45 Best DIY Small Terrarium Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

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Visiting your nearest store and getting a terrarium might be an easy option, but it does not produce the same satisfactory results as compared to when you put together your terrarium. That’s right; you can create DIY terrariums at home and decorate your interiors with dotted greenery everywhere.

Not only are these DIY terrariums beautiful decorative pieces, but they take up almost no extra space. You can either make them in bulk or choose to have one of a kind DIY terrarium in your house. The variety in kinds of terrarium you can select for your space is truly fascinating. Even if you do not like to spend a lot of time in art and craft, this is something that you’ll do for sure because it’s not time taking at all. They are made from readily available materials, and we have listed out these 45 Best DIY Small Terrarium ideas for you to follow and create easily!

45 Best DIY Small Terrarium Ideas That Will Blow Your mind

1. Miniature Waterfall Terrarium



There’s nothing more fun than having your miniature waterfall terrarium in the house. This DIY terrarium is an amazing project you can make by yourself using very readily available materials. It is a creative masterpiece that will blow your mind with handmade rocks and water made out of resin and styrofoam.

2. Succulent Landscape DIY Terrarium



Landscape terrariums are one of the most widely loved terrariums because of their scenic beauty. This succulent landscape terrarium is easy to make with only a handful of materials required which are a glass jar, potting soil, dark rocks. Select whether you want to add moss or sea glass and decorate it accordingly as per your taste.

3. Glass Bowl Water Terrarium



Rad Megan does it like no one else when it comes to DIY small terrarium for home. This glass bowl water terrarium is a beautiful tabletop piece that will instantly grab anyone’s attention. To create this terrarium, you will need water plants like hyacinth, lettuce, or duckweed, as it is a small water terrarium.

4. DIY Picture Frame Terrarium



Want to use your spare picture frames but don’t know how to? Elle Claire inspired has an amazing DIY picture frame terrarium that you can try right away. This small display case will allow you to plant your favorite green babies and add a bit of a modern-edge décor to your space at the same time.

5. Industrial 2-Tiered Indoor Garden



You are probably aware of the fact that succulents are the easiest plants to maintain, so why not make their display a bit more creative? For instance, try using this DIY industrial 2-tiered indoor garden stand. Made out of aluminum tubes and vent caps, it adds an industrial look to the whole display, making it pleasant to look at.

6. Lightbulb Mini Terrarium



What could be cooler than recycling a light bulb into a mini terrarium? We say, nothing! This DIY tutorial of crafting a green world tells you exactly how you can use a spare lightbulb to make a beautiful succulent mini garden. Just wear your glasses and gloves because you’re about to break some glass in this project and you wouldn’t want cuts.

7. DIY Recycled Wine Bottle Terrarium



Writing about glass got us thinking about this DIY saved by Love creations in which you can use a wine bottle and recycle it into a breathtaking terrarium. All you need are some round objects to plant the terrarium on and you can then cover it with your wine bottles or glass jars. It is easy, creative, and will take you no longer than a few hours to complete.

8. Wire Cloche Succulent Terrarium



The wire cloche succulent terrarium can be used as a centerpiece for your table. As you can see, the primary material you’ll need for this DIY terrarium is a wire. Other than that, a plastic planter liner, soil, rocks, succulents, and some hardware tools would be required. You can create it by following the steps mentioned in the tutorial.

9. Sand Art Tabletop Terrarium



If something colorful is your style, then you are at the right place because this sand art tabletop terrarium is here to steal your breath. These DIY terrariums look beautiful with their layers of sand and can be made easily by using only four items- sand, sponge, glass holder, and succulents.

10. Mini Terrarium Lamp



This mini terrarium lamp is one of the rare functional DIY terrariums you’d find. As the name suggests, it is a terrarium as well as a lamp. You can get a lamp kit at your nearest hardware store, which will help you build the lamp that will go on top of the glass jar holding the terrarium. Glue them together once done, and you have your very own terrarium lamp. But be sure to use reliable glue.

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11. Recycled Plastic Bottle Terrarium



If you truly believe in going low maintenance with your terrarium, then we have the perfect find for you! You can recycle your 2 liters soda bottles to create a mini space for your plants. This is an amazing idea for small terrariums and also contributes sustainably to the environment. Follow this DIY tutorial by soul-flower to create one today.

12. DIY Glass Terrarium



Are you still figuring out how to decorate your favorite corner in the house? Check out this DIY glass terrarium. Start with soiling the container and filling it with tiny green plants that will bring character to the terrarium. To make it extra special or to add a personal touch, you can add artificial objects like mushrooms or dinosaurs.

13. Upcycled Fish Bowl Terrarium


The upcycled fish bowl terrarium is one of the coolest yet most effortless terrariums you can build by yourself. This DIY terrarium is made by cutting the bowl into two halves, sideways and filling in charcoal that serves as the base. It looks incredible no matter where you plan to place it and is a great way to reuse those empty fishbowls.

14. Small Herb terrarium


Via-Dukes and Duchesses

Who said planting herbs could not be cool or Christmassy? Well, we are here to change your outlook on that with this small herb terrarium made out of a large clear plastic ornament. Dukes and duchesses have created a detailed DIY tutorial to help you figure out how to plant your herbs and then use them in your kitchen easily.

15. Fresh Water Balcony Terrarium


Via-Scrap and Salvage

If you think your house is missing something, it most probably is this extraordinary freshwater terrarium. Scrap and salvage have created it for their balcony, but you can even place it on the corner table or by the front door. The best part is that it is filled with water that gives it a refreshing look.

16. Coffee Teapot Terrarium



This coffee teapot has to be one of the most mind-blowing ideas for small terrariums that many coffee lovers will be delighted to make. Not only is this incredible in terms of decor, but it is also a very clever way to reuse broken coffee machines or pots. You can use the clean glass of the coffee pot to make your succulents stand out.

17. Forest In A Bowl DIY Terrarium



Forest in a bowl is the right way to describe this DIY terrarium that recreates the entire forest scenery using only three materials- moss, potting soil, and a glass bowl. This is a magical world that is created by using artificial animals, which is a great idea if you have kids at your home. You can get creative and use the clay the way Mrs. Ferguson does for better effects.

18. Mason Jar Terrarium



A classic mason jar terrarium can never go wrong, right? Jenna burger shows a step-by-step way of reusing those mason jars you’ve wondered what to do with! It is an incredibly easy DIY that will help you create a collection of potted plants for your home, and it doesn’t even take that many hours!

19. Miniature Tin Containers Greenhouse


If you haven’t got the space for a greenhouse, we know just the way to satisfy your needs without compromising. This DIY with miniature tin containers is the second-best way to build your tiny greenhouse using succulents. The best part is that you can use materials lying around your house and still make it look good.

20. Open Air Cactus Tabletop Terrarium


A small terrarium does not mean that it cannot be unique, and this open-air cactus tabletop terrarium checks all our boxes! It is fun, easy to make, and has details that grab one’s attention. If you have more of a brown thumb, then these cacti would be a better option than other plants that require more care.

21. Dome Clock DIY Pumpkin Terrarium


If you want to create something unique and different, then you should have a look at this pumpkin terrarium. Blesser house uses a dome clock, which they upcycle to create a pumpkin terrarium. Dismantle, paint, and plant are the steps to follow when turning an ancient dome clock into a terrarium for your house. Paint lovers, come aboard!

22. Tea Cup Terrariums


Does your kitchen shelf look too empty, but you don’t want to keep big glass bowl terrariums on it? Worry not because The Inspired Room is here with these teacup terrariums’ DIY idea. All you need are teacups, potting soil, succulents, and a bit of space to make this DIY work! It is incredibly easy, affordable, and does not take more than thirty minutes.

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23. Christmas Ornament DIY mini Terrarium


Instead of having just one Christmas tree, spread the Christmas cheer with more greenery throughout your house using these DIY Christmas ornament terrariums. Inhabitat shows you how to open up the ornament and stuff it with your favorite moss to create a tiny hanging terrarium so that you can get in the festive spirit the right way.

24. Recycled Thrift Store Chandelier Terrarium


Is it even a great DIY project if it doesn’t involve a thrift item? Surely not! So we added this thrift store chandelier which has been recycled into a beautiful tabletop terrarium by The Kimsim Fix. They have a detailed DIY tutorial that provides all the steps for breaking, gluing, and decorating the thrift chandelier.

25. Spice Jar Mini Terrariums


Who needs to buy containers when you have spare spice jars or even huge Nutella jars just lying around your house? This live moss terrarium DIY idea by red-handled scissors is an incredible way to reuse those jars and add some greenery to your windowsills. The key to succeeding at recreating this terrarium is to add layers of gravel, soil, dried moss, and live moss.

26. Patio Light Fixture Terrarium


The patio light fixture terrarium is one of the easiest terrarium DIY projects that you can make in under thirty minutes. All you need is to take out all the wiring and electricals from the light fixture and clean it up. Put soil, succulents, a little bit of water, and there you have it, your patio light fixture turned indoor terrarium.

27. DIY Terrarium Necklace


If you want to go all out with the DIY terrarium project, then this necklace sounds like the right choice. It is a tiny vessel-shaped pendant that not only makes for a great gift for go-green lovers but is also a unique project that anyone, in general, would want to try out. Inhabitat lists out the steps you need to follow to create one yourself.

28. Bell Jar Woodland Terrarium


Creating your mini woodland is now a reality thanks to this amazing DIY terrarium idea by ruffled blog. The bell jars are cute little holders that you can buy online or from any store easily. Other elements like a wooden bark or a twig, a clay mushroom, and dried moss are also readily available which can complete the entire look.

29. Magnetic Metal Tins Wall Terrarium


Another DIY terrarium idea by Ruffled Blog that blew away our minds was these magnetic metal tins. Now you can have a terrarium wall in your house without investing too much space or money. These metal tins can be easily bought or created by sticking a magnetic tape, and all you need to do is fill it with your favorite succulents.

30. Sea/Beach Theme DIY terrarium



One DIY terrarium idea that we recommend you to try if you live near the beach or love the beach is this Beach theme terrarium by At the Picket Fence. Layers of shells, corals, sea glass, and starfish are the way to go if you want to achieve that sea-inspired terrarium look for your house. So the next time you visit the beach, do you know what to do? Collect the shells!

31. Shot Glass Terrarium


You know you can never go wrong with a shot glass terrarium. Not only is this one of the classics, but they also won’t take much of your time, space, or money! It is a great way to display your succulents. They are also very easy to maintain, so you will not have a hard time if you’re not excellent at keeping plants alive.

32. DIY Geode Terrarium


One of the best ideas, if you want to make your terrarium stand out, is by adding Geode to it. These geode stones are luxurious that add a different character to the terrarium, and are getting increasingly popular as decor pieces! Top dreamer has a collection of ways you can use geode stones for terrariums.

33. Lantern Tabletop Terrarium


A candle lantern with faux succulents makes for a very modern display piece. This terrarium inspired by Persian Lou’s DIY tutorial is the perfect way of using a thrift candle lantern and turning it into a beautiful upcycled terrarium. You can use items like river rocks, wires, spray paints, and moss to give it a one-eighty turn.

34. Egg Tray DIY Terrariums


The egg tray DIY terrarium is undoubtedly one of the most fantastic terrarium projects that will blow away your mind. This DIY project is great for people of all ages, even for kids who want to learn the basics of planting. It uses eggshells as planters and looks adorable once finished.

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35. Lego Terrarium


You probably haven’t heard of a lego terrarium before today, which is why you must add this to your list of DIY terrarium ideas to try. These incredibly tiny planters are a quirky and fun way to spruce up your plant game. Planted inside the lego blocks, the succulents and 3-D images add color and character to it.

36. DIY Moss Terrarium



Moss is the lifeline for people who love creating closed terrariums. There are many different kinds of moss, and the terrarium tribe lists out precisely what moss is the best to use for which kind of situation. If you want to try out something different for your terrarium this is the perfect option for you.

37. Hanging Candle Holder Terrarium


This hanging candle holder terrarium is surely a step up from the tabletop lantern terrarium. Made from a rustic candle holder that you can easily get from thrift shops or dollar stores, it is painted with gallery glass to add more effects. Jennifer Perkins lists out all the steps you’ll need to follow to ensure it turns out perfectly.

38. Jam Jar Recycled Terrarium


A DIY jam jar terrarium recycled to make the best use of the scrap items is not only a clever idea but also an efficient one. You can use the right kind of succulent plants or moss, depending on the weather in your neighborhood. Factory direct craft has a great DIY tutorial on how to recycle your jam jars easily.

39. Converted Cake Stand Terrarium


If you spend most of your time in the kitchen, then wouldn’t you like to have some greenery around you, but how? Well, Jennifer Perkins saves the day with this very creative converted cake stand terrarium. It is a recycled cake stand that is decorated to give out a very retro colorful vibe and is super affordable.

40. DIY Wedding Place Holders Terrarium


What’s the most unique way to greet guests at a wedding? Using these DIY wedding place holders terrariums. Showcase your love for nature by recreating these wedding placeholders created by green wedding shoes. This terrarium idea is a great way to make your wedding more ecologically sustainable as well as memorable; let’s not forget that it also looks absolutely beautiful.

41. Scenic Sea Themed Terrarium


Is finding Nemo one of your favorite movies of all time? Are you looking for a different terrarium idea for your table? Hit two birds with one stone with this incredible scenic sea-themed terrarium. Use driftwood, blue rocks, propagating sand, artificial fishes, dead moss, etc., to build the landscape and enjoy a bit of sea from your home. Just keep swimming and you’ll make the perfect terrarium!

42. Spring DIY indoor terrarium


It’s time to bring the joy of spring to your home, albeit in a tiny container! The spring DIY indoor terrarium is a great craft idea if you have kids who love to engage in projects. Add stones, artificial butterflies, some moss, and succulents to bring this indoor terrarium to life.

43. Apothecary Jars DIY Tabletop Terrariums


Sand and Sisal provide a great DIY tutorial to show how you can plant succulents in apothecary glass jars in a coastal aesthetic look. They use clean filtered sand and then layer it up with succulents, starfish, seashells, etc., to give a beautiful coastal vibe. The key is to soak the moss and succulents before placing them in the sand.

44. DIY Mini Terrarium Blooming Table


Are you missing a coffee table but are too bored to bother with a regular table? Why not give this DIY mini terrarium blooming table a try? Made using a shadow box, clear glass, some beautiful succulents, and a little bit of water, this blooming table is one of our favorite terrariums on this list.

45. Geo Terrarium For Tabletop



There’s something about lines and plants that gets us hooked up. Just like this geometric tabletop terrarium. The DIY tutorial by Nish Wish follows a very easy approach to add some greenery and freshness without losing the charm of interior décor. It uses only basic materials like bamboo skewers, paints, and glue to bring the terrarium together.

These small terrariums can quickly adapt to any space; all they need is love, water, and some care. Select your favorite DIY and plant some greenery to decorate your space in style with these beautiful terrarium ideas.