81 Best Christmas Crafts to Make and Sell

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Christmas- what a grand celebration! The sparkling ornaments and brightening lights sure bring the festive mood, but, along with some added expense. Therefore, it is a good time to earn some more money through creative Christmas crafts. After all, who doesn’t like to earn a little extra cash?

Oh no, don’t worry! You don’t have to be very “creative” or “crafty” to make these really easy Christmas crafts. Just follow the simple steps and you’ll earn yourself some Christmas money by selling Christmas crafts!

What craft to make that will sell? Well, to make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of some of the easy to sell Christmas crafts that are really easy to make.

81 Christmas crafts to make and sell

1. Peanut Garland

Via ohparty

I just love garlands! They are the true definition of ‘beauty in simplicity’. Take some peanuts, paint them in different Christmas characters like Santa, Snowman, or something out of the ordinary, and hang them on a colorful wire. And your peanut garland is ready!

2. Paper Ice Cream

Via Howaboutorange

Cute, isn’t it? Grocery bags for the mini cones and some colorful tissue papers for the cream will do the job. Stitch threads on the top of each for hanging. It’s a pretty unusual ornament. You may become famous for selling these!

3. Door Hanger

Via 20Northora

Spread joy with this burlap door hanger. Cut a red felt in the shapes of the letters and stitch on the burlap. Top it off with a bow-shaped Christmas ribbon and some greens and berries too.

4. Cinnamon Candle

Via Celebrate-creativity

Spread some warmth and festive scent with this cinnamon candle. Get a bunch of cinnamon sticks and glue them around a small can or something else that’ll support it. Place a scented candle in the center and finish it by wrapping a burlap ribbon around. And bam, it’s ready!

5. Mini Mits

Via Justcraftyenough

If you got a knack for knitting, then make these mini mittens for Christmas ornaments. They won’t take as much time as the big ones, not everyone can make them and the store ones are quite expensive- you got all the reasons to sell them and make a good profit!

6. Popsicle Stick

Via agirlandagluegun

Get some bundles of sticks and make these door hangers. Sticks, glues, geometry, and patience are all you need for this. Be careful with the glue though, it must be hard enough. You don’t wanna disappoint your customers now do you?

7. Cinnamon Tree

Via Consumercrafts

Another unusual ornament! Grab some cinnamon sticks, glue three layers of greens to form the Christmas tree shape, and finish it with cute little buttons. For hanging it, take twine, tie it in a loop and glue it on top of the stick.

8. Winter Bottles

Collect and clean the used wine bottles properly. Or if you can then grab new, empty the bottles. Take out some of your old winter scarves and cut them into mini scarves to wrap around the bottles. For the caps, you can use the remains of your scarves or take out your old winter socks and stitch them into mini caps.

9. Santa Bottles

Instead of the winter bottles, paint the wine bottles red and white to turn them into Santas! Put your artistic skills to use and draw Santa’s face on each of the bottles. Why only Santa? Draw a snowman, Rudolph, or any other character you feel like. Oh, don’t forget to paint the corks!

10. Mason Jar Candle

Take it up a notch and make this beautiful jar candle. Half-fill the jar with salt and place a scented candle or the small, cap ones. Tie around a twine in the shape of a bow and add some greens and berries to decorate. This type of crafty candle isn’t really cheap at the store, so you got a chance to make a good profit.

11. Christmas Stockings

Via nourishandnestle

Another idea if you love knitting! Knit these Christmas stockings and fill it with festive stuff. The kids will love it! Use a red ribbon to make it a hanging ornament. You can also sell it as a fireplace decor ornament.

12. Dry Orange Garland

Via Decorhint

Who said orange can’t go with Christmas? It absolutely can! Make this beautiful dry orange garland with a circular wire, some dry orange slices of course, and some fake or real greens.

13. Poinsettia Capped Jar

Via sustainmycrafthabit

Mason jars are so useful in crafts. Fill them with candies or other Christmas-y stuff and close the lids. Wait! Don’t forget to decorate the lids with felt flowers. Cut each felt as layers of the flower and stitch all the layers together to form the shape. Glue them to the lids.

14. Yarn Ball

Via wherethesmileshavebeen

Turn the simple transparent balls into yarn balls! You need to hot glue the yarn around the neck first then go spiral around. After one layer, apply some glue on it and wrap another layer haphazardly. Add wooden skewers and beads to emphasize the yarn effect.

15. Burlap Balls

Via blissbloomblog

If the yarn ball seems a little too work for you, then make these burlap balls instead. Cut the burlap into several leaf-shaped pieces and hot glue each to the balls. You can use foam balls too and add a thread with a decorated pin on top.

16. Burlap Garland

Via Createcraftlove

Am I obsessed with garlands? Maybe! They give the perfect vintage vibe. Make this burlap garland with lights ’cause not many people can afford to buy vintage stuff from the store. Wrap the burlap in a twisted manner on the light wire and you’re all set.

17. Painted Wood Coasters

Via unoriginalmom

If you’re good at wood chopping then this craft is perfect for you. Chop some wood into coasters and spray paint Christmas characters on them. Reindeers, Santas, Rudolphs, anything you like. You can outline the shapes on paper, cut it accordingly, and use it to paint the shapes on the coasters. Or, draw it yourself!

18. Clothespin Snowflake


Grab a bunch of clothespins and break them! Yes. Break them then glue the flat sides together. Form a snowflake shape with the pins and glue them at the base. Paint them white, add some white glitters, and tie a string to make it a giant hanging ornament.


19. Topiary Balls

Via womansday

It may seem like a big deal but its beginner level creativity, believe me. All you need is a styrofoam ball, red pistachios, and hot glue. Paint the ball red, stick the pistachios in form of rings, and display your creation on a candle stand or egg cup.

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20. Star Chair

Via womansday

It is so simple yet a crafty decor idea. I’m sure you can figure out what to do by the picture itself! Cut the colorful paper in the star shape and attach strings to it – elementary school stuff. But, you will have to explain to the customers that these are to decorate the chairs.

21. Toilet Roll Reindeer

Via happyhooligans

Toilet rolls aren’t just for holding papers. Nay Nay. They can be turned into reindeer! Grab a box of rolls and wrap each with colorful paper or paint it. Get some brown pipe cleaners to use as ‘antlers’. For the face, button eyes and pom-poms or red berries will do. Tie red ribbon to the antler to make it a hanging tree ornament.

22. Felt Candy

Via happinessishomemade

Trust me, the kids are gonna LOVE it. Make these cute little candies with colorful felts by rolling them in the candy shapes. You can even make big or giant ones! Stitch threads on top of them so that they can hang. Finish the decor with small ribbons.

23. Jar Gnome

Via heyletsmakestuff

As I already said, mason jars come in handy in crafts. Its transparency enables it to become almost anything. So why not transform it into a gnome? All you have to do is get some colorful felt, cut them in the gnome’s features, and hot glue to the jar. For the hat, use a cone foam to glue the red felt.

24. Snow Globe

Via funathomewithkids

That seems tricky, doesn’t it? It is not at all. There’s only a secret item in it (you may know it). It’s ‘tonic water’. However, to make the globe, you need to cut a foam sheet in the form of a snowman. Feature it with felt or marker and glue it on the inside of the jar lid. Fill the jar with water and close the snowman-carrying lid on it. See the glow in dark!

25. Stick Characters

Via creativemeinspiredyou

Why not convert the sticks into characters too? Get a bundle of these, use paint and colorful felts to make them look like different characters ( Santa is a must). Don’t forget to attach strings on the heads. I don’t know about others but the kids will surely drag their parents to buy these fun sticks from you!

26. Owl Bells

Via meetthedubiens

I am crying over how cute these li’l owls are! If you have kids, they will love to make these. You need the same old transparent Xmas balls and cover them with black papers or glue sequins on them. Use buttons for the eyes and felts for the other features. I’ve to say this again, they are SO cute!

27. Ribbon Tree

Via firefliesandmudpies

Remember the cinnamon tree? It’s quite similar. Instead of a cinnamon stick, take a twig. And instead of greens, use small ribbons. Take small pieces of ribbon and tie on the twig such that it looks like it is in ascending order from top to bottom, to get the shape of the tree, duh. Hot glue a string on top or if you can, make a hole to insert the string.

28. Reindeer Candy Pot

Via crazylittleprojects

Reindeer pots filled with candies? Who’ll say no?! Go get those mini pots, paint them brown, use buttons and pom poms for the features, and brown pipe cleaners for the antlers. And what? Fill it with colorful, tasty candies and sell them!

29. Santa Tulle Wreath

Via babyrabies

Ho ho ho! Here I come with another wreath! Take a circular white foam, a giant Santa hat ( that fits the foam), and a roll of white tulle. Simply wrap the tulle around the foam and, after some wrapping, tie a big knot at a point then cut the tulle there.

Repeat this process until all the space beneath the hat has been filled with knots. Oh, and don’t forget to stitch a ribbon behind for hanging.

30. Mini Wood House


Seems like it’s a woodcutter’s job but no. You don’t have to be a “professional” wood chopper to make this. All you need are scrap wood, a saw, wood glue, sanding papers, and a paintbrush.

You’ll just have to shape the wood in the house parts, glue them together, and paint the doors and windows. Add mini trees along the houses to give ‘em the vibe. Oh, don’t forget to put on safety glasses and ear protection.

31. Coffee Filter Garland

Via Countryliving

You’ll love this ‘out of the ordinary’ idea. Collect both white and brown coffee filters together, shuffle them and then staple in the middle. Make quite some of these and pinch a hole in the middle of each of them. Take a long twine and tie a knot at the end then insert one in it. Continue tying knots leaving some inches space between each filter to complete the garland.

32. Ice Lantern


Add up some ice to your products. Take a plastic container and a cup. Fill both with water and place the cup in the middle of the container. Freeze and take out the ring-shaped ice. Sell it along with a scented candle, some greens, and berries too! Another unique idea, isn’t it?

Though you’ll need a deep freezer for this one, so not that practical. But hey good idea to show off in your home.

33. Sunburst Snowy Wreath


Seems a bit difficult but it isn’t. The charm lies in the faux flocked greens. Cut the faux greens into branches of equal inches. Add glue to the end of each branch and stick together to form the sunburst shape. Also add some yellow faux, ball ornaments, and faux leaves. Top it off with a beautiful bow-tied ribbon.

34. Felt Kiss Ball

via HGTV

This cute little ball needs a foam ball, ribbon, and felt pieces. Paste the ribbon on top of the ball first, then cut a circular felt and stick it on the top. Cut several leaf-shaped felts and glue all of ‘em to the ball. Wondering why it is named ‘kiss’? ‘Cause steals a kiss! Who won’t want that?

35. Pom Pom Wreath


You can either get a bunch of colorful mini pom-poms, or make these yourself with pom-pom makers and colorful balls of yarn. Take a circular styrofoam wreath, glue the pom poms to it, add some bells and top it off with ribbons to make this wreath. Pretty cute and easy!

36. Snow Globe Cookie Jar

Via womansday

People will be so attracted to these snow jar globe treats! Take a mason jar, put some Christmas snowball cookies in it, and add trinkets like reindeer and a mini tree. Paint white dots on the surface of the jar to complete the winter look. Oh oh, tie a red ribbon around.

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37. Dangling Star Cookie

Via womansday

Cookies aren’t just to eat, are they? Well, they can certainly be used as Christmas ornaments! Mix salt, flour, and water to make the dough and add food colorings. Cut with the star-shaped cookie cutters and decorate with sequins. Poke a hole with a skewer and insert a string.

38. “Happy Christmas”


This is a long-lasting sign! Take chipboard letters, cover them with fabric and light polyester quilt, and finish the banner with a string or ribbon twine. People want something long-lasting that’ll help them save some money. You give ‘em that!

39. Pinecone Tree


It’s very easy! You need a big foam cone, a lot of pine cones, bells and some sticks. Glue the stick to pine cones and some bells, insert in the foam, and place your creation on a stand. Sell these beauties!

40. Yarn Topiary


Take a foam cone, glue around the yarn in a creative way, top it with a mini pom-pom, and glue some buttons too. It’s fun, inexpensive, and profitable too ‘cause not many people have the patience to tie around yarn with such care!

41. Candle Lantern

Take corrugated paper around a small glass container, punch some decorative holes on the paper, and glue it around the container. Tie a colorful string around and add to your creation by hanging a mini red tree. Place a candle in the container and this crafty lantern is ready to be sold.

42. Luminary Snowman

Via clubchicacircle

Yeah yeah, I can convert Mason jars into anything! Take a jar with a carved lid, a bag of frosty snow, red and white pipe cleaners, mini pom-poms, buttons, glue, and air-dry orange clay. Cover the jar with glue, sprinkle the snow, and attach buttons and clay nose. The cleaners and pom poms are to make the earmuffs. Place a candle inside and tada!

43. Personalized Snow Globe

Via ourbestbites

You just need some mason jars, some trinkets to attach to the inside of the lids, and ask your customer to give their photos. Print the photos and run them in the laminator. Stick on the inside of the lid and fill the jar with Glycerin before closing the lid. People love personalized stuff.

44. Ribbon And Bead Tree

Via starinspirations


As simple as it looks! Take a string, insert a bead, then a layer of ribbon, then another bead and another layer. Repeat. Tie a loop on the top and you get these beautiful hanging trees.

45. Christmas Globe

If you want you can make these Globes but you need big jars for this. Fill the jar with a lot of salt or faux snow and some trinkets like trees, toys, etc. You can add some white spots outside using paint or a marker.

46. Rustic Twig Ornament

Via simpleasthatblog

Some people love rustic Christmas. Make these beautiful ornaments for them! Get a bunch of twigs, hot glue them together to form the shape of an icicle. Decorate with greens, berries, even add a little button. You can make various shapes like stars, trees, etc.

47. Pom Poms And Bows Crochet Garland

Via Flamingotoes

What a cute garland! Perfectly indicates the onset of winter. And winter indicates Christmas. Did you get the equation? Okay. Make the bows with single crochet stitches and finish each with pom-pom ties.

48. Pinecone Owl

Via Liagriffith

I’m melting over how cute owls can be! Grab a bunch of pine cones and feature with colorful felts to make the owls. Customers will be like – Hoot it’s cute!

49. Burlap Garland

Via simplynotable

To make this, use hemp cording as the twine and insert the burlap in a twisted manner using a tapestry needle. It looks good on the mantel, tree, some other linings- tell the customers that!

50. Wooden Centerpiece

Yup. You need to do some chopping and shaping of wood for this. Create a rectangular shape, and make holes to hang various ornaments in the shape. You can give complementary pinecones with it!

51. Snowy Luminary

Via craftsbyamanda

Candle jars are so good as centerpieces! You can craft these lanterns by filling each mason jar with faux snow and a scented candle. Tie around a string and hang pine cones to finish the look. Add some snow on the lid area to finish the look.

52. Glittered Bottles

Via Tidymom

Gather up the Coca Cola bottles and spray glitter paint on them. Glue some beautiful ornaments and faux branches to finish the look. Place a couplet or more on a tray and sell each tray as a Christmas centerpiece.

53. Hershey’s Kisses Centerpiece

Via sheknows


Get a box of Hershey’s Kisses and fill each jar with them. Top it off with faux leaves and branches, and craft some lollipops too. Make the lollipops with foam and paint, or if you have some other idea, do that. These are attractive but most importantly edible. You’ll earn huge profits!

54. Winter Vases

Via tarynwhiteaker

You can make varieties of winter vases with faux snow and the Dollar Store Christmas ornaments. Fill one with ornaments and glue faux snow on the surface. Add some faux branches to finish the Xmas-y look.

55. Wine Glass Candle

Inverted wine glass candle. Sounds like a good idea! Take a glass, fill it with faux snow and trinkets, and cover the opening by gluing cardboard. Place a candle on the top and display your product on a tray.

56. Snowy Wine Bottles

Via cleverlyinspired


Seems like it came out of a magazine! Paint the wine bottles white, glue faux snow on the surface, and faux branches on the opening. Sell these as triplets, displayed on trays. You can decorate the trays further with white ornaments.

57. Hanging Burlap

Via housingaforest

Make this rustic ornament by cutting a burlap in a circular shape, decorate it with white foam stickers (kids love that!), and of course, don’t forget to attach the string on top. You can easily sell a box of these!

58. Another Burlap Ornament!

Via craftingagreenworld


Don’t cuss me! I just wanted to share various rustic ideas ‘cause they make a good sale as the store ones can be expensive. Similar to the previous one, you just need to add some twist in it with ribbons, and as you can see in the picture, the shape is a li’l different.

59. Flannel Tree

Why only felts and burlaps? Flannels can also be used to make Xmas crafts! Cut the flannels in leaf-shapes and attach them to a cone foam. Top it with other decors. Sell these as couplets or triplets.

60. Fabric Tree

Via thecreativityexchange


It’s not necessary that the cones have to look somewhat like a Christmas tree. You can take colorful fabrics and wrap around the cones. Also, decorate with beads or other stuff. Customers will get drawn to these unusual cones!

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61. White Clay Candle Holder

If you got a clay roller or can get it, use it to make these mini clay cones. Poke decorative holes in them and paint them white. They’ll act as beautiful luminaries! Plus, clays kinda excite kids. So you can get your kids to work if you feel like.

62. Santa Jar

I present to you another freaking jar DIY! Don’t get mad! This one’s a good craft. Paint the jar in red, glue buttons, and also make a belt with black paper to wrap around the jar. Surround the lid with a ribbon and you get a jar Santa! Customers’ kids will surely love to have it.

63. Reading Rolls

Can Christmas crafts get any cuter? Take a toilet paper roll, make a small cut on both sides to fit in the mini-newspaper, paint the features, and top it with a Santa hat. To keep it stand still, you can use a roll-shaped container to wrap around the roll.

64. Metallic Tinsel Trees

You need to pick up mini tinsel garlands for this tree. Wrap around the cone with the tinsel using glue. Caution- DON’T overuse the glue ‘cause it will completely ruin the look. Try to use as little glue as possible.

65. Paper Plate Angels

Via marthastewart

Cut the paper plates into angelic shapes. You can make the skirt by dividing it into two halves. Slide one in another. Give decorative hole punches. These will make great tabletop decorations.

66. Bell Wreath

Via shelterness

Fill your shop with wreaths lol! Take a foam ring, glue Christmas balls to it and finish it with ribbon. Hide the string hanger behind the ribbon!

67. Feather tree

Via centsationalstyle

Why only leaves? Go for feathers too! Get a bunch of dowel rods, drill holes on one, insert other rods in the holes and you get the structure of a tree. Now wrap around with white feathers and finish it with gold or silver ornaments.

68. Candy Lights

Via ohhappyday

It’s fun to look at! Get some colorful wrapping papers and long strings of light. Wrap as it is shown in the above picture. Your customers will enjoy putting it up on their walls!

69. Jingle Bell Snowflake

Via crazylittleprojects

Take a  wire and cut it into several pieces. Then insert Christmas balls into the wires to form strands of a snowflake. Glue the bases together and top it off with a string.

70. Tea Light Snowmen

Via onelittleproject

You know those small little fake candles? Rab some of those and turn them into a mini snowman! Paint the facial features and make the hat with felts. You can also make earmuffs instead of hats Finish with a bowtie using ribbon.

71. Lid Tree

Via craftymorning

You can make these hanging ornaments just by using canning lids. Hang ball ornaments to each of them with twine but leave the topmost lid for the star ornament. Use metal glue to attach the lids together in the form of a triangle. Use the twine of the star as a hanger.

72. Toy Soldier

Via firefliesandmudpies

The DIY ornaments are usually so cute! Paint on ice cream sticks to make this toy soldier ornament. For the hat, stick felt to a hard paper and attach it to the top of the stick.

73. Marbles

Via aliceandlois

No, they aren’t actual marbles! They are made using transparent bells and nail polishes. That’s right! Take a bowl of water, pour the blue colored nail polish on the surface than the white one. Use a stick to spread them on the surface such that it somewhat looks like marble. Dip the bell in it and let it dry.

74. Paper Plate Santa

Via artycraftykids

Elementary school craft! Ho ho ho! Take a white paper plate, paint half of it red for the hat, and paint the face on the white half. For the white beard, use white paper strips or stick cotton balls. Don’t forget to attach a string or a stand.

75. Customized Pom Pom Ornament

Via onelittleproject

Another exciting one for the customers! Ask them to give photos of their families and take out mini size prints of them. Use ring-shaped cardboard and attach the photo in the middle. Fill the boundary with pom poms. Attach a thread to hang.

76. Christmas Countdown

Christmas is still far! Why not make these countdown boxes? Take four woodblocks, glue decorative number papers on each side of two blocks and the other two are just for show. Do the math- each box has six sides, so you can make a countdown of at least 12 days!

77. Gift Card Holder

Via skiptomylou

Make those dull gift wrappers look exciting by topping it off with this fabric gift card holder! All you need are green felt, colorful fabrics, and a sewing machine. Cut the felt in a card shape and cut out a Christmas tree outline in the middle. Stitch the fabrics together in patterns and then stitch with the felt. Easy!

78. Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Via beckyshander

Yup. Creativity can turn even cookie cutters into hanging ornaments. Get a bunch of the cutters, and give them a vintage look using book pages, mini compasses, or some other ornaments. Poke a hole on top of each to insert a white ribbon. Vintage is costly at the store so people will be attracted to your products.

79. Illuminated Grapevine


Gather up some grapevine spheres, wrap ‘em with waterproof fairy lights and hot glue faux or real greens, pine cones, faux snows, and any other stuff you feel like. You’ll surely sell all of these you make!

80. Aromatic Wreath


Get branches of eucalyptus and use wired twine to make a garland out of them. Divide into several bunches and tie each together by the end. Now take a metallic wreath ring, wrap the garland all on it using twine and finish it with a rustic ribbon as a hanger.

81. Snowy Floral Wreath


If you got a bunch of old floral wreaths, wash them properly first. Then add fresh greens, some more flowers, replace the ruined ones, and glue faux snow. Or, you can start from the base and make a usual floral wreath with a snowy twist. Make sure not to sprinkle too much snow. Looks messy.

Here we end with the list of Christmas crafts that you can make to sell. Now gather all the stuff and get to work! Who knows, your temporary business may turn into a permanent one.