30 Cheap And Easy Outdoor Halloween Decorations

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The boo-tiful Halloween season is finally coming and none of us can wait to get our hands on the spooky costumes, delicious candies, and let’s not forget the most important part…THE DECORATION! 

Decorating our backyards and gardens is the most fun part as we have so much room…literally…to get creative and enjoy ourselves. Though the same old Beware signs and Jack O Lanterns can get a little boring after a while. So can you make your outdoors more interesting without going over budget? Yes, you can. Here I have 30 cheap and easy outdoor decor ideas to make your Halloween a lot more scary and fun! 

30 Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas To DIY

1. Kitty-Kin

Via Sunset

These majestic Halloween pumpkin cats are purr-fect to put outside your house or in the garden. All you need is some black paint and round and oval pumpkins.

You can also place a candle inside it to make them extra spooky. 

2. Jack Skellington Pumpkins

Via Youtube

Everyone loves binge-watching Halloween movies as soon as October starts and The Nightmare Before Christmas is usually a fan favorite. So to make your nights even spookier, make these easy jack skellington inspired pumpkins by carving its face into one.

3. Angler Pumpkins

Via Deviantart

Does anyone remember that spine-chilling fish from Finding Dory? It’s the perfect amount of spookiness to give the trick or treaters the fright of their life. This may be a little difficult but it’s definitely worth it. Attach a small pumpkin to the stem of a bigger one and start carving! 

4. Black Cat Backyard

Via Hgtv

Make several black cats using plywood and paint. Attach them to small metal or wooden poles and place them in your gardens and backyards for this spooky yet fun look. 

5. Ghoul Night

Via Crazygreenthumbs

Make this creepy ghost using some clear packaging tape and tie little fairy lights around it to make it glow. You can even give your ghoul some accessories like a hat or a wig to make it even more spooky. 

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6. Tinkerbell Pumpkin

Via Instructables

This beautiful artificial pumpkin will surely lighten up your outdoors. Get a Tinkerbell template and drill holes based on the outlines. Then drill some tiny holes around it and place a candle inside to make it glow. 

7. Tombstone Garden

Via Marthastewart

Make your garden look more haunted and eerie by painting paper bags. Attach some small lights inside to make them glow.

8. Witch Pumpkin

Via Extremepumpkins

This scary witch is made using the top of a pumpkin. Use the top for the face, the stem as the nose, and carve huge crooked teeth and scary eyes. Add a dirty wig with a pointed hat to complete this decoration. 

9. Graveyard Shift 

Via Countryliving

Make these creative zombie/skeleton hands using only two pumpkins, one smaller and the other one a little bigger. It looks hard but all you have to do is carve vertical lines onto them and put them outside to make your gardens and porches a lot scarier. 

10. Starry Night 

Via Designsponge

These constellation pumpkins are not only super easy to make but will also level up your Halloween game tremendously. You can spray it black or opt for any other sky color and just add a little candle inside to make it shine. 

11. Floating Ghosts

Via Flickr

Are you someone who likes a little bit of construction here and there? Well, these DIY clocked ghouls are just perfect for you! Make these using a metal pole, some chicken wire, wood, old cloth, and a lantern. 

12. Caged Dolls

Via Thenavagepatch

Hang up some black birdcages with creepy skeleton dolls and faux ravens to make the outdoors a lot more scary and ghostly. 

13. Hoot Hoot

Via I.pinimg

This adorable owl pumpkin is extremely easy to make and will give a cute yet freaky look to your backyard. Carve out circles for the eyes and a diamond for the nose and stick some beads, glitter, and flowers on it to make it extra pretty. 

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14. Skeleton Wheelbarrow

Via I.pinimg

Fill up a wheelbarrow with some cement or mud and place fake skeleton bones in them to make this decor. You can also add some artificial crows. 

15. Blood Everywhere 

Via Partycheap

Okay, so first things first…no we’re not using real blood. Dip your feet in some paint and go all over a long white cloth to finish this decor. 

16. Witch’s Potions

Via Magiamia

Every kid goes through the ‘I’m a potion maker’ phase so why not turn your backyard into their playground? Turn your empty spice and medicine bottles in witches’ potions. This can also be used for a Halloween or wizard/witch-themed party

17. We All Fall Down

Via Residencestyle

These cute ghosts can be extremely fun to put up in your backyards and gardens. They can be made with anything from mannequins to poles, so go, get creative!

18. Mummy Hand Wreath

Via Bhg

These creepy decorations can be easily made by loosely wrapping your hand in bandages. Take them off and then stick them to any cheap wheel you find at the dollar store and add some cheesecloth to finish the look. 

19. DIY Firefly Jar

Via Iso.500px

Remember when you spent hours chasing fireflies? Well, now you can recreate that by making these glow in the dark jars. So go ahead and take an earbud, dip it in glow in the dark paint and start making dots. 

20. Staring At You

Via Diynetwork

Paint your old basketballs, footballs, or even beach balls to create scary eyes. Place them in the backyard and give everyone the fright of their life! 

21. Horrifying Pumpkin Man

Via Grimhollowhaunt

This evil-looking decoration is very easy to create and would make your house the scariest in the block. Make this using a wooden frame, faux pumpkin heads, some clothes, and rope. 

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22. Skeleton Ghoul

Via Diyshowoff

This creepily welcoming skeleton would be perfect to put on your yard snack counter. Use a cloth, a pole, and a faux skeleton to achieve your desired look. 

23. Fairy Tree

Via 1001gardens

Got a tree in your backyard? Decorated it with these little, cheap, and easily available doors and windows. You can also tie some fairy lights around it to make it look more beautiful.

24. Pumpkin Board Games

Via Countryliving

Use colorful mini pumpkins to play numerous board games with your friends like chess, checkers, and even ludo. Just paint the table (you can also use a printed paper) and put it in the yard to start the festivities. 

25. Destination Boards

Via Halloweenforum

Add these boards and warn the trick and treaters about all the spooky places around them! 

26. Pumpkin Time 

Via Symmetrymagazine

Line up some pumpkins on your porch bench to give it an adorable look. You can also carve them for some extra fun. 

27. Glitter It Up

Via Countryliving

Show this to everyone who feels that you don’t have a glamorous Halloween and see them change their minds within seconds. Paint some gourds with metallic paints and form a wreath. Hang it outside your door and let their jaws drop! 

28. Stairway To Hell

Via Goodhousekeeping

This chic look can be easily achieved using some easily available items like pumpkins, fairy lights, and twigs.

29. Hanging Skeleton

Via Bhg

Spooky monsters and skeletons are the essences of Halloween. Hang your decorations in different and unexpected places to freak people out. 

30. Creepy Windows

Via Hgtv

From cut-outs to drawings, make your windows more creepy so that the people outside don’t even dare to take a peek. 

That was all I had for you today. Hopefully, some of these ideas will help you get inspired to create your own horrifying Halloween decorations…or at least do a seasonal movie marathon. Wishing you a Spooky Halloween!