14 Alternative Uses of Pencil Erasers

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“No one is perfect. That’s why pencils have erasers.” And believe me, there are so many moments in my life, embarrassing ones, that I wish I could erase. Like the time I fell off my bike while showing off to my friends that I was the best rider.

Or the time I slipped on a flat floor while trying to walk in heels. You know, the little things that make you cringe about 5 years later.

But I bet you didn’t know that pencil erasers come in handy around the house. Other than to erase your incorrect algebra answers and curse at your homework. It can be used anywhere from cleaning your piano to store pins that keep getting lost around the house. Read on to find out these super cool pencil eraser hacks!

14 Alternative Uses of Pencil Erasers

1. Clean Your Piano Keys

Whether it’s a small keyboard or a beautiful grand piano that your kids love to hammer away on, it gets dirty. Obviously. And cleaning it is a total pain mostly because you can’t get all the dirt stuck between keys nor can you get rid of the fingerprints.

Which was why pencil erasers were invented. Find an eraser that fits between the ivory and black keys, and you’re golden. You’ll have the dirt out in no time.

2. Cleaning Off Crayon

If your messy toddler is going through their “I need to express myself mommy, so I’m going to mess up your beautiful beige walls” phase, you’re probably having a hard time cleaning up your walls. And when a guest comes over, you just point at your toddler as the valid reason your walls look …..colorful.

Tackle the walls with your pencil eraser and watch the marks disappear. Granted, it will take a bit of time but it’s definitely worth it.

3. Remove Sticker Gunk

While mason jars are great for your famous chocolate chip cookie recipe or for storing a smoothie before your workout, it might seem impossible to remove the sticker that the jar came with. Or your toddler went a little sticker crazy and your jar ended up being one of the unfortunate victims.

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Either way, use an eraser to get the gunk out in no time and have that jar back to its shining and pristine state. It’s also helpful when you want to remove the residue of a price tag from a vase, mason jar, or any glass jar really.

While there is a hack to soak the jar in warm water, and then peel the sticker off…….I personally don’t have that much patience!

4. Polishing Jewelry

While you can go crazy and take a Clorox wipe or some special liquid to clean your jewelry, why wait? Whip out a pencil eraser, or rather, “borrow” it from your daughter’s pencil pouch. Your jewelry will be shining in no time! The rubber actually absorbs the grease, oil, and heaven knows what other germs that are present on your jewelry. Wipe the jewelry after you’re done erasing it(sounds weird right?), so that it’s extra shiny. Clorox wipes or some sort of sanitized wipe works best.

5. Cleaning the Bottom Of Your Shoes

It’s very difficult to clean the bottom of your shoes, no matter how many times you may wash it off or wipe it down. It probably takes you a solid hour to clean the treads of your shoes. Not anymore! The eraser can cover those small spaces that were so tedious and annoying to clean before, in a heartbeat.

6. Makeshift Pin Cushion

I cannot count the number of times I’ve rolled out of bed to step on an unpleasant surprise on the ground. aka pins or needles. Which is why this hack comes in handy. Pick up any old large, back-to-school eraser and stick all your pins and needles in it. A word of advice: Don’t place the eraser next to the window, or you’ll be picking up pins off the floor again. Take it from someone who has made that mistake a few times. OK, I’m being modest. Maybe 50 times?

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7. Repairing Scratch Marks On Your TV

Messy toddlers, ugly fights, accidental pranks went wrong, your dog having an off day….literally anything could be the cause of scratches on the glass of your 50-inch flat-screen TV. But don’t spend a ton of money on products that promise to clear up scratches but end up fogging the screen…..leaving it more elusive than your love life. Take a pencil eraser to the screen, then wipe it down with a clean cloth. Repeat the process until you get rid of all the scratch and scuff marks.

8. Cushion Picture Frames

Sick of looking at your beautiful family frames that are annoyingly lopsided? Stick an eraser behind the frame, where it is uneven and worry no more. The pictures will hang straight, and the erasers won’t leave a mark. Kind of like going to Macy’s and buying a beautiful dress in the discount section. A win-win.

9. Efficiently Plant Seeds

It’s no secret that having a green thumb is also kind of a pain in the butt. It takes long hours, dedication, and serious love for the color green. This quote kind of covers it, “I thought I was pretty cool until I realized that plants can eat the sun and poop out air.” Push in a pencil into the dirt, with the eraser end of course, and make a neat little hole. Place the seed you want to plant and cover up the whole. It’s much easier than using garden tools to dig up your garden before planting.

10. Patent Shoe Shine

Why spend those few bucks on a shoe shiner when you can just buy an eraser for much less? It gets rid of the scuff marks and scratches just as easily as they got there in the first place. It’s almost like a challenge; I dare myself to keep my new shoes clean for at least an hour before some scuff mark magically appears on it. It never works. I did run into a pole though, so at least the day was eventful.

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11. Lubricate Your Locks

For those of you who are confused, it absolutely does not mean the locks of your hair! Come on guys, you know better than that! Scrape some of the lead from the pencil onto wax paper and then rub it onto the doorknob near the keyhole. If your doorknob is full of scratches and scuff marks, you can use an eraser to get rid of it. If you’re pressed for time, you can just scratch away at the doorknob with the lead pencil directly.

12. Replacement Caps

I’m either half asleep, or daydreaming about Henry Cavill when I help my little siblings finish a project for school. And if it involves glues…..I’m a goner, because I definitely misplace the caps for glue bottles. Use wedge-shaped erasers as replacement caps for the glue bottles. They’re airtight, allow the glue to stay sticky….and they’re colorful.

13. Fix Smudged Eyeliner

If this isn’t the coolest hack you’ve heard all day……don’t lie, I’m pretty sure it is! Cooler than a cat that went viral for flushing a toilet anyway. Smudged eyeliner is a common problem for anyone who wears makeup. I literally have to think twice if my eye itches since that would mean a slight smudge that would require 5 minutes of fixing. 5 minutes that I can’t afford to spend. Use a pencil eraser to slightly erase the naughty eyeliner and return your eyes back to makeup perfection.

14. Clean Cotton Upholstery

A rogue spot on your curtain or couch can sometimes be problematic. Especially when you have guests over that gives you no more than a 5-minute warning. Not to worry! Erase that spot gently, and dab at it with a slightly damp cloth. Slightly damp guys, very slightly. We don’t want a water slide here.