35 Easy To Make DIY Paper Flowers

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Are you a flower lover and are looking for some unique DIY decor ideas? Well, then we’ve got you covered! Here is a list of 35 paper flowers that look just as good as their natural counterparts and don’t ask for much more than a couple of hours to mask.

We have curated the list to include a variety of flowers with different textures to replicate the original ones. There’s no limit to the creativity you can show on the little paper pieces. From vivid blues to contrasting black and white, you can create all sorts of flowers to fit all occasions. Whether you want to rejuvenate your boring office desk or decorate a dull wall, we have got something on this list for all of you. Let’s get started!

1. Photobooth Factory Scattered Flowers

Via Lovelyindeed

Photo booths are a common trend and a must-have asset at parties these days! Have one at your next party with these colorful DIY tissue paper flowers scattered artistically on a white wall. The red flowers compliment the white background and make a romantic setting, ideal for Valentine’s or couples’ nights. They add much-needed pop to your backdrop without costing you too much.

2. Crepe And Watercolor Flower

Via Craftberrybush

One look at these paper peonies and you will fall in love; plus, they are cheap and easy to make! Paint the crepe paper in watercolors to get a beautiful and elegant texture, making them look almost real! It’s a great spring décor idea for your home.

3. Freesias Paper Flower Craft

Via Liagriffith

Welcome spring to your home with these aesthetic freesia paper flowers. The design is stunning, to say the least. It’s a bit time-consuming to make these, but the end result is absolutely worth it. It makes for an effortless part of your spring decorations without costing you much.

4. Paper Flower Backdrop With Leaves

Via Ashandcrafts

You can use this large flower as a photo backdrop or decorate large, flat walls. The flowers may look small in the photo, but in fact, it’s larger than 12 inches making for an ideal décor for spring. Make it from pastel-colored paper to add more elegance to the design.

5. Paper Plate Flowers

Via Muslinandmerlot

It’s hard to imagine that you can create these stunning flowers from paper plates alone! These flowers are of optimum quality but can be made in a few pennies. A bit of craftiness combined with paint and paper will get you this gorgeous piece in a couple of hours.

6. Cupcake Liner Paper Flower Craft

Via Eleganceandenchantment

Cupcake liners are all you need to get yourself these stunning mini paper flowers in no time. Who would have thought you could make such beautiful paper flowers with such unexpected everyday things? Also, the fluted ridges of these flowers make them pop! It’s a great weekend craft for your children to indulge in.

7. Paper Wedding Bouquet

Via Liagriffith

Why ever settle for anything less when you can have such gorgeous wedding bouquets made as part of your papercraft? You can combine both, paper flowers and real ones to make this impressive hybrid bouquet. Add the crepe flowers to upscale your craft without adding much to the cost.

8. Flower Party Spring Decorations

Via Sneakpeek

Are you looking to make some stunning decorations for your friend’s D-Day? Try out these flower party decorations that are perfect for a bride and groom to make vows underneath. Wisterias add some much-needed class and elegance to the décor.

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9. DIY Paper Hydrangeas

Via Liagriffith

The subtle sheen that you see catching the light in these hydrangeas comes from the metallic paper used to craft these flowers. The gorgeous hand-painted blooms can enlighten any workplace and is a gem to keep on countertops. It does take considerable time to prepare these, but it’s all worth the time.

10. Nasturtium Wreath

Via Wearescout

Here is an excellent step-by-step guide to making a DIY nasturtium wreath ideal for use on office desks and all other workspaces. You can even wear it as a flower crown for a quirky photoshoot. It lends a pop of color to dull spaces.

11. Easy Coffee Filter Flowers

Via Allthingsheartandhome

Coffee filter flowers and wreaths are very aesthetically pleasing with their majestic texture and range of colors. You could even blend different colors and make them suitable for different seasons and themes. The vase fillers are created with red and orange metallic paint and enhance your work desk.

12. DIY Dahlia Paper Flower Wall

Via Abbikirstencollection

Create a unique background for photos with these vibrant dahlia paper flowers. It can enhance dull spaces and add a natural element and some color to your photoshoot. Include this in your décor, and your guests would be mighty impressed.

13. DIY Paper Hyacinths

Via Onelittleproject

Have a dark corner in your room? This vibrant bouquet will brighten it up for sure. Bring in a wide range of colors like a rainbow, or make your own color combinations that match the theme of your room. These are very simple to make and are an excellent weekend activity for your kids.

14. Pale Pink Flowers

Via Frogprincepaperie

Flowers don’t necessarily need to be bright and colorful. Some pale and vintage shades like the pink here suit the vibe at times. The color will add elegance and class to your room and look marvelous on top of a gift box. All you’ll need are a few sheets of cardstock to make these lovely pastel flowers.

15. Persimmon Paper Roses

Via Simplykellydesigns

Have you ever seen a paper flower look so different from its natural variant and yet so cool? This persimmon rose looks just that! These are so perfectly shaped that you can’t help but admire their uniformity. The majestic shades of orange and red combine well with the green stems and are pretty easy to make, given their beauty.

16. Colorful Hanging Vine Garden

Via Asubtlerevelry

There’s nothing quite like hanging vines to decorate your walls for birthdays or festivities or even just to liven your surroundings with some greenery. They fill in white and negative spaces very well and add some beautiful vibrance to any room. All you would need are a few snippets of paper and some glue to add fun to your white walls.

17. DIY Felt Flowers

Via Delineateyourdwelling

These felt faux flowers have a unique texture that you need on your desks or workspaces! The flowers look excellent when combined with gifts. All you would need is a bag of colorful straws and your favorite felt colors to create these cute pieces for all occasions.

18. Paper Plants Tricolor Ginger

Via Ohohdeco

You can add these tricolor ginger plants to include a wonderful natural element in your home. They look really fascinating with the blends of various stunning colors – and will last forever, unlike their natural counterparts! You can keep it on the side of your couch in a large pot or any other bland space in your room.

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19. Badminton Birdie Flowers

Via Handmadecharlotte

Create a lively bouquet with pom-poms, badminton birdies, and a ton of colors – an ideal mix for gifting purposes. Indeed, these will bring a smile and show how you care. Choose vibrant, popping colors, or go for the autumn vibe with lighter shades – whatever you can find at your convenience – to make these cute birdies.

20. DIY Paper Poppies

Via Whydontyoumakeme

Have a splash of colors on your desk or countertop with these vibrant paper poppies crafted using inexpensive, everyday items. These poppies are easy to make and ideal for beginners and children. You could also make them all white for the kitchen and bedroom or replace the regular gift bows for one of these.

21. Paper Flower Garland

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

Make this super cute paper flower garland and quickly decorate any bland and dull walls during the festive seasons! It’s a great décor idea for your kid’s bedroom that they can make themselves. The tutorial is pretty straightforward and gets you an Instagram-worthy wall. Use aesthetic color combinations to make these paper flowers and impress everyone in your household!

22. Crepe Paper Hibiscus Flowers

Via Liagriffith

Go for a more minimalistic and elegant look with these stunning hibiscus flowers. They look marvelous in flower pots and can be combined with faux leaves. Place these around the house, preferably in front of dark-colored backgrounds, to set a stunning contrast. The tutorial is pretty easy to follow, and it will take under an hour to make!

23. Paper Water Lily

Via Ashandcrafts

Craft these gorgeous paper water lilies to place on your window and countertops. They’ll enhance the look of your work desk and will be an excellent addition to your décor. The crepe paper provides a fantastic texture to these flowers and makes this craft an inexpensive one.

24. Paper Crepe Anemones

Via Ruffled

Another stunning crepe papercraft, these anemones are so easy to create, making them ideal for some weekend crafting! The white and black contrast, along with the texture of the crepes, make these flowers really fascinating. You can use them to decorate gifts, workspaces, kitchen counters, or even the bathroom!

25. Black And Red Paper Blossoms

Via Vitaminihandmade

These black-colored poppies initially look like a Halloween craft with the colors of the night and blood combined. But once you have created these beauties, you can’t help but use them in all places at all times of the year. Despite being simple in design, the flowers fit all kinds of décor, especially when kept inside a vase.

26. Branches And Blossoms

Via Vitaminihandmade

Flowering trees are easily one of the best things about spring, and the blooming season brings a lot of color and joy. How beautiful are the loose petals that decorate the ground after they have bloomed? This Magnolia blossom papercraft displays all that and more. Create these impressive paper blooms using thin branches to beautify them further.

27. Paper Peony Flowers

Via Torijayne

Let in the early summer vibes into your home with these gorgeous peony flowers! The delicately colored flowers are like a breath of fresh air and a signal to the start of relaxing and long sunny days. Combine these paper flowers with some fresh flowers and fruits on the living room table to add a layer of freshness this summer.

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28. Red Rose Party Décor

Via Printablecrush

Preparing your house to welcome a loved one? Go for something which is sure to make them feel special. Red roses just set the vibe for house dates or valentine’s parties. The instructions are pretty simple; you can make these in under an hour and decorate a complete wall. Use command strips to put these up on your wall and minimize the damage on the paint too.

29. DIY Paper Flower Gift Toppers

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

Wrapping can bring a lot to the show of a gift and is an excellent and inexpensive addition. Beautiful wrapping makes things more significant and unique – especially when they are handmade! With some elegant decorations using these flowers, your gifts will look more dramatic; use them with black wrapping paper for a more jazzy look!

30. Heartleaf Shaped Philodendron

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

The lime green color of these philodendra will look excellent in sunny spaces of your home. These heartleaf-shaped flowers look gorgeous, and they’re a great craft plant for dark areas in your home where flowers just can’t grow. Add some freshness to dark modern rooms with this paper plant!

31. Large Paper Sunflowers

Via Nicholmagouirk

Another flower that indicates the arrival of summer is these giant sunflowers! They take up a lot of space and would excellently fill the dull spaces where you want a bit of liveliness and freshness. Sunflowers can’t grow indoors, so this is a good way of having your favorite flowers around.

32. Blue Morning Glory

Via Nicholmagouirk

Bring some joy to your room with these gorgeous blue morning glories that no one would believe are made out of paper! These flowers look natural in all shades of crepe paper. It’s a quick craft that adds to the beauty of any space. The blue shades here look pretty unique, hardly seen in any other flowers.

33. Crepe Paper Wildflowers

Via Oheverythinghandmade

These crepe paper wildflowers are absolutely majestic and every flower lover’s dream. You can combine various bright colors naturally from this tutorial. These display the natural essence of flowers without going into their botanical details. The fine natural textures make the work one hundred percent worth it.

34. Paper Flower Window Treatment

Via Thecraftpatchblog

Is there white light coming through transparent windows surrounded by white window panels and white walls?  Add a splash of color using these inexpensive and colorful craft flowers today! These would also suit your little kids’ bedrooms, bringing many fun colors to otherwise dull and flat walls and décor.

35. Paper Flower Centerpiece

Via Thecasualcraftlete

If you think paper flowers are only good enough for kids’ crafts, you’re wrong. This orange centerpiece is essentially a paper flower vase, but your guests would hardly believe that. They bring that cozy orange Autumn vibe and are ideal for fall décor. Wrap them up and fit them in a burlap vase to make a rustic, aesthetic centerpiece for all occasions.

These were some of the easiest paper flower crafts to make this summer. These paper flowers will look beautiful as part of your décor and add some much-needed value to dark and dull spaces.