30 Cheap and Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas

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The color of a golden harvest, the calm of the cold breeze, the serenity of old wooden doors, and the shine of never-ending hay fields. There is so much to miss about the countryside. But did you know that you can bring your farmhouse right into your 27th-floor apartment or urban flat?

Well, not literally, but we are going to reveal a way that will get you closest to a farmhouse feel at your home. Here we present 30 excellent decor ideas that can turn any modern setting into a farmhouse theme.

And don’t worry about the costs either. We have compiled a list of DIY crafts that you can create yourself and save hundreds of dollars you’d have to spend when shopping for farmhouse decor items.

You’d need to be bold in your decisions to make the perfect setting, though. Even a few corners in your room that contain glossy or modern items can spoil your farmhouse theme.

Not only will you surprise your guests with extremely calming decor, but it would also make your home as picturesque as it can get. Check out these ideas and make your home a beautiful paradise in the cheapest way possible!

30 Cheap and Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas

1. Antique Door Knob Towel Rack

Via Blesserhouse

Antique doorknobs are such a vibe in themselves; they take us straight to the vintage decor of old farmhouses. The secret is that these knobs aren’t actually antique, and a few easy steps would get you there. But not petting the secret out is your best as the thing looks more expensive and authentic that way.

2. DIY Farmhouse Tiered Stand

Via Luvleecreations

It might not be believable, but some thrift store cake pans and candlesticks can get you this vintage stand. Yes, you don’t need to find a similar product and place it for 30 years to make it look picturesque. Here is a quick hack that takes all of 30 minutes and a few dollars to make this attractive tiered stand.

3. DIY Farmhouse Tray

Via Sarahjoyblog

I don’t know about you, but I care more about my cup and tray than the snacks and tea while serving guests. And farmhouse style trays make the presentation all the more scenic and elegant. Here’s easy to create a farmhouse tray that would instantly enhance the aesthetics when serving guests.

4. DIY Memo Board

Via Lollyjane

A lot of things that don’t matter anymore or have been replaced can make for a fabulous farmhouse style decor accessory. Take, for example, a vintage telephone or this memo board. We hardly use memo boards anymore. But for the romantics and the love of aesthetics, you won’t be able to resist making this memo board for your farmhouse decor.

5. Pallet Wood Farmhouse Clock

VIa Gatherandflourish

The thing about farmhouse theme decorations is that you can’t leave any stone unturned, or it might not look harmonious. The clock is one of the first stuff you need to replace, but that doesn’t mean buying a costly vintage clock. Instead, you can make this gorgeous timepiece for your wall with a little bit of art and craft.

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6. Shiplap Plank Wall

Via Themountainviewcottage

If you have a slightly small space or too much furniture, how much would you love to add a little space in thin air? Well, here’s a way to do it- add this shiplap plank on the wall that goes well with the farmhouse theme and adds a bit of space too. You add plants and whatnot in these crafty spaces and fill in the negative space also.

7. Farmhouse Message Board

Via Seekinglavendarlane

Cheap and easy doesn’t have to be mediocre all the time. Perhaps that looks the best when you do DIY crafts. Take a look at this unassuming yet attractive message board that adds the right amount of balance to any wall. You can also use it to add daily motivation and make your room totally yours.

8. Farmhouse Style Inspired Home Sign

Via 504main

Farmhouses don’t have numbers; they are just homes that are warm and welcoming. So it deserves a welcoming sign too. And when warmth is at the priority, being simplistic with this Home sign is the best bet. It’s easy to make, and adding pebbles around brings it closer to nature.

9. Farmhouse Kitchen Rack

Via Addicted2diy

Bring the hen from the farm to your kitchen with this exciting farmhouse style kitchen rack. It’s simple, to the point, and looks old enough to settle in effortlessly in your kitchen. Add a bit of barn or something below the rack for the perfect farm vibe.

10. Suspended Wooden Mirrors

Via Goodhousekeeping

A room full of windows is both a delight and a curse. At the same time, it saves you off adding too much artificial decor and provides a natural view effortlessly. But on the other hand, whatever decor items you add should complement or look better than the view outside. These suspended mirrors hanging from a pulley are a great addition to such a room.

11. Table Caddy Planter

Via Irestorestuff

Here is an intelligent transformation of a tool caddy to a gorgeous planter that would add a charm to your dining table. You can also use the tray as a display holder on your mantle, shelves, and more. While the tutorial uses wooden paint, you can always you more vibrant colors for a rustic finish.

12. Spring Floral Pot Wreath

Via Sugarbeecrafts

Nothing looks better than a floral wreath hanging on your front door. It doesn’t always have to have a modern metallic finish. Instead, an old school rope bound wreath with colorful flowers can do a better job if you’re looking for a farmhouse style vibe. Moreover, you just need to change the flowers instead of the wreath, which will last for years.

13. Old Fashioned Display Pedestals

Via Simplybeautifulbyangela

Countertops can look quite bland and flat with just photo frames, glasses, and jars on them. Add a bit of height to your countertop with this rustic pedestal. They add a lot of depth and makes the overall look quite balanced. You should be imaginative and match the color scheme of your room with the pedestal.

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14. Wall Mounted Pallet Shelves

Via Lilluna

Empty wall space can affect the balance of your color scheme and decor. The negative space is painfully dull to look at. Add a bit of depth apart from increasing valuable storage space on your bedroom wall by mounting this handy pallet shelves. The vintage wooden texture adds to the farmhouse vibe you’re trying to create.

15. Glass Carboy Jug with Crate

Via Sawdust2stitches

If you have a small crate spare in your store, you might have found an excellent usage. Otherwise, it would take a bit of expertise in DIY crafts to build this crate yourself. Add big houseplants like reeds in a carboy jug inside the box. You can also add blooming flowers, which will make it quite a unique version of the regular vase.

16. Farmhouse style painted Storage Jars

Via Thequaintsanctuary

The options are aplenty when you look for storage spaces for our nuts and grains. But the minimal plastic and glass bottles don’t add to the aesthetic and look out of place in a well worked-up decor. Have a little bit of fun with your old mayo jars and bring a harmonious vine to your kitchen shelf with the ‘general store open’ sign.

17. Worn Old Flower Pots 

Via pinkwhen

Not everything looks excellent when new and shiny. While plants and flowers add liveliness to any room, they can look quite generic when planted in basic flower pots in themed decor. Instead, this quick tutorial shows you how you can make your flower pot look worn out and suddenly steal all the limelight it never would otherwise.

18. Worn Wood Chair and Ottoman Set

Via Vintageandrestore

If trash becomes a treasure in one place, it’s in a room filled with farmhouse decor. I don’t know about you, but I could never imagine having a worn-out chair and ottoman at my home. But this tutorial has probably changed my perception of life. You can just move to the thrift store and get yourself a masterpiece chair set at a steal now!

19. Farmhouse Rustic Wood Frame

Via Knickoftime

This framed chalkboard just fits my imagination of what a farmhouse photo frame could look like. It looks vintage, messy, and yet so gorgeous. Moreover, it provides you the creative space to play around the frame with any accessory you want.

20. Barn Wood Shelves

Via Vintagemellie

Having a barn wood shelf hanging on your wall is not only an easy idea to add farmhouse charm to your room, but it also adds depth to your bland walls. All you’d need is a couple of brackets you can get from any home improvement store and an amateur painting skills.

21. Farmhouse Accent Table

Via Missflibbertigibbet

I am so tired of glossy and matte tables. Glasses don’t appeal anymore. This farmhouse style accent table is a fresh breath of air amidst the cutting edge designed perfect tables. It’s comfortable and exudes a feeling of belongingness, making the coffee feel all the more authentic.

22. Wooden Beam and Lace Curtains

Via Lovegrowswild

You can’t always afford to change your bed or dressing table to change the decor of your bedroom. But adding this old fashioned lace curtain on a wooden beam can just bring in the vacation look quickly. You can choose any curtain you find appealing and old fashioned from a flea store.

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23. Farmhouse Kitchen Table

Via Artisbeauty

Farmhouse style tables cost a lot, but it’s not worth your buck. Save a lot of cash with this beautiful farmhouse kitchen table that does take some time to build. But it would cost less than $100, which would be quite a steal. The distressed paint brings an exotic appeal to your kitchen and makes the mornings more beautiful.

24. Plug-In Sconce

Via Mylove2create

Farmhouse decor is incomplete without a hanging sconce light. It’s straight from a remote holiday resort’s look and makes your bedroom a place to spend your weekend like a vacation. It’s an inexpensive craft and makes the lighting quite romantic.

25. DIY Apple Wreath

Via Mylovetocreate

Apart from its simplicity, this apple wreath straightaway brings the farms to the home. Moreover, apples add a dash of vibrance and charm to dull and boring walls. Farmhouse style decor too needs a bit of color other than old wood and brown, and this apple wreath is the perfect addition.

26. Pallet Love Art

Via Infarrantlycreative

The countryside is all about hard work, love, and warmth. This LOVE pallet art is the ideal catalyst and sets the tone for an overall comfortable decore setting. Moreover, you can buy versatile pallets at less than $10 and transform them into this lovely piece of art.

27. Wood Pallet Spool Rustic Clock

Via Lizmarieblog

Turn your old spool pallets into a never seen before a piece of farmhouse art with this quick tutorial. Clocks are a necessity, and thus it is a necessity to change them when transforming your decor. Moreover, this one has to be one of the talking points as it is beyond most of us’s imagination.

28. Rope Wrapped Nautical Lamp

Via Amyallender

You’d absolutely love with rope wrapped lamp beside your bed. And it is so easy and cost-effective to create with an idea coming straight from an art gallery. You can also redo your lampshade with burlap for a more farmhouse inclined approach.

29. Old Barndoor

Via Shadesofblueinterior

Yes, you need to be bold in your choices to bring the farmhouse appeal. And that can mean putting your expensive metallic door aside and instead, putting in this distressed, worn-out piece of entry at the forefront of your master bedroom.

30. Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Tray

Via Sadieseasongood

Add a bit of farmhouse feels to your country style cocktail by serving it in a vintage wooden coffee tray. Your Instagram stories of pizza and soups will never look bland and unorganized anymore. This adds to the overall aesthetic of the photographs and puts your old chopping board to great use.

These were just some of the millions of ideas that can turn your modern apartment into a country paradise. Keep in mind that it’s more about the calm and comfort in a farmhouse style decor and avoid glossy accessories that can spoil your effort.