17 DIY Mason Jar Crafts To Sell For Extra Cash

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Mason jars. The articles that innocuously started off as fancy coffee mugs and morphed along the way into a collectible of sorts- a versatile vase that could adapt to the decorations that surround it.

What’s more, a mason jar is intrinsically simplistic in style and structure, a quality that allows it to be altered easily, and customized according to an individual’s preferences.

Mason jar crafts are arguably one of the best DIY projects to take on- there is a vast variety to choose from and different degrees of complexity. In short, there is something for everything. Owing also to the considerable popularity these glass jars command, mason jar crafts are a viable option for easy money.

The following list is compiled to give the reader a basic idea of how to embark on a mason jar craft spree. Enjoy!

17 Mason Jar Crafts To Make And Sell

1. Lid Coasters

Via Morelikegrace

A mason jar craft that heroes the lid, not the jar- this DIY project involves salvaging the lids off of spare jars and refurbishing them to function as coasters instead.

The insides can be lined with fabric of different textures- plaid, gingham, felt, satin, etc.

2. Stained Glass Jars

Via Masonjarcraftslove

Another trick that rarely goes wrong, wielding glass paints on the outer surface of mason jars (and their lids), always looks beautiful.

Reminiscent of the stained glass windows in large, echoing chapels- stained glass jars are a thing of beauty. Especially if you manage to position it so the sunlight falls on it. Or, better still, twine a string of fairy lights around the jar.

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3. Chalky Jar Planters

Via Shellyhickox

A mason jar is practically a built-in planter- ready to house a small plant. Here is how you can update the existing- use a white(or any other color) chalk paint to paint the jar. The chalky texture lends the glass an eclectic feel that is both unusual and ingenious.

Further additions or alterations are always welcome- this particular tutorial features a paper bird.

4. Lights

Via Blesserhouse

Mason jars make for great, really great lights. All you need to make this idea viable is to devise a method to position the lights inside the jar.

5. Glitter Pencil Holder

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

A glitter-coated pencil holder.

The pencil holder part of the project is pretty self-explanatory and simple. The glitter coating is a clever painting over the inside of the jar using powdered glitter and glue. Make sure to leave no gaps.

6. Picture Frame Vase

Via Homestoriesatoz

The perfect two-in-one mason jar craft- this project brings together both the display of precious memorabilia(in the form of pictures) and the use of the jar as a vase for medium-sized blooms.

7. Desk Organizers

Via Itallstartedwithpaint

Mason desk organizers are easier to make than you would presume- all they need is some wrapping paper(color-coded to match the other desk accessories, of course), a ribbon, and a label maker.

8. Travel Bank

Via Pillarbluebox

Picture a grown-up piggy bank- a travel bank! Wrapped in paper bearing pictures of the next location you aspire to visit or simply in a map of the world, use a mason jar to put aside money for travel.

The lid, of course, will have to be pierced to create a slit large enough to allow money through, without being too wide.

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9. Tissue Dispenser

Via Landeeseelandeedo

Move over cardboard tissue boxes (that are frankly quite unsightly), there is a new star in town.

A mason jar tissue dispenser is just the thing you want at your table for a fancy party or a porch dinner- it is elegant, classic, and extremely useful.

10. DIY Sewing Kit

Via Itallstartedwithpaint

A stunning gift for anyone who hones a love of sewing, a mason jar sewing kit provides a simple and elegant solution. The actual jar holds the sewing implements- the threads, the yarn, etc.

The lid and this is the best part, is replaced with an accurately-sized pincushion. It is removable, and functions as both a cover and the cushion.

11. Poured Candle

Via Somethingturquoise

DIY your own candle, with a mason jar acting as the perfect vessel for it.

12. Salt and Pepper Shakers

Via The36thavenue

Repurpose a pair of spare mason jars to function as salt and pepper shakers. Arguably the simplest DIY project in the list, it is also extremely useful and quite the statement piece at any table it graces.

All you need to do is pierce the metal lids in the form of small(ish) holes. Three or five are the most commonly chosen numbers.

13. Soap or Lotion Dispenser

Via Countryliving

A DIY hack that is truly useful, here is a perfectly doable way to turn a mason jar into a soap dispenser.

All you need to do is drill a hole in the lid to fit the girth of a store-bought dispenser pump. This might require supervision. Fill the jar with soap or lotion next, and put the lid back on.

Voila! You have a brand-new soap dispenser at your disposal.

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14. Moss Terrarium

Via Parentpretty

Turn a spare mason jar into a tiny jungle using sheet moss, pebbles, and faux/real ferns.

15. Gilded Vase

Via Countryliving

Turn a mason jar into a gilded vase. The process itself is deceptively simple- it requires an application of liquid adhesive on the outside of the jars, in small irregular patches.

When the adhesive starts acquiring a clearer consistency, press gold leaf sheets on the surface. Flick away the excess with a toothbrush.

16. Tealight Lantern

Via Thecountrycook

A glass home for a votive candle.

Dress the jar up by using sequins, stenciled decorations, or a ribbon.

17. Branch Vase

Via Gardenmama

Use a mason jar as the structural foundation for a branch vase DIY project. The actual process is made very simple, thanks to the contours and the scaffolding the jar provides.

All you need to do is use hot glue to attach accurately sized twigs to the outside of the jar.

As a fellow lover of DIY projects that involve household items like mason jars, I must admit that I frequently scavenge the Internet for hacks that are useful, certainly, but that also delight my sense of creativity. And really, is not that the thumb rule of DIY crafts?

The list, dear reader, is not the final say in the world of mason jar crafts. It is, however, a gentle push in the direction of you discovering the same.