51 Best Summer Crafts For Kids

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Wondering how to keep your kids busy this summer and not let them pester you? Crafts are the answer!

Crafting does not involve a lot of materials, time, and effort. It’s all about creativity and having fun. Even a piece of simple paper and a glue stub is enough sometimes! So why not introduce your little artists to some super easy summer crafts?

Here is a list of the best summer crafts that will keep their boredom at bay! You may have to take care of the mess they leave but it’ll be worth it 🙂

51 Best Summer Crafts For Kids

1. Salt Painting

Via Iheartartsncrafts

Painting on salt? Now that’s something! Draw anything on a sheet of card paper using glue and sprinkle salt all over it. Paint it with watercolor or food color and let it dry.

2. Paper Spinner

Via Agirlandagluegun

Summer is all about bright and cheerful colors! Draw colorful designs (the more the better) on circular cardboards and insert twine through them. Your kids are going to love playing with these DIY paper spinners.

3. Paper Plate Fruit Craft

Via Craftsbyamanda

Fruits are at the heart of summer! To make these tasty looking, sadly non-edible, paper plate fruits need paints, markers, scissors, and all other easily available supplies. Encourage your little ones to create the fruits they love the most.

4. Paper Crabs

Via Easypeasyandfun

Don’t crabs remind you of the beach? Some colorful paper cuttings for the body, black marker for the legs, buttons for the eyes—and your paper crabs are ready!

5. Paper Ice Cream Craft

Via Easypeasyandfun

Ice cream is essential during summers. Let the kids craft it using colorful papers, markers, and yarn (for the sprinkles). A cherry (pom-pom) on the top will give it a more realistic appearance!

6. Macaroni Fish

Via Iheartcraftythings

Yup, macaroni fish! Macaroni glued on cardboard fish, that is. Make your kids paint the macaroni in various bright colors of their choice. Oh, and don’t forget the googly eyes.

7. Popsicle Snakes

Via Ladyandtheblog

Popsicle crafts never get too old. So how about making some funny-looking popsicle snakes? The felt tongues will add to their funny appearance! Your kids will surely have a lot of fun making these colorful snakes.

8.  Pineapple Planter 

Via Makelifelovely

Summer and pineapple is the perfect combo! Give the kids a small terracotta plant pot and let them paint it into a pineapple. Encourage them to grow and take care of the plants in their painted pots. They’ll be excited to do that!

9. Sponge Water Bombs

Via Houseofhepworths

Let your kids craft these sponge water bombs to play with while they are whiling away in the kiddy pool. Sponges, scissors, and a fishing line—that’s all it takes to craft these.

10. Juice Box Boat Craft

Via Madewithhappy

Get a bunch of juice boxes and let your kids paint them using bright colors. For the flags, use straws and paper. Trust me, kids love water toys like these. They’ll also have fun making them!

11. Pool Noodle Sailboat

Via Raisingarizonakids

Kids tend to spend most of their time in the water during summer. So let them play in the water with their hand-made sailboats! Use pool noodles for the hull and foam for the sails. Thread the sail onto a barbecue-skewer and stick it onto the noodle.

12. Paper Dahlia 

Via Craftaholicsanonymous

Dahlias signal the onset of summer. So go ahead and decorate your house with paper dahlias specially made by your little craftsmen! Glue colorful paper cones on a cardboard circle to create the dahlia-look.

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13.  Bead Suncatcher

Via Artfulparent

A suncatcher is a perfect ornament for summer! Show your kids how to make it by melting beads in a metal baking dish. Drill some holes in it (don’t let the kids do this part) and use kite string to hang it up.

14. Wind Chimes 

Via Craftsunleashed

Here’s another fun item for the kids to make! First, insert some hooks in a driftwood twig (an adult needs to do this job). Then add beautiful beads using twine and tie them to the hooks. You’ll need some more hooks and jute to hang up this beautiful wind chime.

15. Hot Air Balloon

Via Craftymorning

How cute does this hot air balloon look?! Some colorful paper cuttings, cardboard cuttings, and twine, and some easily available materials are all you need to make this. I’m not a kid but I’m definitely trying this 3-D hot air balloon out someday!

16.  Pom Pom Bookmark 

Via Mommymadethat

Which kid wouldn’t like to own these bookmarks? To make these super cute bookmarks you would require only popsicle sticks, pom-poms, and googly eyes (and of course, glue). The kids will love having pom-pom faces with googly eyes in their books.

17. Funny Grass Heads

Via Redtedart

Summer holidays might be boring for the kids. But this craft is anything but that! Fill a tight stocking with compost and put grass seeds on the top. Decorate with googly eyes and felt and put it on top of a pot. Gradually the grass will grow like hair—WOW!

Make sure that your kids slightly water their grass heads once in a while.

18. Mini Garden 

Via Lifeatthezoo

Your babies can grow their own mini garden- AWW! Give them a large container to fill with compost or earth along with some grass seeds. Decorate with stones and remind them to water their mini gardens regularly!

19. Sea Shell Pendants

Via Redtedart

“She sells seashells by the seashore”. So go grab some from the lady and let your kids make seashell pendants out of them! Make colorful balls of salt cookie dough and attach the seashells to each ball. Poke holes through each pendant’s dough and thread them up.

20.  Paper Roll Mermaid 

Via Redtedart

I cracked up at the sight of this funny paper roll mermaid! I’m sure the kids too will find this funny and exciting to make. Use a kitchen towel roll and tissue paper for making the body. Decorate the mermaid with paint, sequins, googly eyes, and seashells.

21. Under-the-Sea Paper Plate

Via Survivingateacherssalary

Here’s another paper plate craft that will remind you of the beach. Let your kids craft this under-the-sea paper plate to bring the beach home—use some colorful goldfish crackers and green felt to get the look.

22. Noodle Sunflower

Via Craftymorning

Honestly, kids’ crafts are super fun, to say the least. Using rotini noodles to make sunflowers? I’d be excited if I were a kid! Fusilli also works for this. Other stuff like pipe cleaners and some paint are needed to finish the look.

23. Rock Ladybugs

Via Theflyingcouponer

Make rock-painted ladybugs and decorate your house this summer! They look super cute! Use red, yellow, and black paints for the body, blue and white for the eyes. You can add googly eyes to make them look even cuter.

24. Coffee Filter Butterfly

Via Onelittleproject

Watching butterflies flutter around during summer is splendid! How about letting your kids make some and decorating their rooms with them?

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Sketch on a flattened coffee filter with washable markers. Spray water on it and fold it into a strip. Tie a pipe cleaner in the middle and open the two sides such that it forms butterfly wings.

25. Clothespin Caterpillar Magnets

Via Happyhomefairy

Use wooden clothespins and pom-poms to make cute little caterpillars! Attach a magnetic strip on the caterpillar’s back to display it on the fridge door.

26. Paper Roll Fireworks

Via Startathomedecor

If your kids love playing with colors, let them make these colorful fireworks! Cut one end of a toilet paper roll into fringes and dip the end into the paint. Stamp, stamp, stamp, and done.

27. Cactus Rocks

Via Bestideasforkids

It’s risky to grow real cactus around kids so why not go for the rock ones? Let the kids have their own pet cactus made of rock! Those googly eyes will make them look adorable.

28. Handprint Flamingos

Via Thebestideasforkids

Handprint crafts are the best for kids. They’ll surely enjoy making a pair of handprint flamingos using colorful cardstock. Use pipe cleaners for the legs and don’t forget to add the googly eyes!

29. Rainbow Birdhouse

Via Craftymorning

Another craft using popsicle sticks! Glue them together to form a little birdhouse. Paint it using the colors of a rainbow and fill the inside with seeds. Your little ones can then hang their colorful birdhouses outside and make friends with them.

30. Sea Shell Picture Frames

Via Canadianliving

Let the kids decorate picture frames with seashells. If you have any pictures taken at the beach, the seashells will complement those the most. They’ll look aesthetically pleasing as well 🙂

31. Shark Bookmarks

Via Heyletsmakestuff

Here’s another bookmark idea—if the kids love fierce but cute sharks, encourage them to make these bookmarks! Some colorful paper cutting, folding, and gluing is all they’ll have to do.

32. Paper Lantern

Via Firstpalette

I think making paper lanterns is one of the most common kids’ crafts. Fold the paper from the middle and cut it into fringes leaving an inch on the top. Open, roll, and decorate—the lantern’s ready.

33. Summer Banner

Via Laurascraftylife

Cut colorful cardstocks in a way that they look like slices of watermelon. Why? ‘Cause summer is incomplete without watermelons, that’s why. Cut out letters to spell ‘SUMMER’ and make the banner using a twine.

34. Cactus Soap

Via Lydioutloud

If the kids don’t like the regular soap you give them, let ‘em make their own creative one! This cactus soap is fun to make and use as well. You can get the cactus mold from a Dollar Store.

35. Kool-Aid Lip Gloss

Via Adventuresinallthingsfood

Let your little one make his or her own set of lip gloss. The ingredients are coconut oil, sugar, and powdered Kool-Aid. Mix and freeze, that’s it! It’s bound to taste good too.

36. Mason Jar Aquarium

Via Hellowonderful

Your kids can have their own mini aquarium using mason jars, water, and plastic aquarium figurines. Adding in some glitter will increase the beauty of these mini aquariums.

37. Light Up Fireflies

Via Apartmenttherapy

Probably the best thing about summer is the sight of fireflies twinkling around at night. What a view! Pop an LED tealight into a plastic easter egg and decorate it with pipe cleaners and silver duct tape. Your kids will have a lot of fun making this.

38. Cupcake Liner Ice Cream

Via Iheartcraftythings

Cupcake liners as well as coffee filters work for making this yummy little paper ice cream. First, give the cone stripes with a fork dipped in brown paint and then glue the liners at the top. Decorate with any embellishment you want.

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39. Sun Paper Plate

Via Easycraftsforkids

Make the sun with a paper plate and use colorful handprints as its rays. After all, what screams summer as much as the sun?

40. Lid Suncatcher 

Via Familyfocusblog

Kids and colors are a perfect pair! Make your kids paint the suncatcher prints, apply oil over them, and glue them to the mason jar lid rings. Hang these by using twine.

41. Pinecone Pineapple 

Via Tiffanystidings

Here’s another pineapple craft to keep the kids busy. Paint the pinecone yellow and use green construction paper and a straw to make the leaves. They can display these decor pieces in the living room.

42. Tissue Paper Flowers

Via Skiptomylou

These beautiful tissue paper flowers are quite easy to make. Gather the colorful tissue papers, do some cutting, twist a wire in the middle, and fold into a flower. For the stem, use a pipe cleaner.

43. Seashell Windchime

Via Redtedart

Get your hands on a twig, seashells, beads, and thread—and the wind chime is ready! This will be a fun and easy summer craft for the kids.

44. Jellyfish Cup

Via Buggyandbuddy

Doesn’t this look funny? Your kids will think so too! Use a cup and a bunch of paperclips to make this hanging jellyfish. Insert a hook on the top (adult’s job) to hang the cup. You can even decorate it with jingle bells.

45. Summer Snow Globe

Via Graymalin

This summer snow globe consists of plastic figurines that give off that beach-y vibe. Let the kids make it using mason jars, figurines (flamingoes and palm trees would look superb), and glycerin.

46. Flamingo Ring Toss Game

Via Sugarandcloth

If your kids are bored of their usual games, encourage them to make their own ring toss game! Plastic flamingos with sticks can be bought from the store. Insert the flamingos in mini pots filled with sand and they are good to go.

47. Footprints In The Sand

Via Christiespaintnshop

Making footprints are as fun as making handprints! Your kids can paint the beach on paper and stamp their footprints in the “sand”. This will surely be a fun activity.

48. Butterfly Suncatcher 

Via Craftsonsea

Cutting up papers and crafting is something that most of the kids enjoy. They can craft a suncatcher using colorful paper, cellophane, and other easily available materials. Your little ones can stick these butterflies on the glass windows of their bedrooms.

49. DIY Bath Bombs

Via Muffinchannel

There are quite some ingredients involved in the making of these bath bombs so the adult may have to interfere here. The ingredients are baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, corn starch, almond oil, essential oils, food coloring, and water. Mix them all together and use a mold to create these beautiful and fun bath bombs.

50. 4th of July Patriotic Craft

Via Naturalbeachliving

The 4th of July calls for something patriotic! Let your kids make these patriotic blowers using toilet paper rolls, paint, and crepe paper streamers. Long Live America!

51. Pool Noodle Fish

Via Gluedtomycrafts

Let’s end this list with the cutest craft ever! All you need is a circular pool noodle, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes of course. Let your kids display them proudly wherever they like!

We’ve finally reached the end of this wonderful list. Now that you’ve got some creative and fun summer craft ideas to help your kids pass time, grab the stuff for them, and let get them to work!