51 Best Valentine’s Box Ideas

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Kids’ class parties are so adorable! The pretty cards and tasty goodies they exchange with each other are the perfect lessons of sharing.

With Valentine’s coming up, the kids will need a box to hold all the pretty cards and candies they’ll get! Be creative – don’t just hand them an ordinary box to carry. Instead, craft a fun Valentine’s box for them. 

You are not only giving the kids cute and fun boxes to show off at school but also recycling some basic supplies like empty boxes, paper, etc. Yay!

Here you’ll get all varieties of ideas – whether you are looking for super cool/cute Valentine’s box ideas for the kids or just for decor, this is the place. Scroll down and check them out!

51 Best Valentine’s Box Ideas

1. Unicorn Card Box

via  artsyfartsymama

Children or grownups, everyone is a fan of colorful, sparkling unicorns! You can make a unicorn cardholder to collect pretty Valentine’s cards. 

Take a cardboard box, wrap it with tissue paper, and cut a hole on top of it. Make the unicorn facial features with cardstock and glitter paper, and the hair with ribbon. Print the unicorn eyes and the pretty little box is ready to be carried around!

2. Giant Cup Cake Box

via  adorneventstyling

Truly a gorgeous piece of craft here! All you need is a small bucket and round styrofoam. 

First, use cardstock for the cupcake liner. Then cut a hole in the center of the styrofoam and cover the entire thing with tissues. For the cherry on top, place a red styrofoam ball on the hole. Sprinkle pieces of cardstock on the cupcake to complete the look!

3. Gumball Machine 

via  jamielanedesigns

How creative is this? When one puts in a card, a gumball comes out! It is made of a cardboard frame and a fishbowl on top. The frame is glued to a wooden box inside to support the weight of the bowl on top. Since it’s not engineered, one has to open the lid to take a gumball out. It’s still adorable, and rewarding!

4. Kitty Cat Box

via   prettyplainjanes

There isn’t any animal that cannot be converted into a box (not to be taken literally). For this kitty cat box, all you need to do is cut the white crepe steamer into pinatas and wrap ‘em around a circular cardboard box. Cut a hole on top of it to put in the cards. Make the features with foam paper and the meow is ready!

5. Panda Box

via artsyfartsymama

Pandas are possibly the CUTEST animal on planet earth. They too can be converted (not literally) into Valentine’s box! Wrap the box with tissues and make the facial features with glitter foam or simply paint them. Cut a hole on the top to put in the cards. The panda baby is ready to be filled!

6. Minion Exchange Box

via fun365.orientaltrading

Our very own Minion box! Take the idea and turn it into any other character you want! Wrap a cardboard box with colorful foam sheets to make the features. Glue a big googly eye to the box and use chenille stems for the strands of hair. Don’t forget the minion smile!

7. Bumble Bee Box

via lifewithfingerprints

It’s the bee season! For crafting any of insect of choice, you’ll need a glass jar to wrap around colorful strips and make the body. Use plastic plates for the wings and head. Make the antenna with pipe cleaners. Don’t close the lid of the jar and you’re done!

8. Butterfly Box

via iheartcraftythings

Don’t like the bumblebee idea? You can make a butterfly instead! Take a cylindrical box and wrap it with colorful cardstock paper. Use doilies to make the wings and pipe cleaners for the antenna. And of course, add life to your creativity with googly eyes!

9. Love Express Valentine Box

via  disneyfamilyblog

This one will be the talk of the town! Take a box and cover it with colorful cardstock, or simply paint it. The major detailing is done with cardboard pieces. Glue a cardboard roll to the box and another to the roll. Finish the deets and the train is ready to whistle!

10. Alligator Box

via crayonboxchronicles

People will have to put their hands in the alligator’s mouth to get the goodies! Creative and pretty coolGather up egg cartons and paint them green. Cut one of them into pieces and glue them together to make the tail. Glue the other carton to a tissue box. Glue cardboard rolls to the sides as legs. Make the claws, teeth, and tongue with felts. Keep a slot open on its body and its ready to eat the cards! 

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11. Basketball Court Box

via  itsallaboutty

An entire basketball court to hold some Valentine’s cards? Dope! Take a shoebox and paint basketball patterns on it. Then take a smaller box to make the backboard. Use a pipe cleaner hoop and black strings to form the basket. Attach the backboard to the box with a plastic knife or a dowel. Ready to catch the cards!

12. Football Stadium Box

via  thecontemplativecreative

Don’t like the basketball court? Make a football stadium, duh! The main job here is getting the perfect printable for covering the box. Painting the details will be too hard, but not impossible. If you can get the cover, ninety percent of the job is done! The rest is to add the goals and check on the deets.

13. Batman Box

via sweetpapertrail

Too many cards to handle? Batman has got your back. Wrap a box with black tissue paper and make the face with cardstock. Add the batman logo and he is ready to assist you!      

14. Superman Valentine Box

via  frogsandsnailsandpuppydogtail

Not a Batman fan? Superman can help hold the cards too! Paint a Superman logo on a box and slit on top of it. Use red felt as the cape of Superman and cover the slit with a tag. The kids will be thrilled!     

15. Ninja Turtle Box

via lifesjourneytoperfection

Our very own Ninja Turtle Raphael can be turned into Valentine’s box too! Just take a box and paint all the Raphael features on it. Cut open its mouth – this is where people will put in the cards and goodies. Wrap a red paper mask around it and draw the eyes on the mask. Ready for goodies!

16. Darth Vader Box

via foster2forever

For all the Star Wars fans out there, Darth Vader will protect your Valentine’s cards and goodies like no other! Stick a popcorn container on a shoe box, paint the entire thing black and attach a Darth Vader mask to the head. Cut a slot in the body. Add the googly eyes and his stick. Done!

17. Valentine’s Mailbox

via  littleredwindow

Turn a cardboard box into an exclusive Valentine’s mailbox. Shape the box into a mailbox – keep a slit open to put in the “mails” and a door to take them out later. It is a fun playtoy! 

18. Red Fox Box

via  charisadarling

Our howling friend will impress anyone with its super-catchy and hella-cute look. All you need to do is cut out the red fox’s physical features and glue them to a box! 

19. Rocket Valentine Box

via thejoysofboys

Re-use some items to make this “boy-approved” flightless Rocket Valentine’s box. A cylindrical oatmeal container (or any such container) can make the body of the rocket. Cut out a slot in the middle. Then head to the designing with colorful paper, ribbons, adhesive foam and glitter tapes. It is ready to “blast off”!

20. DIY Floral Mailbox

via  designimprovised

A faux Mailbox with a floral twist- perfect for Valentine’s! Simply decorate a paper mache mailbox with flowers and other beautiful craft items to create this oh-so-beautiful flowery mailbox. 

21. Birdhouse Box

via happinessishomemade

This project is a Cricut one. You need a Cricut Maker Machine, Cricut chipboard, vinyl, and other stuff. If you can arrange them, this DIY becomes super easy. If you are ready to work harder and give more time, you can use a bunch of popsicle sticks as an alternative material. Either way, keep a hole or a door for the goodies to get in.

22. Crocodile Box

via thejoysofboys

Let’s take a moment to laugh at its pointy teeth! It looks extremely funny and cute to me! Wanna make it? Well, the main part is to find a container like that. Often, detergents come in them. Then simply paint it green and decorate it with foam sheets. Use egg carton pieces for the eyes and a white foam sheet for the hilarious teeth.

23. Hot Air Balloon Box

via gigglesgalore

Soar up Valentine’s day with this cute pinky hot air balloon Valentine’s box. The girls will love to collect their goodies with it! Attach a mini basket to an inflated balloon with straws and decorate it with some pretty craft items. Clip a name tag to it and it’s ready for its “journey”.

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24. Mickey Mouse Box


Classic! The iconic pair of Mickey’s ears will surely catch eyes! You can cut out the ears from glitter foam and glue them to a red-painted tissue box. For the Minnie effect, simply add a ribbon bow to it!

25.  Lip Pinata Box

via thehousethatlarsbuilt

Let’s take a break from fictional characters and go with a simple but showy look. A lip-shaped pinata box is an “out-of-the-ordinary” kinda thing. Cut the cardboard in lip shapes and glue them in 3D form. Don’t forget to keep a slot in the middle.

26.  Yellow Submarine Box

via plaidonline

If you don’t wanna fly up in the sky with a rocket, then dive into the ocean with a submarine. This one too needs a cylindrical container and some cardstock or cardboard for decoration. Cut a slot in the middle too for the magic stuff!

27.  Happy Camper Box

via suzyssitcom

This is ADORABLE! Some cardboard cutouts and decorative paper are all ya need for this cute little project – sort of a recycling project! Cut out the van shape and glue them in 3D form. Use decorative paper for the details. Cut out a slot on the top of the van.

28.  Easy Mailbox

via  thinkmakeshareblog

This one is easier than the previous DIY mailboxes. Reuse a shoebox for this job. Glue a mailbox head to it that’s made of cardboard. Wrap the thing with decorative paper and line with poms. Pinky & easy!

29.  Love Engine Box

via wherethesmileshavebeen

How pretty is this? This oh-so-romantic and super cute Love Engine is made out of basic household items and some festive embellishments. Empty cardboard boxes and cylindrical containers are needed for the Engine body. Now cover them with pretty and sparkling craft items like decorative paper, glitter foam, spring, wool, etc.

30.  Baby Yoda Valentine Box

via funmoneymom

There is no doubt that Baby Yoda is the cutest fictional character on today’s list. I mean, just look at his expressions! You can make a Baby Yoda box with a regular cereal box, some paints, and craft foam. Cut the features out and glue them on top of the box. The little guy will collect all the goodies for you.

      31.  Harry Potter Box

via  funmoneymom

The little Harry Potter fans would be thrilled about this Valentine’s box! Start by wrapping a box with white paper. Paint the facial features on it, or you can use colorful paper cutouts for the same. Don’t forget the lightning bolt scar, since it is incomplete without it!

32.  Happy Llama Box

via artsyfartsymama

The Llama box will be happy to come in your assistance. You can easily paint the features on a box or use printables. For the ears and hairs, use colorful cardstock or foam. A Cricut maker will come in super handy here but if you don’t have it, you can still make it just right!

33.  Valentine Jail

via agirlandagluegun

Set the wanted heart behind bars! All you need to do is take a box and a box cutter and cut cut cut. Paint the box red and add a signboard saying “Valentine Jail”. Place in a sad-looking heart who just got caught for its crimes of stealing other hearts! 

34. Rubik’s Cube Box

via peppermintplum

How cute is that? Smiley Rubik’s cube box is surely a winner of hearts! Do some careful painting on a square box, or glue colorful foam sheet pieces in the same pattern. Add cute little eyes, hearts and a smile, and top it off with a ribbon bow.

35. Personalised Trash Bin

via  u-createcrafts

Alright, this might sound ridiculous, but this is the way to stand out! You will just have to decorate a dollar store mini trash bin with some prints and designs. That is it – how unique!

36. Rocket Booster Box

via onecreativemommy

This one will be the talk of the class party! Two empty toilet paper rolls and a cereal box can do the wonder. Cover the box with duct tape and cut a window in the middle for the goodies to get in. Put in the rolls and decorate with ribbon straps, cardstock, stickers and markers. 

37. Frog Prince Card Holder

via plaidonline

This googly-eyed frog prince will stick its tongue to all your valentine’s cards to help you carry them! Use a tissue or a cereal box for the frog’s body and paper plates for the legs, and green paint all of them. Use cardstock or cardboard for the paws, crown and eyes. Keep its mouth open for the cards to store in.  

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38.  Minion Box

via thejoysofboys

Look at its grumpy face! This mean purple minion from Despicable Me 2 is a hilarious choice for Valentine’s box. All you needa do is paint a large plastic container and fill it with purple faux grass. Do the eye with a jar lid and black sharpie, and the teeth with a foam sheet. 

39. Shark’s Mouth

via mollymoocrafts

Now a shark will gulp down all your Valentine’s cards! How? Just cut a cardboard piece into a shark and glue a paper bag to its back. When people will put in the cards, it will seem like the shark is eating them!

40. Candy Hearts Box

via  anastasiapollack

It’s Valentine’s and there is no craft with conversation hearts? Not a chance. Decorate a box with paints and other embellishments and glue the hearts on the box cover. That is it – when there are sweethearts, you don’t need much else. 

41. Owl Valentine Box

via crafty-endeavors

How adorable! It is super, super fun to make and so cute to watch! Just cut some decorative paper into scallops, circles, and hearts and glue them to a wrapped-up box. Make the eyes and beak and it is ready to hoot!

42.  Heart Eyes Pinata Box

via briteandbubbly

I’ve always been a fan of pinata boxes. The way they jiggle is attractive! For this specific one, just arrange a circular box and cover it with yellow fringes. Then glue two big heart cutouts and a smile cutout. You can also make any other emoji in the same way.

43. Ice Cream Cone Holder

via  morenascorner

Store the valentine’s cards and goodies in an ice cream cone. Yum! Paint a plastic ornament and a paper mache pot. Then cover the pot with the ornament. The box is ready! Finish it with “sprinkles” and a “cherry on top”.  

44. iPhone Box

via macsparky

You can even go for a simple yet up-to-the-mark box like this one. Wrap a box with black paper and glue the iPhone logo, screen and buttons, and your job is done. Cut a slot on top for putting stuff in.

  45.  Lego Valentine Box

via  blackberryvine

The boys will love it! Just wrap a tissue box or a shoebox with colorful paper and make the circles for the top. You can either sandwich stuff in between two cardboard circles and cover them with paint, or use bottle caps but of the same size. 

46. Cute Monster Box

via craftibilities

Even monsters can be cute- young Mike from Monsters U, remember? This monster box is gonna eat up all Valentine’s goodies. Paint a box red and cut open the mouth in the middle. Glue foam teeth and googly eyes. If it looks plain to you, add some hearts! 

47.  Piranha Plant Box

via pinkstripeysocks

Happy Valentine’s from our famous Mario series villain! For this box, use cardboard to cut out the shape of the plant. Then stick it in a container. You can add a frame to the thing as a finishing touch.

48.  Penguin Box

via  mommyapolis

NOTHING is cuter than penguins! Make this cute little thing with some construction paper cutouts and a box. Very easy and fun to watch. Slit open the top for things to get in. Add your name on the Penguin, or give your friendly penguin a name of its own!

49.  Pom Pom Heart Box

via designimprovised

There must be a heart something in every Valentine’s decor list! Get your hands on a heart box, or give the effort to make one, and paint it pink. Glue a lot of poms on it, leaving a slot in the middle. Ready!

50. Lady Bug Box

via housingaforest

We had bees and butterflies, let’s add a ladybug too! You need a cylindrical container, decorative paper and pipe cleaners for the job. This craft will keep the little ones busy!

51. Puppy Box

via mymixofsix

Let’s end the list with a cute puppy! Glue a bunch of mop hairs to a box, googly eyes, button nose, and felt tongue, and the happy puppy is ready. Add a belt around its neck too!

Have you chosen the box already? With so many ideas, I’m sure you must be buzzing with creativity. What are you waiting for? Gather up the stuff and start to work. I am sure you will make something amazing!