100 Best Meal Prep Recipes

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Are you looking to get a head start on your meal planning for the week? Having your meals planned and ready for the entire week is such a relief. You won’t have the burden on your shoulders every single morning to think of new meal ideas for the day. With a meal planner, you can get ahead of your meals and start prepping for them beforehand so you can save time while preparing your lunches and dinners.

However, meal planning can be tough when you first start with it. You have to plan according to the number of people you are cooking for and the type of meals you want to cook. You also have to be creative with your meals according to what seasonal produce is fresh and available.

Choose from a variety of savory meal preps for every meal of the day from this list!

100 Best Meal Prep Recipe

1. Oatmeal

Via Feelgoodfoodie

Grab a quick breakfast ahead of a busy morning with pre-prepared oatmeal. You can prep different toppings for your oatmeal such as fresh strawberries, bananas, nuts, raisins, cranberries, etc. ahead of your week.

2. Paleo Pancakes

Via Jessicagavin

Although they look like traditional pancakes, these are healthy gluten-free fluffy delights! The best part? You can cook and freeze them up. When you want to have them for breakfast, simply pop them in a toaster and you’re done!

Don’t forget to experiment with your variations of toppings and syrups!

3. Breakfast Hash Browns

Via Lazycatkitchen

Who wouldn’t enjoy some crispy light-colored hash browns for the first meal of the day? These savory treats can be reheated beautifully without any loss in nutrition and flavor. You can eat them with a side of bacon or eggs if you want a heavier breakfast. 

4. Energy Balls

Via Downshiftology

Bite-sized treats are the perfect munchies for your snack time. You can try different combinations like mango date energy balls, banana bread energy balls, etc. They are extremely nutritious and keep you on your toes.

5. Vegetable Chips

Via Wholefully

For a side of healthy with your meal, you can make your favorite kale, carrot, or zucchini chips and bake them ahead of your meal. This salty snack is perfect for a quick bite.

6. Chicken Salad

Via Themeditteraneandish

A delicious chicken salad will brighten up a stressful workday. The best part about this treat is that it is best served cold, so you can prepare it way before time and refrigerate it, and the taste will only get better!

7. Fajita Bowls

Via Tastesbetterfromscratch

These healthy delights freeze perfectly and can be kept in the freezer for a week or even longer! You can easily cook them on a stove or in an oven ahead of your week, and you will have a meal ready for you the day you feel too tired to whip up with something new!

8. Burrito Bowls

Via Cafedelites

These burrito bowls need absolutely no cooking because the key ingredient is pre-cooked chicken. You can make them in under 10 minutes and store them in the refrigerator for an entire week!

9. Broccoli Salad

Via Tasteandtell

If there is a salad that is quick to make, rich in flavor, and healthy, a simple broccoli salad easily grabs the first place! It is creamy, sweet, and savory and you can store it in an airtight container.

10. Roasted Chicken and Veggies

Via Cookingclassy

Roast your chicken in the oven for 20 minutes and your meal prep for a week is done! You can divide the chicken portions with different veggies and store them in different containers. Serve with rice or quinoa during the week.

11. Chicken and Hummus Meal

Via Ihatemealprep

This portion of delicious veggies like cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, chicken, and hummus makes a perfect planned meal that can be stored in proper containers. There are no restrictions for making hummus at home because you can store them for weeks at a stretch.

12. Chicken Stir Fry Meal

Via Cookingclassy

What could be better than a perfect stir fry dinner on a weeknight when you are too tired to go creative in the kitchen? Every good stir fry meal depends on the sauce, so make sure your veggies and chicken are rich with the flavor of your sauce before freezing your meal.

You can also store the leftover sauce in an airtight container in the fridge.

13. Stuffed Peppers

Via Delish

Slice bell peppers in half and stuff them with delicious veggie and chicken or beef fillings. You can try your variations with the fillings and bake them.

14. Salmon Cakes/Patties

Via Cookingclassy

These salmon cakes can be frozen and easily reheated just before you want to serve them. They are healthy and gluten-free, and make your lazy dinner evening even better!

15. Veggie Fritters

Via Jessicagavin

For a low-carb vegan option, turn your basic veggies into delicious fritters. You can add chicken or other meats to your fritter meals, if necessary, but even the simple veggie fritters taste so well when paired with a side of mayonnaise or yogurt.

16. Zucchini Lasagna

Via Cleanfoodcrush

This is such a fun take on your traditional lasagna dishes. Lasagna can be stored in the refrigerator for a couple of days at least, and when it’s zucchini season, the snack takes healthy to a whole different level!

17. Sesame Chicken Pasta Salad

Via Allrecipes

This meal prep takes hardly 30 minutes and once you are done, your lunches become a whole lot easier and more fun! The meal prep is pretty straightforward: make sure your pasta is cooked properly, roast your chicken, add all your pasta, chicken, and veggies and mix, and get your dressing right!

18. Honey Sriracha Glazed Meatballs

Via Amsety

Sweet, spicy, and everything nice! These delicious meatballs take hardly 30 minutes to cook, and you can store them for your entire week! Baking your meatballs instead of the regular frying saves up so much time and fills your meal with a rich flavor.

19. Teriyaki Beef Zoodles

Via Lifemadesweeter

Wondering what zoodles are? Nothing more than a fun take on your noodles. Once you start cooking these zucchini noodles, you will just keep coming back for more!

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20. No Cook Snack Box

Via Openfit

Have a busy week with no time to even prep your meals? Don’t worry, this no-cook easy snack box has your back. This snack box is filled with healthy snacks to keep your daily nutritive value high.

You can make a quick fruit and nut snack box, an egg protein snack box, or try your variations with the simple basic fruits, vegetables, and meats you have at home.

21. Cookie Protein Bars

Via Figgindelicious

If you’re having a busy Sunday with no time to even bake quick meals for your week, go for these healthy protein bars. You don’t need to bake them so they can be done within no time, and they make a sweet snack for the middle of your day!

22. Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl

Via Danilicious

Almond butter and sweet potato sound unappealing together, but the combination is worth a try. You can bake your sweet potatoes ahead of the week and store the mashed sweet potatoes in an airtight container. Just before reheating your meal, add almond butter.

23. Breakfast Casserole

Via Simplyrecipes

A breakfast casserole can last you a good couple of breakfasts if done right. This is also a perfect light meal if you’re planning a small brunch with friends or family.

24. Chia Seed Pudding

Via Downshiftology

This is a powerhouse of a snack because it is so rich in nutrition. You can store them in small containers for different days and add your toppings accordingly.

25. Shrimp Fried Rice

Via Jessicagavin

Instead of getting Chinese takeout for the week, try making your batch of delicious fried rice. Of course, shrimp fried rice is the best option when it comes to seafood but you can opt for other options like chicken, beef, pork, or even tofu.

26. Shrimp Pad Thai

Via Finecooking

If you have all ingredients ready, you can cook and store this dish in only 15 minutes! It is almost too easy to prep and so rich in flavors that it is almost too good to be true! You can also opt for a vegetarian pad thai if shrimp is something not in your lane.

27. Sloppy Joes

Via Thechunkychef

These delightfully sized sandwiches are gluten-free, dairy-free, and a healthy alternative if you are trying to cut down on all the fried snacks. You can use ground turkey or beef for your sloppy joes.

28. Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

Via Faithfullyglutenfree

An easy stir fry meal prep for your lunch boxes or dinner nights is so much better than getting takeout. It is also so satisfying to cook. Pair it with some garlic fried rice and your dinner will feel no less than a Michelin star-rated restaurant!

29. Taco Salad Lunch Bowl

Via Sweetpeasandsaffron

These delicious lunch bowls are light and filled with nutrition at the same time. You can use ground turkey or beef as the base taco meat. Once your meat has cooled down, arrange your salad and meat in the container and store them till your mealtime.

30. Peach Blueberry Muffins

Via Shesnotcooking

Bake your muffins and store them in containers till it’s time to have your breakfast meal. You can easily reheat it in an oven. These muffins are healthy and low in carbs and fat, so they make for a perfect breakfast option.

31. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

Via Simplysissom

Why spend a huge amount of money on some fancy breakfast from Starbucks when you can easily prep your breakfast overnight and simply grab it on your way out in the morning? This healthy parfait looks straight out of a cozy French café and you can prep and refrigerate it in a cute container.

32. Greek Couscous Salad

Via Thebusybaker

Make this easy meal with the leftover veggies at your home for a simple meal. You can add in some roasted chicken if you like as well. This is such a colorful meal and you will have a great time prepping it too.

33. Chickpea Curry

Via Acouplecooks

This easy-to-make curry is so different from all the extravagant curries with spices that take a lot of time to make. You can make this in just 20 minutes and get ahead of your meals for the week.

34. Italian Couscous Salad

Via Littlespicejar

Couscous salads are something you can never get bored of because you will never run out of ways and variations to make this salad. An Italian twist to the traditional couscous salad comes with a richness of herbs that brings out the flavor of this salad.

35. Caprese Grilled Cheese

Via Closetcooking

Filled with the flavors of basil pesto, garlic butter tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese, this yummy sandwich will brighten your day. You can easily reheat them on a slightly hot pan.

36. Smoothie Bowls

Via Healthyfitnessmeals

The worst part about having to rush through your mornings is not being able to sit down and enjoy a good glass of your favorite smoothie. But is it impossible to prep your fresh smoothies well in advance? Not anymore! Prep your smoothie in fruit bowls and simply blend them in the morning and your fresh smoothie is ready!

37. Garlic Chicken Pasta

Via Sprinklesandsprouts

A classic pasta will never bore your weeknights. This pasta is diet-friendly and will be easy on your purse because all the ingredients are either cost-friendly or available right at home.

38. Breakfast Cookies

Via Tasteofhome

Who doesn’t love cookies for breakfast? You can easily bake your cookies on a Sunday afternoon and store them in a cute little mason jar and you have a batch of quick snacks for your entire week!

39. 5-Minute Hummus

Via Cooking

Having dips and spreads handy will provide a quick lunch fix. Have your hummus ready in 5 minutes and store it in a mason jar for the rest of your week. You can grab some veggies and pita bread and make a lunch buffet out of it!

40. Bircher Muesli

Via Laurencariscooks

A great alternative for your regular oatmeal breakfast, this muesli meal brings the same amount of nutrient value to start your day right.

41. Spicy Roasted Cauliflower

Via Thespruceeats

A portion of roasted cauliflowers makes a great side to your regular salads, rice, or grain bowls for your weeknight dinners.

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42. Pomegranate Roasted Carrots

Via Joanneeatswellwithothers

The zingy taste of these carrots will go well with your hummus or other spreads you may plan on taking for lunch. You can also add this side of exotic veggies in salads and pair it with roasted chicken and rice.

43. Rainbow Spring Rolls

Via Therealmomkitchen

Resembling tiny sushi rolls, these treats are as much of a delight to prep as they are to eat. You can prep all the ingredients well in advance as you just need fresh veggies for this meal.

44. Cinnamon Apple Oats

Via Theworktop

These oats are famous in meal prep recipes because once the ingredients are mixed, they must be refrigerated for at least one night. You can simply grab this treat in the morning and add your toppings and make a breakfast meal out of it!

45. Kiwi Berry Chia Parfait

Via Eatingbirdfood

Bring a twist to the traditional chia parfait with these little kiwis that are juicy and bring the exact fresh balance to your chia parfait. You can cook them on a weekend and store the portions in small mason jars and refrigerate.

46. Mushroom Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Via Thefeedfeed

Sweet potatoes have such a rich savory texture that can be paired with almost everything. The mushroom and meat stuffing will only enhance the flavor of your sweet potato and make for a great snack.

47. Rotisserie Chicken Ranch Avocado Boats

Via Thefeedfeed

If you’re looking to level up your dinner game and try something fancy, but you also don’t want to cook for hours at a stretch, this is the perfect little entrée you can go for. The prep time hardly takes 10 minutes so you can easily cook it on a weekend for your weekly meals.

48. Cauliflower Gyros

Via Stahlbush

These pita gyro sandwiches are such a quick fix for your dinners! All you need to do is marinate your cauliflowers at the start of the week and store them. Whenever you feel like having a lazy dinner of sandwiches, you can get your cauliflowers out and prep your dinner in under 10 minutes.

49. Chickpea and Spinach Stew

Via Turkishstylecooking

You can easily cook this nutritious stew in batches to serve with rice or quinoa. This stew is high in protein and iron so it will fit any dietary conditions.

50. Baked Chicken and Cauliflower

Via Snixykitchen

Instead of marinating and frying your chicken, a healthier alternative is roasting it in a hot oven. Spilt the dish into portions and serve with rice.

51. Grilled Chicken Breast

Via Apinchofhealthy

After grilling your chicken, shred it and use it in different sandwiches throughout the week. You can also mix it with different sauces and make a quick salad on a busy afternoon.

52. Antipasto Salad

Via Lilluna

You need basic ingredients such as meat, olives, chickpeas, and cooked pasta to make a quick salad. You can make and store it for a couple of days and the flavor will just get enhanced!

53. Pan Seared Salmon

Via Zestfulkitchen

With just a few ingredients like salt, pepper, and butter, you can be done with your salmon in no time. Store it in airtight containers and serve with veggies.

54. Mushroom and Cheddar Pasta Bake

Via Sarcasticcooking

This cheesy baked meal can be reheated easily. Make it in batches and store the leftovers in portions for future use.

55. Spiced Pumpkin and Red Lentil Soup

Via Goveonline

This is a perfect dinner for a chilly winter night. Although it may take some time to prep, it will sure be rewarding when you open it up to reheat on a night you’re feeling lazy.

56. Beef Brisket Burgers

Via Annacookingconcept

Use your leftover brisket from a Sunday brunch for your weekday meals. Add some veggies to the brisket burgers along with mustard or mayonnaise and your dinner will be ready in no time!

57. Thai Chicken Meatballs

Via Halfbakedharvest

This delicious chicken meal will have your loved ones coming back for more! Serve with noodles or garlic rice.

58. Pumpkin, Lemon Thyme, and Pecorino Pasta

Via Delicious

Since your pumpkin takes 2 hours to roast, this is something you can never make on a weeknight. But you can prep your pumpkin beforehand and even make your lemon thyme crumb over the weekend to enjoy a quick meal during the week.

59. Quinoa and Chicken Meatball Lettuce Cups

Via Karlyskulinarykrusade

This quick entrée is a twist to your regular meatballs that are usually served with noodles.

60. Spicy Sichuan Noodles

Via Rasamalasia

If you feel like cutting down on your meat consumption, this is the perfect simple vegetarian dish to turn to!

61. Beef, Beer and Bacon Spaghetti

Via Tasty

The 3 Bs make the powerhouse! Add some beer to a pretty regular spaghetti just before serving for some fizz.

62. Korean Steak Bowl

Via Aheadofthyme

You can refrigerate all the ingredients in separate containers and mix them for a quick meal.

63. Salmon Nicoise Salad

Via Foolproofliving

You can store the roasted salmon, potatoes, and green beans in separate containers. Before putting the salad together, boil some eggs and add them.

64. Honey Baked BBQ Salmon Bowl

Via Cottercrunch

These little bowl meal preps are great for your lunch portions. Extra quinoa can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to seven days.

65. Sesame Noodle Bowl

Via Pinchofyum

The creamy sesame sauce is to die for! You can make a big batch of it and store it for a few days in the fridge. In case you want the whole meal ready to eat, prep everything in containers—these can be stored for 3-4 days in the fridge.

66. Falafel Bowl

Via Littleferrarokitchen

You can bake falafel balls in advance and store them for a few days! Even the tahini sauce can be refrigerated for a week. Serve in salads or with pita bread and a variety of dips.

67. Jerk Chicken and Broccoli

Via Quichemygrits

The spicy sauce for this chicken is great for a weeknight dinner. You can serve the chicken with some rice or noodles—it’s up to you.

68. Red Thai Curry

Via Modernhoney

Once your curry is done, your dish is almost ready! You can add your meats, grains, and veggies as you like over the entire week!

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69. Chicken Pot Pies

Via Recipetineats

Make bite-sized chicken pot pies using your muffin tins. Once prepared, you can easily keep them in the freezer over a couple of days. Check out other delicious muffin tin recipes.

70. Caprese Chicken Salad

Via Delish

Serve this easy salad with quinoa, grains, or even some leftover pasta!

71. Pork and Beans

Via Pulses

Soak your beans overnight and put them in your slow cooker and cook for 6-8 hours. You can go to work while this happens and come back and add the other ingredients to make a whole meal.

72. Chicken and Sweet Potato Bake

Via Pillsbury

Roast your chicken and bake the sweet potatoes over the weekend. Get these in your packaged food containers so you can easily grab one and microwave when needed.

73. Crunchy Thai Salad

Via Jessicagavin

Toss around all the ingredients to make this crunchy Thai salad. You can store it in the fridge for a couple of days too.

74. Breakfast Burritos

Via Cookingclassy

Make your burritos with different ingredients and combos and freeze them. These make for a quick breakfast you can grab on your way out!

75. Almond Butter and Honey Oats Bar

Via Tasty

Mix your ingredients and freeze them till they become firm. No cooking, no baking! These are exactly the type of healthy snacks you want to munch on during the day.

76. Egg White Breakfast Cups

Via Tasty

Add spinach, tomato, and egg whites to your muffin tins and bake them. You can grab them for a light breakfast or a quick snack.

You can keep the mixture in the fridge for up to 2 days and bake it right before your meal.

77. Peanut Butter Energy Balls

Via Chefsavvy

If you’re looking for a healthy snack during the day, this delicious chocolate treat is the one you should go for!

78. Pesto Chicken and Veggies

Via Tasty

This flavorful pesto chicken and veggies meal can be refrigerated for up to four days.

79. Chocolate Strawberry Oats

Via Quakeroats

Add all your ingredients in a mason jar and refrigerate overnight for a quick and effortless early morning breakfast.

80. Baked Pancakes

Via Thegraciouspantry

Bake your pancakes and refrigerate them for 2-3 days. Add toppings of your choice right before eating.

81. Balsamic Chicken with Veggies

Via Cookingclassy

You can meal prep your chicken in two different ways: cook it as usual, or marinate in balsamic sauce and refrigerate.

82. Honey Mustard Chicken

Via Ambitiouskitchen

Bake your chicken and veggies to an optimum temperature to make this delicious meal. You can put your chicken and marinade into a freezer-friendly bag and freeze it up for up to 3 months! How great is that?

83. Chicken Salad Pockets

Via Cappersfarmer

Mix your chicken with yogurt, herbs, lettuce, and tomatoes. You can refrigerate them for four days and when you pop them out, just add your filling in a piece of pita bread and enjoy!

84. Chickpea Salad

Via Sweetpeasandsaffron

Put your veggies, flatbread, and chickpea salad in a bento box for some easy lunches that you can grab on your way out.

85. Trail Mix

Via Veggiedesserts

Mix your assortment of dry fruits, nuts, and seeds in small boxes for a small snack between your work hours.

86. Sweet Chili Chicken Marinade

Via Rasamalasia

In a Ziploc bag, add your marinating sauce and chicken breasts. Refrigerate for a couple of hours before and then fry the chicken before mealtime.

87. Thai Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Via Bettycrocker

These lettuce wraps use a peanut butter sauce that is very easy to prepare. The meal is light but filled with flavor.

88. Cilantro Lime Chicken with Cauliflower Rice

Via Toastedpinenut

You can prepare all the ingredients for this 15-minute meal prep and refrigerate them, so you will just have to remove and assemble your plate for dinner.

89. Chicken and Risoni Soup

Via Delicious

A soup with chicken, risoni, and veggies is perfect for chilly weather.  This dish is so delightful because you can also store the leftovers in the freezer for up to 2 months!

90. White Bean and Kale Soup

Via Culinaryhill

Use up your canned beans during the winter! This soup is so easy to make and will be done within a few minutes.

91. Mac and Cheese

Via Seriouseats

Nothing gets better than classic mac and cheese for lunch! You can go for the traditional dish, or add your seasoning and veggies.

92. Baked Ravioli

Via Saltandlavender

Freezing baked goods always works like a charm. Make your ravioli in batches and store the portions for different days of the week.

93. Zoodle Alfredo

Via Wholesomeyum

Zoodles are your classic zucchini noodles! This is a perfect meal for when you’re bored with your regular noodles.

94. Tuna Salad

Via Taste

You can get this delicious salad in just 2 steps! And if you’re not in the mood to have it as a salad, use it as a filling for sandwich bread or a burrito wrap.

95. Pork and Fennel Meatballs

Via Gousto

Make this dish in batches so you can have it in plenty for your friends and family as well! You can serve this dish alongside a baby leaf mixed salad to make it healthier.

96. Kale Chicken Pasta Salad

Via Everydaydishes

This dish is made with the most basic ingredients and is rich in flavor to brighten your afternoon lunches.

97. Ranch Chicken Jar Salads

Via Sweetpeasandsaffron

Salad jars are such a fun concept because you can layer your ingredients and refrigerate them for your meals. They are also perfect for packed lunches.

98. Barbeque Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Via Parents

You can prep this meal in under 15 minutes! Don’t bother making your BBQ sauce from scratch, a store-bought sauce works wonders and saves you a ton of time.

99. Greek Chicken Pasta Salad

Via Cravinghomecooked

Fresh veggies, chicken, and pasta have to be marinated in a classic Greek red wine vinaigrette and cheese for this salad.

100. Taco Soup

Via Recipetineats

If you love tacos then try out this variant of it—delicious taco soup! You would definitely want a second helping.

Meal preps are a very smart way for planning your week. Make sure you keep your meals light and unrepetitive so you don’t get bored of the delicious meals ahead of you!