50 Best New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

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New year’s eve is my favorite party of the year, you get to crash into endless clubs, joyous night outs, and a whole lot of celebration ( not to mention the morning hangover! ). However, if you’re planning on hosting a party at your place this year and are perplexed between the options, we’re here to help.¬†

Your New Year’s party has to be the talk of the town for a very long time to come. From clicking billions of pictures for the Gram and popping up a bottle of champagne at the midnight hour, it’s all about being overwhelmingly crazy. ( Another reason for party animals to get wasted ūüėõ ).¬†¬†

Being a host means you have to go the extra mile to make the celebration memorable for your guests. Let’s hop right in to get 50 best ideas for the bash of the year!¬†

50 Best New Year’s Eve Party Ideas   

1. Set Up A Bar-cart    

Via Blog.birdsparty

Instead of becoming a boomerang among your guests and serving them drinks, assemble a bar-cart this year and cut off yourself some slack. Doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself and attend everyone without being busy distributing snacks and stuff.

2. A Custom Invite    

Via Etsy

First things first, give away custom invitation cards as an announcement of your jolly affair. It would not only eliminate the need to text or call everyone personally but also hype your guests up for the upcoming fun night. Besides, a card with a customized message seems more personal to me. 

3. Plan A Game Of Charades    

If you’re thinking of adding some life to your new year’s eve party, plan a game of charades. Bring all your friends and family together, form teams, and gear yourself up for the game. It’s a great idea to spend the night while nurturing the bonds and becoming a pro at the game ;-).¬†

4. DIY Holographic Balloon Backdrop

Via Studiodiy

A vital aspect of hosting a 21st-century party is to ensure that the whole ambiance is picture-ready. To make a camera-friendly set-up, make this holographic balloon backdrop and take perfect pictures for your Instagram. 

5. Outdoor Movie Party    

Via Prettymyparty

Hosting a party doesn’t essentially mean that you’ve to arrange it at home, try something offbeat this time. Organize an outdoor movie party for your close friends in your backyard or somewhere cool. After all, what’s better than a remarkable movie night with your friends!

6. Karaoke Party Theme  

Via Dearhandmadelife

There’s a singer in all of us ( even if we’re just as good as to be a bathroom singer! ). So, why not plan a karaoke-themed party for this new year’s bash? You might suck at singing but you can’t suck at having fun and have a gala celebration.¬†

7. Glitter Sparkling Wine Cocktail    

Via Abubblylife

Cotton candies are supposed to be for kids playing in the park, but why do kids have all the fun? Prepare this offbeat method to have wine at your party. A glitter sparkling wine cocktail will not only fulfill your needs but will also be incredibly picture-friendly. 

8. Champagne Bottle Labels  

Via Heyletsmakestuff

Ringing in the new year with a toast of champagne is like a tradition but here’s something unconventional yet fascinating. Prepare foiled champagne bottle labels to fancy up those bottles in no time. Don’t fret, this won’t cost you a fortune.¬†

9. 20’s Themed New Year’s Eve Party¬†¬†¬†

Via Fun365.orientaltrading

Invite your friends and family to a ‚Äė20s themed new year’s eve party. Put up similar embellishments and spread the word among your guests so that they get dolled up accordingly. This party is going to be lit because old is gold, my friend!¬†

10. Glow-themed Party  

Via Amazon

Get these splashy and flashy glowing party essentials to light up your party. You can utilize them the best in lowlights. Best part? They’re safe and non-toxic, therefore a perfect fit to be your party buddy.¬†

Buy glow supplies here.

11. Plan A Party Game  

Via Etsy

Spending new year’s eve playing some party games could be one of the best ways to kick start your year. Some adult party games can be really entertaining if you have only grown-ups on your guest list. From giving crazy dares to listening to some unheard stories. Well, I can’t wait for it!¬†¬†¬†

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12. New Year’s Eve Countdown Cupcakes¬†¬†

Via Somewhatsimple

Grab some Oreo cookies from the grocery store and get these countdown cupcakes cooking. You know the thrill gushing through your veins with every passing hour, it’ll just get better with the cookies. They’re simple and chic, inviting a lot of praises your way.¬†

13. New Year’s Eve Champagne Bar¬†¬†

Via Liagriffith

Set-up a mini champagne bar in your living room this year. And no, it won’t feel extra. In fact, it’s mandatory if you’re pushing yourself off to host the best party for your guests. Also, the bottles on display will add up to your home decor and turn it party-ready.¬†

14. New Year’s Bells¬†¬†

Via Aliexpress

Get these peculiarly cool bells to decorate your home for the new year’s eve party. You can either hang them in your living room or simply place them on your dining table to deck it up. You can also use them to adorn your dessert plates or champagne bar.¬†

15. DIY Disco Ball Vase  

Via Abubblylife

You must have seen a disco ball in clubs a lot, but did you know that you can use similar balls to display flowers? Yes, you read that right! This neat DIY project is really simple and you can pull it off with your kids on the weekend.   

16. Champagne Cupcakes  

Via Delish

Prepare an alcoholic dessert for your friends this new year’s eve and watch them go crazy over it. Yes, that’s exactly what these champagne cupcakes are gonna do at your party. Your friends would laud you for these. However, remember to keep them separated from the sober ones ( if any ).¬†

17. DIY Party Hats  

Via Modernparentsmessykids

You’re never too old to wear a party hat ( I still willingly ask for them, lol! ). Add some liveliness to your new year bash by DIY-ing these party hats for your guests. They’re highly customizable and subtly colorful.¬†

18. Masked Party Theme  

Via Partypacks

I’ve seen a lot of masked parties in the movies and television shows and aspired to host one since then. You can also host a masquerade-themed party this New year. It’s such an amusing sight to watch everyone wearing a mask. You can easily design a plethora of masks by yourself at home.¬†

19. DIY New Year’s Eve Noise Makers¬†¬†

Via Anightowlblog

A happening New year’s eve party is certainly incomplete without flashy noisemakers. Although they can be quite irksome at times, hey, it’s the night of the year! If you don’t wish to spend bucks for just a few hours, just create them.¬†¬†¬†

20. New Year’s Balloon¬†¬†¬†

Via Amazon

Another party essential is the New year’s balloon. Hang them on one of your living room’s walls and articulate a drop-dead backdrop ( perfect for the pictures! ). They’re rather more durable than the rubber balloons and look way more elegant than them.¬†

21. DIY New Year’s Eve Ball Drop¬†¬†

Via Gigglesgalore

You don’t necessarily have to travel all the way to Times Square to witness the most sought-after event of the New Year’s Eve. Yes, I’m talking about the Ball Drop! You can organize a mini ball drop event at your place that you can perform at the midnight hour.¬†

22. Gold Party Sparklers   

Via Walmart

Get some gold party sparklers to sparkle-up your New year’s party this year. It would be an absolute pleasure to light them up during the night and welcome the new year with open arms. Since they emit a lot of smoke, remember not to use them inside the house.¬†

23. Kid-friendly New Year’s Party¬†¬†

Via Thecentsiblelife

The definition of partying varies from individual to individual. What your adult guests might love, the kids may not even like it. So, if you’re thinking of having a kid-friendly bash this time, consider some ideas from the given link.¬†

24. Pajama Party Theme  

Via Frogprincepaperie

There’s probably nothing cozier than the pajamas. Also, wouldn’t it be better to just stay in your PJs rather than wearing those high-end dresses and spending hours applying and removing make-up? If this sounds like a plan to you, organize such an affair this year.

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25. Steak Frite Bites    

Via Delish

Cook these drool-worthy eye feast – steak frite bites for your guests this year. You needn’t be a professional at cooking to make them, rather you’ll just need some basic grocery things and some will power.¬†

26. Family Friendly NYE Party   

Via Lauraslittleparty

It’s usually hard to throw a family-friendly New year’s party because as you know it’s all about being wild without being right! From tuxedo favor boxes to oreo cookies cake, there’s something special out there for everyone. The kids would love it too!¬†

27. DIY Bowtie Pasta Garland    

Via Thegoldjellybean

Head over to your kitchen to grab pasta and get ready to create a DIY bowtie pasta garland to enhance your home decor. The golden and sparkling appearance makes them party-ready. They’re so cute that I just can’t get enough of them.

28. Glitter Votives  

Via Julieblanner

Take a few transparent votives and transform them into simple glitter votives. They don’t require too much effort, most of the things must be available on-hand, and therefore they’re one of the best DIY embellishments to try this year.¬†

29. Champagne Floats  

Via Thebewitchinkitchen

Honestly, I thought that champagne floats might be a set-up where the champagne bottle must be floating on the water! And now I’m embarrassed. They’re just simple handmade flavor and look enhancers. You can include any color to them according to your taste.¬†

30. DIY Disco Ball  

Via Icreativeideas

Bring the club into your home and get ready to party with your homies. Just build a DIY disco ball that you can hang up in your ceiling and enjoy the vibes. Play your favorite playlist, dim the lights, and you’re good to go.¬†¬†¬†¬†

31. Prepare A Dessert     

Via Bonappetit

After a wholesome meal, all you crave is a delicious dessert, right? So, here you go! Prepare these salted caramel Рchocolate tarts and let your guests indulge in the magnificent taste of this whimsical dessert. The recipe provided will suffice for 8 guests, however, you can make as many as you want. 

32. Tomato Soup Shooters With Mini Grilled Cheese   

Via Culinaryginger

Prepare tomato soup shooters with mini grilled cheese as an appetizer at your party this year. The best part about this recipe is that you can store it in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Plus, the tanginess of tomato and smoothness of cheese will cause a flavor explosion in your mouth. 

33. DIY Sangria Bar   

Via Sugarandcharm

One of the things that seem to unite adults is our love for Sangria. It’s the perfect blend of amusement and flavors. Set-up a sangria bar for your guests and spread the joy. You can also make virgin sangria for the kids and people who’d like to stay sober.¬†

34. Number Eyeglasses  

Via Amazon

Get these quirky eyeglasses to rock your new year‚Äôs eve party this time. They‚Äôre not only flamboyant but also quite inexpensive. Besides wearing them during the party, you can use them as a party favor too. Kids love ‚Äėem!

35. DIY Confetti Poppers  

Via Kristymurphy

Plan your party by preparing these tuxedo confetti poppers for an oscar viewing gathering. Confetti poppers, as you know, are pretty costly; you just pop it in the air once and bam! Nevertheless, a DIY confetti popper is definitely the best budget-friendly alternative.  

36. Host A Potluck Dinner   

Via Today

In order to enjoy a variety of cuisines and cut down your workload, host a potluck dinner. Your guests must bring in their best dishes and all you gotta do is to arrange for the cutlery, napkins, table, drinks, etc. Make sure you allow the room to make it as diverse as possible. 

37. Guacamole Deviled Eggs    

Via Jocooks

Transform the traditional boiled eggs into guacamole deviled eggs that would make an exceptional appetizer at your party. They’re garnished with colorful herbs and spices to make them appear flashy. Plus, they’re simple to make and inexpensive to make.

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38. Glam Champagne Glasses  

Via Somethingturquoise

If you’re looking for an exciting way to personalize champagne or wine glasses, look no further. We’ve got the most incredible and showy method to doll up your party glasses. You’ll need simple craft supplies like glitter, adhesive, etc. and you’re good to go. 

39. Giant Balloons   

Party Balloons 12inch 50 3.2g/pcs Latex Metallic Balloons Chrome Balloons Birthday Balloons Shiny Balloons Party Decoration Wedding Birthday Baby Shower Christmas Party - Metallic Silver

A party doesn’t seem like one without the balloons hanging here and there. If you’re planning to host the bash of the year, these giant balloons are a must-have. Although, you can choose any favorable size we recommend you to go for the gigantic ones.

Get these balloons.

40. Disco Truffles   

Via Sugarhero

I really love truffles as a dessert or as an appetizer. If you’re thinking of including them in your menu, prepare these disco truffles for the most raging party of the year. As you know, we’re going the extra mile to host the best party, it’s obvious to add some charm to the things.

41. DIY Countdown Clock  

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

A countdown clock backdrop will keep your party spirits high till the dawn ( I’m pretty much sure you’re aiming for that, right? ). You don’t have to break your bank balance to own this fabulous backdrop. Just grab a black cardstock, double-sided tape, cardboard, scissors, and gold spray paint.

42. Add A Sequin Tablecloth  

Via Eshadawss

Hosting a party at your place means transforming the whole decor to something rave-friendly. In addition to prettifying your living room, replace your frumpish tablecloth with a sequin tablecloth. This for sure is going to enhance the aesthetic value of that table. 

43. Winter White New Year’s Eve Dinner Party¬†¬†

Via Inspiredbythis

Winters call in for cozy and festive vibes all around. If you’re a minimalist, you must be thrilled about organizing a white-themed serene dinner party. Host a winter white NYE dinner party with your close friends and have a wonderful chit chat session.¬†

44. Champagne Truffles On The Half Shell  

Via Pizzazzerie

We’ve already shared the recipe to prepare champagne truffles, this time you’ll find a chic method to display your champagne truffles. Place them on these golden half-shells and get ready to snap some pictures for the Gram.¬†

45. Charming Table Setting   

Via Sugarandcharm

To beautify your dinner table, follow these ideas that’d help you to set-up a charming table setting. You can easily customize the ambiance according to your mood and guests. Make sure the table setting aligns with the type of guests you’ve invited.¬†

46. Hot Ham And Cheese Pinwheels  

Via Kevinandamanda

Get your hands a bit dirty in the kitchen to make these mouthwatering and delicious appetizers. These hot ham and cheese pinwheels are beginner-friendly to make and their golden look is everything I could ask for to spice up things this year. 

47. Pecan Snowflake Cookies   

Via Countryliving

Spare a couple of hours from your hectic routine to prepare these gorgeous pecan snowflake cookies. Since the winters are at its zenith by the time it’s NYE, they’ll aptly fit the theme and mesmerize your guests.¬†

48. Gorgeous Games Night      

Via Create-enjoy

Presenting you with another idea for a game night. Organize a delicious dinner, invite your friends over and get ready to spend the night playing a plethora of games. Don’t forget to check your stock of booze and beer!¬†

49. DIY New Year’s Eve Headband¬†¬†

Via Sarahhearts

Do you remember the birthday crowns we used to go crazy for during our childhood? Well, this DIY new year’s eve headband is somewhat similar to that. It’s a cute alternative for party hats and will take your guests’ partying energy to the next level.¬†

50. DIY Drink Sparklers

Via Kristimurphy

Add some poise to your NYE cocktails and these sparkling drinks steal the thunder of your party. Assemble the glasses filled with this sparkling drink on your bar-cart and let your guests enjoy ’cause the drink’s on the house :-P.¬†

NYE party is a once in a year celebration and therefore it has to be the most incredible rave. Try these ideas to be the best organizer and share ’em with your friends!