61 Fun Popsicle Crafts You Should Make With Your Kids

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When summer kicks in so does the excitement and boredom of kids To keep your kids off the mood swings and to keep them boosted, parents plan a lot of outdoor activities, vacations, and of course, summer camps. But what if your kids want to spend more time indoors? What if they want to develop their skills and also spend more time with you?

In that case, crafts and DIY activities are the ideal game to get in. Every time we think of crafts, summer is an excellent time to dwell in it, and this time, we’ve planned to check out popsicle craft ideas. Popsicles are an incredible and versatile piece of wood that will keep your kids hooked on. We have come up with a terrific list of 61 entertaining popsicle crafts that you and your kids will enjoy this summer. Let’s get on it!

61 Fun Popsicle Crafts You Should Make With Your Kids

1. The Cutest DIY Coaster


We are so thrilled to kick off our list with this cute popsicle coaster for your cups. A fine beverage that doesn’t cause mess is bliss, ain’t it? And for that, this DIY coaster is a great start. This popsicle stick activity is so easy to make that even your children can do it! Sticks, glue, and washi tape are all that you’ll need to amaze your family members with your child’s invention. Check out washi tape craft ideas.

2. Popsicle Hand Print Flower


Your kids will enjoy making their own flower stems out of painted popsicle sticks and flowers. Do you know what’s the buzz about this art? It isn’t a normal flower that you draw every other day, it is a hand print flower! With their cute little hands covered with paint and printed on the sheet, they’ll enjoy the paint mess and their creation. You can also make this into a forever keepsake as a memory of your child’s tiny hands.

3. Balance The Popsicles


This is a game that teaches your toddlers about balance. It’s a fantastic DIY sensory game that’s also really simple to put together. Popsicle sticks, a piece of cardboard, a foam ball, and a few other simple craft supplies are all you’ll need. This is a great way to get rid of those craft sticks while also providing a fun summer activity for your kids to do both inside and outside.

4. Popsicle Hand Fan


Do you have the habit of using a paper or book as a fan when the power is out? At such a time, this popsicle hand fan will be a guide. Traditional fans from the 90’s are still used today. This amazing DIY version will take your child back to those days and it will also give them so much joy. These are made with paper and popsicle sticks and are quite simple to make. Furthermore, your children can decorate them however they wish, adding to the fun of making them.

5. Popsicle Stick Fairies


This glittery craft will be loved by your kids. You can transform these craft stick fairies into princesses, ballerinas, or angels with ease. All you have to do now is fiddle with the wings and modify the outfit and add your own ideas into it. It is a great craft to save for Christmas as well.

6. Angelfish Popsicle Craft


This brightly colored angelfish is a great way to get your summer popsicle stick crafts started. With this simple DIY activity, you can spend time with your kids joyfully and meaningfully. How many angelfishes are you going to make? Surely not one right?

7. Farmhouse Barn


“Hello there, come see our farm’s miniature world and make a recycled barn popsicle stick craft.” This is probably how your kids will be boasting to others about their craft work. This creative stick barn can be made with your kids and it will provide them with hours of creative time. It is a wonderful low-cost small world that provides delightful sensory activity and imaginative play. Add more toys to this project for even more fun.

8. Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder


We’ve seen chipping sparrows leave their nest, especially when we own a backyard. Be it a balcony or a backyard, a bird feeder is a great add-on. Keeping that in mind, this charming homemade bird feeder is simple to create, and your children will enjoy sitting outdoors and watching the birds feed. Pre-painted craft sticks are available for purchase, or you can paint your own to match your favorite bird hideaway. Simply add some birdseed to this finished creation to attract a thankful flock of birds. 

9. Stick Fencing


Does your child own tiny animal toys? If so then constructing a corral to keep all of the animals in line will make up for a fun playtime. Remember the DIY barn idea we mentioned in this list? If you’ve planned to do it then this craft idea is also an excellent add-on to it. You can enjoy building a story with these crafts and spend an entertaining evening. 

10. Popsicle Stick Weaving Looms


Weaving is an excellent learning activity for toddlers, as it teaches them about different fabric textures. Speaking of that, this DIY weaving loom is simple to create, and after it’s done, your kids will have a lot of fun using it to make various items. When the loom is finished, they can make a variety of items out of everything from yarn to unused fabric pieces. 

11. Popsicle Stick Baby Chick


Handprint crafts are fantastic for kids, and this one from Make and Takes is no exception. Tweety is one of the children’s well-known cartoon characters and keeping that as a reference, these cute baby chicks can be made. All you need to do is prepare the materials and join your kids to construct them. Tweet, Tweet!

12. Popsicle Stick Monsters


Who said monsters are scary? Well of course they are but definitely not all the time. I Heart Arts n Crafts created these entertaining monsters using Popsicle sticks as the base. These are great for Halloween, and you can make them appear as friendly or spooky or as you wish. Add more eyeballs, fangs, arms to bring out the dream monster you’ve always wanted. 

13. Craft Stick Barnyard Animals


Our list has been carrying a lot of ideas around the barn because animals and kids require something common-lots and lots of love and care. Barnyard animals are popular among children, and they will enjoy crafting their own using popsicle sticks. You can assist them with painting the sticks with the best colors, use your and their imaginations to make creative horses, cows, pigs, chickens, and any other animals they enjoy. And, maybe later, you can also use these as bookmarks for yourself? How about that!

14. Watermelon Fan


Summer and watermelons are interconnected, surely. As they’re one of the iconic symbols of summer, we’ve brought you this cool popsicle craft. This watermelon fan craft can be made by your children with paper plates, paint, and popsicle sticks. This fan will cool you down on even the hottest summer day and additionally, you can also smack on some yummy watermelon.

15. Picture Frame


Old is gold, isn’t it? Picture frames made out of popsicle sticks are a classic craft stick activity but they never get boring. They’re simple to create and a lot of fun to decorate, and your kids can do whatever they want with them. You can use the DIY frames to display your child’s best or funny summer photos because it is worth treasuring, 

16. Giant Paper Popsicle Craft


Using popsicle sticks to make an ice/cake popsicle– yes, makes sense but how about using popsicle sticks to make a fake giant popsicle out of paper? Still makes sense! Your kids can make their own huge popsicles and it is a terrific craft to do on summer days. Be it any flavor they like, they can represent them in these craft works with their extreme creativity.

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17. Watercolor Hanging Sculpture


Sculptures are meant to be displayed and something that your child has done is even more special to be displayed. Firstly, these sculptures are made out of popsicle sticks that you and your kids can paint in any color you both like. Once the painting is done, they are put together into a sculpture that you can hang anywhere in the house with some yarn or twine. Making these is a lot of fun, we truly say!

18. DIY Craft Stick Marble Run


Want to make use of empty cereal boxes? Here you go! This is a great popsicle stick craft that your kids will like making and then playing with for hours. An old cardboard box (cereal boxes are welcome), a few popsicle sticks, and some marbles are all you need to construct this marble run. If you have two or more kids, a small contest between them can also be initiated.

19. Popsicle Dragonfly


Isn’t there something really delicate and innocent about a dragonfly? They’re notoriously difficult to catch and so kids might want to eagerly find them. For the moment, why not build a dragonfly that your child can hold onto? To build these delicate little dragonflies, all you need are popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners (that serve as wings), googly eyes, and glue. This is an extremely simple craft that just takes five minutes to do. It will look adorable if you hang it around the house. 

20. Popsicle Unicorn 


Who said unicorns don’t exist? They indeed do and your kids are going to make them. This lovely project from Hello, Wonderful is a must-try when we’re planning to create a cute unicorn out of popsicle sticks. The special part about this art is the unicorn’s horn is double-layered for added glitz, and the color is brought to you by “Rainbow” yarn. Honestly, this adorable popsicle stick craft is a fun way for kids to spend a happy summer.

21. Popsicle Stick Star Garland


This star garland would look lovely on your balcony this Fourth of July or Christmas or whatever occasion you feel it best fits as you spend the time admiring it. This is such a patriotic DIY to get your kid started with, so why not? Oh, you can also change up the colors according to the occasions such as pastel for Easter, glitter for New Year, and such. Your kids can also customize the same one by painting it again if they want. It’s fun!

22. Stick Airplane


This popsicle stick airplane will delight your kids while they make and later play with it. This cute airplane only requires some popsicle sticks, glue, and paint. They can paint their airplane parts before gluing them together (that way all the areas get neatly painted and dried). This is a fun craft to do for a summer birthday party! Who’s the pilot btw?

23. Alphabet Flower Garden


Kids will enjoy creating their own little flower gardens, when it is easy, fun, and with you. You’ll appreciate the fact that this is also a teaching activity. Yes! Learning alphabets and their sounds can be made more enjoyable for youngsters by exposing them to them via the flower garden. This is a great way for your kids to learn and it just takes a few supplies to build. This will undoubtedly keep them occupied for several hours and you’ll get some connection with your kids too.

25. Avengers 


The Avengers are globally popular and people can’t really miss out on even one movie of them. Keeping that in mind, if your child is a crazy fan of the avengers, these amazing bookmarks made out of popsicle sticks will keep them super duper excited. They’re also really simple and enjoyable to prepare, making it one of the ideal crafts for avengers fans. Plus, they can pick their favorite Avenger and make a bookmark–if they like all the characters, then let them make all of them.

26. Ballerinas


Sometimes we wonder how the ballerinas balance their whole body on their toes, that’s so fascinating! To exhibit their beauty and talent, let’s make these amazing popsicle ballerinas. This is most likely a craft for little kids who will desire to do it. The stick people could be feminine (or masculine if you want). To make these adorable little ballerinas, you’ll need a selection of craft sticks and some cupcake liners, Voila! It is done.

27. Uncle Sam


Uncle Sam, hello! Greetings on your special day! Wait, who is Uncle Sam? Well, Uncle Sam is a common American icon depicted as a cartoon character with long white hair and chin whiskers. His look is inspired by earlier American folkloric figures such as Yankee Doodle. The colors red, white, and blue come together beautifully in this project. This entertaining craft for the whole family is a must-do for any 4th of July celebration. 

28. Popsicle Stick Bracelets


Do you know the Egyptian bracelets have been around since 5000 BCE? Whoa! How old are bracelets even! Well speaking of it, this popsicle stick activity not only gives your kids a new bracelet to wear, but it also helps them learn about science. To build your own craft stick bracelets, you must first weaken the wooden craft sticks by boiling them for a short time in the water before proceeding to decorate them. Your children can use paint, yarn, stickers, or a variety of other stuff to create a beautiful popsicle stick bracelet.

29. Stick Harmonicas


Harmonica is a lot of fun as it is portable and of course, fantastic. It’s super easy to play but indeed challenging enough to keep you hooked on it. Anyway, coming to the point: these popsicle stick harmonicas are not only adorable, but they also have a purpose. This isn’t a simple harmonica, it is a harmonica that is going to be made by your kids! How amazing is that? An artist making an instrument for one’s own self? Oh my, that’s so cool!

30. Popsicle Stick Initial Plaque


Initials exist for a reason, and one being proud of it is like being proud of their whole self. To appreciate that, allow your children to personalize their rooms with these adorable popsicle sticks’ initial plaques. To make them, all you need is an assortment of craft sticks, some adhesive, and some paint. This is an excellent technique to help kids practice some alphabet, or even help them in converting it into a gift to someone. 

31. Popsicle Mermaid


Aren’t mermaids the ones who look so gorgeous and can not be spotted easily? Yes! But do you know they were considered to be a bad sign for sailors back in those days? That sounds awful right? But today we’re going to be making beautiful mermaids who are a sign of love and hope. The best part is, you can make this craft using easily available products such as popsicle sticks, sparkle paper, pipe cleaners, felt, etc. This easy popsicle stick mermaid craft will be the buzz of your home when your kids put on a puppet show using them.

32. Popsicle Stick Playing Cards

Via Instructables

Allow your smaller children to design the backs of the “playing cards,” and you’ll have something new to carry along on long car or plane travels! They’re easy to manufacture and read, and they’re a lot of fun to hold. This project gives you and your child a deck of “cards” with which to spend time together.

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We believe they can be entertaining for adults as well as children to play with. As an added plus, if any of your playing card sticks break, you can quickly produce new ones.

33. Tiny Popsicle Stick Easels


Ready for some painting? These little popsicle stick easels will keep your kids entertained and also improve their artistry skills. They can make a number of small easels in which they can display their tiny tiny art portraits. These are quite simple to build, and even your toddlers will enjoy producing artwork and displaying it on their own miniature popsicle stick easel.

34. Popsicle Stick Crocodile Craft


Do you know that crocodiles are the biggest reptiles to be on earth? Shall we make them a lot tinier? This snappy reptile is guaranteed to amuse toddlers and preschoolers, and Easy Peasy and Fun blog makes it even easier. You can teach your child the differences between alligators and crocodiles while making these adorable mini crocs. It will be worth it. 

35.  Snakes


Snakes aren’t harmful all the time, they can be cute too, i.e, cute via your art. These snakes actually fold and turn making it ideal for your kids to make and play with. Your child’s snakes can also be disassembled in parts using conventional snaps, resulting in completely new snakes each time they play. Alternatively, you and your child can build a lengthy snake that stretches and stretches. 

36. Clip-On Picture Frame


Here we bring another picture frame idea because why not? Our memories and snapshots aren’t less, are they? Most people appreciate when you gift them picture frames for they are thoughtful and useful. You and your child can enjoy crafting this really distinctive handcrafted frame together with a few materials you probably already have at home. Each frame is a one-of-a-kind work of art as the clip allows you to change pictures once in a while. 

37. Engineer Launchers


The title sounds too educational isn’t it? Well of course it is fun and educational! People might think your kids are just playing with toys, but honestly, they’ll be learning about a lot. While the design may appear complicated, it actually is super easy to make. For kids aged 7 and older, this is a fantastic engineering and crafts task. The end result is half crossbow, part slingshot — making it one of the best informative crafts.

38. DIY Wax Paper Lantern


A self-made paper lantern that looks fantastic and gives out charming light— that is big news! This kid’s craft includes some construction skills, color mixing, and the creation of unique artwork, which your child indeed has. You can make a charming and colorful wax paper lantern with only a few supplies such as wax paper, crayons, popsicle sticks, and a few other items found about the house. At bedtime, the kids will like their new source of light.

39. Popsicle Stick LED Flashlight


Here’s another DIY that is going to be educational, fun, and challenging. Via this DIY you can make learning about circuits and positive and negative charges exciting for your tiny tots. This easy-to-make LED flashlight will increase their creativity and curiosity, surely. This is a safe activity so, try it out!

40. Popsicle Abacus


Do you know back in those times, many civilizations made use of the abacus for mathematical problems? But now it is one of the tools parents use to make kids take interest in maths. So with this in mind, we present you with this popsicle abacus. This popsicle stick abacus is not only a fun summer activity for the kids, but it’s also a terrific learning aid for kids. We truly say even if your child doesn’t like math, this will excite your child. It’s fun for sure.

41. Popsicle Stick Fish 

Via DIYthought

Children won’t say to these adorable fishes that serve as decor and as a prop to a home puppet show. You can easily make a popsicle stick fish craft using four popsicle sticks/craft sticks and some paper. This entertaining activity can be adapted for children of all ages and you can also teach them facts about fish along the way. Isn’t it a fun way to increase your child’s general knowledge? 

42. Popsicle Boat Craft

Via Craftysticks

Now that we spoke about a fish, how about exploring the ocean in a boat? Summer is a fantastic time for water activities, and your kids will enjoy making their own boats out of popsicle sticks. These float quite nicely and are ideal for hot days when kids want to play in the water outside. The boats are simple to create that makes your kids not even require your assistance- they’ll be a pro.

43. Fairy House Door

Via Danyabanya

Fairies and fairy houses are popular among children because they have happy endings and also cute characters. But kids sometimes become sad when they know it is all fictional. So to make their day bright and exciting, we bring you this creative idea of making a magical fairy house door.

This DIY fairy door is easy to make and can be used to decorate your DIY fairy house or just attached to a tree root or stump to make it appear as if a fairy dwells there. If your children enjoy making their own fairy house décor and furniture, this is the ideal door to pair with them.

44. Popsicle Stick Vases

Via Cutesycrafts

These small vases are simple to make and depending on your children’s ages, they may be able to complete them on their own. They just need to paint the popsicle sticks in any color they like (or use markers) and line them up against a glass or small vase to make the design. These are extremely easy to make and a lot of fun, and they give your kids a chance to help you with some new house decor. You also can save up pennies on Vase!

45.  Summer Boredom Buster Popsicle Sticks

Via Whilehewasnapping

Do you and your kids run out of ideas each day? Fret not! With this idea, each day something or the other will keep your kids busy. This idea needs an empty mason jar and some popsicle sticks.

Basically, you just let your children design as many activities as they want, then write them out on popsicle sticks. Then they’ll need washi tape or fabric pieces to embellish their sticks to look attractive. Each day when they pick one stick, they’ll get to do a new activity written on it. It will be so fun!

46. Popsicle Stick Treasure Box

Via Powerfulmothering

Treasure boxes are a lot of fun for kids. They will enjoy not only saving their treasures in this box but also be so proud of making their own treasure box out of popsicle sticks. To assist kids in creating their design, you can use a variety of paints or colored tape, and then glue to stick them all. The best part about this DIY is it is a box with a lid, meaning “nothing will go missing”. How cool is that!

47. Craft Stick Spiderwebs

Source unknown

A spiderweb gleaming in the sunlight is a stunning sight, but these webs offer a few more surprises. Yes! Spiderwebs’ designs are intricate and have a deeper meaning. Facts aside, can we make a cool spiderweb? These small spiderwebs made out of popsicle sticks will be a hit with the kids, surely.

These are fantastic for Halloween decorations, but they may also fulfill your child’s energy in the summer. This is a terrific nature craft to do with your kids, and it’s a great way to teach them about spiders and which ones they should avoid.

48. Cute Baby Turtles

Via Pinkstripeysocks

Do you know that Turtles are among the oldest animals on the planet? Yes! certain turtle species can live to be 10-150 years old as pets! In this DIY, we’ll be making tiny adorable turtles that one can’t take their eyes off.

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You’ll have an entire nest’s worth of young turtles ready to hatch with three popsicle sticks for each craft, plus some paint, glue, and yarn! For each turtle, use various colors of yarn to bring out your creativity along with your child. Your child will love this idea!

49. Mickey Mouse Popsicle Stick Craft

Via Savingslifestyle

Is your child a Disney lover? Then this inexpensive awesome idea will give your child sparks. This is a great project to do during summer if you and your kids are planning to hit Disneyland soon. You don’t need to be a talented animator to make this lovely Mickey Mouse craft, ‘cause all you need are of course popsicle sticks, glue, and paint. Helping your children create this will spice up their summertime while they wait for their trip to Disneyland. 

50. Yoda Puppet

Via Coffeecupsandcrayons

Is there a Star Wars fan in your household? Do you want to introduce them to your kids? If so, Voila! This easy Yoda puppet is a Star Wars activity that will get your kids to enjoy it for hours! With a popsicle stick, a paper plate, and a black marker, you can make this Yoda puppet in no time.

You can make Dagoba’s favorite swamp dweller in just a few minutes with the instructions given by coffee cups and crayons as they’re super simple. My friend, this DIY is ideal for playdates and rainy days, and you should seriously start making this now.

51. Rainbow Popsicle Stick Craft

Via Thetrophywifestyle

Have you ever been lucky enough to catch a double rainbow? When light is reflected twice in a raindrop, a double rainbow appears, and you can see two separate reflections emanating from two different angles. Isn’t this great info? Do you want to teach this to your kids without boring them? If so here’s an amazing art idea.

This stunning rainbow-inspired popsicle stick activity can be easily done with pre-colored craft sticks or plain ones that you and your child paint together. These can certainly brighten any rainy afternoon with their sparkling foam paper clouds!

52. Popsicle Daisy

Via Raisinglittlesuperheroes

On snowy days, bring some color into your home with these bright daisies made by Raising Little Superheroes. You can wholesomely spend the day creating a beautiful bouquet to give as a present or an entire garden along with your kids because this idea is a great one.

After making these beautiful daisies, you can make use of a mason jar or the vase idea given before to showcase these daisies. These are simple enough for young hands to do, and they don’t require a lot of setup or specific supplies. These are the best kinds of kid-friendly spring crafts!

53. Weaving Craft 

Via Prettyopionated

Weaving is a beautiful form of art that one must try at least once in their lifetime. To get your child to try them, hand your kids some popsicle sticks and yarn to make these summer camp-inspired crafts. With step-by-step directions, your child can set this beautiful craft without adults’ help showing that they’re capable. Wanna give them a challenge with this? Go ahead.

54. Butterfly!

Via Theresourcefulmama

The Resourceful Mama’s butterfly craft is simple enough for young toddlers and entertaining for adults as well. It’s a brilliant way to repurpose those scraps of crepe paper leftover and the paint that’s lying around. These are easy to make and also can be used as house decor. Simply hang them around the house to create a garden atmosphere with your child’s creation

55. Popsicle Stick Bumble Bee

Via Frugalmomeh

Bumblebees are social bees that are huge, hairy, and black and yellow and the fact is they are found in North America in 50 different species. Isn’t that crazy? Keeping that in mind, this”bee” activity is sure to make the backyard flowers get the vibe. The craft is so adorable that you won’t even mind getting stung because these little fellas are so lovely. Who knows? You might also end up with a complete colony buzzing about in your living room!

56. DIY Mini Adirondack Chairs

Via Sustainmycrafthabit

Summer and beach are interconnected and without a trip to the beach, summer will surely end up dry. To keep beach trip memories alive all year, make this souvenir from Sustain My Craft Habit.

Fill a glass jar halfway with sand, have your child collect a few small shells from the beach, and you’ve got yourself a seashore memory to keep you warm throughout the cold winter months! These will always remind you and your children of sandcastles, sun, and swimming, no matter where you put them in your home. 

57. That’s A Witch!

Via Thekeeperofthecheerios

Though witches are said to be scary, we might never know the truth. Remember how it was the witch who took care of the sleeping beauty later on? Anyway, be it Halloween or summer, this idea gotta be on your list.

Do you have any purple paper or cardstock on hand? If so grab them and also some googly eyes, craft glue, etc to get the witch all ready. Once it is done, you can hang them in the living room or tape them to the walls to make things spooky!

58. Popsicle Stick Gingerbread House

Via Booksandgiggles

If Christmas is coming around soon, then you should definitely binge on this amazing DIY gingerbread house. This gingerbread home requires no baking and is guaranteed to become your family’s new favorite tradition.

You can let your child’s imagination lead you to acquire any decorations they like for this idea. Once it is done, you can put them on your Christmas tree, attach them to the wall, or make a Christmas village out of them. The best part is, you can store this up for the next year too!

59. Snowflakes

Via Thebestideasforkids

We present you with the craft that kids will want to do every month. These gorgeous snowflakes built with craft sticks will undoubtedly be a success in your house if you’re searching for a fun activity to do this Christmas season or summertime, no worries.

These are stunning, and they can be designed to be as one-of-a-kind as real snowflakes. They’re so much fun to make that your kids won’t be able to stop at just one, keeping them occupied for hours.

60. Popsicle Stick Elf 

Via Todayscreativeideas

This cute little fellow isn’t just for adorning a shelf! This beautiful popsicle stick elf can be placed anyplace in your home where a little Christmas cheer is needed. During those winter break days at home, you and your child can enjoy a fun Christmas craft that is easy to make with inexpensive materials.

This elf made out of popsicle sticks is a great way to get into the holiday mood. Are you ready to pull out the art supplies and get to work on this Santa’s little boy once the kids are on Christmas break?

61. Popsicle Stick Puzzle

Via Thecrazycraftlady

Puzzles are super educational and when it is taught through a craft that upgrades your child’s creativity, it’s a bonus. You will love this idea because it is quick to make and can run around with an endless amount of designs. This simple DIY puzzle project will delight your youngster and keep them occupied with their own personalized puzzle activity! You can also arrange a treasure hunt with these sticks among your children and finalize the winner based on who found the sticks and completed the puzzle first. Isn’t it great?


Whether it is summer break or winter break, kids deserve lots of entertainment that also is educational. With these amazing 61 popsicle craft ideas, your children will spend their break happily and worthily.