101 Best Weight Watcher Meals with Smart Points

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Following a diet plan can be tough not just because of your weak determination but also because your family won’t follow the plan and want tasty food. Well, joining the Weight Watchers diet plan solves that issue. There are hundreds of lip-smacking recipes that fit into this and your dinner table too.

We have listed 101 of these weight watcher meals with their smart points so you can satiate your cravings while tracking your diet. There are quick instant pot recipes, desserts, rich and creamy pasta, and much more for every meal of the day.

Check these out now and start cooking to have a guilt-free meal for the whole family.

101 Best Weight Watcher Meals with Smart Points

1. Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore- 0 WW Smart Points

Via Recipegirl

This slow cooker chicken recipe is going to become your favorite main course while you’re following the Weight Watchers diet. You can add an exotic seasoning and dressing of sauces or eat the chicken with plain noodles or rice for a filling meal.

2. Chicken Vegetable Soup- 0 WW Smart Points

Via Simplynourished

Here’s a delicious chicken soup that has an added variety of veggies for those who want to have a mix of protein and other nutrients. The hearty chunks of chicken and the abundance of vegetables can be stored in the freezer and savored for more than a day.

3. Asian Soup- 0 WW Smart Points

Via Unclejerryskitchen

This guilt-free meal is filled with the goodness of broth, veggies, and lots of spices. The mushrooms provide a meaty flavor to the soup even without the addition of any proteins and is as filling as it’s nutritious.

4. Grilled Cilantro Shrimp Kebabs- 0 WW Smart Points

Via Skinnytaste

Imagine grilled shrimp cooked on skewers with a spicy seasoning of garlic, cumin, and some lime juice over it. It’s so simple, but the flavors are more than enough to satisfy your tastebuds.

5. Easy Salsa Shredded Chicken- 0 WW Smart Points

Via Skinnytaste

This delicious salsa shredded chicken is a delight in every bite. And it doesn’t cost you a point in the Weight Watchers meal, so you can relish it without any guilt.

6. Crock Pot Vegetarian Three Bean Chilli- 0 WW Smart Points

Via Tammileetips

Dive into the goodness of this vegetarian recipe that’s ideal for gym enthusiasts. The beans provide you protein, and there are a lot of nutrients in vegetables as well. You can have this for breakfast and also post-workout.

7. Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chilli- 0 WW Smart Points

Via Skinnytaste

A delicious combination of Mexican tacos steamed rice, chicken, and chili with cheese to top it off, this dish is a must-have. You can serve it with rice as part of the main course or even have it as a snack.

8. Salsa Roasted Salmon- 0 WW Smart Points

Via Recipegirl

If you’re looking for a healthy recipe that replenishes your protein needs without adding much to your Weight Watcher points, here is an excellent option for you. This lightly roasted salsa salmon is spicy and an absolute treat.

9. Slow Cooker Caribbean Jerk Chicken- 0 WW Smart Points

Via Simplynourished

This easy slow cooker meal is filled with delicious Caribbean spices and seasoning—it will make a perfect weekend dinner. It can be eaten as a post-workout meal too.

10. Slow Cooker French Basil Chicken- 1 WW Smart Point

Via Recipegirl

Dive into the freshness of basil sprinkled over the slow cooker french chicken. You won’t have to stand around the hot kitchen for long, the slow cooker will do the work easily while you Netflix and chill.

11. Vegan Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup- 1 WW Smart Point

Via Eatyourselfskinny

This vegan soup has surprisingly very intense flavors and might be the best vegan soup you’ve ever had. The flavors of ginger, cumin, coriander, and cinnamon blend so well with lentils and sweet potatoes that it’s an absolute delight.

12. Spicy Vegetarian Chilli- 1 WW Smart Point

Via Recipegirl

Go hot and fiery with your smart point recipe this time with a lip-smacking spicy vegetarian chili dish. This filling dish with hearty beans and bulgur wheat is surprisingly vegan too.

13. Turkey Chilli Dish- 1 WW Smart Point

Via Eatyourselfskinny

Here is one of the best turkey chili recipes with lean turkey, fresh veggies, and a host of delicious spices. The recipe is perfect for weekend dinners or whenever you want to have a king-sized meal that fits your diet plan, go for this!

14. Sauteed Chicken with Tangy Tomato Sauce

Via Recipegirl

If you’re looking for a light and nutritious dinner that completes your quota of protein, go for a tangy sauteed chicken recipe like this. It takes under an hour to cook this delicacy that’s low on carbs too.

15. Chicken Teriyaki- 1 WW Smart Point

Via Allshecooks

Cook a delicious meal with leftover chicken—it can be eaten with a side of healthy salad, brown rice, or pita, depending upon your mood!

16. Lemon Garlic Shrimp-1 WW Smart Point

Via Skinnytaste

Check out one of the easiest ways to cook shrimp in a way that it still tastes just as good and is tender enough too. Roast it in the oven, and don’t forget the olive oil and lemon juice drizzle to add some glaze to the delicious recipe.

17. Slow Cooker Crock Pot Turkey Breast with Gravy- 1 WW Smart Point

Via Skinnytaste

If you want to have delicious gravy cooked effortlessly, go for this slow cooker turkey recipe that is super impressive. The turkey breast can be a quick snack or brunch meal with some cranberry sauce, and other suggested sides.

18. Italian Pulled Slow Cooker Pork Ragu- 1 WW Smart Point

Via Skinnytaste

Here’s another filling and hearty recipe with a sauce made of herbs, roasted pepper, pulled pork, and tomatoes. You can use an instant pot or a slow cooker to prepare this one and relish it with rice or noodles.

19. Skinny Turkey and Wild Rice Soup -2 WW Smart Points

Via Theskinnyfork

Use Thanksgiving leftovers to make this creamy and mouth-watering soup. Leftover turkey and wild rice are the main ingredients of this delicious soup.

20. Easy Crockpot Salsa Chicken Thighs- 2 WW Smart Points

Via Skinnytaste

Probably the easiest Crock Pot recipe you’d ever make, these salsa chicken thighs are loaded with nutrients. You can have the salsa and chicken recipe with just tacos or rice or pour it over a salad to enjoy.

21. Easy Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Zucchini

Via Skinnytaste

Here’s a delicious twist to the popular Mexican enchiladas. The stuffing of shredded chicken, cheese, scallions, and enchilada sauce melts in the mouth and makes you fall in love with every bite of the zucchini.

22. Lentil and Avocado Soup on Slow Cooker- 2 WW Smart Points

Via Cookincanuck

Tired after a long day of work? Replenish your energy by having a hearty meal —put everything in the slow cooker and let it simmer. The chipotle peppers, along with avocado from California add flavors to this filling dish.

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23. Chicken Soup with Greek Orzo- 3 WW Smart Points

Via Recipegirl

Cook this rich, creamy yet light chicken soup combined with fresh herbs and seasoning. It’s quick to make and also fulfilling and satisfying for chilly winters. The flavors of lemon and dill make the soup refreshing too.

24. Baked Spaghetti Squash Made in Casserole- 3 WW Smart Points

Via Eatyourselfskinny

Have a lot of leftovers from the weekend dinner? Create this scrumptious meal of spaghetti squash filled with lots of cheese and vegetables making it a heavenly low-carb keto meal.

25. Slow Cooker Hoisin Chicken

Via Cookincanuck

You’d hardly find a recipe so delicious which requires minimal effort than this chicken dish cooked in hoisin sauce. The combination of thick and rich Chinese barbecue sauce and soy sauce with all the sweetness and saltiness is majestic.

26. Delicious Skillet Lasagne- 3 WW Smart Points

Via Recipegirl

Have this lighter yet delicious version of the classic lasagna with half as much guilt. All of it is made in one skillet, making it one of the quickest and easiest lasagne recipes to make.

27. Vegetable Soft Tacos- 6 WW Smart Points

Via Cookincanuck

It takes under 20 minutes to cook these soft vegetable tacos filled with natural herbs and veggies. The gluten-free meal is all of 236 calories and fits right into your weight watchers meal plan.

28. Pork Chops with Dijon Maple Syrup- 4 WW Smart Points

Via Cookincanuck

Here is a quick and healthy breakfast recipe that can be cooked in 15 minutes. The ingredients are pretty inexpensive and fit in your budget as well as your meal plan. The added drizzle of maple sauce makes it all the tastier.

29. Chicken Breasts in Pancetta Cream with Sauce- 4 WW Smart Points

Via Reneeskitchenadventures

Dive into the creamy goodness of the pancetta sauce on tender and juicy chicken breasts for a hearty meal. You can serve it with some rice to turn it into a complete meal.

30. Mushroom Pork Chops- 4 WW Smart Points

Via Reneeskitchenadventures

Mushroom pork chops are an excellent idea for a quick and filling dinner when guests come unplanned. The center cut chops immersed in a savory and rich mushroom sauce would leave you licking the spoon.

31. Beef and Broccoli- 6 WW Smart Points

Via Simplenourished

Here is a delicious stir fry version of the classic dish of beef and broccoli. You can cook it in a wok or a large skillet to make a quick guilt-free healthy dinner within minutes.

32. Herb-Marinated Pork Tenderloin- 4 WW Smart Points

Via Recipegirl

This delicious and tender pork tenderloin recipe will surely bring your tastebuds alive. It’s a simple roast recipe prepared in under 20 minutes with a marination time of under half an hour, ideal for dinner.

33. Chicken Fajita Pasta- 8 WW Smart Points

Via Skinnytaste

Combine chicken fajita with pasta to make this healthy and delicious Mexican-inspired dish. It’s ideal for lunch or dinner and takes just 30 minutes to get done.

34. Pumpkin Alfredo Tortellini Skillet

Via Emilybites

This one-pot pumpkin alfredo skillet is creamy and rich, and you won’t believe it’s lightened up to fit your weight watcher plan. The spicy sausages, pumpkin, and cheese mix so well to create a decadent meal.

35. Baked Chicken Parmesan- 4 WW Smart Points

Via Skinnytaste

This baked chicken parmesan recipe with chicken is just as tender as the fried version but much healthier. The dish tastes so good with cheese and marinara sauce drizzled over the cutlets—you can serve it with noodles or veggies, your choice!

36. Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts- 5 WW Smart Points

Via Emilybites

Cream cheese stuffed chicken is much more than your regular baked chicken breasts, with the smoothness of cream cheese flowing over the coating of poppy seeds, onions, toasted sesame, and garlic. This is a rich and savory dish that will satisfy your tastebuds.

37. Cheese Weight Watchers Biscuits- 3 WW Smart Points

Via Allshecooks

Make a quick cheesy and delicious tea time snack for your family—what’s even better is that these biscuits cost you just 3 WW Smart Points and are quick to make!

38. Slow Crockpot Carnitas- 3 WW Smart Points

Via Slenderkitchen

Here is a minimum prep recipe for pork crockpot carnitas, enjoyable for kids and adults alike. The carnitas are savory and melt in the mouth, making for a filling and nutritious meal.

39. Buffalo Chicken Taquitos- 4 WW Smart Points

Via Recipediaries

Quickly combine some canned chicken, cheddar, and cream cheese to make a buffalo chicken dip and put it into a roll. It can be eaten for breakfast or eaten as a snack as well.

40. Chillies Rellenos Casserole- 4 WW Smart Points

Via Recipegirl

This healthier version of chilies Rellenos is just as delicious as the classic one but fits the Weight Watchers diet. The fresh charred chilies cooked in eggs along with cheese make for a heavenly combination.

41. BLT Pasta Salad- 4 WW Smart Points

Via Recipediaries

Make a quick pasta salad that’s rich in taste but light in calories. It makes for an enjoyable meal with some pita or just by itself in the morning.

42. Whole Wheat Orzo and Kalo with Cauliflower Soup- 4 WW Smart Points

Via Cookincanuck

Here is a comforting light vegetable soup ideal for vegans as well as those on a strict diet plan. It has a whopping 9gm fibers in a single serving and is very nutritious with the inclusion of kale.

43. Light Salmon and Potato Chowder- 4 WW Smart Points

Via Cookincanuck

Enjoy potatoes and salmon in a rich and creamy healthy soup with this hearty recipe. The delicious recipe includes a lot of colors and is packed with proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients.

44. Garlic Parmesan Fries- 5 WW Smart Points

Via Skinnypoints

If you prefer fries over guys, you’d love this garlic parmesan fries recipe that you can enjoy without any guilt. The fries are baked, and the combination of herbs and spices with cheese makes it drool-worthy.

45. Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken Teriyaki- 5 WW Smart Points

Via Laaloosh

Make it once, and your friends and family would ask for it again and again. The flavorful combination of chicken in teriyaki sauce and pineapple with Hawaiian spices baked in one dish makes for a recipe worth remembering.

46. Bowtie Pasta with Sausage and Escarole-5 WW Smart Points

Via Weightwatchers

Here is a classic combo of pasta, veggies, and sausage, but the twist is that it is very healthy and fits into your WW diet plan. Your kids won’t be able to guess how you’ve provided them with so many veggies in their favorite pasta.

47. Slow Cooker Sweet and Tangy Chicken- 5 WW Smart Points

Via Emilybites

Here is a recipe for your fine dining date that won’t leave you feeling guilty afterward. The rich chicken and rice has an Asian flair in its sauce and will make for a compelling main course.

48. Falafel in Tahini Sauce- 6 WW Smart Points

Via Laaloosh

If you love falafel and want to eat it guilt-free, check out this baked version that is just as tasty if not more than the regular fried one. The garbanzo beans inside make the recipe meaty, while the savory spices and parsley make it bold.

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49. Smoked Ham Soup with White Beans

Via Recipegirl

Enjoy this healthy soup on chilly winter and rainy days as it’s a satisfying meal. The soup is very fibrous but is pretty low on fat, with the presence of white beans and ham providing a lot of meatiness to the filling soup.

50. Weight Watchers Stuffed Shells- 6 WW Smart Points

Via Itallstartedwithpaint

Have some decadent stuffed pasta shells that cost you just 6 Smart Points and make for a satisfying evening snack. Top it off with some cream cheese for a good presentation for guests.

51. Pistachio Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting- 7 WW Smart Points

Via Pamsdailydish

Have a sweet tooth? Make some delicious and guilt-free cupcakes filled with a lot of nutrients to satisfy your sweet tooth without ruining your Weight Watchers diet.

52. Red Velvet Cupcakes- 7 WW Smart Points

Via Pamsdaily

Another fluffy and gooey cupcake that fits your weight watcher’s diet plan, you won’t be able to resist baking these cupcakes again and again. It’s ideal for holidays and has just 2.5 grams of fat.

53. Lemon and Broccoli Pasta with Shrimp- 7 WW Smart Points

Via Slenderkitchen

Here is a quick lemon and broccoli pasta with the goodness of shrimp. The recipe is packed with savory spices, garlic, chilly, lemon juice, and fire-roasted tomatoes making it a restaurant-style recipe.

54. Beef Barley Soup- 8 WW Smart Points

Via Skinnytaste

Make an effortless and healthy bowl of comforting soup packed with carrots, celery, onions, celery, and beef on a winter evening. It makes for an excellent starter dish for fall festivals too.

55. Orange-Scented Light Cupcakes- 8 WW Smart Points

Via Pamsdailydish

Can’t get enough of cupcakes? Check out another fluffy light sweet bomb that fits your diet plan. It tastes incredibly rich and sweet despite cutting down on some sugar and fat, letting you enjoy the sinful goodness without the sin.

56. Pumpkin and Sage Stuffed Shells- 9 WW Smart Points

Via Eatyourselfskinny

Try these delicious shells filled with mealy pumpkins and sage. You’d get obsessed with the flavors coming from sage, pumpkin spice, nutmeg, butternut squash, and cinnamon in this healthy recipe.

57. Chicken Tuna Noodle Casserole- 9 WW Smart Points

Via Reneeskitchenadventures

Enjoy the fusion of chicken and tuna cooked with decadent noodles in a savory sauce with this recipe. It’s pretty quick to make which is ideal after a tiring day.

58. Skillet Chicken and Herbs with Garden Salad- 9 WW Smart Points

Via Skinnyms

The juicy light skillet chicken marinated with savory and tangy Asian sauce can be had for lunch Add a lot of veggies and fresh herbs to the garden salad to complete a quick and nutritious meal.

59. Easy One-Pot Rigatoni- 13 WW Smart Points

Via Clarkscondensed

The one-pot rigatoni is cheesy, creamy, saucy, and everything you need to satisfy your cravings. Pasta and salad are everyone’s favorite so now why not have it for dinner in a rich creamy sauce that fits your meal plan?

60. Muffin Tin Eggs- 0 WW Smart Points

Via Youbrewmytea

You can make these lip-smacking tin eggs with veggies or turkey sausages depending upon your taste. You can also use turkey sausage instead of eggs.

61. Caramel Cinnamon Rolls- 2 WW Smart Points

Via Recipediaries

These delicious caramel cinnamon roll are irresistible to those with a sweet tooth. The caramel sauce just makes it worth it and the roll is sugar-free and subsequently guilt-free.

62. Crustless Spinach, Quinoa and Feta Quiche

Via Skinnytaste

This delicious stuffed crustless spinach recipe costs just 4 points and is pure magic. The baby spinach, feta cheese, eggs, and cayenne pepper are all healthy ingredients making the dish very filling.

63. Crustless Frittata- 0 WW Smart Points

Via Thestatenislandfamily

Here is a quick and healthy frittata recipe with lots of flavors. Your whole family will love to eat the frittata on weekend mornings. It’s the ideal dish if you follow WW programs for the whole family.

64. 2-Ingredient Bagels- 3 WW Smart Points

Via Messforless

On a weight watcher’s diet program, you might think bagels have to be off your meals. That’s not true if you make a recipe like this with 3 smart points. It’s still just as fluffy and sugary too!

65. Apple Cinnamon Baked Overnight French Toast- 5 WW Smart Points

Via Everydaymaven

Need to cook a large breakfast the next morning? Get everything prepared the night before, pop it in the fridge, and serve delicious french toasts that would impress one and all.

66. Banana Pancake Bites- 1 WW Smart Point

Via Emilybites

Get some ripe and sweet bananas and make this delicious pancake bite recipe ideal for a quick bite. The syrup over these pancakes has just the right sweetness.

67. Mug Omelette- 4 WW Smart Points

Via Dashingdish

Here is a quick 2-minute recipe of delicious omelete that fits your weight watchers diet plan and makes for a filling breakfast. Wrap it in a tortilla and enjoy a satisfying meal.

68. Sweet Potato Hash with Baked Eggs- 4 WW Smart Points

Via Cookincanuck

This dish is full of vitamins, minerals, and carbs without much oil. The eggs add protein to the recipe while the baked sweet potatoes add the much-needed mealiness and richness to the healthy meal.

69. Breakfast Burrito Bowl- 3 WW Smart Points

Via Skinnytaste

The complete breakfast bowl also contains spicy butternut squash which gives a bold and lively flavor. The Mexican bowl also contains healthy avocados, eggs, and pico de gallo.

70. Blueberry Baked Oatmeal Singles- 3 WW Smart Points

Via Emilybites

Check out this hearty and filling oatmeal breakfast that your family would love. It’s so fibrous and nutritious and the presence of juicy blueberries adds a new twist to the recipe.

71. No-Bake Peanut Cheerio Bars- 8 WW Smart Points

Via Recipediaries

If you are looking to make a quick snack to satiate your sweet tooth, make these peanut cheerio bars. The addition of peanuts in the sweet snack makes it very tasty and filling.

72. Spinach Quiche with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Via Skinnyms

Here is the crustless version of the spinach quiche recipe filled with vitamins and minerals. It’s healthy, savory, and tastes equally good without the addition of fat and calories. The sun-dried tomatoes will add extra flavor.

73. Instant Pot Stuffed Pepper Soup- 3 WW Smart Points

Via Mycrazygoodlife

Add a few healthy ingredients in a crockpot or a pressure cooker and you can create a satisfying soup that livens up your soul. It takes just a few simple ingredients and onion garlic to make this one.

74. Slow Cooker Potato Soup- 3 WW Smart Points

Via Keyingredient

Cook this healthy and hearty potato soup without putting much effort. It’s a good quick recipe to try after a tiring day of work.

75. Weight Loss Vegetable Soup- 0 WW Smart Points

Via Spendwithpennies

It can get hard to get all vitamins and minerals in one single dish unless you cook something of this kind. The weight loss vegetable soup adds minimal calories and a lot of nutrients for overall growth.

76. Pizza Bombs- 2 WW Smart Points

Via Recipediaries

Pizza lovers go crazy over these bombs that explode cheese in their mouths. And everyone would find it hard to believe that they fit so well in the weight watchers diet plan.

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77. Chicken Salad with Apples and Cranberries- 3 WW Smart Points

Via Simplenourished

Have some rotisserie chicken leftovers? Use it in a delicious salad with cranberries, apples, and celery. It’s filled with nutrients and packs a punch for breakfast.

78. Skinny Chicken Nuggets- 6 WW Smart Points

Via Skinnyms

The glaze over these chicken nuggets can dupe you into thinking that these are unhealthy and fried but in reality, they are baked! These chicken nuggets are an excellent side for parties without costing many points.

79. Deli Crab Salad- 10 WW Smart Points

Via Allshecooks

Here is a plate full of delicious crabs, pasta, and veggies tossed in a rich and creamy sauce that can make anyone fall in love with it. You can buy fully cooked crab meat to make it quick.

80. Weight Watcher Salsa Roll Up- 2 WW Smart Points

Via Chefintraining

If you are looking for healthy appetizer recipes, here is a delicious one with just 2 smart points. The salsa roll-ups are great evening snacks and your guests will fall in love with the tangy and creamy combo.

81. Shrimp Summer Rolls with Dipping Sauce- 2 WW Smart Points

Via Skinnytaste

Here is an excellent starter that looks unique and vibrant. The combination of Vietnamese-style shrimp rolls with peanut dipping rolls can satiate your hunger while providing you with an option to put in any kind of protein you want.

82. Pizza Zucchini Boats- 4 WW Smart Points

Via Skinnyms

Sometimes you want a tasty and gooey quick bite that fits in your diet plan. The pizza zucchini boat is just that and an excellent option to serve at parties as sides because they are small in size and the presentation is unique.

83. BBQ Chicken Quesadillas- 4 WW Smart Points

Via Mealplanningmommies

Try this Mexican delicacy made from 4 simple ingredients. Of course, there’s cheese in abundance along with nutritious shredded chicken made savory with BBQ sauce—but it still costs just 4 points.

84. 6-pointer Pizza- 6 WW Smart Points

Via Messforless

Can’t resist eating pizza even on a diet? Here is a quick 6 pointer recipe you can relish effortlessly with 0% greek yogurt and other ingredients that cut the fats.

85. Baked Chicken and Cheese Rolled Tacos- 6 WW Smart Points

Via Slenderberry

The rolled tacos are crispy outside and spicy and tender inside making it a dish to fall in love with. Salsa and taco seasoning mix will add bursts of flavor to it.

86. Veggie Ranch Pizza- 3 WW Smart Points

Via Recipediaries

Achieve two goals in one by adding a lot of veggies along with cheese to get the best of health and taste. It’s an excellent appetizer for parties and lunches because of the tasty ranch-flavored cream cheese.

87. Buffalo Chicken Pizza- 5 WW Smart Points

Via Recipediaries

Add some buffalo hot sauce to this decadent chicken pizza to make a dish worth remembering. It’s just 5 points a slice but be wary of having too many slices in one go.

88. Tuscan Chicken Pasta- 7 WW Smart Point

Via Mycrazygoodlife

Here is a quick cheesy and easy recipe that can be made for the whole family. The dish has been altered to fit into your diet plan but is still as creamy and saucy.

89. Southwest Chipotle Blacked Chicken and Beans- 2 WW Smart Points

Via Mealplanningmommies

Here is a Mexican recipe absolutely filled with protein and fiber topped with cheesy and mustard sauces. You can buy the packed chipotle seasonings and make the blackened chicken in a dash after work.

90. Buffalo Chicken Ziti- 8 Smart Points

Via Recipediaries

If you’re in love with buffalo sauce and toppings, you’ll drool over this buffalo chicken ziti recipe. The ranch seasoning adds a savory flavor to this tasty dish.

91. Baked Chicken Enchiladas- 4 WW Smart Points

Via Lifeissweeterbydesign

If you’re in love with Mexican flavors but want to follow a strict diet, here is a tasty and nutritious recipe. The baked enchiladas are rich in taste and low on fat making them an excellent snack option.

92. Chicken Angel Hair Pasta Bake- 4 WW Smart Points

Via Amomstake

Check out this rich and creamy pasta dish you’d fall in love with not just because of its taste but because of how nutritious it is. The low-fat recipe won’t ruin your diet like other pasta recipes.

93. Instant Pot Salsa Chicken- 3 WW Smart Points

Via Dashofherbs

Cook this effortless dish on tiring days when cooking just doesn’t seem to happen and you just want to kick back and relax. Serve this simple dish with rice or taco shells.

94. Thai Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce

Via Emilybites

Here is a quick and glazy chicken skewer recipe marinated with a host of spices. The bold chicken bites are then balanced with thick peanut sauce to complete a delicious appetizer recipe.

95. Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken- 5 WW Smart Points

Via Dashofherbs

If you are trying to lose weight but your family won’t eat boring salads, try out this savory chicken recipe that fits your diet plan. Have it with rice or pita for dinner for a filling and hearty meal.

96. Skinny General TSO’S Chicken- 5 WW Smart Points

Via Slenderberry

Hot sauce, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and fiery flavors of pepper combine to make this delicious chicken appetizer. Pair it with rice to make for a delicious dinner for Fall.

97. Sheet pan Italian Chicken and Veggie Dinner- 8 WW Smart Points

Via Skinnytaste

Make a fuss-free meal by tossing all the ingredients in a sheet pan and letting them bake in the oven. The recipe is very healthy and delicious with the presence of lots of veggies and seasonings.

98. 6-ingredient Chinese Chicken- 4 WW Smart Points

Via Skinnyms

Cook this 6 ingredient recipe in a jiffy and serve it for dinner. The marinade is packed with flavors and can be served with rice.

99. Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas- 4 WW Smart Points

Via Theyummylife

Here is a one-pot meal reinvented with the use of a sheet pan for a quick and healthy lunch. Satisfy your Mexican food cravings with these decadent fajitas with some tortillas or lettuce leaves.

100. Slow Cooker Spinach Artichoke Chicken- 5 WW Smart Points

Via Skinnyms

This quick and comforting chicken recipe has the savory flavor of spinach too. The cream cheese and artichoke sauce you spoon on top of the chicken is not heavy in calories so you can enjoy it without any guilt.

101. Taco Fiesta Bubble Up Casserole- 7 WW Smart Points

Via Drizzlemeskinny

Continue your journey to become skinny with a delicious Mexican bubble-up casserole. It’s a great idea for a quick and large dinner as it includes 7 servings of just 6 points each.

These were our favorite 101 weight watcher recipes. You must now be feeling at ease as you can have delicious food and satisfy your cravings for cheese and sugar without spoiling your weight watchers diet plan. So what are you waiting for? Start cooking these and serve everything tasty and nutritious from today!