40 Pinterest Inspired College Halloween Costumes You’ll Love

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Going door to door on those chilly nights with creepy houses and spooky costumes has to be the best thing even but Halloween is that horrifying time of the year that we unfortunately only get to participate in once a year and so we should all seize this opportunity to get all dolled up and look the best we can. But, the same ghost outfits can get boring after a while. We all want to try something new and different, I mean come one, we can’t have Sally from down the block look better AGAIN! So today I have 40 Pinterest inspired costumes that you’ll love to wear.

Funny Pinterest Inspired Costume Ideas

1. Darla (Finding Nemo)

A fun and imaginative idea for a great Halloween costume would be to dress up as none other than Darla herself, from Finding Nemo. Two ponytails and a shirt dress are what you’ll need for this look.

2. Art

Via Eurotwoner on Instagram

What better way than dressing up as a reinvention of renaissance paintings and medieval art to impress any crowd and audience at the first glance.

3. Amazon Prime

Via Buzzfeed

In today’s times, a package from amazon arriving at our doorstep is the best thing we see, so why not step up our cardboard man costumes to an Amazon prime package?

4. Patrick

Via Memecenter

Dressing up as your favorite famous memes, puns or vines can be so satisfying. Style yourself as this famous Patrick Meme from SpongeBob SquarePants.

5. Johnny Bravo

Via Imgur

If you’re into cosplay, or just really invested in comic strips and shows, why not dress up as Johnny Bravo himself? Styled with an easy black shirt and blonde stylized wig!

6. Thor

Adult Mens Fat Thor Cosplay Costume Casual Hoodie and Pants Suit Halloween Avengers Outfit Full Set Chirstmas Party,3XL

Again, coming back to comic books, why not dress up as everyone’s favorite- Thor, God of Thunder! Easy costume description is shown as well and this is a good costume for laughs.

Buy it on Amazon.

7. Cereal Killer

Via Coolesthomemadecostumes

Serial killers turned Cereal killers! The marvelous joke, similar costume. Easy to style and truly humorous and fun.

8. Traffic Cone

For a time with good laughs, you must try out a traffic cone costume. It’s fun and comfortable to wear, easy to make, and available at local shops and stores as well around the festive times.

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9. Stick Man

Via Youtube

Styled with black clothes or a morphe suit and random LED or glow stick lights, the stick man is a wonderful costume for Halloween. The glow in the dark touch really brightens out the fun.

10. Barbie

Via Scarycrafts

“Imagination, that is your creation” Dressing up as barbie or ken dolls for Halloween adds a twist of fun to the party. Looking good and funny, who wouldn’t want that!

Hot Pinterest Inspired Costume Ideas

1. Cowboys/Cowgirls

Via Poshmark

Dressing up as cowboys or cowgirls during Halloween really brings out the innovative version of you, and who doesn’t like wearing hats and boots!?

2. Cheerleaders

Via Simplyallison

Cheerleaders are always fun, attractive, and easy costume. Showing up in your own school outfit as well would work and it’s always fun to cheer.

3. Girl Scouts / Boy Scouts

Via I.pinimg

While selling cookies and signing petitions, girl scouts and boy scouts do manage to daze us with their costumes. Dressing up as a scout for Halloween is a good idea to stand out looking pretty!

4. Zombies

Via Costumeworks

Imagine a zombie apocalypse outbreak during school hours where your classmates turn and then do just that. Dress up as a zombie for this Halloween!

5. Angel

Via kendalljenner on Instagram

Who wouldn’t want to dress up as an angel for Halloween? You would turn automatically pretty and perfect with a set of wings and a halo so why not ?!!

6. Witch

Women's Spellbinding Sweetie Costume Large Black
Via Amazon

The perfect way to add mystery and poise to a Halloween would be dressing up as the Halloween originals by being a beautiful, dazzling, and wicked witch!

7. Wolf

California Costumes Women's She-Wolf-Adult Costume, RED/Gray, Large

Wolves are a huge part of most Halloweens and bring about a change to the festivities. Why not dress up as a wolf this Halloween?

Buy this costume.

8. Alien

Via Halloweencostumes

An alien is a different kind of species prone to be overlooked or forgotten so why not take a chance to dress up as one while it’s still up for grabs?!

9. Vampire

amscan Girls Dark Vampire Costume- Medium (8-10)- 3 pcs, Multicolor (8402375)

Why not dress up as one of the Halloween’s originals, being a vampire that itself inspired the twilight saga, vampire diaries, the mortal instruments and so many more!

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10. Skeleton

Tipsy Elves Women's Skeleton Halloween Costume Bodysuit with Back Printing - Sexy Skeleton Costume Jumpsuit Female (XX-Large) Black

Yeah, dressing up as humans and animals for Halloween is cool, but what about dressing up as a skeleton?! This is the perfect and easily available costume for Halloween.

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Couple/Duo Pinterest Inspired Costume Ideas

1. Cops

Via Partycity

An interesting and fun way to go around Halloween would be to dress up as cops. A duo with handguns, what can be more interesting than that?

2. Filter No Filter

Via InstagramDressing up as famous hashtags or quotes with your significant other or even your best friend would be so cool! The filter no filter is a fun different costume you should definitely consider this Halloween.

3. Harley Quinn And Joker (Villians duo)

Via Kblongg on Instagram

The DC supervillain duo loved by all has to be Harley Quinn and Joker! Dress up as this fun couple for your Halloween parties and events.

4. Mickey Mouse And Minnie Mouse

Via Ipinimg

Bringing in a bit of Disney during Halloween, Mickey Mouse, And Minnie Mouse can be a wonderful duo to go as for Halloween this time!

5. Angel And Devil

Via Ruerea

Who better to be for Halloween than angels and devils themself? Easily accessible costumes and ideas for this make it the perfect look.

6. Salt And Pepper

Via Bhg

To be the humourous couple or duo during Halloween, dress up as Salt and Pepper Bottles for Halloween. Easy and comfortable costumes are a bonus here.

7. Crocs

Via Theglobeandgael

Continuing to be funny and different, why not go as crocs this Halloween? This costume would be customized by you and unique to wear.

8. Milk And Cereal

Via Elyse_blair on Instagram

Milk and Cereal are the perfect breakfast and the perfect Halloween costume. Dress up like milk and Cereal with your significant other or friends with the Milk and Cereal Halloween Costume

9. Criminals

Via Popsugar

Wearing ski masks and all blacks, dressing up as a criminal for Halloween would be more than easy. It’s also different and unique to try.

10. Doctors

Via Costumeworks

A doctor duo is a compulsion at a Halloween party. They look different and amazing so why not you take up their role this Halloween? After all, they do save lives!

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DIY Pinterest Inspired Costume Ideas


Via Southerncurlsandpearls

Easily made at home with a few fabrics and stitching materials, be your favorite Starbucks drink this Halloween.

2. IT clown

Via Chasingdaisiesblog

Everyone loves horror movies and a huge chunk of Halloween revolves around them so why not dress up as the IT clown itself for Halloween?

3. Unicorn

Via Youtube

Wearing all bright and colorful clothiers with a horn stuck to your head would automatically make you into a pretty and perfect unicorn for this Halloween!

4. Gru – Minion

Via Costumeworks

An easy DIY would be to dress up as Gru for this Halloween. All you have to do is wear a scarf and a bald wig! A minion plushie is a bonus to this look.

5. Jelly beans

Via Chickensbeesandcheese

Who knew that sticking colorful rounds to a sheet of fabric could be fun and make the perfect Halloween costume? Dress up as jellybeans for this Halloween!

6. Miniature Army Pieces

Via 9gags

A pair of cargo pants and face paint can go a long way. Dress up as a miniature army piece with a simple and pretty DIY costume easy to make.

7. Butterfly

Via Buggyandbuddy

Just with a few DIY wings, you can turn into the talk of the town by dressing up as a butterfly for this Halloween.

8. Mummies

Via Kallielehan On Instagram

A few fabrics or even toilet paper could make this costume into a huge success. An easy DIY for Halloween would be to dress up like a mummy, and after all, who wouldn’t wanna be one?!

9. Raining Men

Via Studiodiy

A humorous joke and different idea needing only an umbrella and cut-outs, Raining Men can be a wonderful DIY Halloween costume for you this season.

10. Fake News

Via Absolutebrightside

Another wonderful DIY to try this Halloween would be to dress up as ‘fake news’. All needed for this costume can also be just a bunch of old newspapers and cut-outs!

Thus, Halloween is a wonderful time of the year, and here it’s shown how easily it can turn into a stress-free event for all to enjoy with our help. We hope you try one of our 40 Pinterest Inspired Halloween Ideas for this season!