52 Brilliant Home Hacks using Toothpaste

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You might have heard the phrase that says ‘ Don’t judge a book by its cover ‘, and it’s quite apparent that I’m not using it in the context of any book right now, so why did I mention it? Well, it perfectly fits our star object for this article that is toothpaste. 

You can’t judge it by the size of its tube as it can serve you in a large number of ways. 

From whitening your teeth to whitening your favorite white sneakers, from providing a clean up to your skin to cleaning up your toilet seats, toothpaste has got you covered. It can be called the Jack of all trades!

With so much being said, let’s just unravel some of the essential toothpaste hacks that you should know to get the best out of that tiny tube.

1. Get Rid of that ‘Crayon’ Art on Your Wall

If you have a toddler or a preschooler in your family, you know the struggle is real. You can’t scold them for showcasing their so-called talent; neither can you move the wall out of their reach. 

But those masterpieces look icky on your favorite wall, right? Guess what, you can get them off using a toothpaste stoke. Simply apply some of the toothpaste on the wall and rub it off using a wettish cloth.

2. Make Your Sneakers Look Like New

Having white canvas shoes and all is cool, but when it comes to cleaning them, well, that’s also quite cool with your toothpaste. 

Just make a solution with your regular detergent and mix some of your toothpaste into it. After shaking off the loose dirt, apply this solution only on the upper face of your shoes, and you’ll get back the newness of your favorite white shoes.

3. Deodorize the Milk Bottles

The milk bottles of babies eventually become smelly after a point of time (and that odor is unbearable). And sometimes the smell persists even after several washes.

In that case, you just have to pour a little amount of toothpaste into the milk bottle and some water. Put on the lid and shake it off as hard as you can and simply throw the solution after a round or two. 

You can now be stress-free while feeding your baby.

4. Remove the Clung Oil from Utensils

If you’re fond of cooking, you must know how flustering it is when the oil gets stuck on the surface of your cookware. It becomes tough to develop an interest in cooking when your utensils look clumsy.

Make your cookware oil-free with this simple hack. Pour some of the toothpaste on the stained part and rub it vigorously using a scrubber then wash it off as usual.

Here is fun fact astronauts swallow their toothpaste in space, sounds quirky, but it’s true.

5. Clean Your Zits

Have an important meeting in a couple of days, and you got a little guest on your face. Nothing can beat that ache only you can! 

You’ll just have to apply some toothpaste on the concerned area and message using simple circular figure movements. Leave it overnight and rinse with water or dampened cloth as per your preference.

Repeat this task every day before going to bed, and you’ll see the results glowing on your face.

6. Treat Dark Lips

No one likes dark or blackened lips, or let’s just say lips with black lines. They usually pose a threat to the beauty of our pretty lips.

To get rid of this darkness, you will have to use your toothpaste as ‘lip paste.’ Apply the same amount of toothpaste you use to brush your teeth on your lips and then wash it after, let’s say, 3 minutes.

Repeat it every day to get the best results.

Pro tip: Mix honey with the toothpaste to enhance its exfoliating quality.

7. Clean Your Sink

A pinch of toothpaste can help you clean your washbasin or sink. We all know how dirty it gets with those stains and a foul smell. 

Toothpaste can be used here as a potential cleaner. Pour it all over the basin or sink and use an old toothbrush or a scrubbing pad to rub out the stains. Wash it off in the running water, and you’ll have a clean, disinfected, deodorized sink.

8. Treat Burns

Got a burn while ironing or while straightening your hair? We often get little burns during our day-to-day activities, and you must know how awful that little burn hurts. 

Don’t worry if you do not have anti-burn ointment at home. You just have to grab your toothpaste and apply it on the burnt region. Its cooling effect will give you some sort of relaxation. 

Remember, this treatment is applicable for little burns only.

9. Guard Your Phone’s Screen

We love our mobile phones more than we love ourselves, but when it comes to showing that love, most of us fail. 

Remove the screen guard of your mobile phone and take a synthetic piece of cloth.

Put some toothpaste on the fabric and rub it all over the screen. Give a final beauty touch by cleaning it using a moist cloth.

You can also use it on your camera lens.

10. Hide Nail/screw Crevices

There can be two reasons why that painting is still on your living room’s wall despite you not liking it. Either you don’t have a better replacement, or you don’t want the orifice created by the hanging nail to be visible.

If the latter is the case, just take it off and put some toothpaste in the hole and get rid of that crevice.

11. Rinse-Off the Smell of Eateries from Your Hands

Nobody likes the smell of eateries, especially fish or garlic that remain in our hands after cooking or eating any of these. 

To get rid of that terrible smell, wash your hands as usual but use toothpaste instead of your regular soap solution. It might sound weird, but you’ve already known how to multitask this product is so you can’t second guess its competency. 

12. Clean Your Taps

Usually, our water taps become shaggy after some time, especially the ones in our bathrooms. They get untidy to such an extent that it feels uneasy even to touch them. 

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To avoid this discomforting feeling, grab your toothpaste and rub it all over the face of your tap. Give it a gentle massage in the same way you wash your face and finally rinse it off. 

13. Prevent Your Bathroom Mirror from Getting foggy 

Before your showering session, cover your bathroom mirror with a toothpaste coating. While you take a shower, a large number of gases get trapped inside your bathroom. This leads to the fogginess of the mirror.

To have a look at your freshly showered face, make sure you try the given hack the next time you go for a bathe. 

14. Clean Your Toilet Seats

Have to clean your toilet seat but ran out of cleaner? Your toothpaste has got you covered for this job. Just spurt some toothpaste in a small bowl and make a solution with water.

Take your cleaning and pour this solution on it, and you’re good to go. 

Did you know? Romans in the ancient times used to add urine in toothpaste. Well, that was one of the many nasty things our ancestors used to do. Thanks to evolution!

15. Polish Your Vehicle’s Lights

You know you can polish the head and backlights of your car and other vehicles using toothpaste. 

Make a soap solution with your usual mild soap and add some toothpaste into it. Rub it on the glass covering of lights using any soft piece of cloth.

Splash some water to wash off the remaining amount of soap and get ready to rule the road!

16. Clear Watch Scratches

The kingpin of our wrists sometimes goes through a lot! Unintendedly they get on their face and develop scratches.

To get rid of those scratches and have a clear view of time by your watch, use toothpaste. 

Take a small amount of toothpaste on a soft piece of cloth and rub it over the glass of your watch with low pressure on your hands.

17. Clean Door Handles

Day in and day out, our door handles experience every kind of touch and eventually gets stained. No matter how badly you try to keep them clean, they will get icky.

To avoid the unsanitary nature of your handles, clean them periodically using a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Take a regular amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush and brush your handles till they get cleaned up. Wash off the lather with water afterward.

18. Sparkle up your motorbike

We love our vehicles sometimes more than we love ourselves, and some of us are so obsessed with especially bikes that they even give them a daily bath. Well, here’s a hack for you guys to try on the next time you wash your bike.

Take a soft cloth and a whole lot of toothpaste and apply it all over the body of your bike ( only the chrome remember ). Wipe it off with water and give a final touch with using after polish cream.

19. Get Rid of Skin Itching

Itchiness can be troublesome and harmful, as well. Vigorous itching may cause your rashes and redness on your skin. Sometimes, you may even scratch yourself to bleeding. Okay, I’m not trying to frighten you with this.

You can take it easy with the regular application of toothpaste over the affected area and leave it for some time for better results.

20. Use It as Hair Gel

Suppose you ran out of hair gel and got an urgent meeting or an impromptu brunch with friends. If you can’t think of any of these events without a hair gel, you must reach out to your toothpaste.

Toothpaste has gel-like qualities that can hold your hair together, just like your regular hair gel. 

Make sure to use it limitedly to avoid any further hassle.

21. Remove Chewing Gum from Your Hair

Ever got chewing gum stuck in your hair? We all know how risky it is to have chewing gum in our hair. It becomes super annoying when it gets clung to a point when you just feel like chopping your hair off! 

But wait before you decide to have a haircut. Try applying some toothpaste on the gum and leave it for a few minutes. Manually remove it as it must have been broken down to particles by then.

22. Remove Stains from Iron and Hair Straightener

An iron or a hair straightener is something we can’t stop using even for a day. Owing to such frequent use, they get stained quickly and eventually leads to reduced efficiency.

To remove the stains from iron or hair straightener, all you need to do is to apply some toothpaste on the affected area and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth.

23. Polishing Silver and Diamond Jewelry

Just like your teeth, your toothpaste is a potential keeper for your silver and diamond jewelry as well. No one likes the monotony of their favorite jewelry pieces.

You need to follow the same steps to clean your pieces of jewelry as you do in the case of your teeth. Yes, you will have to use a toothbrush and toothpaste to get your favorite possessions back to life.

24. Remove Scratches from DVD/CD

CDs and DVDs have become a thing of the past, however many of us still have stacks of them loaded in our homes. If you are a DVD lover, you must be knowing how uncomfortable those scratches on CDs and DVDs feel.

Don’t worry; our star product is there for you. You just need to rub a little bit of toothpaste all over the scratches with a soft cloth, and you’re good to go.

25. Toilet Freshener

If you got bored of using the same tactics over and over again to freshen up your toilet, then just head over to your toothpaste tube. 

It can be used as a toilet freshener, just cut its tube from the neck and submerge it into the commode. The next time you flush, you’ll have this minty fresh fragrance all around your bathroom. 

This toilet freshener is cheap and can last for up to three months.

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26. Try-On Something New!

If you’re someone who loves to try on new things with the everyday items, then this hack is for you! 

Take a glass of water and put some pieces of freshly sliced strawberries into it. Squirt a little bit of toothpaste and mix it till it acquires paste-like consistency. 

Take this paste on your toothbrush and apply it to your teeth as usual.

27. Remove Blackheads

Well, let’s admit blackheads are nasty and unfortunately inevitable. We all go through this situation at certain times in our lives. 

You can get rid of those ugly blackheads with a straightforward hack. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda and a little bit of toothpaste in a cup of water. Make a thick paste out of it and apply it to the affected area using a toothbrush. Wash it off to get flawless skin.

28. Defog goggles

Our goggles get foggy beyond a specific time, be it our swimming goggles, regular sunglasses, or the protective ones. And it’s quite uneasy about using them that way.

Here’s a quick fix! 

Just take some toothpaste on a soft cloth and rub it on the inside of your goggles. Keep the pressure of your hands low while rubbing, and you get the life back in your glasses. 

29. Time for Some Manicure

We do so much with our hands and sometimes do so little to them. I mean, they deserve to be treated well for everything they serve us with! 

Let’s hop on a quick, easy, and cheap manicure technique. Toothpaste has components that can strengthen our nails, speed up their growth, and whiten them overnight. Yes, you read that right, just apply it on your nails and let it rest for the night.

30. Nail Polish Remover

Want to put on your favorite nail polish and ran out of acetone? You need not worry, though, as long as you have toothpaste at your home.

You can use your toothpaste instead of thinner to remove nail polish. The application process is quite the same as you do with your thinner. 

Just make sure to make a thin paste of it with water.

31. Make Your Slime

Well, we all love to play with slime. They’re an effective stress buster, and straight-up feels good to hold. Now, what if I tell you that you can make one for yourself? Yes, you got that right!

Take a balloon and fill it up with toothpaste. Make sure to make it as elastic as a slime. Tie the knot of balloon, and your mud is ready!

32. Stain Remover from Clothes

Stains like those of sweat, oil, coffee, etc. are difficult to get rid of. You can use your toothpaste as stain removal.

Take the stained cloth and apply a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and toothpaste. Rub it over the dirty mark and give it a final wash with your regular detergent. (Check out hydrogen peroxide home hacks)

You will witness the instant and effective results. 

33. Use as Glue

Toothpaste can be used as an adhesive to stick up light materials. You can use it instead of glue to paste envelopes, pictures, or other minute materials.

Toothpaste with gels has somewhat similar properties to those of adhesive products. Plus, they are cheap and readily available, so why not get the best out of them. 

Toothpaste is such a multifaceted product, you see!

34. Clean the Soles of Your Shoes

Everyone out there giving tips to take care of the face of your shoes, but what about that backbone. You know the soles of our boots are their ‘souls,’ you can’t go without them. Also, they are the ones that withstand the test of rough topography.

Grab an old toothbrush and put on some toothpaste on it. Rub the paste vigorously on the soles of your shoes until they look clean as ever. 

Remember not to do the same in case of purely leather soles as it may diminish the quality of leather.

35. Clean Your Keyboard

Keys of our computer’s keyboards and pianos get discolored with frequent usage. You can get them a fresh look using our star product – toothpaste.

Prepare a paste with water and toothpaste of thin consistency, and using an old toothbrush or a microfiber cloth wipe it on the keys. 

This would give them a crisp look and get them singing a new song!

36. Car Freshener

Got bored of using the same set of fragrances for your car? Try something raw and new with your toothpaste. 

You will need a piece of cloth or towel for this that is no longer in use. Pour out a small amount of toothbrush on it and evenly spread it all over the fabric. 

Put this cloth beneath your car seat or somewhere concealed, and you’re ready to wave goodbye to those boring car freshers.

37. Relief from Poison Ivy Stings

If you’ve ever been caught up by an ivy sting, you must know the unbearable itching and lasting pain it causes. Plus, it makes your skin red and sensitive after that. Get relief from such stings by following this simple hack. 

Apply toothpaste on an ivy sting as you do with ointments. Leave it there overnight and see the results in the morning. Repeat this until the pain lessens or is completely gone.

38. Reduce Bruises

They say you must feel beautiful in your skin, but let’s face it, bruises don’t make us look any beautiful. To get them off your skin, you’ll need a roll of bandage, body lotion, and toothpaste.

Apply the mixture of toothpaste and lotion on the bruise and cover it with the bandage to leave overnight. Repeat this for two to three consecutive nights and see the fruitful results for yourself.

39. Deodorize Your Dog

Our baby dogs have this weird tendency of getting attracted to dirty or smelly stuff.

However, they will be playing; they somehow manage to get stinky smells from the surroundings on them. And then they carry it all over the place and even after several baths the smell remains undisturbed sometimes.

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In such cases, mix a small amount of toothpaste with their regular shampoo and give them a nice shower.

40. Remove Hair Dye Stains

While dying our hair makes them look natural and beautiful, they make our forehead and hands and any other body part look ugly. To remove the stains of dye from our body, we need to apply toothpaste on the stained area and rub it vigorously.

Mix it with warm water to stimulate its cleansing action and speed up the process of removal. 

41. Clean Refrigerator Seals

Continued to and fro motion of the refrigerator door about the seal makes the seals greasy and smudged. It also tears down the uppermost rubber of the seal, making it dangerous to use. 

To avoid this, use toothpaste on the seals of the refrigerator. Not only would it help in whitening them, but it would also protect them from mechanical wear and tear. 

42. Use it as a Hair Removal Cream

I’m sure you didn’t see this coming, right? Well, even I didn’t until I saw it in a video and did some research. Although the method is not entirely convincing, nothing goes into trying.

Squeeze out tomato syrup and toothpaste in a bowl of water and prepare a medium consistent paste. Apply the paste on your hair and let it rest to dry. After some time, rub off the dry debris to get clean skin.

Remember to take a sensitivity test on your arms beforehand.

43. Clear Up Marks of tea/coffee

You need not blame your fate the next time you spill coffee or tea on your favorite dress. Because now you can easily take away that stain marks using toothpaste. 

Apply the mixture of your regular detergent and toothpaste on the stained area and wash it off with warm water. 

Repeat it several times and finally rinse it thoroughly.

44. Carpet Cleaner

If you get a stain on your carpet, you for sure would not be looking to send it for dry cleaning, and washing it all by yourself is a tremendous job to be done. 

Toothpaste can be called out for rescue here as well. Such a multitasking product is it! You simply need to apply toothpaste on the stain and rub it vigorously using a toothbrush for a tiny patch and scrubber for bigger ones.

45. Ink Remover

Pen inks are believed to be one of the toughest stains. Now suppose you got pen ink on your favorite shirt, uh oh! No need to scrub it with harsh detergent powders irrelevantly.

Release the stress off your mind and grab your toothpaste. Take it on your fingertip and rub it over the inked region in circular motions.

It will come off by itself after some time; then you can wash it as usual.

 46. Deodorize Your Tupperware

Tupperware containers are indeed the king of every kitchen. Not because of their size but due to the purposes they serve. Yes purposes, they help us in a lot of ways in the kitchen.

Generally, we carry food items in them, and that leads to the springing up of smell. Eateries like fish, garlic, ginger, etc. have a pungent smell, and if not taken away, they spread to other items as well.

Cover your Tupperware with a coating of toothpaste and keep it aside for some time. Wash it with your regular dishwasher thereafter.

47. Clean Plastic furniture

You seldom think of cleaning your plastic furniture and not taking regular dusting under consideration. Cleaning them sounds like a big deal, but fortunately, it’s not!

You can wash them using your regular toothpaste. Prepare a washing solution of toothpaste, mild detergent, and water. Using a scrubber clean off your furniture to make them look new.

48. Glitter Up Antiques

If you’re passionate about safeguarding rare antiques and other ancient articles, you must be familiar with the struggle then. Keeping them is beautiful, but after due course of time, they lose their luster or original surface quality, and a layer of rust gets deposited on them.

Head over to your rescue hero toothpaste for this. Mix baking soda and toothpaste with lukewarm water and polish the surface of your article with a soft cloth to bring it back to life.

49. Replace Nails

Paintings and posters enhance the beauty of our walls. However, there’s always a, hammering in nails into the walls doesn’t feel good all the time.

To take you out of this dilemma, let’s dive into a solution! For individual light-weight posters and paintings, you need not use nails on your walls.

Instead, you can go for toothpaste, mix your toothpaste with a little bit of glue, and it’s ready to hold your favorite painting and protecting your ideal wall.

50. Use It as Pest Control

Insects like cockroaches, beetles, centipedes, etc. are unbearable inside our houses. They make everything nasty, plus the number of germs they carry can be harmful.

Well, I have good news for you! Insects or pests are believed to be intolerant towards the constituents of toothpaste. So now you know what else is to be done at the possible sources of their entry.

51. Sparkle Your Wheels

Wheels of our cars get muddy within no time compared to the rest of it. To clean them and make them sparkle as new, prepare a solution of toothpaste, mild detergent, and water. 

Either throw it off on the rims of wheels or rub them using a piece of cloth in case of tough stains. 

Once you’re done, get ready to bring your ‘hot wheels’ on the road.

52. Repair Your Leather

It is risky when you get those tiny holes in your leather clothing or any other leather accessories. You obviously wouldn’t want to replace it just because of one small opening; neither it looks fit to use.

Guess what? Yeah, you got that right! Head over to your toothpaste to heal such small cracks and orifices in your leather accessories.

So you see, there’s so little a toothpaste can’t do! And it costs almost nothing so gear up yourself to try out these easy and quick hacks and make your life a little more interesting.