27 Wire Basket Storage Ideas

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Baskets are easily the most underrated storage option. They bring in versatility and add organized storage space seemingly out of nowhere. Want to add space to your kitchen? Mount a basket on the walls or countertop. Need to organize the closet? Store clothes in baskets lined up together. And wired baskets add another dimension to the already useful baskets.

Wired baskets are see-through, so it’s easy to pick out the items inside. They take minimal space and the metal wiring also adds elegance and fits into any modern decor. You can give a contemporary look to your bathroom, kitchen, office, or living room using these stylish wired baskets which will help you decorate, store and organize neatly.

Scroll down and check out the variety of purposes a wired basket can serve for you.

27 Wire Basket Storage Ideas

1. Wire Basket on The Bike

Via Themerrythought

Finding it hard to carry groceries on your eco-friendly ride? A simple and elegant wire basket can solve the problem for you. It also allows you to travel around without having to bear the extra burden of the backpack.

Fix a wire basket stylishly to your bike with the help of classy leather belts. It also adds an aesthetic element to your bike.

2. Use as a Jewelry Display

Via Smileandwave

Do you struggle to store your jewelry in a neat and aesthetic manner? Hang your daily wearables like pendants and bracelets on a wire file basket and never lose them around the house again. You can get one from the thrift store or the dollar store and spray paint it to suit the interiors of the room.

You can also add wine crates with small plants around the basket to add a nice touch to this space.

3. Toilet Paper Storage

Via Marian Parsons|Hgtv

No one wants to put their time and pockets into making toilet paper storage. But having a functional one is necessary too.

Use an inexpensive mesh-style locker basket to eliminate the hassle of storing toilet papers. You can mount it on the wall just above the flush. It will come in handy and ensure that you’ll never run out of toilet paper.

4. Chic Laundry Wire Basket

Via Ispydiy

Your wire baskets don’t always have to be mounted on the wall. Instead, add an elegant twist to your boring laundry basket that’s ruining the aesthetic of your room by making one yourself using a large wire basket and patterned cotton canvas laundry bag.

You can also add a wood plant roller below the basket to make it portable.

5. Craft Supply Storage

Via Robert Peterson|Hgtv

If you don’t have a separate art corner for craft supplies, you might be losing your sketch pens, scissors, and whatnot every other weekend while you’re working on something. Simple wire baskets can solve your issue and provide you ample space to store your craft supplies.

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Since these baskets are see-through you would find it easy to find stuff too!

6. Store Chopping Boards

Via Shabbylove

Can’t find a space to hang your chopping board collection? It can get frustrating if you can only work in a neatly organized kitchen like me. Don’t worry, you can use the space on the side of the counter instead of keeping these leaning on the wall.

Just mount a wired basket on the side of your countertop and you’ll have a perfect place to store your chopping boards neatly.

7. Store Bathroom Towels

Via Polishedhabitat

If a regular mounted towel stand is too mainstream for you, go for a wired basket just above that toilet paper storage. The space above the flush is mostly unused and can be a great place to store stocks of paper towels, regular bath towels, and hand towels.

It’s a quick fix great for small bathrooms when you don’t have enough space.

8. Tiered Wire Basket for Bathroom Counter

Via Goldenboysandme

Keeping your bathroom supplies scattered around the counter can make your bathroom look messy. A couple of wired baskets can solve the problem—use a minimalistic two-tiered basket like this one to store a host of items including brushes and toothpaste, earbuds, soaps, razors, and more for the whole family.

9. Organize Linen Closet with Baskets

Via Simplyorganized

Organizing your linen closet wouldn’t get easier than this. You can store your linen in the regular baskets too and keep them organized but these stylish and minimalistic wired baskets allow you to see through them and pick out what you want.

Store everything according to the frequency of usage—frequently used ones will go on top while others can be stored on the bottom shelves.

10. Near the Kitchen Sink

Via Homemadeginger

Make a stylish space to store your dish soaps, rags, scrubbers, and more by mounting little wire baskets. Mount the baskets near the kitchen sink instead of putting them far away in other areas of the kitchen—either on a nearby wall or on the inside of the cabinet under the sink.

Water won’t clog inside these baskets and they’ll stay neat for long.

11. Store Small Lotions and Potions

Via Katelavie

Cute little bottles of lotions, foundations, and creams can be hard to store especially in a bathroom’s slippery environment. Use baskets just the size of these small bottles and give them a suitable home.

Copper or gold wired baskets look classy and elegant in the bathroom. Organize everything according to the brand or type.

12. Organize Under the Kitchen Sink

Via Athomewithnikki

That awkward area under the kitchen sink can become so useful to store stocks of cleaning materials if you make it well organized. A combination of slider baskets along with stationary wired ones can make for wonderful storage space—you don’t need to spend a lot of money over this too!

Make use of the space on the inside of the cabinet door—baskets can be attached here too.

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13. On the Side of the Island

Via Goldenboysandme

Execute this exceptional idea of mounting chicken wire baskets on the side of your island to store napkins, towels, lunch bags, cutlery, disposables, and more easily. It can expand your main space and keep everything segregated well instead of cluttered in smaller spaces.

All the items you require daily can be kept here.

14. Storing Blankets and Pillows

Via Poorlittleitgirl

If you don’t want to use the wardrobe to store everyday blankets and pillows, keep them right near the bed in a minimalistic and elegant manner with the help of a large wire basket. You will be able to store everything easily without ruining the look of your bedroom.

15. Diaper Storage

Via Domesticprincesstraining

This one may seem a bit amusing to some people but is a spot-on idea if you are about to have or have just had a baby. You will probably need lots and lots of space to keep the regular as well as cloth diapers around.

Store them in wire baskets near the changing station. You can decorate the baskets as you like to make them look cute too.

16. Store Hats, Mits, and Scarves

Via Thedecorfix

You need hats, earmuffs, scarves, etc. to combat winters but you probably don’t have a separate corner for these things. They get lost now and then and you just can’t find your favorite scarf or hat while going out.

Keeping them well organized in a basket in the entryway can solve that issue for you and always have your whole collection at your disposal while going out in the chilly winters.

17. For the Home Office

Via Onecreativehousewife

If you are looking to set up a home office or corner, wire baskets will come in very handy. Having a separate wall for all your office files, reminders, mail, and more can help you work at optimum speed and protect important stuff from getting lost.

Store your mailers, budget files, and more around the desk with these wired baskets.

18. Organize Pet Toys

Via Hometalk

If your dog or cat loves toys, you would probably be tripping over them now and then. Instead of leaving them scattered all around, be a good master and teach your pets to store their toys at the right place. They’d find their whole inventory of toys in one place.

Make the basket reachable for your pet so they don’t need you to take the toys out all the time.

19. Recipe Books Storage

Via Acouplecooks

If you are an avid cook, then you must have a huge collection of cookbooks. Attach a couple of metal storage baskets on the side of your countertop and make a slim bookshelf. It adds to the elegance of your kitchen by adding a bit of human touch.

You can easily access the recipes you want this way and sit at the countertop and comfortably browse through the books.

20. Utilize Unused Spaces

Via Abeautifulmess

Do you see that wasted space above your cupboards that becomes dusty all the time? You can use that space and even keep it well organized by placing a few metal wire baskets. In the above picture, baskets are used to store wine and gin bottles stored safely.

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You can use this space for stocking purposes and keeping certain items away from eye level.

21. Linen Storage in the Guest Room

Via Millashem

Give your guests a clean and well-organized room by displaying extra blankets and pillows for them in a wired basket like this one. You can put everything you want to offer here including pillows, robes, extra clothes, and more.

Just remind your guests how happy you are about their visit and prioritize their comfort with this basket in their room.

22. Metal Basket Cookbook Storage

Via Rainonatinroof

Here’s another hack for organizing your recipe books. Put them all in slim wire baskets mounted on the wall. These can be accommodated wherever you have some free wall space. These baskets will help your proudly display your books as well as keep your kitchen neat.

23. Veggie and Fruit Storage Basket

Via Pinterest

Want to keep your fresh fruits and veggies handy in cold weather? Instead of keeping them in the fridge and ruining their taste, store them in wired baskets mounted on the wall. Your fridge will also have much more space than before.

24. Organize the Pantry

Via Honeybearlane

The wired bins work so well for storing canned goods. You can have these bins in your kitchen or pantry to store all your canned foods and drinks safely. This way the cans will stay in one place and won’t roll around and get lost now and then.

25. Store Folded Clothes

Via Society19

If you store your clothes in a smooth rectangular manner in a wire basket, you can multiply the space in your cupboard by several notches. Instead of placing your clothes one over the other, place them in a single layer after folding.

It would help if you keep your clothes segregated by type too.

26. DIY Wire Laundry Baskets

Via Twelveonmain

Laundry baskets are often guilty of looking uglier than the clothes within. Enhance the looks of your laundry room by placing some elegant laundry baskets covered in minimal clothing. These are pretty inexpensive to make and would last much longer than the regular fabric ones.

27. Metal Wired Storage Shelf for Shampoos

Via Thecluelessgirl

Struggling to store large shampoo bottles that just keep falling down off the shelf? Store them safely in a wired basket like this one and cut the hassle.

You can keep a variety of personal cleansing products in these baskets and expand your counter space. Decorate the baskets in any way you like!

These were some of the most functional and clever uses of wired storage baskets. These baskets increase storage space, last much longer, and look really classy and minimal—they are a must-have!