress your guests and make it memorable.   

29. Real Flower Arrangement

Via Clairebodydesigns

This one’s dedicated to realness. Apart from having an artificial floral arrangement, you can also try this real flower arrangement. Use this serving bowl serving greenery on each table. 

You can also add some of the artificial ones to increase the quantity in case you feel like making it more pretty. 

30. A Variety Of Vases

Via Mylittlesecrets

No need to struggle with centerpieces anymore because we’ve got you the most cheerful centerpiece ever. 

They’re affordable and these shiny glass vases complete its aesthetic look. This is a beautiful assortment of bohemian and contemporary outlook. The irregularity in their sizes gives a little bit of regularity in the decor. 

31. Table Lanterns  

Via Instructables

Make these table lanterns to light up the entrance of your wedding reception. It’s an easy DIY project to contribute your share in your wedding.

You can even use them to decorate the dining tables. You can structure them into various shapes and sizes. Your wedding decor would definitely stand out.

32. Clear Glass Cake Stand

Via Instructables

Assemble your precious wedding cake on this gorgeous cake stand. You can also top it up with cupcakes or salads. This is a great show material at affordable rates. So go on and widen your creativity game to slay at your wedding. 

33. IKEA Dishcloth Napkin

Via Ruffledblog

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding reception during the daytime then you must ensure that the decor must be elegant. A dishcloth napkin package will bring all the required glory to your outdoor wedding reception. 

Unlike the ones which happen in the nighttime, you just can’t hang lights everywhere. So you need to be cautious while choosing for daytime decor items. 

34. Gift Tag Numbers

Via Tailoredfitphotography

This product from IKEA can have multiple uses in your wedding. You use them to put a label on gifts or either to mark the tables numbers.

Another incredible use may be that you just write the names of all the eatables and drink on them and put them in the required place. 

35. Vintage Milk Bottles

Via Lindsaystephenson

Planning on adding another dessert item to your menu? Well, we suggest you to include milk to it and we’ve got the perfect dish for that! It might sound weird to you right now but it’s a highly experimental dessert around the world. 

These vintage milk bottles are everything you need for this hit to succeed. 

36. Scented Candles

Via Fraeuleinsophie

Scented candles are generally used in the winters or say, during a house party but have you ever imagined this thing to be a part of your special day? 

If you haven’t yet, then give it a thought. These candles can lift up the whole set and will definitely increase the likeability of your party among the guests. 

37. Historisk Gift Wraps

Via Tailoredfitphotography

These affordable gift wraps will be the best cover for your wedding’s return gifts. You can easily get them from any IKEA store or from their website. They’re really cheap and worth each penny. 

38. IKEA Paper Globe Lamps

Via Remodelandolacasa

Who thought a simple paper made hanger would be such spectacular decor! You can also use lights around them if you want them to illuminate.

However, they will work efficiently in their raw form as well. I mean why to include extra things when we’re actually thinking of reducing the cost, right? 

39. DIY Fabric Flags

Via Whisicalwonderlandweddings

Carnivals are fun, right? Hang these fabric flags to make your outdoor reception look like a legit carnival. Just like carnival your wedding would be fun as well. You will save big as they don’t require many complementary articles to pair up with. 

Just some IKEA fabric and strings will do good. 

40. Cloud Lights

Via Canyouactually

One of the best hacks that I’ve fallen in love with is these cloud lights. Well, they aren’t available in the cloud version so you will have to put some efforts here. 

All you need is paper lanterns, cotton, glue, and done! Remember to clean the lanterns prior to gluing up the cotton to it. 

41. DIY Mason Jar Chandelier 

Via Homeyou

It might sound a bit quirky but it’s an offbeat hack to create another executable project. Mason jars have always been a crucial ingredient when it comes to DIY projects. 

Therefore they play a crucial role here as well. You can make a beautiful chandelier from these mason jars.

So we’ve listed out some actually useful hacks which are supposed to make your wedding a memorable and fun event. Plus, you won’t go over budget here.

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