13 Simple Ways To Repel Mosquitoes

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We would all love to enjoy our day without the constant whine of pesky mosquitoes in our ears. The blood-sucking little monsters are irritating not just because of their annoying sound but also because they present a health risk to everyone in the family.

And if you are always looking for ways to getting rid of them, then you might want to read these excellent ways. These techniques do not actually kill the mosquitoes but repel them so that they can’t reach you. 

Knowing how to repel these disease-carrying pests is important beyond ensuring that you have a comfortable backyard. There are several Mosquito-borne diseases that include yellow fever, malaria, encephalitis, etc. They kill about a million people worldwide every year. So, it’s worth every effort to control the mosquitoes around your house. 

13 Simple Ways to Get rid of Mosquitoes:

1. Using Clove

Clove being a flavoring ingredient can be found in every house’s kitchen shelf. The strong smell of clove is repelling for mosquitoes and that is why most of the mosquito repellent oils that we use have clove in it. You can use clove essential oil on your clothes and even skin to keep the little monsters away.

2. Lemon Balm

Growing some mosquito-repellent plants in your backyard would be a smart choice as it will also give a good look to your garden as well as will also serve protection purposes. 

Lemon Balm plant is an excellent repellent for mosquito as the leaves of the plant contain a chemical called citronella which is a natural repellent. Growing this plant in your backyard will help you keep mosquitoes at distance. It will help you in keeping the pests away from your house.  

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Aside from this, you can also rub

the leaves of the plant on your skin so that you can become immune to the mosquito bites too.

 3. Garlic

Garlic makes an excellent repellent because of its pungent smell and the presence of sulfur that is known for keeping the mosquitoes at distance. All you have to do is, use some crushed or minced garlic and spread it in your backyard, the mosquitoes wouldn’t be able to cross it to reach your house.

The good news is that this trick is multipurpose because this will also prevent your backyard to send away flies, ticks, bugs, and fleas. 

You can also spray the garlic repellent on your plants to make them pest resistant.

4. Essential Oils

As important as they’re for giving you smooth and glowing skin, essential oils also take pride in being an amazing mosquito repellent. The best kind of essential oils for repelling the pests are lavender oil, citronella oil, and lemongrass oil.

These oils can be used on your body as well as your clothes. Not only this will give your body a nice fragrance but it will also work as a resistant for mosquitoes too.

5. Get Rid Of Standing Water

Standing water gives an invitation to the mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Getting rid open standing water should be your first step of ‘repel the mosquitoes’ mission.

Standing water doesn’t only attract the mosquitoes to lay the eggs but then the eggs get converted into a larva that later becomes adult and increases the population of mosquitoes in your house.

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6. Portable Traps

The use of portable traps is an inexpensive option. One unit of these battery-based systems can be used to cover one acre of land. They work by luring and trapping the mosquitoes in them. This trick is proven to be very helpful as they protect your home 24/7 from mosquitoes.

7. Wearing Bright Clothes

As absurd as it sounds, Mosquitoes cannot see bright colors according to some studies. So technically, if you wear clothes with yellow or white colors, the mosquitoes won’t see you and they can’t be attracted to something they can’t see.

They are known to be attracted to dark colors only according to research done by the New Jersey Agricultural department.

8. Rosemary

Rosemary is a herb that acts as a natural mosquito repellent. You can make your house immune to the mosquitoes by putting the decks of rosemary at several places in your house.

This trick will also serve a decorative purpose. The fragrance of this herb will also act as an air freshener for your house.

9. Mint

All varieties of mint are used to keep the mosquitoes away. The aroma of mint is repulsive for the pests. You can use crushed mint leaves or mint mix spray to send the mosquitoes away. 

Growing some mint plants in your backyard would be a great alternative to this trick. They will help you to keep away the mosquitoes from your backyard.

10. Marigold

Mosquitoes and Marigold are a sort of enemy. You will never find mosquitoes near a marigold plant, that’s because they are an excellent natural repellent.

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The fragrance of the marigold sends the mosquitoes away. You can grow this plant in your backyard, they will also enhance the beauty of your garden.

11. Air Curtains

Using air curtains on doors and windows is the least that you can do to keep the mosquitoes at distance. You can also use the net for your windows so that the mosquitoes can pass them and for doors, you can add doors with wire net that wouldn’t let the mosquitoes to cross them.

12. Lighting Citronella Candle

The use of citronella Candle is one of the simplest tricks for repelling mosquitoes. Citronella is a chemical known for its excellent mosquito-repelling ability. You can buy them at grocery stores and lit them at the time of evening when the mosquitoes are most active.

13. Placing Lavender Plants Around the House

Besides being an amazing fragrant plant, Lavender also serves as a barrier for mosquitoes. Planting them will serve various purposes, they will beautify your garden, even more, they will give your backyard a nice fragrance and they will also work as a repellent for mosquitoes. 

So these were some of the best ways to repel mosquitoes, you can easily apply these ways at home to ensure the health safety of your family and yourself. We hope these mosquito-repelling remedies help you beat the bugs.