150 Super Cheap Recipes For When You Are Really Broke

cheap recipes to make at home

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Are you a student trying to simply get by the week, or just on a tight budget? Well, worry not! You can have nutritious, delicious meals while on a very slim budget if you know of some superb recipes that can be made quickly with minimal ingredients.

Eating on a budget can be tough – one often ends up consuming less food or simply junk in order to save money. This can greatly hinder your health. Thus, cooking is a great life skill you must know!

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of some easy-to-make, cheap recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So, let’s get started!

150 Super Cheap Recipes For When You Are Really Broke

1. Baked Eggs In Tomato Cups

Via Diethood

With just two major ingredients, this is such a simple breakfast you can whip up when you need to rush away in the morning.

2. Roasted Apples

Source unknown

Roasted apples make a really good side to any protein – be it ham, pork, or even some chicken. Instead of a heavy, fancy addition to your lunch, opt for roasted apples instead. You can also add some simple white rice for a complete dish.

3. Breakfast Burritos

Via Budgetbytes

Meal preps are such a smart way of eating on a budget because you can cook them in batches and freeze them to eat throughout the week. Burritos are one such great meal you can freeze and pop in the oven for a quick breakfast.

4. French Toast

Via Simplyrecipes

Use leftover bread to make a delicious batch of French toast for yourself and your mates! If you don’t want to go for expensive toppings like spreads or whipped cream, you add some fresh-cut banana slices, strawberries, chocolate chips, and even lemon curd!

5. Omelet

Via Recipetineats

When in doubt, always get omelet-ing! You can never really go wrong with a classic omelet. Sure, you can always add veggies to enhance it, but that’s the best part, you don’t need to! A classic omelet tastes as good with minimal ingredients when you are on a tight budget.

6. Homemade Biscuits

Via Sugarspunrun

Making biscuits from scratch often intimidates people, but it is so easy to bake and you can make them in batches to store in jars for days! You need ingredients that are so easily available right in your kitchen: flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, butter, and milk.

7. Pancakes

Via Allrecipes

These fluffy delights will brighten your weekday mornings! Serve with fruit toppings, maple syrup, or whipped cream.

8. Muffins

Via Savvysavingcouple

Make healthy muffins in no time with just three basic ingredients! Sounds like a dream, right? But you can make it right at home with some oats, bananas, and almond milk. You can always add additional ingredients such as dried fruits, nuts, blueberries, etc. as per your preferences and finances.

9. Ham And Egg Cups

Via Ourtableforseven

Making delicious food with just a few ingredients is always so satisfying. This is another great recipe that requires minimal ingredients such as eggs, ham, cheddar cheese, and black pepper.

10. Fruit And Yogurt Parfaits

Via Simplysissom

Make yogurt parfaits ahead of your day with some easy scoops of yogurt, freshly cut fruits, and granola! You can freeze them for breakfast and even take them out for a midnight meal.

11. Hash Browns

Via Allrecipes

Whip up some yummy hash browns in under 20 minutes! These crispy treats are so fluffy on the inside and will practically melt in your mouth, and you only need potatoes and some butter so it is super easy on your pocket!

12. Breakfast Casserole

Via Kevinandamanda

Make an easy casserole with just four simple ingredients: eggs, cheese, crescent rolls, and sausage. You can prep them the night before and bake them in the morning for a calm brunch feast.

13. Apple Toast

Via Allrecipes

This sweet breakfast bite can be made using some leftover bread, nicely sliced apples, butter, and cinnamon. These 4 ingredient meals sure sound like a delight, don’t they?

14. PB And J Sandwiches

Via Delish

If you’re in a rush and need to pack your lunch, go for classic peanut butter and jam sandwiches! If you don’t want a boring old sandwich, add some bananas for a tangy twist!

15. Tuna Salad

Via Dinnerthendessert

You can whip up a tasty, creamy salad in no time while keeping it nutritious! Use tuna, mayo, some celery if you like, mustard, and any additional seasoning and your salad will be ready in no time. You can also store it in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

16. Black Bean Soup

Via Honeyandbirch

Bored of a boring tomato soup when you’re on a budget? This black bean soup is delicious, unique, and doesn’t put a dent in your pockets! This soup is full of protein and flavor, and you need only black beans, chicken broth, and some tomatoes for this soup! If you are looking for a vegan option, opt for a vegetable broth instead of a chicken broth.

17. Tomato Sandwich

Via Cupofjoe

With just some sliced tomatoes, mayonnaise, and toasted bread, this sandwich is so easy to make and fills your stomach easily on a tough study night.

18. Stuffed Pepper Tuna Melts

Via Kirbiecravings

This meal looks extremely colorful and is low in carbs. Make an easy tuna salad and stuff them in your peppers. Once baked, these bite-sized treats will get you all set for your lunch hour.

19. Taco Lettuce Wraps

Via Thegirlwhoateeverything

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to your delicious tacos, use lettuce leaves instead of your tortilla chips. Use any meat for protein, tomatoes, avocados, and some sour cream, and your easy dinner meal is done in no time!

20. Sloppy Joe

Via Eatingonadime

Use ground beef, some mustard, ketchup, brown sugar, and your burger buns to make these easy 5 ingredient sloppy joes. This is such a delicious rendition of your classic sloppy joes and is very easy on your pocket too!

21. Bean Burritos

Via Tasteofhome

This cheesy bean burrito meal makes for a great dinner on a tiresome weeknight. You can cook this up in under half an hour!

22. Chicken Quesadillas

Via Thespruceeats

Do you have any leftover chicken stored in your refrigerator? Get them out and whip up this easy dinner meal in under 15 minutes!

23. Salsa Chicken

Via Gimmesomeoven

What is better on a weeknight than a delicious Mexican chicken meal to accompany you? Once your chicken is roasted and seasoned, you can use it in salads, tacos, and even quesadillas!

24. Mexican Rice And Beans

Via Simplegreenmoms

This is such an easy dish to quick if you’re looking to eat on a tight budget. You can also store some leftovers to eat within the week, so this is always a feasible option for a tough week.

25. Beef Enchiladas

Via Southernbite

There is such a misconception that you cannot eat fancy, delicious food on a budget. These enchiladas can be made using just 5 ingredients, and are as delicious as you may find in a Mexican restaurant!

26. Oven Baked Tostadas

Via Yellowblissroad

Make this crunchy meal in under 10 minutes. These tostadas are also very healthy because you have to oven bake them instead of frying them. You can also add a bunch of toppings to your meal.

27. Buttered Noodles

Via Foodiecrush

Whether you are a millennial living in an upscale city or a student from a small town, buttered noodles are such a staple if you live on a budget. They can be whipped up so quickly, and you can also use them as a side for your chicken and rice.

28. Paprika Chicken

Via Allrecipes

Paprika and chicken are such a great combination for a cozy dinner meal. You can pair this chicken with a side of rice, flatbread, and veggies for a whole meal.

29. Spinach Parmesan Pasta

Via Twopeasandtheirpod

Tired of your same old pasta recipes? Try this unconventional and tangy pasta meal with just five ingredients! These ingredients are sure to be available in your kitchen so you won’t need anything fancy for this meal that ought to look fancy when done!

30. Toast Pizza

Via Craftymorning

This is such a simple meal and such a great alternative for when you are craving pizza but cannot have it. You need some cheese, toast, pizza sauce, and toppings such as pepperoni for this easy meal.

31. Garlic Chicken

Via Allrecipes

Once you make chicken the same way every time, you will tend to get bored with it. Cook your chicken with some classic garlic powder for a different taste. You can pair it with rice, veggies, and even flatbread.

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32. Meatball Sandwiches

Via Homecookingmemories

These delicious meatball sandwiches are so easy to make and you require the most basic ingredients for them! It is also oven-baked so it is oil-free and nutritious!

33. Parmesan Garlic Spaghetti

Via Damndelicious

Be done with this easy dinner in under 20 minutes with just 5 ingredients! This spaghetti meal is so cheesy and you can make enough for brunch for your entire family or friends!

34. Crispy Baked Tofu

Via Cookieandkate

Cooking tofu requires so much effort and the result may not even satisfy you in the end! Once you have baked your tofu, you can add it to some vegan curries or add some sauces to them and have it with fried rice.

35. Spaghetti And Meat Sauce

Via Readyseteat

You can cook this dinner meal in under half an hour! This is pretty much a classic spaghetti and meat sauce recipe so you can’t go wrong with it!

36. Italian Chicken

Via Pillsbury

Make some delicious chicken to pair with your pasta with merely three ingredients – chicken thighs, red bell pepper, and marinara pasta sauce. This meal is healthy, filling and so good on your budget!

37. Vegetable Fried Rice

Via Thecountryccok

Making a quick dinner out of leftovers is the smartest thing one can do when on a budget. If you have some leftover rice, add some veggies to it and make a whole meal out of it! You can even add some ham or chicken for protein if you have any leftovers.

38. Sesame Garlic Ramen Noodles

Via Thesaltymarshmallow

Eating on a budget for students often means opting for some quick ramen noodles. But instead of store-bought canned meals, opt for something healthy that you can cook with ingredients already in your kitchen!

39. Broccoli Stuffed Cheese Potatoes

Via Budgetbytes

Cheese and potatoes may sound unappealing to some if you have a knack for automatically calculating the carbs and calories in a meal. But you have some delicious broccoli to balance the dish out. This meal is the perfect balance between a hearty and a feel-good meal.

40. Hamburger Casserole

Via Triedandtasty

Although you can save your classic breakfast casseroles as leftovers to eat at any time of the day, people usually don’t opt for that option. After all, casserole for dinner? But this delicious hamburger casserole is sure to change your mind.

41. Salmon Patties

Via Farmwifecooks

For a quick meal, used canned salmon. This is such a delicious meal that you can have at any time of the day, or store them in batches for a quick midnight meal.

42. Mac And Cheese

Via Sweetestkitchen

Nothing can replace a classic mac and cheese meal! It is a broke student favorite, a millennial favorite, and a kid favorite, you definitely cannot go wrong with it, no matter who you want to cook for! You can also use almond milk if you are looking to save some money, and keep the dish still as delicious!

43. Chicken Pot Pie

Via Campbells

Who doesn’t devour a good chicken pot pie? This delicious baked pot pie will have you coming back for more! Store the leftovers for a quick lunch meal.

44. Tater Tots

Via Allrecipes

Giving a fuller look to the bite-sized tater tots, this meal has ground beef and onions covered with tater tots, mushroom soup, and some cheddar cheese. It is so cheesy and delicious and makes for a great unconventional lunch meal!

45. Oven Fries

Via Tasteofhome

Young and old, everyone loves french fries. But the oily nature of the cook often repels people from going for this tasty meal. But when you bake fries and sprinkle delicious seasonings on them, you have a great snack waiting for you!

46. Black Beans And Rice

Via Allrecipes

Black beans provide the right amount of nutrition one needs in a quick lunch meal. Pair your beans with rice and you will be done in under half an hour!

47. Butter Chicken

Via Allrecipes

This crispy chicken is dipped in an egg and crumbs mix batter and baked with butter. How can it not be full of flavor and color?

48. Potato Pancakes

Via Cooktoria

Simple yet extravagant, these pancakes are so crisp and brown that you won’t leave any leftovers for the next day! Pour some creamy mushroom sauce or use sour cream as a dip to complete your meal.

49. Crispy Roasted Potatoes

Via Gimmesomeoven

Crispy potatoes make such a good side for your classic chicken or even rice. This recipe has three different seasonings for potatoes, waiting for you to just try them out!

50. Hummus

Via Allrecipes

Hummus is so delicious and creamy. You can store it for up to 10 days once made and pour some olive oil on it before serving to balance out the slight dryness of the frozen dish. Serve with pita bread, toast, and fresh veggies for a complete brunch meal.

51. Banana Bread

Via Simplyrecipes

If you’re looking for a light and fluffy breakfast to grab on your way out, bake banana bread beforehand and store it. You can even freeze it for a week.

52. Guacamole

Via Pillsbury

This three-ingredient guacamole is so affordable and you can prep it and store it for a few days too. Serve as a side to tortilla chips and have a quick fix of dinner ready in no time!

53. Peanut Butter And Jelly Bars

Via Budgetbytes

Instead of the same old PB and J sandwich for a quick lunch fix, turn them into healthy protein bars you can devour during your breaks. You can freeze them for days at a stretch so baking them in batches is the smart thing to do.

54. Cocoa Brownies

Via Goodcheapeats

Make yummy chocolatey brownies for your work breaks. Ditch a store-bought brownie mix for an authentic experience. The most surprising part? All the ingredients are very basic and cheap so baking them ends up saving you some money!

55. Baked Tortilla Chips

Via Budgetbytes

Use leftover tortillas and bake them for a quick snack. You can serve them with guacamole, roasted salsa dip, nacho cheese sauce, hummus, or any other flavored dip.

56. Potato Chips

Via Aseasyasapplepie

Potato chips are often avoided by people looking to take care of their health. Lucky for you, these potato chips can be made right at home with absolutely no fats so you can enjoy them while staying healthy!

57. Strawberry Smoothie

Via Aspicyperspective

Make a thick and creamy strawberry smoothie to start your day right, with just three simple ingredients: strawberries, milk, and strawberry jam! Just throw these ingredients in a blender and watch the magic occur right in front of you!

58. Seasoned Rice

Via Budgetbytes

Add seasonings like garlic powder, thyme, red pepper, and salt to your rice and give it a slight twist. This seasoned rice makes for a great base for rice and serves well with chicken or pork and gravies.

59. Chicken And Dumplings

Via Allrecipes

With a slow cooker at home, this dish gives you no trouble and gets prepared all by itself! Just make sure your dough is not raw before serving!

60. Kielbasa And Cabbage Skillet

Via Budgetbytes

This easy meal is sausage, onion, cabbage, and a tangy vinaigrette mixed to perfection. The rich flavor of this meal will have you coming back for seconds!

61. Crispy Oven BBQ Chicken

Via Bowlofdelicious

This easy meal requires only two ingredients – yes that’s right, JUST TWO! You need chicken and some barbeque sauce, and you’re in for a delicious, beautifully glazed, and sweet dinner!

62. Ham And White Beans

Via Plainchicken

Use leftover ham, some onions, and beans to prepare a quick lunch in no time! Serve with cornbread.

63. English Muffin Pizza

Via Allrecipes

This is such a great snack to make with some easy leftover muffins. Add some pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings of your choice for a filling meal!

64. Baked Ravioli

Via Instrupix

Essentially this ravioli looks like a lasagna, but you’re definitely in for a surprise! Bake this meal using just three ingredients!

65. Burrito Bowl

Via Budgetbytes

Burrito bowls are so filling and simple, that you can’t help but devour the entire bowl in a single sitting. But people tend to go over the top while preparing their burrito bowls. You can turn back to the basics and make a simple meal with basic veggies, leftover meats, rice, and some sour cream!

66. Chicken Salad Spread

Via Allrecipes

Make a quick chicken salad with some leftover chicken from the previous night’s dinner. You can serve it on lettuce as a salad, or even use it as a spread and put it on some bread for a quick, simple sandwich.

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67. Fried Bologna Sandwich

Via Food

Sandwiches are such an easy meal to make – simply add your combinations and eat them endlessly for lunches and dinners! This bologna sandwich is something unique you must try once!

68. Ham And Potato Frittata

Via Budgetbytes

Frittatas are great to prepare because the options for the fillings are endless! Make them in batches and refrigerate them for a week. You can reheat them and have a quick lunch on a lazy day.

69. Scrambled Egg Muffins

Via Allrecipes

These muffins are full of cheddar cheese and are pretty easy to make. You have to mix all your ingredients as you do for a scrambled egg and pour it into muffin cups. Once baked, these delicious treats can be served with a variety of sauces.

70. Breakfast Grits

Via Allrecipes

Whip up this quick meal for breakfast in under 20 minutes! Experiment with different varieties of cheese and don’t forget to add seasoning!

71. Farmhouse Chicken Braise

Via Goodto

Use store-bought chicken thighs and a simple mustard sauce for a cheap Sunday dinner meal.

72. Bacon And Broccoli Pasta

Via Goodto

Broccoli keeps this pasta healthy, while bacon provides the right amount of protein to your diet. You can easily cook this meal in under 15 minutes for a quick dinner!

73. Spinach And Lentil Curry

Via Goodto

This vegan curry is full of protein to keep you hustling through the day. Serve with some flatbread and chutney.

74. Tomato Tart

Via Goodto

This delicious tart is filled with the richness of tomatoes and the crispness of pastry. It is also fat-free and healthy since you bake the meal.

75. Baked Vegetable Polenta

Via Goodto

Polenta is an Italian grain, but it is very affordable so add it to your plain veggie meal. Polenta is rich in flavor as well as colors. It is also very versatile as it can be cooked, baked, and fried. This baked veggie polenta meal can be served as a side, or suffice as a main dish as well.

76. Smoked Bacon And Onion Tart

Via Goodto

This is such a tasty tart you can prepare in batches for a long period. You can reheat it for a quick dinner or even pack it for lunch since it tastes equally good when cold.

77. Pork And Pepper Goulash

Via Goodto

Goulash is a type of stew, seasoned with paprika. Pair this delicious meal with some light wine for a nice meal.

78. Lamb Kebabs

Via Goodto

Make some easy lamb skewers to serve with pita bread. You can also slice open the pita bread and place your lamb balls in it and top it off with some dressing, instead of serving it on the side.

79. Beer Battered Fish With Double Cooked Chips

Via Goodto

These delicious crispy fish, filled with the essence of beer, make a delicious meal when you wish to eat something good on a budget. Serve with homemade chips and mayonnaise dip.

80. Spaghetti Bolognese

Via Goodto

This recipe has its base in a tomato-based sauce and can be made in 10 minutes. Add some garlic, oregano, and Worcestershire sauce to enrich your spaghetti with flavor.

81. Everything Bagel Avocado Toast

Via Eatingwell

The taste of bagel with the creamy taste of avocado toast, what can brighten up your mornings like that? You can also top your toast with some fried or poached eggs for a fuller breakfast.

82. Tuna And Brown Rice Salad

Via Goodto

Prepare this healthy meal to pack for your lunch box this week. This is the perfect meal to go forward with if you are looking for a light lunch.

83. Tuna Pasta Bake

Via Goodto

Make this easy meal in under 30 minutes. When the creaminess of the tuna is mixed with the tanginess of the tomatoes, sweetcorn, and onions, it sure sounds like a recipe for a crowd’s favorite meal. Make this easy meal in under 30 minutes and serve with garlic bread.

84. Overnight Oatmeal

Via Eatingwell

Prep your oatmeal overnight with Greek yogurt, blueberries, and pecans for a quick breakfast to-go in the morning. Layer all your ingredients in a jar and refrigerate.

85. Sausage With Kale Mash

Via Goodto

Similar to mashed potatoes, but minus the potatoes, this dish is delicious and best served with sausage, steak, or even white fish.

86. Peanut Butter, Banana, And Cinnamon Toast

Via Eatingwell

The addition of cinnamon to this classic peanut butter and banana toast is such a great move, and perks up the flavor for a healthy and fun-packed breakfast. It takes hardly 5 minutes to put together this meal.

87. Peri Peri Chicken

Via Goodto

Craving some KFC-styled chicken? Make a healthier version at home while you’re on a budget, instead of spending big bucks outside. You can season the chili according to your taste and spice tolerance.

88. Egg Salad Lettuce Wraps

Via Eatingwell

The sober shade of this meal in itself attracts you to whip it up. It tastes good, looks good, and can be managed on a budget – what else could one ask for? Serve chopped veggies like carrots on the side.

89. Tomato Baked Chicken

Via Goodto

Bubbling with flavor, this chicken is a crowd pleaser and will have you coming back for seconds in no time. Serve with white rice and a side of boiled potatoes.

90. Bean And Veggie Taco Bowl

Via Eatingwell

Layer your taco toppings and veggies over a layer of brown rice and black beans. This simple lunch bowl is low-calorie, gluten-free, and vegan, so if you are looking for a light lunch, try it out now!

91. Cauliflower Curry

Via Goodto

This vegan curry is light, healthy, and so easy to prepare. It is a great alternative for any chicken curry if you are looking to save some quick bucks for the week.

92. Chicken Fried Rice

Via Eatingwell

Why opt for takeout when you can save some money and cook a takeout-worthy meal right at home? Toss in some frozen leftover veggies to your rice and chicken for a quick dinner.

93. Grilled Lemon Chicken With Potatoes

Via Goodto

This chicken is filled to the brim with flavor and spice and everything nice! The tangy taste of the lemon juice is perfectly balanced out with the evenness of the potatoes.

94. Chili Potato Cakes

Via Goodto

These chili potato cakes have a tangy and spicy flavor. You can cook and freeze them in pouches. When you wish to serve them, just reheat them in the oven and you will have a quick meal!

95. Leek And Egg Salad

Via Goodto

This delicious salad can be a side for a heavy dinner meal, or a light and fluffy lunch in itself! It has immense amounts of protein, courtesy of the eggs, and the sweet flavor of the leeks for the dressing. Serve this salad with butter and bread on the side.

96. Root Vegetable Layer Bake

Via Goodto

Serve this delicious dish by itself, or with sausages on the side. You can also serve it with some gravy.

97. Pasta With Cherry Tomatoes

Via Goodto

The tangy taste of the tomatoes brings all the flavor to this delicious pasta dish. The best part about cooking a quick pasta meal is how easily you can be done with it!

98. Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas

Via Eatingwell

Roast some chickpeas in a batch and store them. You can carry this delicious little snack to work instead of choosing an assortment of dried fruits and nuts. Chickpeas are filled with fiber and are very low in calories so it makes for a perfect snack.

99. Tomato And Pepper Galette

Via Goodto

The rich colors in this dish entice you to just try it and check how they taste for yourself! And they definitely don’t disappoint. They taste as good as they look, so you ought to bake this tart at home.

100. Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

Via Eatingwell

Craving some easy ice cream? Whip up this ice cream with two basic ingredients: peanut butter and frozen bananas! Use some shredded coconut as garnish once your ice cream is ready, and enjoy this delightful snack.

101. Sticky Sausages

Via Bestrecipes

Cook some quick and delicious sausages for dinner with just 5 ingredients. It is so simple yet will sort your weeknights out.

102. Beef And Potato Layered Casserole

Via Bestrecipes

Casseroles are a smart move because you can cook them once and store them, and enjoy the meal for the rest of the week! This delicious beef minced and veggie casserole requires a slow cook, but once it’s done it will be worth it.

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103. Malaysian Satay Chicken

Via Bestrecipes

Cook this meal and freeze it so you can bring it out and enjoy a quiet weeknight dinner. This chicken meal is enriched with Asian flavors, so it is sure to taste tangy and delicious.

104. Creamy Tuna Mornay

Via Bestrecipes

Rich in veggies and protein, this quick half an hour cook is perfect for dinner. You can store the leftovers for the rest of the week too. The creaminess of this meal will keep you coming back for more.

105. Chicken And Ricotta Cannelloni

Via Bestrecipes

This quick meal is rich in flavor and protein. If you are looking for a fancy dinner night on a budget, this meal is the one to go forward with!

106. Sour Cream Quiche

Via Bestrecipes

Oui! French foods are a delight to eat, but when you go to buy them from quaint little cafes, they tend to put a hole through your pocket. No worries, make innovative quiches right at home with some simple ingredients! With every bite of this quiche, the creamy flavor will dissolve in your mouth!

107. Baked Cheesy Meatballs

Via Bestrecipes

This quick meal is a crowd pleaser! It is also very low in fat. The dish is a star by itself, or you can even serve it with some flatbread.

108. Pork And Apple Rissoles

Via Bestrecipes

A unique twist to a classic rissole, this meal is full of the sweet flavor of fresh apples. It is hardly a 20-minute cook, so put on your aprons and get going!

109. Asparagus And Chicken Quiche

Via Bestrecipes

Asparagus, in a quiche? Yes, you’ve heard it right. We are already familiar with how well asparagus pairs as a side dish with any chicken meal. So, a chicken and asparagus combination is a no-brainer for a delicious quiche!

110. Nachos

Via Bestrecipes

Nachos as a snack themselves are so light and delightful to eat. They are also very low budget, so if you are looking for a quick meal or snack, nachos are the perfect option to quickly whip up. Switch the toppings according to your preference and budget.

111. Socca

Via Bestrecipes

This meal is an Italian flatbread that is made using chickpea flour. It is extremely healthy too since it is low in fats and carbs. You can use this flatbread as a base for the pizza, or choose to eat it with some dips.

112. Noodle Salad

Via Bestrecipes

This ‘2-minute’ noodle salad, as the name suggests, is very quick and simple to prepare.

113. Curried Pumpkin Soup

Via Bestrecipes

This easy pumpkin soup can be done in under half an hour. It is a great light dinner on cold winter evenings!

114. Zucchini Soup

Via Bestrecipes

Zucchini is such a tasty and healthy vegetable to use in your meals. A zucchini soup is so vibrant in color and very cheap to cook.

115. Mince And Noodle Stir Fry

Via Bestrecipes

This easy 20-minute cook is a great cook when you need to rush through cooking your meals.

116. Falafel

Via Bestrecipes

Falafels are such a quick snack you can make for your day. Crisp and brown on the outside, they are best served with hummus, tahini, or even garlic sauce.

117. Tuna Patties

Via Bestrecipes

These tuna patties are cooked without using any mashed potatoes. You can cook this meal in a mere 20-minute span.

118. Pad Sieu

Via Bestrecipes

This meal revolves around a quick chicken stir fry with a different sauce to give it a tangy flavor.

119. Potato Gnocchi

Via Bestrecipes

Make some delicious potato pasta dumplings right at home using staple ingredients in your kitchen.

120. Vegetable Bake With Cheese Sauce

Via Bestrecipes

Looking for a quick side dish to pair with your chicken or pork? Go for this delicious and cheesy veggie side. It is filled to the brim with a comforting cheesy flavor.

121. Minestrone

Via Bestrecipes

Whip up this easy minestrone that ought to provide you with the perfect amount of nutrition required for the day. This minestrone needs 9 veggies, so use leftover veggies.

122. Rice Paper Rolls

Via Bestrecipes

Pack a healthy and colorful lunch with these rice paper rolls. Serve with a pleasant dip.

123. Baked Pumpkin And Bacon Risotto

Via Bestrecipes

Cook this delicious risotto in under half an hour.

124. Zoodle Bolognese

Via Bestrecipes

Zoodles, or zucchini noodles, are a great, healthier alternative to your regular noodles. Pair with a Bolognese sauce.

125. Couscous Salad

Via Bestrecipes

Make this delicious and light couscous salad with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, and capsicum to give your couscous a vibrant color and flavor.

126. Pumpkin, Spinach, And Pasta Bake

Via Bestrecipes

Pair with a salad and light wine for a quiet dinner evening.

127. Chili Con Carne

Via Bestrecipes

This dish is simply chili plus meat. Serve with some white rice and sour cream.

128. American Chop Suey

Via Bestrecipes

Whip up this easy meal in under half an hour and enjoy a calm evening.

129. Chickpea And Lentil Curry

Via Bestrecipes

This vegetarian curry is very healthy and has all the staple ingredients, so it is very cheap too. Serve with flatbread or rice.

130. Chicken Stroganoff

Via Bestrecipes

This creamy meal can be done in under half an hour and looks as vibrant as it tastes.

131. Egg In A Hole

Via Allrecipes

This meal is such an easy breakfast to whip up when you’re bored of the plain old omelets. A runny yolk cooked on the center of your toast, does anything else sound as appealing?

132. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Via Greatgrubdelicioustreats

Going back to the classics sometimes is a great idea, especially when it comes to sandwiches. Whip up a fried egg grilled cheese sandwich for a quick breakfast.

133. Spinach And Fetta Quiche

Via Bestrecipes

This is a great option for a vegetarian quiche. Serve it hot or cold, it tastes good regardless!

134. Classic Waffles

Via Iwashyoudry

These brown crispy waffles look so good on the outside and are as fluffy and light on the inside. Add fresh fruits, whipped cream, and other toppings as per your preference.

135. Teriyaki Chicken

Via Bestrecipes

This chicken cooked in teriyaki sauce tastes delicious. The fresh veggies paired with the chicken bring all the color to the meal.

136. Peanut Butter Apple Wraps

Via Readyseteat

Whip up this quick snack in 15 minutes with just some basic ingredients like a tortilla, peanut butter, apples, and granola.

137. Leftover Stuffing Muffins

Via Budgetbytes

Ingredients like broccoli, ham, green beans, etc. taste well in a stuffing muffin. This is a great way to reduce your food wastage.

138. Tomato Soup

Via Inspiredtaste

A classic tomato soup made from just three ingredients is all you need for an affordable meal on a chilly night.

139. Swiss Chicken

Via Bestrecipes

The ham and swiss cheese pairing in this meal are a must-try!

140. Beans-n-Franks

Via Allrecipes

This easy pork meal makes a light dinner for a busy weeknight.

141. Chicken Parmesan

Via Crazyforcrust

A chicken parmesan meal is the right amount of cheesy you need to get through your day!

142. Cornbread

Via Budgetbytes

Cornbread is the perfect side dish to go with a variety of your meals, so it always helps to have a batch ready!

143. Sweet Potato Fries

Via Cookienadkate

These crunchy baked sweet potato fries are healthier than your regular fries and can be cooked quicker too as they are baked not fried.

144. Shepard’s Pie

Via Simplyrecipes

This traditionally English dish is a casserole with a layer of beef or lamb meat, veggies, and mashed potatoes.

145. Baked Banana Chips

Via Popsugar

For a light snack for your week, bake a batch of healthy banana chips and store them properly.

146. Peanut Butter Oat Squares

Via Listotic

This quick snack requires only 3 ingredients and you can be done with it without even baking!

147. Peach Cobbler

Via Liftinthelofthouse

This light and fluffy dessert is a treat to eat after a stressful week.

148. Turkey Mince Cottage Pie

Via Goodto

A healthy and filling turkey mince cottage pie with a carrot and potato topping is the perfect meal to start your week on the right note.

149. Bean Burgers

Via Goodto

As a cheaper alternative to meat, this vegetarian bean burger is full of flavor.

150. Sausage Herby Omelette

Via Goodto

This delicious omelet is perfect for lunch and brunches.

You can save a lot of money if you think on your feet and plan your meals ahead of your week. These recipes will save you so much time and money, so get started today!