13 Space Saving Wall Mounted Desks to Buy or DIY

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Do you often bump into the same inanimate object before realizing it’s the edge or corner of your desk? Does it feel like the room doesn’t have a lot of space anymore? It may be time to think about DIY wall mounted desks!

Whether the desk is for casual use or a professional one, the need for a space-saving, wall-mounted desk sounds like a great idea. A desk decreases clutter in the surroundings and increases productivity.  Not only is it DIY, but it also saves the time required to move the desk when it’s in the way, to make room for any other recreational activity extra space requires.

Like a Harry Potter fan club meeting or a house party! Here are a few ideas to declutter and invite a bit of organization into your space:  

1. Simple

This type of desk is quaint, and perfect for placing all those books you have piled up but can’t even see over the top of. The multiple shelves are like cubby holes, allowing maximum storage within a small amount of space. People who bought it are already loving it.

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2. Artsy

Via: Buzzfeed

Did a briefcase suddenly pop up in the room? Nope! That’s a retro-style wall mounted desk! Perfect for on and off uses, or for people who know for sure that they will only be using the desk periodically, like an episode of the Flash.

It definitely saves space because its foldable and isn’t prone to damage due to our clumsiness of hitting the corners of the desk with our feet.

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3. Mounted desk- Transformers style

Via: Contemporist

The best part about this item is that it doubles as a cute shelf and a desk, how cool is that? A multi-purpose desk, that saves space and is easy to assemble? Yes, please! A small potted plant, notebooks, and a limited-edition Dan Brown novel set can easily rest comfortably in this desk, while also being space efficient.

4. Compact

This is where room organization really becomes efficient. With this type of desk, clutter and disorganization are virtually non-existent. It is set up simply, and beautifully, hence being functional and pleasant to look at. Kind of like that feeling you get when you listen to Mozart’s symphony.  

Check it out here.

5. Geometric desk

My desk is a triangle. No, I’m not kidding! This “desk” doubles as a stand for support, and as an actual desk that can be used for working on a laptop. It can also be put under any flat, wall-mounted platform to double as a more professional desk.

This Prismo wall mounted item will definitely not disappoint in space efficiency or functionality. It can be used in closets, laundry room, and the bathroom.

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6. Durable

Yescom Wall Mounted Floating Folding Computer Desk 50lbs Weight Capacity PC Dining Wooden Drop Leaf Table 23"x15" Black

Kind of like the saying Superman to the rescue, this desk is kind of like him. It’s functional, durable, strong, and gets the job done….and looks good doing it.

Although it may not be completely picturesque, design options are up to you! It’s definitely a cheaper option compared to other desks and is very convenient to use as it is foldable. It’s perfect to position in the corner, in case the wall space above must also be used for work, allowing for maximum efficiency. 

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7. Layered

Wall Mounted Space-Saving Wall Built-up Computer Desk Floating Desk with Storage for Home Bedroom Living Room Apartment Dorm Bookshelf (Black)

The items we store in our desk often tend to flood and fall out. Sticky notes reminding us about important meetings may be lost in a tornado of disorganization.

With this desk, the laptop can be carefully placed, and the extension cables can be easily connected without the risk of tripping over the wires (happens more than you think!)

Via Amazon.

8. Laptop Oriented 

TANGKULA Wall Mounted Table Multi-Function Wall Mount Laptop Desk Writing Desk Home Office Computer Desk with Large Storage Area, Wall Desk (White)

Perfect for the laptop exclusively, you can work with Iron Man-level focus with this desk. It’s ideal for someone who only needs to have one object or item at a time in front of them, usually a laptop. Throw in a comfy, functional-chair with this desk, and you’re in the zone.

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9. Rustic

Executive Office Solutions Vintage Rustic Wooden Office Desk Organizer & Mail Rack for Desktop, Tabletop, or Counter - Distressed Torched Wood-Store Supplies, Desk Accessories, Mail – Barnwood (WO3)

Want a desk that’s picturesque, saves space, and perfectly matches the cool tones of your furniture? Look no further! This doubles as a desk and a shelf and looks like a ladder, so be sure to post a lot of pictures on Instagram showing off your cutely functional desk.

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10. Functional

TANGKULA Wall Mounted Table Multi-Function Wall Mount Laptop Desk Writing Desk Home Office Computer Desk with Large Storage Area, Wall Desk (White)

Unlike the stereotypes of Hollywood, programmers only need one computer at a time. This type of desk is superb for using only your laptop while being able to place a few pictures, books, or perhaps a potted plant for sentiment and an atmosphere of freshness. 

Buy this desk.

11. The Semi-Table

Via: Forks N Flip Flops

No, seriously, it’s a semi-table. This kind of table is foolproof, especially for kids, since most of them refuse to sit in one place to do homework.

Not only is it foldable as a semicircle, but the quality of the wood is strong and durable. It is also mounted in a way that still allows us to keep a few objects on it while folded. 

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12. The “Bigweld” Desk

Via Pinterest

Remember the really round, jolly robot from Robots? This “Bigweld” style desk is not only practical and compact, but it’s also fun to sit at and work! Its color combo brings a sort of jolly and happiness to the atmosphere, and we must remember that while working to be productive, keeping the environment light helps hone our focus.

13. Is this from the Victorian Era?

Via: DIY How-To

This beautifully sculpted item looks like it was plucked straight out of the Victorian Era. The desk itself is small and solid, but the shelves are a great addition to the rather photogenic piece. The large, horizontal area allows more items on the desk to be placed at one level so that they can be reached easily.

Although the usual, run of the mill desks is a household staple, it is better to step out of our comfort zone and go for these diverse options of wall-mounted desks. Depending on your needs, whether it is cute and casual, regal, or just plain durable everyone will find a desk that suits them.