31 Rustic Fall Decor Ideas

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Can you feel the Fall season on the breeze? The cool weather is here finally, and let’s welcome Fall in all it’s glory! 

You don’t have to go out to get the vibe, just invent an indoor oasis of your dreams and make your home feel cozy and warm. People might gear up for winter holidays but the Autumn should be celebrated, isn’t it? I know there is so much to do outside the four walls of your house like visiting an apple orchard, corn mazes and so much, but we can bring those Fall decorations in our living room. 

Simple decor ideas like an Autumn wreath, faux pumpkins, and inexpensive centerpieces, everything looks so amazing and has a rustic vibe. Also, the fireplace mantel demands some more decoration because it’s Fall!


1. Rustic Chippy Wood Frame

Via Theamericanpatriette

A DIY fall decor idea, this wood frame is sleek and very pretty. It is an elegant, country-style clip frame that is perfect for displaying seasonal printables and decorate your house in the fall days. You just need a wooden pallet, some acrylic paint, and a metal clip, your work is done! 

2. Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

Via Thecountrycook

Add some flair to your home this fall with this unconventional DIY pumpkin. It looks so good with those mason jar lid bands and yes, pumpkins can be used for rustic fall decor!

Spray paint the lids in orange and once they are dry, all you need is a yarn to tie them together. It is easy, unique, and can replace a faux pumpkin any day! 

3. Floral Hoop Wreath

Via Theamericanpatriette

A gorgeous hoop wreath wouldn’t be a bad idea for rustic fall decor. Combined with copper molds, it is a perfect piece for your living room and kitchen decor.

You just need an embroidery hoop, paint, fall floral elements that are showy and has a rustic charm and a floral wire. Those pine cones are looking so adorable here, aren’t they? 

4. Paper Leaf Garland

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

Fall marks the shedding of green leaves or rather yellow leaves and as it marks the beginning of winter, the greenery around us kind off vanishes. 

Let’s make up for it a little bit with this DIY paper garland. It is super easy, can be a good project for your kids, and can adore your home this fall! 

5. A Statement Corner

Via Cherishedbless

You don’t need a farmhouse to feel like one. Setup this rustic decor with a DIY bench, a wicker basket, and a wooden lamp. The whole setting is so incredible and can surely qualify as seasonal home decor. You can even customize those galvanized bins as you wish and add up to the rustic charm. 

6. Thanksgiving Pallet Art

Via Infarrantlycreative

If fall has arrived, thanksgiving would be at the door very soon, and let’s make the seasonal decor special this year. Buy a wood shims, stain it with your favorite color, and use contact paper to make those stencils. You can write ‘Be Grateful’ because you know it’s thanksgiving! 

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7. DIY Coffee Table

Via Lovegrowswild

You don’t have to rush to Pottery Barn and dig a hole in your pocket for a coffee table. A classic DIY coffee table can lit up those cool mornings in fall as you devour those coffee beans.

You just need some wooden legs and aprons and yes, a stain or paint of your choice. As you join them up, you would surely notice the masterpiece! 

8. Lemony Fresh Tablescape

Via Beautyforashes

It might go for a good summer decor but this lemony decor can be customized to fit in the fall decor. An antique dough bowl has been converted to a tablescape here and I can’t stop admiring it.

Replace the bright lemons with apples and you can have a rustic look that fits the theme. Good idea, isn’t it? 

9. DIY Flower Art

Via Lovegrowswild

Ever heard about mache pressed flower arts? If not, I could relate with you because I was blank when I tried this one and it should make it to your living room wall.

Also, it is budget-friendly. You just need a pressed flower or greenery, wood frame, and parchment paper and you have a beautiful wall art! 

10. Sunflower Decoration

Via Celebrateanddecorate

Let’s celebrate fall with some lively and yellow sunflowers, shall we? You just need some styrofoam balls for this one and obviously, artificial sunflowers. These pretty foam balls look so adorable and you can even make flowerpots with this one. 

11. Rustic Iron Gate and Flower Vases

Via Freshvintagebylisas

Add some landscaping to your garden with this cool DIY project. You just need to repurpose a rustic iron gate and make it vibrant with some DIY flower vases. Modify some vintage glass insulators into an amazing vase and use baling wires for hanging them up. So easy! 

12. Fall Firefly Lantern

Via Creativeambitions

This one is totally for decorative uses and if you’re planning a cozy Fall dinner, decorate the table with lanterns. Those mason jars are filled with rustic dried moss and the light is LED strings which looks great. Complete the decor with rustic and earthy twig balls placed on a barn wood tray.  

13. Fall Wall Hanging

Via Tatertotsandjello

My favorite of the lot, this one is the fall letter wall with burlap and metal. We have so many fall elements here, from those yellow leaves to dried up branches. The big canvas is made of burlap fabric and the letters are glued to it. It can be the heart of your living room this fall season! 

14. Rustic Pumpkin Bucket

Via Tatertotsandjello

Fall is not only about showy wreaths and wall arts, you can always try something with pumpkin! Grab a steel bucket and sea sponges for this one. You would just need some colors and layers of fall floral picks to complete the DIY.  This farmhouse pumpkin bucket comes with a rustic and beautiful charm, isn’t it? 

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15. Autumn Leaf Fairy Lights

Via Wallflowerkitchen

Irrespective of the season and location, fairy lights always look amazing and you can be as creative as you want with them. Preserve some fall leaves with the help of wax paper and convert them into a fairy light garland. Bring the warm autumn glow indoors before the gloomy winter kicks in! 

16. DIY Hoop Art

Via Thestudiochallenges

This one is a trendy project and very unique as well. You would need an embroidery hoop and floss for this one and some added things like ribbons, flowers, and more for detailing. You can always customize this with some fall elements and add this to your living room because you deserve some appreciation. 

17. Fall Cloche Decor

Via Eighteen25

Glass cloches look so classic and gorgeous and they highlight the setup inside like nothing else. Decorate a glass cloche with a berry garland, pumpkin, and a wood candle holder for extra height. Place the cloche in a round wood base and the fall decor is ready! 

18. DIY Fall Centerpiece

Via Diyshowoff

Up for a DIY September challenge? Repurpose a birdcage this fall and convert it to an amazing centerpiece! You would need some fall floral picks, plastic pumpkin, feathers, and burlap ribbon to complete this DIY. I know, it won’t be easy but it looks amazing and you can just give it a try. 

19. Autumn Mantel and White Pumpkins

Via Justdestinymag

Decorate your living room walls this fall with this cool autumn mantel look or choose a wall that is right in front of the main door.

The white pumpkins and pine cones are perfectly placed in the wooden counter to magnify the silver letters and it works so well. Buckle up and get this setup done! 

20. Autumn Pillar Vases

Via Hellolifeonline

Customizing simple pillar vases into something this amazing and perfect for seasonal decor is worth appreciating. Pick up some fall floral and pine cones to add that rustic charm and your very own gold and silver leaf pillar vase is ready!

21. Apple Stamped Gift Bags

Via Createcraftlove

It is fall and you can finally visit those apple orchards and come home with bags full of fresh fruits. Make this DIY apple stamped jute gift bags and make your friends feel special. You can also follow this method to print on canvas and make a full-fledged fall art. 

22. Fall Cork Banner

Via Houseologie

Another one for the auspicious Thanksgiving, this fall cork banner is all about adorning the fireplace mantel. You just need some cork, sharpie, and printable banners to cut out the letters and you are good to go! 

23. DIY Sunflower Pendants

Via Alwaysorderdessert

Sunflowers scream fall and those sunshine pops are beautiful! So, if you are hosting a gala dinner or a fall-themed wedding, consider this decor idea. 

Start with wrapping the styrofoam ball with jute string and tie to secure. This will also be used as a string for the pendant. Push the artificial sunflowers in the string one by one, covering the entire ball in circles. 

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Once done, you have a beautiful fall masterpiece!

24. DIY Sweater Pumpkin

Via Sincerelyjean

Make some sweater pumpkins this fall and take pride in your skills every time you look at it. You can make the pumpkins in different colors and you just need some old pillow stuffing or fiberfill to complete the project. Also, it only takes about 15 mins! 

25. Rustic Succulent Pots

Via Pinkwhen

Get your home garden winter-ready during the fall days with this succulent pots. The planters were customized using acrylic paint and a foam brush. To add that rustic vibe, you can wrap around some twine in the pot and your little decorating project is complete! 

26. DIY Budget Centerpiece

Via Passionatepennypincher

Here is another one with white pumpkin and green leaves. This one is super easy and won’t even cost you 5 dollars. This penny-pinch project looks so good and it was just made from grass and hydrangeas collected from home garden. So cool, isn’t it? 

27. Fall Mudroom Decor

Via Instagram

If you have a mudroom space, let’s decorate it with some fall elements! The stunning vignette features pumpkins and mums and an autumn wreath on one side of the door completes the aesthetic look. Those flower decors are also mixing very well, isn’t it? 

28. Autumn-inspired Greenhouse Decor

Via Instagram

You don’t need a greenhouse, this decor can be done to redecorate your backyard door or maybe an old garage entrance. With fall pumpkins and starry lights, it is a perfect seasonal decor and I loved this one. You can use the autumn leaved fairy lights here! 

29. Fall Decor for Bathroom

Via Instagram

If we are decorating our house this fall, why should the bathroom be left out? You can just make a cotton and grass wreath that fits the fall theme and yes, the faux fall flowers are mandatory here. I mean, they look lovely with the ‘give thanks’ board.  

30. Pumpkins and Staircase

Via Instagram

Faux pumpkins aren’t that expensive and they can be homemade with foam or you can use the mason lid pumpkins here. Collect as many faux pumpkins in white, soft yellow and creams and decorate your staircase this fall. It is so unique and you would have that Cinderella feel at your home!

31. DIY Rustic Mason Jars

Via Sincerelyjean

We did utilize dried grass before, and here comes another one. Take some mason jars, twines, acrylic paint, and a foam brush. You just need to do some painting here and your little addition to the fall decor is ready. 

This was all about rustic fall decor ideas and I hope you have chosen your favorite. The DIYs are super easy and trust me, you will make something cool if you just try it out. Happy fall days to you!