11 Stunning Christmas crafts you have to make this year

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Christmas is nearing once again, and the task of decorations are going to have to start soon. After all, that’s the fun factor around Christmas. The art of decoration and garnering praises is a fun part of Christmas in itself. No one wants to leave an opportunity of impressing Santa after all.

But instead of the traditional ways of decoration, people are focusing on the modern methods of craft today. You want that Instagram worthy look to flood your profile with pictures this Christmas. 

You can, of course, go to the art gallery and select items for you. But the best way to inject personality in your household is through creating crafts that suit your vision. Hence we have come up with 11 exciting Christmas crafts that you can make in a quick time. You don’t even need to be a DIY expert in crafting these. Just check each of these out and you’ll get to know:

11 Stunning Christmas Crafts You Have To Make This Year

1. DIY Citrus Garland

Via Countryliving

Citrus garlands can quickly spruce up any Christmas tree. It’s unique, vibrant as well as incorporates a feeling of freshness around the Christmas tree. You can also use some citrus scent to complete a citrus themed tree. 

It’s easy to make and requires inexpensive items like twines, wires, and nylon threads. The idea of refreshing would take less than a $10 bill even if you don’t have any of these items already with you.

2. 3D Noodle Christmas Tree

Via Craftymorning

If you thought noodles were only good for eating, this one would change your perception forever. After, why not use it to decorate if pasta can look so elegant. You can also teach your toddlers to help you with this one. All it takes is a few decorating materials, cardboard and spray paint. Spray painting is a fun craft as well, so you’d enjoy making this craft.

3. Brass Ring Wreath

Via Sugarandcharm

If you’re looking to create something classy this Christmas, don’t look further than these DIY brass ring wreaths. These will get you in the perfect holiday mood.

The flowers bring alive this minimalistic piece of decor further. Moreover, it is a good gifting idea too. If you have a dominant wall, you can hang these wreaths in the opposite of it for an understated and elegant look. It retains the face even after the holiday is over.

4. Black Paper Tablecloth

Via Housebeautiful

Tablecloths get too dirty at Christmas parties. Sometimes, they get damaged to the point of no return. Instead, use a butcher paper for it. It is customizable and easy to decorate too. You can bring out that lost artist from inside and splash that chalk paint all over.

You can also place placards, paper cutlery robes, and more. Everything looks more pronounced and vibrant. It’s also easy to clean. You don’t have to spend tens of dollars on it either. All you’d need is a few handy craft tools.

5. Craft Mini Houses

Via Hgtv

Make a cute wood Christmas house that will also turn out to be a functional piece of furniture all year round.  You’d need a couple of knit stockings, miniatures, and more. These aren’t too expensive at the craft stores, but you can save more by DIYing them. 

The tutorial is well explained, and it would take you less than a day to craft these. It’s a fun weekend project in which you can take your children’s help too. Decorate it further with small decorative items from the dollar store.

6. Pine Scented Candles

Via Sugarandcharm

Raise your aesthetics as well as fragrance game this Christmas by making these exotic pine-scented candles. The fragrance is as important and we put in little emphasis on it. The pine’s scent is exotic and will feel incredible in the bedroom and around the hallway.

Moreover, the candle will come in useful all year long. You’d need a small glass jar along with some twines and more. 

7. Lantern Display

Via Dimplesandtangles

Lanterns are top tier aesthetics. Moreover, they just fit so well in the winter decor that we couldn’t help but recommend a lantern craft to you. Decorate these lanterns with polka dots, ribbons, and other fancy decoratives to spread out that Christmas vibe on the face.

It’s a great idea to make your entrance warm and welcoming. You can freshen up an otherwise dull gateway. Add a bit of fake grass and complete a gorgeous Christmas craft that costs less than $10.

8. Yarn Gift Toppers

Via Womansday

If you have extra boxes stored from decorations last year, use them this year to make this yarn gift topper. Made with free items, the yarn gift toppers can increase the value of Christmas gifts by multiple folds with minimal effort.

A couple of boxes, some yarn in vibrant colors, and a bit of decoration would suffice. You can choose several wrapping papers to craft multiple items too. It’s a quick yet unique craft that everyone should try. You can make these even if you’re a noob at DIY.

9. Leaf Paper Garland

Via Goodhousekeeping

Christmas isn’t just about enjoying with friends and family anymore. You also need those cool Instagram snapshots. You need to raise your aesthetics game these days to be on par with the best in the app.

Setting up cool festive backgrounds is a must for it. Try making this leaf paper garland with cutout leaves that are easy to make and cost just a couple of hours and minimal bucks. You can use your creativity to craft various shapes as per your decor and imagination too.

10. Yarn Wrapped Christmas Ornaments

Via Designimprovised

It might be a kid’s Christmas craft, but that doesn’t make it less exciting. These yarn wrapped ornaments are cute and super easy to make. You can bring your kids to help you with these.

Once they learn the right method, they might have fun creating these themselves. They work well for entrance door decorations as well as on the walls. You can also decorate your kid’s room with these cute ornaments.

11. DIY Oversized Ornaments

Via Homestoriesatoz

I just love ornaments that exude light. They are two in one package as they enhance the Christmas decor and make the room well-lit and dazzling. These oversized ornaments can enhance the aesthetics near your windows and the porch or other vacant places.

If you have a lot of negative space, these oversized ornaments can make the room look complete and well lit. Not only does the light make the vacant space feel fuller, but the large size of these ornaments can cover a lot.

These were 11 of the hundreds of ideas you can think of while preparing for Christmas. These are easy to make and can provide that extra oomph to your decor. Couple the Christmas tree with a few of these easy decorations for a complete look this Christmas.

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