51 Inexpensive Raised Garden Beds You Can Make Quickly

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Gardening can be tiring but with a little training and some easy tutorials, you can become a pro. Yep, even if you don’t have a lot of room, you can bring the best out of what you’ve got. Speaking of tiny spaces, raised garden beds are the best choice to focus on. All you’ll need is a little imagination, time, and patience to build the best-raised garden bed. 

To make it easier for you, we have collected 51 best-raised garden bed ideas for you, which will help you in making a mini farm at your home in a fun way. Have a look at them!

51 Inexpensive Raised Garden Beds

1. DIY Raised Garden Beds With Corrugated Metal

We’re starting off our list with a fun project! The outer structure of this raised garden bed is made of wood, while the planter’s center is made of corrugated metal. This raised bed has a beautiful appeal and it can be easily made by anyone, even beginner-level gardeners.

2. Stock Tank Garden Beds

Who would have thought that a steel bin can be used in the simplest way to make a raised garden? Well, Liz Marie Galvin has thought about it! Check out how the steel bins are used to add a refined, rustic effect. They’re also simple to weed and maintain because all of the plants are confined.

3. A-Frame Garden Trellis

Framing your raised garden bed upwards to create a trellis works amazingly especially if you don’t have enough space. This choice is perfect for growing pole beans, tomatoes, peas, or any other climbing plants in addition to being a decorative design. 

4. Raised Beds With Hinges

Via Instagram @tendingwest

Thinking about adding a hinge to your barrier? That’s a great idea because it stops rats from eating your prized vegetables. This way, you can swing it down while you tend to the garden. It will save you from having to reach over them each time and will make getting down into the dirt much easier.

5. Raised Plastic Barrel Planter

This is such a creative and new approach to creating your own garden. This low-maintenance vegetable bed is a terrific way to organize your plants without taking up too much space. For a simple elevated garden, leave it as is, or add a trellis to encourage your plants to grow upwards. It will look stunning.

6. Cedar Raised Garden Bed

These cedar-raised garden beds will add a touch of elegance to your landscape and is easy to make as well. They’ll undoubtedly be a lovely way to grow vegetables and fruits in a more proper and secure manner. The raised soil will allow for greater drainage, and these cedar-raised garden beds will also cost you very little.

7. Simple Garden Box

Using these elevated garden beds will perfectly divide your garden space to produce herbs, flowers, and vegetables individually. To make these raised vegetable beds, you’ll need 6′, 8′, and 10′ lengths of 8″ cedar wood planks– which are easily available. The great news is that these raised beds will keep pests away while only allowing fewer weeds to grow.

8. Raised Garden Beds On Legs

Instructables has brought us an amazing raised bed with legs. Start adding these elevated raised garden beds to your gardening routines to bring a creative twist. They’ll let you safely cultivate small plants, flowers, and vegetables. And it will also help you grow the veggies without worrying about rodents.

9. Traditional Raised Garden Bed

This traditional raised garden bed is simple to construct and requires very little time. Because of its ideal square shape, it can be placed anywhere in your yard, whether in a corner, along the fence, or right in the middle. You can also root in your kids to make this!

10. Urban Gardening

If you live in a rented home or don’t have much of a yard, this apartment-style garden in a tub is ideal! With inserts on the bottom that allow water to be absorbed by the plants, this elevated garden will be a masterpiece done by you. It gives off an amazing rich vibe, and also requires low maintenance.

11. Lazy DIY Planter

This project is for those who are tired of weeding and also are on a budget. The advantages of this unusual design are:

  • It will add aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space
  • Keep bothersome weeds at bay 
  • Make gardening easier (an afternoon is enough to make this)

12. Raised Planter Bed From Pallets

Who doesn’t love to make use of free wooden resources to make inexpensive yet beautiful elevated garden beds? You’ll be able to build this planter box out of free pallets which guarantee durability. Isn’t it worth the money and also cool to look at? 

13. Colorful Raised Bed

Who said garden beds always have to be brown in color or you know, just the plain wood? Why not color it up to make it a focal point of the backyard? This brilliant yellow boxed garden, which has a variety of plants, is such a unique and eye-catching design. This four-part planter box makes gardening simple by separating some plants from others. 

14. Counter Height Garden Boxes

Growing your herbs, flowers, and vegetables at a height where pests, slugs, snails, and other garden critters won’t be able to reach is a great way to become a pro gardener. To make this possible, choose these counter height garden boxes to elevate your yard to new heights. Build boxes out of 18 and 13-inch wooden boards and 4×4-inch wooden supports, to make this dream possible.

15. DIY Raised Garden Bed With Landscaping Timbers

Timbers make a beautiful add-on to any landscape. They are usually affordable, and they have a way of bringing order and simple beauty to any space without much ado. In this DIY, you’ll simply be stacking this wonderful wood, to create a well-organized place for whatever veggie or flower you want to plant there. It will surely bring a lot of elegance to your yard.

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16. DIY Tiered Raised Garden Bed

Improve your gardening game with this tiered raised garden bed that will impress everyone who sees it. To make these tiered raised garden beds, gather lumber, wide corner bracing, corner metal plates, and landscaping fabric. Finish it off with a weather-resistant exterior finish to change your garden’s atmosphere into something super chick.

17. Raised Pallet Garden Stand 

Pallets of wood can be found almost anywhere and are frequently free. This container garden idea features a distinctive design with a pyramid-like structure that makes it simple to recognize and care for your plants. Plants like parsley, strawberries, eggplants, and tomatoes would be ideal for these boxes and they’ll look super stunning once completed.

18. Herb Wheel Garden Planter

This unique wheel garden planter is 32 inches wide, charming, inexpensive, and easy to make. This is a great addition to your backyard as it not only helps in growing plants but also looks totally new and saves up space. This DIY requires tools like a saw, a nail gun, a sander, and Kreg jigs, etc. 

19. Square Foot Garden Made From Crates

In this DIY, we’re going to make use of empty crates that are easily available almost everywhere. Make your garden box as unique as you want it to be by using as few or as many crates as you want. Anyone can build this raised garden because it is so simple. Place the crates wherever you want, then fill them with soil and plants.

20. Raised Herb-Garden Planter

If you’re into herbs, then you’ll love this herb planter. It only takes an hour, some basic carpentry skills, and readily available materials to make this amazing deck planter. The raised herb planter is both compact and weather resistant. You’ll also have a spot to hang your gardening equipment thanks to the side hooks.

21. Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed – Cedar

If you’re into building cedar-raised garden beds, then this classic design is it. It has a clean appearance and will make your backyard stand out. The three-tier garden box is tall enough to keep pests out while also allowing you to reach in and care for your lush plants.

22. Cinder Block DIY Raised Garden Bed

This is a super-cheap and simple technique to make a raised garden bed. The cinder blocks give it a streamlined appearance, while the concrete top caps give it a polished appearance. Place your blocks where you’d like them, fill them with soil, and plant your miniature garden.

23. Raised Multi-Leveled Garden Planter Box

If you’re wondering how to make crops such as beets, broccoli, and cauliflower last during summer, then this is your go-to planter. This multi-leveled garden planter’s height not only keeps it safe from pests but also provides shade for cool-season plants on the lower level while allowing summer plants on the upper level to bask in the sun.

24. Crate Garden

Have you got extra milk crates? If so, let’s make use of them. This crate garden is an excellent project for compact spaces, especially if you don’t have access to any green space. The nicest aspect about using crates for your raised garden is that they can be moved around easily if your plants require more shade or sunlight.

25. Vertical Garden Pyramid Tower

It’s no surprise that vertical gardening is becoming more popular because harvesting is simple in it. Check out this garden pyramid idea if you want to try vertical planting. This will require some woodworking, so practice with scrap wood first to avoid wasting your pyramid components. 

26. Raised Bed With Benches

These garden beds are quite attractive and also serve various purposes. To begin with, they are quite tall. This means less bending and a more relaxed, painless back. Then they also include seats, which means you’ll have somewhere to store your tools or even relax while you work on your flowers. How cool is that?

27. Tiered Corner Garden

This cute DIY-tiered herb garden has a compact footprint and can fit into the smallest areas. The tiers also allow for a greater selection of plants and herbs. As it can be placed anywhere around your home, you can save a lot of space and also save your plants from rodents.

28. Raised Garden Bed Out Of Blocks

So you’ve got a lot of unused masonry and blocks lying around? If so try this garden bed design. You’ll need a shovel, rake, and a 4′ board to get started. The only thing to keep in mind is the amount of space you have and the herbs you wish to grow. 

29. Condo Style Raised Garden Bed

You’ll adore this elevated bed idea, especially if you live in an apartment or a condo. If not, this will still work in a yard. This garden bed is a lovely addition to any patio or deck, especially as fresh and organic vegetables begin to sprout from it. Each bed takes up one square foot, so if you need more space for your vegetables, simply create more.

30. Another Square Foot Garden

The square foot gardening technique is used here which saves space and time. Create square-shaped foots, line them up, and start planting! The method is an excellent way to create a small yet densely planted garden. You can simply follow the tutorial which will clarify all your doubts such as what materials are needed and how to get started.

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31. Easy Lasagna Beds

The lasagna bed method is a simple and eco-friendly method to create a beautiful garden. Rather than producing compost somewhere in your garden and transporting it to your raised bed sections, simply layer the materials in your new growing area and allow them to compost naturally. How innovative is this idea? 

32. Hügelkultur Raised Bed

Here we present you with a new and different style of a raised bed. Hugelkultur is the process of building mounds of rotting wood and other organic debris that are perfect for growing a variety of crops. With that being said, you can build massive mounds and landscape your entire garden. This idea is a perfect fit if you have a small space!

33. Covered Greenhouse Garden – DIY

Gardens have to be built correctly to withstand summers of hard winds and chilly temperatures. And for that, this DIY greenhouse garden is a perfect solution. The retractable cover protects the plants from the weather while allowing you to continue working on your garden without interruption. This might look difficult but is pretty easy to make.

34. Portable Garden Bed

Via Instagram @victorygardenia

You might not be able to fit a full-sized raised bed into a small outdoor space and so we bring you this cute idea. This portable garden and its elevated form provide the same benefits as a typical raised bed. As it’s wire-enclosed, it will surely keep the pests away from your veggies.

35. Swap The Wooden Walls With Stone

Via Instagram @theverhopefulgardener

So far most of the ideas we saw included wood as it is the traditional component to make raised woods. For a change why not switch it with stone? This creative gardener built gorgeous beds in her yard out of wall stones. This amazing bed guarantees highly long-lasting raised beds.

36. Simple Raised Garden Bed

Via Sunset

At first glance, this elevated bed may appear uninteresting. However, a closer examination reveals that this one has its banging pros. This amazing and simple raised garden bed can withstand frost and birds while also being resistant to burrowing pests. Aside from that, it irrigates your crops. Isn’t it incredible?

37. Octagon Shaped Garden Bed

Although most raised beds are square or rectangular, is there any law that it should be like that? So we present you with this inventive idea. This octagon-shaped bed with a keyhole allows one to reach the plants on the inside easily. In the center, there’s also a compost cage that feeds nutrients to the bed, which is the iconic part of this DIY. Feel like doing this? Go ahead!

38. Raised Garden Beds For Slopes

Another advantage of raised beds is that they can be erected in sloped areas where planting would otherwise be impossible. These beds are an excellent example of this, as they’re placed alongside a pretty steep staircase. Not only do they serve as a retaining wall, but they also work amazingly as a place to plant herbs and vegetables.

39. DIY Garden Enclosure

We grow plants with lots of love and always wish them to grow healthy and strong. And for that, we must definitely protect it from critters. For that, here’s a great idea. The tall plastic mesh walls will keep pests and naughty pets out of your garden, while the interior will allow you to walk about while working in your garden. Isn’t this amazing?

40. Used Tired Raised Garden

Do you have any old tires lying around? If so, you have to check this project out. This superb DIY makes use of old tires and brings about a unique raised garden bed. However, it does require some skill so make sure you’ll be able to work on it arduously.

41. U-Shaped Raised Bed

A square garden bed can provide a number of benefits. If building one for your yard isn’t an option, this hooked raised bed idea could be ideal. It’s straightforward to follow, and the materials and resources needed are readily available. Cold frames are a great addition to this garden bed if you want to get an early start or extend the outdoor growing season by a few weeks.

42. Metal Tier Garden Bed

Via Instagram @metalgardenbeds

If you’re having problems reaching the deepest portion of your raised bed, then adding a second-tier is the best way to get it right. Check this easy DIY where the blogger has simply used metal beds and made a tiered garden. These square metal beds have a second level that allows you to see the bright blooms more clearly.

43. Repurpose A Dresser

Speaking of inexpensive DIYs, who will not want to repurpose stuff and transform it into something useful? Look at this DIY where an old dresser is turned into a fresh spring garden bed. If you have one that you no longer use, convert it into a raised garden! The best part is, that you can leave the dresser as is, add soil and start planting. If you want to paint it to fit your garden, you’re free to do it. 

44. Raised Beds Along The Wall/Fence

Via Instagram @oursharedcorner

Is your yard surrounded by a strong fence or wall? If so, you can use it to create a little garden that spans along the edge of your yard. If you don’t want to give up too much yard space but still want to plant veggies, flowers, or other greenery, this is a terrific option. It also costs only a little, so why not?

45. Natural Wood Raised Garden

As we saw a repurposing hack before, here’s another one that is simply next level! This beautiful garden bed is made of straight wood, thinner branches, and thicker logs that are easy to get by. With the instructions, one can make this design come true and the end result will be well worth the effort.

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46. Raised Garden Bed From Reclaimed Wood

It’s fantastic to use reclaimed wood as most of them have a wonderful shade due to their antiquity. Speaking of it, free reclaimed wood can be found in abundance in barns, buildings, and old fences. With the instructions and materials, you can make a garden bed that will bring a rich, antique look to your backyard.

47. Repurposed Bed Base

As we’re into DIYs, repurposing is a major factor. Look at this amazing blogger who has made a raised bed out of a bed base. This simple DIY can be made along with kids, making it a family project, and creating rich memories. This design is apt to grow cucumbers, tomatoes, and peas.

48. Willow Garden Edging

Via Hunker

In this DIY we’ll be looking at how the blogger has brought back the culture of the roman empire. You can see how flexible wooden branches are wrapped around stakes to create a strong and natural border that can be easily shaped and filled to create a raised bed. 

49. Milk Crates

We’ve seen nearly 3 DIYs making use of crates and this is yet another one. Milk crates offer a lot of versatility and this DIY is going to be making use of this. All you’ll need are landscape fabric, scissors, dirt, seedlings, and, of course, milk crates. You’ll be able to make this in a short time and will love how it turns out.

50. Concrete Block Raised Bed Garden

Why not construct a garden bed made of concrete which will enrich your backyard? The exterior of this bed is made up of simple concrete blocks with finishing blocks on top, and it can be created in whatever size or shape you like. S

51. Simple 2-Tiered Raised Bed

Are you looking for a tiered raised bed that makes the most of every inch of the available area? Oh, here you go! This awesome bed is square in shape and will hold more plants than rectangular garden beds. With a 44-dimensional design, you can cram in even more herbs without making the view seem boring.

How To Build Your Free Raised Garden Beds (The Right Way)

If you want to build raised garden beds and you’re wondering what the right way is, we’ve got you. All you need to focus on are these 4 things:

  • Space: When we think about a raised garden bed, the area is the first thing to look at. Based on your spot, say a corner, you can make a garden bed the blends in the corner. If it is a balcony then a condo-style raised bed would be apt. Moreover, one must check whether enough sunlight is coming in unless you’re growing cool-season flowers.
  • The number of beds: Secondly, you need to analyze how many beds you need. Do you need smaller beds to plant various herbs or a large bed to grow them all in? All these questions once answered, will take you to the next step.
  • The size of your bed: A bed that is more than three feet wide is difficult to handle. It can, however, be as long as you want it to be. And so based on your choice of plant, choose the size wisely.
  • The needed materials: Most of the beds are made of wood since it is less expensive and strong. But of course, as we have it on the list, metal and plastic crates can also be used. Whatever it is, be sure to check how durable they are.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Raised Garden Bed?

A raised garden bed kit costs on average $145.48, with prices ranging from $100 to $200. Speaking of the cost, remember that the project’s worth varies based on:

  1. Size
  2. Quality
  3. Materials
  4. Location
  5. Labor (if you hire a professional)

A modest, wooden-framed bed on flat land will cost far less than a huge, stone-framed bed on gradable terrain. So, the cost varies based on your preferences.

How Deep Should A Raised Bed Garden Be?

The architecture of a normal raised bed which is 3 to 4 feet broad by 6 to 8 feet long, should at least be 12 to 18 inches deep for better growth. If you prefer taller beds, then accordingly the depth also varies. Make sure the raised bed’s edge materials are solid, long-lasting, and appealing.

Do I Need To Remove Grass Before Building A Raised Garden Bed?

Yes. Raised beds are loved because they are tall. Now, what happens if you leave the grass below? Well, if you leave the grass under your garden bed and only cover it with topsoil, it will continue to grow, giving you and your raised garden bed a lot of difficulties in the future. It may even grow as tall as the garden bed, causing you additional work to cut them off. 

What Is The Best Size For A Raised Garden Bed?

As mentioned above while discussing the depth of the raised garden bed, the usual size is three to four feet broad by around six to eight feet long. This optimum size allows you to reach into the raised bed from the side to plant, dig, and weed without having to step into the garden. 

Now that we’ve reached the end of our list with all the basic FAQs answered, it’s now time for you to choose one idea that suits you the best. Drop us a comment so that we can hear about your progress. Happy gardening!