41 Best DIY Ribbon Ornaments for Christmas

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Christmas decorations can be pretty expensive. All the different decor pieces, embellishments, and fancy foods can fall heavy on your pockets. 

Especially those little ornaments. They look like they cost a few pennies, but those fancy little ones can be ridiculously expensive. Why waste your hard-earned money like that? Sooo, it’s the perfect time to dish out some creativity. With some mini materials and ribbons, you can turn those simple, boring ornaments into fancy ones! Or fashion entirely new ornaments! 

Here’s a list of creative, budget-friendly ribbon ornaments that you should try out this Christmas. 

41 Best DIY Ribbon Ornaments for Christmas

1. Ribbon Tree Christmas Decoration

Via BeAFunMum

Let’s begin with a ribbon tree ornament for the Christmas tree! It’s all about beading, threading, and folding. Pass a thread through a bead, then tie its end. Fold over the ribbon and pass another bead. Fold and pass.

Repeat the process until you reach near the end and tie it in a loop for an adorable tree decor.

2. Bead and Ribbon Wreath Ornament

Via TheBeadingGem

Some mini wreaths are enough to charm up the tree. Like the previous one, this too is all about beading and folding. 

Fold a wire into a circle, leaving a gap to insert the beads and ribbon. Pass it through a bead and fold over the ribbon. Repeat the process and tie a bow in the end. Add a locket and your wreath is done! 

3. Ribbon Icicle

Via funEZcrafts

These easy-to-make colorful wired ribbon icicles are just the right pick for giving a beautiful contrast against the other embellishments. All it takes is a wired ribbon, thread, and a pencil. Twist the ribbon around the pencil and put it up on the tree with a thread. 

4. White Angel Ornament 

Via AgeBerry

Angels are symbols of Christmas. How can a Christmas tree not have an Angel ornament? 

This attractive, pretty white Angel ornament is made of beautiful satin ribbons and pearls. Fold pieces of ribbon into triangular cones. Stick pearls to their edges and stitch the heads together. Use a glittery ribbon bow and some more decorations to finish the look.

5. Ribbon Wrapped Ball


Add a festive touch to a simple ball ornament with ribbon strips. Cut ribbon thin strips and glue them to the ball, starting from the base.

Remove the cap and tuck the ends of the strips into the opening. Stick them together and close the opening. Finish it with a pretty ribbon bow. 

6. Ribbon & Popsicle Tree Ornament

Via SchoolTimeSnippets

These simple ribbon and popsicle tree ornaments are perfect Christmas crafts for the kids. All you gotta do is make a triangle with the popsicle sticks and paint it green to make it seem like a Christmas tree.

Tie the ribbon around the thing, add some glitter and finishing touched, and voila!

7.  Ribbon Snowman

Via 30MinuteCrafts

Oh, this is so adorable! The cute little body with that hat and scarf is a sight to behold! All you gotta do is fold a white ribbon into the “infinity” shape then tie a felt scarf around the middle part to secure it. Add a cute little felt hat to the snowman and glue a string loop to the hat for hanging it.

8. Ribbon Clothespin Ornament

Via AmericanCraftsStudio

Give your tree a personalized touch by crafting this clothespin ornament. Add a quick little ribbon bow topped with a button to a clothespin. Clip on a small picture to it and tie a wire loop for hanging it on the tree. Or, you can put it up on the fridge with magnets or stick it to the door with tape or glue.

9. Paper Ribbon Ornament

Via Krokotak

You can make sooo many different ornaments with just some paper ribbons or simple paper strips. For instance, you can make paper balls, hearts, Christmas trees, pretty bows, or even cute little snowmen.

Use your imagination and you might end up making “the ornament of the year”. Engage your kids in the craft and let them get creative!

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10.  Ribbon Shamrock

Via PotlucksonthePorch

It’s all about weaving ribbon here. Nothing more, nothing less! Use this cute little thing as an ornament, or even on wreaths, banners, or garlands. Fold the ribbon in the shape of a shamrock (kinda like clover), then stitch wherever you need to keep it intact. Faith, love, and hope are ready!

11. DIY Marbled Ornaments

Via PersiaLou

These mystical marble ball ornaments are super attractive embellishments for the Christmas tree. But they’re really expensive from the store! Just get transparent ones and transform them into these beauties. 

Pour small combinations of paints inside the balls in a way to help blend perfectly, giving that glossy, marble texture. Complement it with a pretty satin ribbon.

12. Glittery Bow Ornament

Via MakeLifeLovely

A quick and easy bow ornament is great to add a sparkly touch to the Christmas tree. 

You can make it with thick gold glitter paper or a simple glitter ribbon. Tie the bow authentically and hang it up with some thread.

13. Dresden Rosette Ornament

Via MarthaStewart

With its beautiful patterns and delicate colorings, Dresden is the perfect festive decor. Choose a pure white, snowflake-like Dresden for this ornament. 

Make the ribbon rosette by hand-sewing along the edges, pinching the gathered fabric, and pulling out. Do a backstitch to hold the gathers in place. Glue the Dresden on it. Add a ring and a wire to hang it up. 

14. Ribbon-wrapped Bead Wreath Ornament

Via ArtJewelryElements

If you don’t like the folding of ribbon over the beads, then wrap them around! 

This particular wreath ornament follows the macrame square knot in which you pass a part of the ribbon over the wire and the opposite part over the other side. Then pull through to secure the bead.

Do this across the entire wire until the end. Tie a bow and add finishing touches. 

15. Colourful Ribbon Tree Ornament

Via SimpleKellyDesigns

This is another way to make mini ribbon trees- and it’s way simpler. Just cut the ribbon into strips, fold each of them and glue their ends. Then take a mini cone and glue the folded strips to it in an orderly manner. Top it off with a small bell and wire. Voila!

16. Pearl and Ribbon Ornament

Via DoItYouselfDivas

Pearls and ribbons go so well together! You don’t even need any other addition to the combo. It is pretty easy to create a box of just “pearl and ribbon” ornaments. For instance, this one is simply made by gluing small beads to a foam ball, then topped with a pretty white ribbon bow. Elegant and picture-perfect!

17. Light Bulb Ornament

Via Decoratist

You can garnish the simple, transparent bulbs with just some glittery ribbons or foam balls and glitters. 

Stuff the bulbs with the ribbons or balls, add some glitter to enhance the effect and you turn a boring thing into a fancy store-bought ornament! DIY-ing Christmas ornaments are the best, I tell ya.

18. Ribbon Tree Ornament for Kids

Via FirefliesandMudpies

If you have kids doing the DIYs, you don’t wanna give them the needle. This ribbon tree ornament is the best alternative. 

Take a twig and some ribbon strips of varying lengths. Tie the strips to the twig in an ascending manner to get the tree shape. Top it with a string and done!

19. Gorgeous Ribbon Wreath Ornament

Via SueEldred

No matter the theme of the party, you can always use this pretty ribbon wreath ornament for the tree. 

Choose a desired patterned ribbon and wrap it around a mini styrofoam wreath base. Embellish with beads and other items, topping with a cute bow. 

20. Sparkly Angels Ornament

This fancy little thing can be easily made at home with a few bucks. 

First, get a sparkly mesh ribbon and fold it in the given manner. Staple it at the center. You can make it more glittery. To keep the foldings intact, use some glue. Finish it with a little bow and top it with a bell. 

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21. Ribbon Circle Ornament

Via funEZcrafts

If you don’t want much fuss about the ornaments, make these simple ribbon circles. Just do a little twist and twirl, stitch the top to keep it intact, and tie a string on top to hang it. You can do this with any kind of ribbon, though I’d suggest going for the decorated ones. Simple. Easy. Beautiful!

22. Simple Ribbon Wreath Ornament

Via AmyLattaCreations

If you’re looking for a simpler wreath ornament, kinda like kids’ craft thingy, this one’s the right choice. All it takes is a mini circular wire, patterned ribbon strips, and cute little buttons for the finishing touch. 

The process is very easy, you might’ve figured it out by now. The kids can do it in a snap!

23. Bow-and-Baubles

Via CountryLiving

Not just the tree, even the staircase needs ornamentation. Keep it simple and festive, don’t overdo it. Just some big red ribbon bows with big red baubles are enough for the purpose. 

This bow and bauble combo can be used to embellish the Christmas tree- you can place it on the top of the tree where it’ll get the attention it deserves!

24. Ribbon Spool Ornament

Via HoneyBearLane

Not just the ribbon strips, the entire ribbon spool can be used to make an easy DIY Christmas ornament. 

The size of the spool totally depends on you. But, choose a clear one where you can write stuff, you know, Christmasy stuff. Tie a string through the hole to hang it. 

25. Fancy Ribbon Bauble

If you’re more like a fancy pattern-lover person, you have got to make this DIY. You can get varieties of patterned ribbons, get all your favorite ones, and put them all together in a single ball! 

Cut them into strips, fold them into triangles or other geometric shapes and glue them together such that they blend gorgeously. The intricate ornaments say Christmas like never before!

26. Pretty Little Ornament

Via Chatelaine

This is probably the easiest one on the list. All you need is some paper strips and a ribbon piece. 

Punch holes at each end of the strips, fold the ends and stack them together. Pass the ribbon through the holes and secure the thing. Create a loop on top to hang it up on the tree! 

27. Ornamental Ribbon

Via FancyMomma

Spread joy with simple ribbon strips, cardboard, and glitter! Make the cute little ornament cutouts of a mini wreath, a tree, and candy shapes made using cardboard. Cover them with gold glitter and glue them to ribbon strips.

To make it easier, you can also use thick glitter paper instead of cardboard. Hang the thing on the door, or a window, or a frame, or on the tree itself! 

28. Another Ribbon Wreath Ornament!

Via ChristmasProjects

Yeah, I know I have presented quite some mini wreath ideas but this one’s a design I couldn’t resist adding to this list. 

This is perfect for beginners and advanced ’cause it’s all about wrapping a patterned ribbon around the foam and finishing with cute little stuff. It goes with any theme and with any type of Christmas celebration. Talk about universal!

29. Neon Ribbon Baubles

Via DobleUFA

Wanna go for something funky? Neon ribbons are just the thing for that! Buy spools of colorful neon ribbons and some transparent baubles. Stuff them with the ribbons and done! Use these baubles to decorate the trees or something else outside your house to see them glow in the dark.  

30. Scrabble Tile Ornaments

Via CraftyMorning

Get your old scrabble game out and use its letters for making this Scrabble Tile ornament!  Glue the letters on a piece of ribbon to make any words that scream Christmas to you. Of course, a ribbon bow is needed to add some more festivity to it! 

31. Ribbon Snowflake

Via TeaandaSewingMachine

Give your tree a final touch with this ribbon snowflake. Get your favorite patterned fabric ribbon and get to work! You need thick ribbon strips to sew together. Arrange them together in the snowflake form and sew in the middle. Add a badge or charm to hide the sown area and done!

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32. Ribbon Candy

Via CraftyStaci

The Grosgrain ribbon will come in handy for this project. It isn’t shiny and kinda rough, perfect for this Ribbon Candy ornament. 

Pass a wire through a bead, then fold a ribbon over it. Then another bead and folded the ribbon over it, and so on. On the top end, bend the wire into a loop to hang it. 

33. Ribbon Angel Ornaments

Via HomeTalk

Here’s another way to make ribbon Angels, but this one’s easier. 

For Angel’s body, cut a length of wired ribbon, fold it and glue the end to create a loop. For the head, use another thick ribbon, fold it and create a loop. Glue them together along with a bauble and the Angels’ ready to shine

34. Red & White Ribbon Ball Ornament

Via ItAllStartedWithPaint

Red and white are the colors of Christmas, specifically Santa! Just a simple styrofoam ball covered with red and white ribbon strips is sure to give that Christmas vibe. If you make such medium-sized balls and decorate your tree with those, you won’t need much else for further embellishment! 

35. Ribbon Half-Bow

Via TrendyTree

A giant ribbon knot garnish is quick and easy ornamentation for Christmas. There are different ways of making “loops and tails” using varieties of ribbons. For example, instead of a full bow go for a half bow. Use your imagination and make many more different kinds of knots!

36. Ribbon Flower Ornament

Via Craftionary

Top those cute little baubles with pretty ribbon flowers. It adds a sophisticated touch. You can do this to both the little ornament baubles or to the giant ones for display.

Sewing ribbon flowers ain’t that tough. Just learn the simple knots and sewing techniques and you’ll become a pro in no time!

37. Big Ribbon Flower 

Via MyGrowingCreativeLife

I’d go for this ribbon flower any day! Not just the Christmas tree, this ribbon flower can embellish the door, window, or a basket, anything!

Make continuous loops on top of one another using a single spool of ribbon. Once it’s big enough to spread in a circular manner, it’s done! You can make this last minute with no worries.

38. Ribbon Wrapped Foam Ornament

Via PurpleHuesandMe

Give a golden touch to a red ribbon-wrapped foal ball with a golden glitter flower and beads. It would be fun to make it as a craft at night during the holidays ‘cause literally anyone can make them, even someone who’s a “craft virgin”. 

39. Wired Ribbon in Bauble

Via JugglingActMama

If you don’t want varieties of ornaments but just some simple, attractive ones, this sparkly ribbon bauble is the right way to go. It takes a couple of minutes to make without any special tools; any kid can make it!

Get the mesh, wired, sparkly ribbon to stuff the bauble and give it a glittery look. Use it for decoration or as a cute little gift idea!

40. Ribbon Star Ornament

Via Pinterest

We’ve done lots of flowers, bows, and trees. Now it’s time for stars! Okay, it’s more like a star-flower thingy, but anyways…

Use a star-shaped foam and your favorite color ribbon. Wrap the ribbon along the edges of the star outline and secure it in the middle. Take the foam out and add little beads to finish the look.

41. Ribbon Garlands for the Tree

Via WilshireCollections

Let’s end the list with beautiful ribbon garlands that complete the decoration of our tree. You have so many options here. 

You wanna go rustic, go for a jute ribbon garland. Wanna go buffalo? Black and white combo. Or give it the Christmas look with a red and black or red and white ribbon garland. Make a wise choice ‘cause it’s the main attraction. 

Here we end our list of DIY ribbon ornaments for Christmas. Wherever you choose your ideas from, do NOT compromise with your decor. Celebrate Christmas beautifully, it comes once a year after all!