41 Valentine’s Day Wreath Ideas For Your Front Door

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It’s that time of the year when love is in the air and we can’t wait to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with lovers, friends, and families. If you are planning to decorate your house, why not start from the front door? Let’s begin to spread the love by creating a welcoming front door decoration using Valentine’s wreaths.

While red is undoubtedly the color of the season, you can experiment with various color combinations to make it more trendy and lively. Some of the Valentine wreaths on this list look so classy and expensive but it’ll take only a few dollars to craft them yourself.

Greet your guests with a cupid’s arrow wreath or one with real flowers. Choose a modern aesthetic or a farmhouse style wreath. Select the one you love the most from this list of 41 wreaths and spare an afternoon to make one to welcome your guests with love.

41 Valentine’s Day Wreath Ideas For Your Front Door

1. Gingham Heart Wreath

Via Countryliving

Hang this gingham heart wreath with its magical red and white combination on Valentine’s. You can also experiment with colors and use a combination of navy and black for a less vibrant and more understated look. 

2. Yarn Wrapped Wreath

Via Designimprovised

This is a DIY craft that would take some time and effort to complete because of all the yarn wrapping involved. It looks so natural and trendy especially when you use yarn in different shades of pink and red. All you’d need are some plastic rings, hot glue, and yarn to complete this piece.

3. Tissue Paper Flower Heart Wreath

Via Heyletsmakestuff

It’s that time of the year to spread love and positivity with a splash of pink and red. A heart-shaped flower wreath exudes the liveliness and freshness of flowers.

The elegant tissue paper wreath does look complicated but in fact, can be easily created using a scalloped-edge punch. It’s a fun 2-hour activity that will add a gorgeous decoration to your front door.

4. DIY Embroidery Hoop Valentine’s Wreath

Via Realcreativerealorganized

If you are looking for something more minimalistic and elegant for your front door, red might not be your preferred color. Try creating a circular hoop wreath decorated with gorgeous light-toned flowers.

The hoop will look magical and add luxury to your door. Pick flowers that compliment each other’s color instead of creating a stark contrast. You can also create various small wreaths and hang them one above another on the door.

5. Chocolate Box Heart Wreath

Via Sadieseasongoods

Often we see chocolate boxes gifted on valentine’s and other holidays that are more attractive than their contents. If you have such a box covered with lacy, frilly cloth, and ruffles, create a gorgeous valentine’s wreath out of it.

You would need just a few inexpensive items and about 5 minutes of time to create this splendid wreath made from your favorite chocolate box.

6. Heart Grapevine Wreath

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

The combination of grapevine and flowers is so heartwarming and will please your lover when you invite them over this Valentine’s.

Buy a regular grapevine wreath from the craft store for making this. Adding faux flowers is the right choice as you won’t have to replace them every day. But you can also add new flowers on the big day to ensure freshness and a natural touch to the wreath. 

7. Rosette Wreath from Paper

Via Itallstartedwithpaint

Spread the love and welcome people with a heart-shaped rosette wreath this V-day. The wreath looks classy and expensive but what’s surprising is that it’s made of tissue paper. The detailed craft takes about an hour to complete and you’ll have a stunning piece of decor.

8. Eucalyptus Wreath

Via Abubblylife

It’s not necessary to craft wreaths and decor items from artificial materials every time. Instead, you can choose to go green by using clippings from the gorgeous Eucalyptus plant in your backyard. The wreath looks understated and fragrant because of the mini roses attached to it.

It’s a quick craft and will be completed in about 30 minutes.

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9. Sweetheart Yarn Wreath

Via Flamingotoes

Instead of using traditional colors like bright red, you can choose a more elegant combination of light pink and natural light brown yarn.

The white and pink lace adds a lot of sweetness to the wreath and the embroidery displays the love and effort put into making it. Top it off with elegant pink roses to pull off an exceptional DIY craft.

10. Candy Hearts Wreath

Via Triedandtrueblog

Add some sweetness to your front door by hanging these elegant heart-shaped boxes arranged in a heart or circular manner. Write/stamp “kiss me” and “love you” over these little hearts and place them on the frame to create this quick front door decor.

You can also employ your children to paint these hearts as a fun activity.

11. Coffee Filter Wreath

Via Overthebigmoon

Coffee filters have a lot of uses but this one is the unlikeliest of them. Hardly would anyone believe that this fluffy wreath is made up of inexpensive coffee filters.

The wreath is stable because of a heart that’s made out of cardboard. The white color will glow on dark-colored doors and bring the festive season alive. 

12. Pom Pom Wreath

Via Designimprovised

If you’re looking to hang something attractive yet warm, consider placing this pom pom wreath on your front door.

This wreath consists of contrasting colors like blue, red, and their different shades. You might be left with a lot of spare pom-poms from the Christmas Tree—utilize them to create this impressive wreath.

13. Flower and Bow Wreath

Use natural fragrant flowers to create this stunning wreath—you should consider creating this on the morning of V-day so that it will stay fresh. The pink tulips will surely set the mood for a fantastic Valentine’s Day.

14. Colourful Yarn Wreath with Ribbon and Mesh

Via Craftyiscool

Try making a stunning wreath created from readily available materials like yarn, polyester stuffing, and ribbon. The bright pink, violet, and red colors of this wreath will create a wonderful impact on your lover and guests.

It does take some expertise to make those hearts placed in the center but the result is completely worth it.

15. Whimsical Cupcake Wreath

Via Tatertotsandjello

This wreath is the right choice if you’re looking for valentine’s decor under a budget. It’s made out of cupcake liners that you’d otherwise ignore. Use solid colored liners along with a matching ribbon to create this impressive wreath for your front door.

16. Burlap Heart Wreath

Via Craftaholicsanonymous

If you have a chrome knocker on your front door, consider enclosing it with a heart-shaped burlap wreath—they’ll perfectly complement each other. This craft costs under $5 and will gain you a lot of compliments.

17. Wreath Using Christmas Ornaments

Via Momdot

Christmas has just passed so you would probably have a lot of Christmas ornaments left with you. Combine them with a bright pink tulle to create a breathtaking Valentine’s wreath for your front door.

The super cute wreath makes for an excellent item to welcome your friends and family to the festival of love. Try and experiment with different patterns while arranging ornaments and use a glue gun to make the task quick. Apart from this, glue gun has a lot of DIY ideas.

18. Ribbon Loop Wreath

Via Mypinterventures

The luxurious and shiny satin on this wreath is eye candy, to say the least—it will put a lasting impression on your guests. Despite how elegant it looks, the wreath takes less than a couple of dollars to create—you would only require some ribbon rolls, a foam wreath form, and few other items.

19. Basic Pink Valentine Wreath

Via Trendytree

This wreath design does require a lot of materials but it’s only fair—look how gorgeous it is! Each element is so distinct yet comes together so well that it’d be hard to look away from it.

This wreath is larger than most others you’d have seen, so consider the width of your door before arranging the supplies and starting the project.

20. Curly Ribbon Wreath

Via Nikkiinstitches

This eye-catching wreath is a great example of how you can create something so impressive with minimal supplies. The bright contrast of white and red curled grosgrain ribbon makes this wreath so wholesome.

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You can experiment with solid colored ribbons, patterned ones, and make a combination of both.

21. Rustic Burlap and Grapevine Wreath

Via Makinglifeblissful

If rustic or farmhouse style decor is on your mind, then this burlap and grapevine wreath is perfect for the front door. This wreath is pretty easy to create with wooden hearts, flowers, and some colorful pieces of burlap.

You can choose from a variety of wooden decorations and give the design your own twist to match other parts of the house.

22. Denim Heart Wreath

Via Clumsycrafter

Some DIY projects look better if they actually look handcrafted rather than store-bought.

Put your heartfelt message on a denim heart in this cute and inexpensive wreath for the front door. The design will suit regular brown front doors or rustic ones as it has a rough and natural feel to it. This project would suit you if complicated ones aren’t your cup of tea.

23. Faux Flower Stem Heart Wreath

Via Dazzlewhilefrazzled

If you have an affinity for faux flowers, it’s time you put it on display this Valentine’s. The faux pink rose on floral wire looks so basic yet elegant. You can choose to hang it by itself or by adding a pink ribbon over it to make it look more decorative.

24. Dollar Store Wreath

Via Dollarstorecrafts

The word dollar store in this wreath is a good indication of how inexpensive the craft is. But by no means does it look any less beautiful than the other wreaths in this article.

Collect a variety of wire-edged ribbons and cheap decorative items along with a wreath form and you’re ready to create a cute and appealing decor. You can experiment using shades of pink, red, or white instead of just using one shade.

25. Fabric Strip Heart

Via Craftymorning

At first sight, this bright red heart-shaped fabric wreath looks pretty expensive. But you can make this wreath using simple products like fabric, a wreath form, and some ribbon. It does take a few hours to make it but will provide you with a beautiful wreath that’s not heavy on your pocket.

26. Lambs Ear and Cotton Wreath

The combination of lamb ear-shaped leaves and cotton brings elegance to this wreath’s design. It’s available at an inexpensive cost and will bring a natural vibe to your valentine’s decor. This wreath is an excellent option if you are looking for something understated yet elegant and don’t want to go overboard.

27. Pink Strawflower Wreath

Via Williamssonoma

The gorgeous purple and pink accents of the strawflowers in this wreath make it perfect for Valentine’s and other spring decorations on the front door. It will take time to create this wreath but you’ll love to work on this craft if you have a lot of strawflowers available in your garden. You can also add in other flowers of your choice.

28. Soft Pom Pom Wreath

Via Honeybearlane

This soft and fluffy pom pom wreath looks so cute and adorable hanging over a white front door. While most of the wreaths take several hours to make, this one takes just about 10 minutes! The pink color and fluffy texture make it look like cotton candy so you may have to prevent kids from trying to eat it!

29. Pool Noodle Valentine Wreath

Via Positivelysplendid

A variety of prints, textures, and decorative materials make this valentine wreath looks extremely splendid. The grey color on one half is balanced by the variety of roses and printed faux flowers on the other. And creating it is pretty inexpensive as the wreath form is made up of pool noodles!

You can also place custom messages to top it off.

30. Wreath With Tree Branches

Via Prettyhandygirl

Display the artist in you and your efforts by creating this rustic and elegant heart-shaped wreath this Valentine’s. It’s made up of tree branches and wood discs stacked together in a random fashion on a heart-shaped plywood piece. Top it off with a red rose and red ribbons to add the color of the day.

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31. Chevron and Sparkles Wreath

Via Tatertotsandjello

Made from cheap dollar store wreath form and chevrons, this wreath will make your house’s entrance glow with vibrancy. The pink and white combination will create an elegant yet adorable piece of decor. Try adding different colored hearts or experiment with different shades of red and pink—whatever you prefer!

32. Chocolate Lover Valentine’s Wreath

Via Queenplinker

When designing Valentine decorations, how can one forget to add chocolates apart from roses? Here is one wreath for all chocolate lovers. Rich and creamy chocolates (made of styrofoam actually) inside a heart-shaped wireframe look pretty majestic and delectable.

The outer frame of ruffled pink crepe paper adds a softness to the design.

33. Cupid’s Arrow

Via Nestofposies

Here is a glamorous wreath with pink and gold sequins.

The gold-painted cupid’s arrow and white and gold feathers make it look like a premium product but it only takes a few dollars to create it! Be very precise and careful while you dip the feathers in gold—a clean look is important!  

34. Red Styrofoam Wreath

Via Meandmyscraps

A styrofoam wreath frame wrapped with yarn along with some accordion flowers makes the base of this gorgeous wreath. It exudes simplicity and the handcrafted flowers look beautiful.

It does take a considerable amount of time to wrap yarn around the foam wreath and to stick it with hot glue so you’d have to spare a weekend for this one.

35. Fabric Punch Ruffle Wreath

Via Thecelebrationshoppe

Bring the V-day vibe to your doorstep with a bunch of monochrome and vibrant red fabric around a straw wreath. You’d need a couple of differently colored fabrics preferably of different textures too. Don’t add a lot of decoration or it may look very over-the-top. 

36. Finger Knit Valentine Wreath

Via Juliemeasures

This finger knit wreath is an impressive way of putting your skills on display. The soft white fabric wreath and red fabric hearts over it are well complemented by the burlap banner.

As the wreath is mostly white, it will suit dark-colored doors more. If you want it for a light-colored door, consider changing the wreath color to black to add more glamour to your decor.

37. DIY Carnation Wreath

Via Notmerelyliving

The pink carnations spread over a styrofoam heart will look stunning when hung over a black door. Wrapping a wet paper towel strip around each flower stem can seem challenging at first but it will only take a couple of hours to create this masterpiece.

To add a bit of shine and glamour, place a large bright colored bow on top. 

38. Minimal Cupid Wreath

Via Modpodgerocks

Modern decor is all about being minimalistic. This white and blue wreath with an arrow in between might not seem like your regular V-day wreath but it spreads the magic with a combination of aqua and white. A plain wooden arrow completes this modern look.

39. Bow and Arrow Wreath

Via Tatertotsandjello

This wreath is called bow and arrow but the silver-coloured yarn and monochrome checkered hanging fabric rule this chic design. Black and white suit almost every occasion and make your decorations look unique.

You’d hardly find such differently colored yet good-looking wreaths in the market. And a custom banner and some cuteness with a Cupid’s arrow.

40. Dreamy Pink Wreath

Via Jenniferallwoodhome

Say hello to your friends and family with a magical pink wreath on your front door. The pink boas contrast excellently with dark-colored doors. And even your kids can help create this stunning piece as it doesn’t involve much cutting or dealing with heavy equipment.

Don’t forget the glittery sign—that’s the star of this front door decor.

41. Family Photo Wreath

Via Thecraftingchicks

Bring some nostalgic vibes this V-day by placing family photos right at the doorstep. It can be a winner if your family members are visiting this Valentine’s and you want to greet them with a wreath that radiates love and nostalgia.

These were some of the most stunning and adorable ideas for making a Valentine’s Day wreath. Pay special attention to the color and texture of your front door. You should also consider matching the wreath with other decors on your front porch. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!