31 Dollar Store DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas

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Want to bring that farmhouse feel in your home? Are you looking for some budget home decor ideas?

We have clubbed these two and got you a list of the best dollar store farmhouse style decor ideas. Now you can adorn your home with rustic DIYs which are super fun to create, ranging from easy to more difficult projects. The decor is usually warm and cozy, made up of distress wood, burlaps, and what not!

Get some serious inspiration from these amazing decor ideas and the good news is, you don’t have to spend fortunes to recreate the fun projects. From faux green thumbs and wreaths to a white photo gallery and candlesticks, we have covered it all!

Check out these 31 dollar store farmhouse decor ideas and spoil yourself with unique farmhouse decor ideas.

31 DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas From The Dollar Store

1. Magnetic Succulent Tins

Via Kimspireddiy

These adorable and budget-friendly succulent tins are perfect for authentic farmhouse decor. Buy some pepper containers from the dollar store, pop open the lids with hot water and lid opener, and paint the tin with bright colors. Once the pot is ready, get some faux succulents from the dollar store and just place them on it. 

2. DIY Candle Hack

Via Honeyimhomediy

Upgrade your candle racks with this easy DIY and bring in the farmhouse look that you need. All you need is a set of flameless candles, twines, and checked ribbons to complete this DIY. You can try this out on scented candles as well but make sure that the ribbons don’t catch fire and you blow it off on time! 

3. Mason Jar String Art

Via Chaoticallyyours

Who said cheap things are not beautiful?

An easy, cheap, and beautiful wall art, all this mason jar string art needs is a wooden board and then try your crafts skills on it. Some embroidery threads, paper flowers, and colorful tapes, and lots of creativity would do the job. You can outline anything here, and I am sure you won’t be disappointed. 

4. Wall Mounted Planter

Via Popshopamerica

A simple way to mount these gorgeous mason jars on the wall, this DIY won’t cause you any pain and I am sure it would impress you with the looks. You would need a piece of wood and mason jars from the dollar store. The rest work is all about some basic carpenter skills, and fill the jars with soil and greenery. 

5. Rustic Jewelry Hanger

Via Theflyingcouponer

Home decor projects are always interesting and my favorite part is the supplies available in the flea markets and dollar stores. Adorn a wooden pallet with some colorful cabinet knobs and fix. You can be as creative as you want with the knobs and the pallet! 

6. DIY Farmhouse Wreath

Via Ourhappilyeverhome

Wreaths look so pretty and elegant and let’s say it, they do gel with any theme. Are you looking for a farmhouse vibe? Choose some faux florals from the dollar store, make sure they are light and sober in color. You would just need some hoop wreath and faux greenery and the beautiful wreath is ready.

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7. Burlap Curtains

Via Chickenscratchny

Even after being a necessity, aren’t curtains too costly at times? What if you could get a 4-floor length panel for say $30? No, I am not kidding!

Combo sales and dollar stores do sell burlap fabrics and it can be turned into curtains with little efforts. And yes, it has exactly what you’re looking for!

8. Photo Gallery Wall

Via Southluminastyle

Create an adorable photo gallery with this easy DIY idea and make a statement wall at your home. Collect frames from the dollar store or you can check out some clearance racks as well. Spray paint the frames in one color to get the rustic vibe and you are done with the gallery. 

9. Fall Wall Decor

Via Uncommondesignsonline

Burlaps and Fall should be synonyms. Don’t fall decors have that rustic vibe no matter the elements are present? Using this aspect, this Grateful wall decor is made with burlap wrapped framed canvas, letter stamps, and a big frame. The looks are so vintage that it can be the perfect Thanksgiving decor!

10. DIY Hydrangea Wreath

Via Ourhappilyeverhome

This is a 3-item project and it has the looks to die for! You would just need a grapevine wreath, zip ties, and very surprisingly, floral garland. Yes, say goodbye to faux flowers which gives us a hard time with stitching, and switch to garlands, straight! Those hydrangea florals look so good and the zip ties do a great job!

11. Farmhouse Memo Board

Via Craftsbyamanda

I have fallen head over heels with this memo board and more because of the color combination and the background. Made from scrapwood frames, the shiplap pattern looks so amazing, and the chosen whitewash is also complementing the frames well. Be a little creative with the memos and I am sure your farmhouse board will be a show-stealer! 

12. Sharpie Shiplap Wall

Via Musthavemom

Shiplap walls look so elegant and fit in a farmhouse theme perfectly. With just a few basic supplies, you can create this DIY sharpie shiplap wall. You would need an oil-based black Sharpie, wood level, and white paint if your wall isn’t white. Installing the shiplap planks won’t be easy but definitely worth it. 

13. Dollar Store Galvanized Planters

Via Littlehouseoffour

A shiny metal bucket from the dollar store renovated and transformed into an age galvanized planter. It has got the looks to give your house a cozy farmhouse charm without making a hole in your pocket. You can even install faux flowers in it and the wow look would be ready! 

14. Dollar Store Succulents

Via Littlehouseoffour

Here comes another one with succulents, this DIY is easy and cheap and you will get the supplies from the dollar store. Buy some quilted ball jelly jars, faux succulents, and chalk paint. Fill the glass jars with soil once you are done with the painting, and finally place the succulents in. Yippee! You’re done.

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15. DIY Vase Holder

Via Simplicityinthesouth

Are you looking for a unique way to display flowers? This dollar tree craft idea would be perfect for you and it would cost you $6! Get those cute, glass milk bottles from the dollar store, and a long wood panel. The rest of the work would be done with nails and you can color the bottles as well. 

16. Tea Towel Pillows

Via Thewoodgraincottage

Buy some cheap tea towels, readily available at IKEA or dollar stores, and get some polyfill. You just have to iron the sides and stitch them up with the help of white thread and fabric scissors. These pillows would fit right in the farmhouse decor and they would look stunning when placed on white furniture! 

17. DIY Hanging Baskets

Via Thriftyandchic

Let’s get into reusability again, and this time with a touch of greenery. Reclaim a big wooden board and use a dark stain to paint it. Buy some wired baskets from the dollar store and fix them on the board once it is mounted on the wall. Throw some faux greenery in those baskets and boom, it’s done. 

18. Farmhouse Candle Holder

Via Oursouthernhomesc

If there’s something that can top the list of rustic elements, They’re vintage candle holders. You can make a farmhouse style decor piece with supplies from the dollar store and I am sure you won’t regret it. This DIY is made of just cake pans and candlesticks.

19. DIY Topiary Tree

Via Homemadelovely

Whip up a little faux greenery for your kitchen or living room with this creative topiary tree. It has got all the charm and you will get supplies in a dollar store. Floral foam, terra cotta pots, and some modeling clay would help you make the base. Workout with the faux greenery to complete the unique look.

20. Farmhouse Tiered Tray

Via Craftylifemom

This dollar tree tiered tray will definitely add as a farmhouse decor to your home and it’s so easy to recreate. Burner covers and ninja toys from the dollar store are all you need. Wood blocks for the feet, colors for the body, and florals for the finish, you are done! 

21. Vintage Pantry Labels

Via thecountrychiccottage

Bring in the farmhouse vibe to your kitchen with these amazing pantry labels. Just label the glass jars with these printables and the pantry organization is done. You can even have recipes printed on the labels, you know, just for fun! 

22. Farmhouse Decorative Plates

Via Sincerelysarad

I love plates and I keep on buying them in unique shapes and colors from the dollar store. An amazing hack to convert simple plates and vases to a farmhouse element would be spray paint. Just like the photo gallery, just painting the dishes would make them look vintage. 

23. DIY Boxwood Wreath

Via Tableandheart

A porch decor would be incomplete without a wreath and if you can get it done under $15, it is a jackpot, right? Much like the hydrangea wreath, this one is made of a garland of greenery with a grapevine wreath in the background. It has got the looks to kill and it’s an easy DIY. 

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24. Hobnail Milk Glass

Via Littlehouseoffour

This is one of my favorites and I am sure it has the capability of topping the list of your favorites too. The unique hobnail setup, combined with the white paint, steals the show. Good news! The whole thing is made from dollar store supplies and yes, it won’t even cost you $10! 

25. Mini Farmhouse Scale

Via Hometalk

Making a DIY kitchen scale is not that challenging as you might think, and it is a super fun project! You would get all the supplies from the dollar tree and this would cost you $3. I am not kidding with the price and I am sure you will recreate this amazing scale! 

26. DIY Farmhouse Sign

Via Youtube

You can use it as a welcome sign as well and trust me, it will slay the decor! Buy a faux wood charger from the dollar store and get some metal letters for FARMHOUSE. The rest of the work would be done with acrylic paint and you can also use fabric for the outer circle. 

27. DIY Spring Terrarium

Via Farmgirlreformed

Get ready for Spring with this beautiful terrarium and ace the seasonal decor. All you need is certificate frames and glue for this DIY. None of the supplies will dig a hole in your pocket because they belong to a dollar store and its enough to be said! 

28. Dollar Store Pottery

Via Followtheyellowbrickhome

Just like the dishes, it is now time to add the farmhouse touch to cups and mugs and transform our pottery cabinet. Buy the dishes and decals from the dollar store, get some printable labels or a Sharpie would do and once you are done with the paint, scribble down the letters! 

29. Cotton Stem Sign

Via Youtube

A part of the Thanksgiving decor, this cotton stem has that rustic look and can complement your seasonal decor like a pro! Combine it with other farmhouse decors for the best results. A wood sign, cotton stem, and ribbons would do the job and its pretty cool, isn’t it? 

30. Upcycled Frame and Wreath

Via Makingjoyandprettythings

I strongly believe that the green and white combination has the unmatched elegant and sober looks. It would definitely add up to the farmhouse decor with an upcycled frames and faux boxwood springs wrapped around the grapevine wreath. Hang the wreath with a twig in the frame to complete the look. 

31. Stand from Repurposed Junk

Via Prodigalpieces

An alternative to the tired tray, this one is made from cake pans and can be used to store craft supplies, fruits, etc. You can get the supplies from a garage sale or a dollar store and get to work. Arrange for woodturning like a table leg for the base of the tray and your DIY would be good to go. 

Home decor ideas can be very interesting and super fun to recreate. The fun gets doubled if you can manage it with a few dollars and all these ideas ticks all the boxes. Try out our favorites and create a masterpiece!