21 DIY Farmhouse Decor Projects That Will Save You Time & Money

Farmhouse diy

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So if you want to give your house a little country touch for the spring or just because you are bored then you will really like this post. And the best part is that you can do this on a budget. You will need a lot of wood. So if you have some crates or any other wooden planks you can reuse bring them out.

4. DIY Grain Sack Pillow

Via Lilacsandlonghorns

Pillows just give you that cozy feeling, don’t they? If you know a little sewing you can make your own pillows or just use a pillow you have at hand. The main thing is how creative you get with the printables.

Choose elegant designs and witty prints to go with the setting of your house. This one in the picture was also made from cheap craft store fabric so you know it wasn’t expensive.

If you are redecorating for holidays you can stuff some dried pine needles into your pillow cover when you fill for a mild holiday scent on your couch.

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5. Wood Beam For Curtains

Via Lovegrowswild

I fell in love with this one. The lacy curtains over the white bedding look just so darn dreamy. Especially how these people created the look it looks so cozy and with the natural light, the picture looks like it has just been taken out of lifestyle magazine. As I said in the intro these hacks will require a look.

The beam used was custom made so it will be a bonus if you are good with handy work. You can do it in your room or kid’s room. Another thing that will add to the beauty of this hack is an accent wall. There are many inspirations for this out there pick yours.

Or you can have fairy lights along with some pictures on the wall. Natural flower wall arts (These are picture frames with real flowers pressed between two glass) will also compliment your farmhouse look.

6. DIY Rustic Upcycled Ladder

Via Funkyjunkinteriors

This rustic ladder just stole my heart. I am sure you must have seen IKEA ladder shelves in the market but if you do it right it will cost much lesser than that. If you have an old ladder than its good otherwise you can get one from the flea market for a cheaper price.

This ladder makes a great bedside table, bathroom shelf (for keeping your towels), living room decor, and even a cool bookshelf. You can either leave the exposed wood or you can paint and use sandpaper to get that distressed look.

7. Log Candle Centrepiece

Via Funkyjunkinteriors

Not only is this a perfect farmhouse decor but it is such an amazing addition to the holiday decoration you look forward to all year. A little change that I would prefer over the design would be less visible candles (since the logs are already too high the height of candles just doesn’t suit my taste).

I would probably drill a deeper hole or use short candles(since we are putting the candles inside the wood using candle inside glasses will be a safer option).

8. Enamel Mug Decor/Organizer

Via Homeroad

This Is a pretty simple hack that will not burn a hole in your pocket. You can hang it in your bathroom for extra space. Or in the living room so that your living room always has space for some freshly cut flowers. You can use chalkboard paint or sticker giving them an even more relaxed look

And if you don’t have similar mugs then you can always make this decor with some mason jars.

9. DIY Wood Vintage Mirror

Via Theownerbuildernetwork

I love vintage mirrors (those metallic oval frames are my favorites). But this one has that farmhouse feeling flowing out of it. The round wooden slices give it the rustic look you want. I love round mirrors too. But if you don’t want round ones you can try this hack with rectangular long mirrors too.

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10. DIY Necklace Holder

Via Visiblymoved

This DIY was made from driftwood but if you don’t have that than any old wooden plank will do for this (be aware of the splinters if you are using driftwood). Nail some vintage knobs to give it that effortless look.

If the brown color doesn’t suit the tone of your room you can always color the wood and distress with sandpaper. You can even spray paint the knobs (I would like rose gold or golden colored knobs on white wood) if you want a more subtle look.

11. Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Tray

Via Sadieseasongoods

The simplicity of this project is its beauty an old cutting board, wood stain, and a couple of door handles are all it takes to make this decorative yet functional DIY. You can use vinyl stickers for prints and quotes to make it even better.

12. Farmhouse Style Kitchen Vent

Via Beckysfarmhouse

There are a number of DIY ideas on this blog that will make your kitchen turn into a farmhouse style dream kitchen you want. But I picked my favorite one so I can just point you to it.

The rustic country style vent over the kitchen is just so chic. Starting from the color to the slant design it is just one of the unique ones I have seen out there.

13. DIY FarmHouse Enamel Tub Planter

Via Jaymuneediy

This is made from dollar tree products. I know it doesn’t look like it right. The faucet looking pipe is a plastic candy can pain black. And the metal tub is just painted white and then distressed using sandpaper.

Use it on a counter for your knick-knacks. Or plant in some succulent. You can even have your very own indoor herb garden and use chalkboard paint stickers to put labels (love this idea!!)

14. DIY Farmhouse Wood Crate

Via Jaymuneediy

This is also a dollar tree product DIY. Normal crates have been upcycled from quite some time to be used as furniture around the house. So making these small ones as decor will be fun too. Some old canvas and small wooden sticks that you can get at the dollar store.

15. DIY Terrarium With Dollar Tree Frames

Via Farmgirlreformed

It is pretty amazing what creativity can do. This beautiful piece of decor is made out of just dollar tree store frames. It is so cheap and the best part is it doesn’t look like it. Accessorize It with plants, succulents, or pinecones.

You can make a lamp too just put a battery candle inside. And how can we forget fairy lights? Another great idea is to have photos in the frame. It will be like a 3D collage and some fairy light with the photos will work too.

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16. DIY Farmhouse Plexiglass Sign

Via Simplemadepretty

Plexisign is really easy to make especially with the alphabet stickers that you can get at craft stores nowadays. You don’t even need to cut plexiglass or get it custom cut.

Just use the glass of any photos frame you buy. If you have a vinyl cutting machine then there is no stopping your imagination for sure.

17. Farmhouse Kitchen Canister

Via Housefulofhandmade

Convert old peanut butter jars into chic jars that look like porcelain french bakery jars. Use heat transfer vinyl to transfer the vintage-style pattern that completes the look.

If you don’t have a silhouette cutting machine for this you can use stickers and cut up patterns as a cheaper substitute. If you are artsy you can use hot glue to write on the jars and then paint over it (it gives a cool 3D look.

18. Pantry Organizing Labels

Via Thecountrychiccottage

Make labeling fun and never lose your favorite recipes with these labels. If you have open shelves than definitely make these labels. They are totally worth showing-off. And no one will ever mess up another pancake ever with the recipe on the jar. The font works well too.

19. Dollar Tree Plastic Fencing Farmhouse Lantern

Via Lizzyanderin

Dollar Tree to the rescue again. Simple plastic fencing worth $1 can be transformed into this pretty lantern. Add some sparkle and it will make a great centerpiece for a wedding.

Add to it an electric candle and some accessories like pinecones, succulents, or fancy stones (the ones used in an aquarium).

20. DIY Rustic Jewelry Holder

Via Confessionsofaserialdiyer

Create this jewelry holder using a couple of candlesticks and some china. The aqua blue china with white candlesticks is an amaze. If you want an even more rustic feel than I saw another version of this tiered tray that used old cake pans. Perfect for holding jewelry and other knick-knacks too.

21. Gold Painted Animal Decor

Via Buildbasic

We know what spray paint can do when sprayed over plastic. Just like the elephant in the picture which I think is a part of plastic animal toy sets for kids you can paint other animals too. Use small one and hot glue them over mason jar lids to make cute Halloween candy jars. You can also get big ones and use them as bookends.

One Last Tip…

Lighter tones make for better decor when it comes too farmhouse style decorations. Most tones you see will have neutral colors if you want something colorful but still don’t want to change an easy choice is pastel colors.

You must be thinking where did that come from. Why am I suddenly talking about colors? Most of DIY’s in this article are of neutral color. If you still want some bring color you can add bright colors to staple pieces.