41 Scandinavian Christmas Decor Ideas

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Scandinavia, the land of snow, is without a doubt the picture-perfect place for Christmas. The greens and whites, complemented with colorful lights and embellishments, create the mesmerizing scenery you see only on a magazine cover. 

Amidst the snow, fire, and cozy homes, Scandinavians celebrate Christmas like no other! 

With tons of food and alcohol, Yule lads tradition, Glogg, and a heartwarming family gathering, Scandinavians know how to have the perfect Christmas celebration. 

However, to experience that picture-perfect Christmas, you don’t have to be in Scandinavia. Instead, bring Scandinavia to your home with some amazing decor to up the Christmas spirits

Here you’ll find some classy, sophisticated, and simple Christmas decor ideas that’ll give your home that Nordic Christmas look

41 Scandinavian Christmas Decor Ideas

1. Scandinavian Christmas Star Wreaths

Via MarthaStewart

Let’s begin with a DIY project. Scandinavian Christmas means lots of green! Even the stars should be green. 

You can make such star shapes with basswood strips, then glue the cut greens to the stars. Proudly display the wreaths on your front door or wall for a bright holiday. 

2. Scandi Christmas Eucalyptus Tree

Via MonsterCircus

If you have tons of Eucalyptus branches lying around in your garden, or can steal some from others (hush!) use them to make little Christmas trees for hanging up on the walls.

Cut different lengths of the branches, arrange them in the X-max tree shape using a wire, top it off with a star and finish it with a bell for a cute little Christmas tree.

3. Swedish Candle Wreath

Via francoisetmoi

Sweden has a special type of Christmas Candle wreath. It’s made with a circular brass hoop, some greens, a candle holder, and of course, a burning candle.

As you might’ve already figured it out, the greens are wired to the hoop, and the holder is clipped over the eucalyptus and hoop. Make sure the holder is stable otherwise it can be a fire hazard. 

4. Dala Horse Embroidery

Via KimberlyOuimet

If you are a stitching person, you’ll have fun making this Scandinavian Christmas embroidery. 

With a colorful combination of different stitching techniques like backstitch, stem stitch, blanket stitch, satin stitch, french knots, and lazy daisies, you can make this cute little Dala Horse. Get that Scandinavian vibes going!

5. Hanging Terrariums

Via thebeautydojo

I love the simplicity of Scandinavian Xmas decor. They are super creative too!

The simple hanging terrariums are converted into cute little Christmas balls with embellishments like toy deers, faux snow and mini trees or pine cones. How adorable is that?!

6. Nordic Felt Gnomes

Via DIYCandy

Christmas has gotta have Gnomes, right? And where did Christmas Gnomes come from? That’s right, Scandinavia! 

Now, I’ve heard people saying that they are scared of these little guys (dunno why) but if you’re too, keep it simple and not scary by crafting them with cones, felt, tiny ball noses, and cute little cotton beards. 

7. Salt Dough Ornament

Via DwellingsbyDeVore

Nordic Christmas demands “sophisticated simplicity”. And what’s more simple and homely than these little salt dough ornaments? Bonus, they are virtually unbreakable.

Prepare the salt dough, shape with Christmas cookie cutters, bake them at a lower for a longer time, spray paint the ornaments, and decorate the tree. 

8. Advent Calendar

Via Stylizimoblog

Wanna go for a creative style of gifting? Make this rustic wall Christmas tree hanger and hang up the gifts on it.

Gather up a bunch of wooden dowels and a long twine or yarn. Arrange them in the tree shape and join them together with the twine, leaving adequate space in between. Hang up the gifts with twine and number them with bells!

9. Scandi Felt Forest

Via PillarBoxBlue

Make a bunch of little felt Christmas trees and use them to create your very own miniature Scandi forest that can sit on your mantle. 

Glue the trees to wood sticks. Punch holes in a circular wooden base and fit the trees in them. 

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10. Wood Bead Snowflake Ornament

Via AliceandLois

If you don’t like the boring store-bought snowflakes, craft them yourselves with some wooden beads and thread. The natural wood color is the perfect addition to your Scandi House! 

Pass the thread through the beads with easy techniques and frosty snowflakes are done!

11. Last-Minute Scandi Centerpiece

Via LittleScandanavian

For a cute little centerpiece, put some twigs or branches in a vase and decorate them with little hanging hearts. A perfect last-minute Scandi style decor idea!

To ramp it up to the next level, add some cut greens to the branches and complement it with a scented candle. 

12. Wooden Scandanavian Wreath

Via MarcKelly

You’re probably aware that Scandi people are highly attracted to natural elements for decoration purposes. 

You might have wood scraps lying around your house. Use them to make this appealing wooden wreath. Use wood glue to attach them to the base. Add a green touch to the wreath to make it more earthly

13. Rustic Christmas Table

Via Housedoctordk

Don’t forget the tables! Make them Scandi too with simple black & white plates, tied with ribbons and topped with pinecones. 

Try to get black tinted wine glasses for enhancing rustic beauty. Complement the look with little deer figurines.

14. Alluring Christmas Display

Via VibekeDesign

Yeah, I know. Scandi Christmas is all about simplicity, and this seems like anything but that. Well, there’s no harm in having a little more than simple.

You need different-shaped cookie cutters and lots of dough. For the house, cut into different shapes then join them together with more dough. Make sure they’re firmly intact! The height should be such that it fits in your oven. Bake and enjoy! 

15. Tiny Star Wall Hangings

Via DilineateyourDwelling

Pretty little stars hanging on your wall are the perfect examples of “beauty in simplicity”. 

Take a wood dowel, drill holes in the sides, and adjust hooks in them. Hang the thing up. Make pretty little star cut-outs then hang them on the wooden hanger. It’s as simple as that!

16. Christmas Plywood Sign

Via AnnaBode

Make your Scandi Christmas theme more obvious with this Danish, wooden Merry Christmas sign. 

Get a wooden board of convenient size. Draw a circle on it, arrange the printed letters in the circle and paint the remaining area. Hang it up or place it on the mantle top. Glaedelig Jul! 

17. DIY Twig Stars 

Via FarmhouseonBoone

To make these Scandinavian-inspired twig stars, all you need is some twigs (of course), Gorilla tape, and a bit of precision.

Simply hold the twigs in the star shape with Gorilla tape and you’re done! It can be used as a hanging ornament, or as a rustic touch to gift wraps. 

18. Geometric Tree Ornaments

Via theMerryThought

Ever thought of it? I bet no! Anyways, they are very simple additions to elevate the Scandi look. Super-easy to make, they look great and are even educational for small kids. 

Buy geometric brass jewelry connectors to make the shapes and hang them up with string. 

19. The Stocking Feet

Via GoodHouseKeeping

Scandinavian Christmas gave lots of ideas to West Christmas. One such thing is this stocking garland. And why not? It’s simple, sophisticated, and pretty festive.

Just a few bucks to buy the socks and the mantle top is decked with a heartwarming Christmas tradition.

20. On Golden Frond

Via GoodHouseKeeping

If you don’t wanna make a fuss about the centerpiece decor, get these craft-store wheat stalks and put them in a clear jar with some red ribbon tied around them. Fill the jar with faux snow and surround it with almonds for an elegant touch. 

21. Driftwood Christmas Tree

Via SustainMyCraftHabit

What’s more rustic than a full-sized driftwood Christmas tree? There’s nothing better to give your front porch that Scandi look. 

You don’t need advanced woodwork skills. Simply gather up the branches and drill holes in the middle. Arrange the branches in the tree shape and pass the support rod through them. Drill a hole in a wooden base and insert the tree in it. Voila!

22. Wooden Christmas Tree

Via TheCountyChicCottage


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If a full-sized wood tree is too much for you, make small wooden trees with store-bought wood slices and foam cones. 

Buy packs of wood slices from any nearby store, glue them to the foam cones and voila! For a smooth finish, apply some brown paint on the trees. 

23. Felt Christmas Trees

Via SingleGirl’sDIY

Put your Cricut machine to use, or scissors will work just fine, to make these cute little Scandinavian-inspired felt trees. 

Use a printout of the Christmas tree pattern to shape the felt fabric. Glue the fabric trees in the middle and support them with a mini wooden base and stick. 

24. Charming Nordic Reindeer Decor

Via MadeinaDay

Even simple cardboard or wood deers with Scandi patterns will give you the Nordic Christmas look you want. 

Cut the cardboard or wood slice into different shapes and form the reindeer. Apply peach paint on it for a calming look. Use white paint to draw the snowflakes and other patterns. Complement the deers with little cardboard Christmas trees.  

25. Looks Sew Real

Via GoodHouseKeeping

Not surreal, sew real. If you like to work with embroidery hoops, you’ll have fun crafting these. Nope, skills ain’t required. Follow the steps and you’re all set!

Iron the chosen design onto white linen, leaving extra fabric around the edges. Place it on the hoop and tighten the extra fabric around the edges. Cut away the unnecessary extras and hang them up with a wire loop. 

26. Advent Wreath

Via CraftivityDesigns

Scandinavians have been following this Advent tradition for ages. If you don’t know what that is, they light one candle during each Sunday of Advent. The candles represent joy, hope, love, and peace- all that Christmas is about.

If you wanna follow this tradition and also add it to your decor, make a small wooden base for the candles, and surround them with greens, red berries, and pinecones.

27. DIY Minimal Christmas Decor

Via WordsareforWriters

Christma decor can’t get simpler than that! It’ll cost you a few bucks and little time to make this embroidery hoop ornament. 

The sorting of the colorful yarns is the main attraction here. Apart from this white-red-black arrangement, you can also go for any other sorting (get creative!) Add some greens and pinecones for that Christmas touch! 

28. Hoop Wreaths on Branch

Via Fillyourhomewithlove

Let’s go completely natural and make some greenery hoop wreaths with circular foam wreath bases, and hang them up on a long tree branch. 

To make it more Christmas-y you can add some string lights or faux candles to the wreaths, okay, not completely natural but hey it’s Christmas you gotta have lights!  Check out string light decoration ideas to DIY.

29. DIY Asymmetrical Christmas Wreath

Via JustineCelina

The gorgeous Magnolia leaves with fragrant Cedar and Pine greens can make it hard for the flower-lovers to resist. To make these wreaths, combine the leaves with red berries and eucalyptus and enjoy admiring your masterpiece! 

30. Evergreen Tree Topiary

Via Gluesticks

The store-bought trees are quite expensive, sometimes ridiculously expensive, won’t ya agree? Save some money and make your own Christmas tree with a tomato cage.

First, shape the tomato cage in the form of a full-sized Christmas tree. Then wrap the greeneries around it. Add the lights and embellishments, and display them on your front porch for a mini X-mas tree. 

31. Brown paper Gifts Under the Tree

Via OhohDeco

Why just on the tree? Decorate under the tree too! Use the Christmas presents (real or fake) as decor items under the tree.

As Scandi Christmas is all about simplicity, use brown paper to wrap the gifts. You can place a paper cone on top and fill it with greens, or hang paper ornaments by a twine Add pinecones and more greens for a rustic Christmas!

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32. Geometric Beaded Garland 

Via TheHouseThatLarsBuilt

Inspired by the Finnish Traditional Himmeli, an ornament made with straws for the Christmas tree is just the right pick for giving the tree a Nordic look. 

Gather a bunch of sticks and break them into equal pieces. Glue them to form 3D tetragons or hexagons. Arrange them in the form of a garland, filling the gaps in between with beads. 

33. DIY Jingle Bell Garland

Via MonsterCircus

Whether it’s a last-minute prep or a year-long one, this simple jingle bells garland will adhere to the Nordic theme for few pennies and no time. 

The procedure needs no description- the picture says it all! A bunch of bells and wire or string will do the trick perfectly!

34. Waterfree Snow Globe

Via HoneyI’mHomeDIY

Honestly, my Christmas isn’t complete without a Snow Globe. The miniature Christmas land inside the globe makes me feel content. If you’re anything like me, you can have the Scandi-land inside it!

Fill it with faux snow and place beautiful embellishments. A Christmas tree is a must, reindeers, Santa Claus, carriage, maybe the little Scandi houses, pinecones, bells, berries- anything that makes you feel the spirit. 

35. DIY Christmas Centerpiece

Via JasperandWillow

The Christmas centerpieces are probably the easiest DIYs. You’ll believe me after seeing this one. All it needs is a vase, big glittery Christmas bells, and some greens (real or faux). Arrange them in the jar and done! Isn’t it super easy? 

36. DIY Faux Fur Christmas Tree

Via JoyfulDerivatives

Get packets of bright white faux fur and glue them to the cardboard cones. The size is totally up to you. Add some furry comfort to your Christmas! 

Who doesn’t love fur?! Soft, cozy, and again soft! To have a snowy-looking ornament in your house that’ll make you think about snowy Scandinavia, craft some fur topiaries. 

37. Dried Orange Garland

Via theMerryThought

Here’s a crazy idea. If the oranges have dried out, use them for other purposes like…make a Christmas garland out of them! Trust me it is a good idea. 

Just slice the oranges and pass a long twine through them. Of course, it is incomplete without some greenery. 

38. Black Beads Wreath

Via MadefromScratch

Have you ever seen these giant black beads for Christmas decor? It’s my first time, to be honest. Anyways, get your hands on them and make this simple and elegant Scandinavian wreath. 

Add some wooden geometric shapes and greenery and done!

39. Festive Candle Holder

Via ViennaWedekind

A simple glass jar can be turned into a Scandinavian candle holder just by filling it with water and sinking a leaf in it. People can get so clever! Stick the candle in its mouth and display it as a centerpiece or lighten up the porch with it.

40. DIY Scandinavian Garland

Via MadefromScratch

I dunno if beads are a thing for Scandi people but they surely give the Nordic vibe as it’s about simplicity and elegance. 

Add green tassels to a simple bead garland and it becomes a Christmas-y decoration. You can also combine it with triangles or geometric shapes garland for enhancing the theme. 

41. All In One!

This idea is gonna be your favorite on the list! The creator here has decorated the entire house in Nordic style!

The aim is to keep it natural, simple, and budget-friendly. Pine and patterned-paper garlands, lighted candles, and stars make up the mantle. Some beautiful drawings complemented with some greens are perfect for the windows.

You can also keep Hanukkah candles as centerpieces. For the walls, simple pictures, tags or banners are enough. Decorate your tree in a minimalistic way, add some more garlands to the look and it’s done! 

Now that you have so many minimalist, elegant Scandinavian Christmas decoration ideas, don’t procrastinate the preps. It seems like a lot of months are left till Christmas but it’s gonna go away in a flash. But don’t stress on it! Take it easy and enjoy- after all Christmas is all about that!