80 Easy Things To Draw When You Are Bored

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If you’ve been feeling there’s nothing you can do to chase those boring blues away, then you’re wrong because you can doodle and draw cool things! Now wondering exactly what to draw when bored?

We have a list of 80 cool and easy things to draw when you are bored that you can choose and pick from based on your interest. And and and, don’t you worry if you’ve not even picked up a pencil before, these are all easy drawings for beginners.

So, pick up that paper, pencils, colors, and whatever else you may need. Let’s start doing some cool and easy sketches and drawings from artists without wasting any more time! 

80 Easy Things To Draw When You Are Bored

1. A Mermaid On A Rock 

Via- Cartoondistrict

Drawing allows you to be free in terms of what you want to create and sketch, and what’s better than a beautiful mythological mermaid to get you started? This mermaid on a rock drawing idea can be wonderfully recreated using only pencils and is easy to do as well! 

2. A Cartoon-Realist Hedgehog


Step-by-step drawing tutorials can help you accomplish any drawing, so why not try your hand at this cute cartoon hedgehog sketch? Sketching this realistic-looking cartoon hedgehog is an enjoyable way to spend your time, and if you’ve heard about the famous Sonic- the fastest blue cartoon hedgehog, you would want a memoir of it! 

3. Draw Landscapes With A Twist 

Via Flickr

Bring forward your creative spirit by testing new patterns and exploring more ways of drawing one thing. You can even try out this pattern landscape and ditch the old scenery route when you’re feeling bored because it is just the thing that will help you focus.

4. Practice Drawing Lips 


It’s very easy to draw certain things and very difficult to draw others. If you’re someone who struggles with drawing lips, and other such facial expressions you should try practicing more often. So why not make good use of your time and practice drawing lips? This will help you polish your drawing skills and become better as well. 

5. The Cutest Pet Portrait 


Do you have an adorable pet at home you haven’t sketched of? If yes, then why! Get going right away because your little buddy deserves to be drawn and preserved for years to come. This little portrait exercise is an amazing way to bond with your pet and use your free time more productively. 

6. Put Hogwarts On Paper 


Have you watched the harry potter series more times than you can count? Then what’s stopping you from putting Hogwarts on paper. We know you may not get the chance to visit it but you can still draw your dream place whenever you’re feeling bored and get a chance to become one with the magical world. 

7. A Ballet Dancer 


This ballet dancer sketch is one of the most beautiful drawings included in our list and we can bet you’d love adding this to your collection. It is so easy that you can draw it even if you struggle with sketching. Drawing this ballerina sketch will also help you work on your lines. You can even pin it up on a board if you’re passionate about dancing! 

8. Easy Dandelion Drawings 


It’s time to bring out some colors and sharpen your pencils because we’re drawing dandelions. These beautiful flower drawings are very easy to create and can be also done using a stencil if you find it difficult to sketch them on your own.

9. How To Draw A Unique Shape 


Did you know you can create optical illusions on paper by just drawing? Well, you can and this unique hexagon is one of the best ideas to follow! Also known as an impossible hexagon, it uses drawing techniques to make the two-dimensional image seem like a third-dimensional shape.

10. Doodle some delicious Ice Cream 

Via Flickr

Who doesn’t love some ice cream? While we cannot eat every variety of ice cream every single day, we can doodle some whenever we get bored to ensure our eyes can devour them at least. These delicious ice cream doodles are the perfect way to spend time snuck into a blanket on a Sunday with nothing to do! 

11. Draw Your Emotions through Emoticons 


Drawing can be therapeutic as well as fun in many ways, one of them being drawing emoticons! You can easily let out just what you’re feeling by doodling emoticons like these in your sketch pad. The best part is even though they look kind of challenging to draw, they’re fairly easy and even more fun when you start. 

12. Sketch Baby Dory 


Watching Finding Nemo can never get boring, but do you know what else can be interesting when you’re bored? Sketching baby dory! This cute little character helps you to polish your sketching skills while having fun at the same time. Following the motto of Dory when she says, keep swimming, swimming, swimming, you need to keep sketching, sketching, and sketching! 

13. Polish Your Swirling Doodle Patterns 


Drawing free-hand doodle patterns are one of the most challenging parts of sketching which makes it even more interesting. The best part about having the practice of drawing swirling patterns is that you can use them anywhere in your art projects, files, etc. 

14. Practice Pinterest Portraits


Other than being beautiful, portraits can be a very intriguing way of spending time. They can be a little tough if you haven’t tried sketching before, but with the right technique and practice, you can start with the little portraits. There are many portraits that you can find on Pinterest along with detailed tutorials on how to draw them.

15. Draw A Snowman For Christmas 


We know you can only create a snowman when it snows but we’ve found a way around it for you! You can now draw your snowman anytime you feel like you want to without waiting for it to snow. The sketches can also be used on Christmas cards, greeting cards, etc. which means your practice won’t go to waste. 

16. Anatomy 101 With Hands


Trust us when we tell you, there is a lot of this and that, which goes into drawing body parts, especially hands. Since they are so mobile in real life, you can learn to practice hands in different gestures. This will not only help you use your time but also allow you to grasp how to draw different kinds of hands.

17. Step-by-Step Baby Sheep Drawing 


If you thought that just creating a round body and round head would give you a baby sheep drawing, then you’re wrong! There is a lot more to baby sheep sketch than that and practicing it can help you know exactly how to create one. It is a fun and easy drawing idea you can surely try out. 

18. Pikachu For Pokemon Lovers 


It’s Pika Pika time, and we’re sure all you pokemon lovers out there are excited to sketch this one yourself! This pencil sketch of Pikachu may be tiny in size, but requires a good amount of your free time. Make sure you highlight the parts which are required and fill shade in the right places to make it stand out. 

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19. Draw Mickey Mouse 

Via Weheartit

Carrying along with the idea of drawing our favorite dictionary cartoon characters, how could we forget about the good old mickey mouse? This is probably one of the easiest drawing ideas that you can even ask your kids to do when they have free time on their hands. Follow the easy step-by-step tutorial for more insights into how to draw it. 

20. Cool Stick Figures


Now you must be thinking, stick figures? How are they even a drawing idea! But no, these aren’t your usual stick figure ideas, they have a 3-D optical illusional effect with their on-page sketch. The whole sketch idea is genuinely unique and interesting, which is why we recommend you try recreating it whenever you are bored. 

21. Landscape Through Lines 

Via Instagram

Landscapes don’t have to be grand and painted all over the sheet. We’re learning new ways of sketching and drawing things, which is why we think this landscape through the lines is one of our favorite sketches to practice. Not only is it easy to draw, but you can add your touch to it as well.

22. Band-aid Flowers Drawing 


Ending our list of interesting and easy things to draw is this whimsical drawing idea that has a band-aid with flowers. It is a beautiful and unique drawing that you can doodle or draw anytime you’re hit by the boring blues. 

23. Get Creative On Paper 

Via Instagram

One of the best ways to take advantage of sketching and drawing abilities is to get creative on paper. This Be Brave drawing is one of the coolest sketches we’ve seen and it is so easy to draw that you can complete it in minutes. You can even change up the message and try to make it more personal for yourself. 

24. Starfish Sketching 


Running out of things to draw? What about a starfish. These rare species can be hard to find but not when it comes to drawing, then they’re super easy! If you love starfish or are enthusiastic about marine life, you should give this sketch a try. 

25. Mandala For The Win


This list of easy things to draw when you are bored would have been incomplete if we didn’t include a mandala in it. This pattern mandala is one of the most beautiful sketches you can try out, and then use it as wall art too if you want to. The best thing is that you can create it as you want to by adding or subtracting any patterns from the design. 

26. Try Your Hand At One Line Drawings 


If you’re in the mood to try something new, we have got just the right idea for you. These one-line drawings are pretty cool and easy to do once you get the hang of them. You can create different patterns, sketches, and objects when you start drawing with a single line. 

27. Baby Elephant For Animal Lovers 


We haven’t forgotten you, animal lovers, out there, and for you, we’ve got another cute drawing idea. This baby elephant has to be the cutest possible sketch ever and we’re sure you wouldn’t regret spending time recreating this when you’re bored. You can even fill in colors and paint it the way you want once you’ve finished sketching! 

28. Learn How To Draw A Sunflower 

Via- Cartoondistrict

Drawing a sunflower isn’t as easy as it sounds, and it could be much easier if you put in some practice. Why would you simply draw a stem and put petals like a kindergarten kid when you can draw a cool sunflower like this using the same pencil? 

29. Draw Letters In Creative Fonts 


Another unique drawing idea that is not a drawing but can be extremely fun to do is drawing letters. If you’ve seen creative fonts and wondered how people do that, it is time to learn it yourself! Just write what you want to and make it bubble up through creativity like this ‘Love’ drawing. 

30. Miniature Drawings To Practice 


Many miniature drawings take less than an hour to complete, and even though they look complex, they are pretty easy once you start recreating them. These two friends on a swing drawing is a beautiful sketch to practice whenever you’re getting bored and have nothing to do. 

31. Learn How To Draw Roses 


Hand-drawn roses may not be as beautiful as real-life roses but they come to be a close second. A lot of us are still unaware of the right way to draw roses, which is why we’ve included it in our list of easy things to draw when you are bored. What’s the best part? They last forever and won’t rot like real roses would. 

32. Draw A Cat In A Hat  


If there is one thing you can do nicely on a day when you have nothing to do is draw yourself a companion- like this cat in a hat. The super cute little sketch is perfect to try by yourself and is pretty easy. It is a great idea if you’re a fan of the Movie inspired by Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat.

33. Learn How To Sketch A Robot  


Yes, you can draw a robot by attaching a square to a circle, but what about taking it to the next step and giving it more character? This how-to-draw robot tutorial will help you use your free time wisely and draw a brilliant robot sketch that is a much better version of the one you’ve tried till now. 

34. Draw A Dragon


The biggest advantage of drawing is that you can sketch anything you want, whether they exist in real life or not. For example, a dragon! You would be surprised to know how many people want to learn how to draw a dragon which is why we’ve added it to our list and we hope you try it out too. 

35. Practice Sketching Realistic Eyes


If you’ve already practiced sketching lips, hands, and other parts of the human body why leave out the eyes? If anything, sketching realistic eyes is the most challenging part and practicing it while you have nothing else to do is one of the best ideas to get better at it. 

36. Bart Simpson Cartoon Sketch 


The Bart Simpson cartoon sketch is on top of the list to try out sketches when bored thanks to its colorful and vibrant characteristics. If you’re an ardent follower of the Simpsons TV show then you must try this sketch out. It is far easier than it looks and a step-by-step tutorial reduces the complexity even more. 

37. Experiment With Shadow Drawing 


Shadow drawing is exactly how it sounds, drawing shadows of objects and giving them another layer. This shadow drawing sketch is one of the coolest drawing ideas on this list. You can even try it out for another object than as shown in this picture and explore it the way you want. 

38. Learn How To Draw Butterflies 


You would agree that even though butterflies are one of the most beautiful-looking creatures, they are incredibly easy to draw. Then why would you miss a chance to sketch them? Learn how to draw butterflies through this step-by-step tutorial and make sure you practice it whenever you‘re bored. Add more colors and design! 

39. Polish Your 3D drawing Skills


For those of you who have aced the beginner’s stage of 2D drawings and want to explore more, we have this amazing 3D sphere sketch we would recommend you to try. Drawing a 3D sketch is too much fun as it allows you to give others an optical illusion. This tutorial will walk you through each step from structure to shading. 

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40. A Cute Narwhal 


No matter where we go, or how many 3D images we draw, we come back to our favorite cartoons. This cute narwhal sketch has our heart with its adorable unicorn horn and fins. You can befriend this mythical creature of the sea by sketching it on your own and bringing it to life, at least on paper!

41. Do Some Symmetric Pattern Practice 


Symmetry is one of the best ways to relax, creating similar patterns over and over again. This drawing idea helps immensely in practicing repetitive movement and creating something unique just out of patterns. You can even change the design of the pattern and draw a unique sketch. 

42. Draw Winnie The Pooh 


We don’t know about you, but Winnie the Pooh played a very important role for us as a kid. If you’re someone who loved the cartoon series as much as we did, it only makes sense to add this adorable sketch to your collection. It is a charming sketch idea that will entertain you. 

43. Learn How To Draw With Charcoal


If you are bored of sketching with pencil and colors, then why not try something new like charcoal. This tutorial by Craftsy lets you know everything you need to know about how to start drawing with charcoal. Trust us, the effect is truly amazing and it is something you could enjoy doing. 

44. Create 3D Optical Illusion On Paper 


We have mentioned how fun 3D optical illusions can be to create on paper, but this hole-in-the-paper illusion is something else entirely. You can easily recreate this even though it looks complex, it’s not. The realistic quality of the illusion is what sets it apart. 

45. Practice Sketching Faces 


Practicing physical features separately is a different thing than practicing sketching them all together. A face has many layers and it is only practical for you if you are someone who likes sketching to practice drawing it when you are free. This tutorial helps you learn how to sketch faces easily using certain techniques. 

46. Draw A Beautiful Waterfall 


Are you running out of things to sketch? Why not have a look at this beautiful waterfall. If you struggle with big drawings, then you can even take a printout of this sketch and then stencil it into your paper. Don’t forget to add some colors and dimensions to make this waterfall stand out. 

47. Draw Dreams In A Bottle 


Taking a more Tumblr and Pinterest-y route, we have added these dreams in a bottle sketch for all of you out there. If you love to doodle and are running out of ideas, then this drawing is a great inspiration to get you going again. Make sure you pay extra attention to details when drawing this one. 

48. Connect The Dots With Pens 

Via Instagram

Exploring new types of sketches and drawings is half the fun, especially when you’re bored and want to try something exciting. This dotted sketch as we’ve come to call it is an interesting way to test your pens and create something different. 

49. Draw Your Favorite Minion


It’s all bananas when you’re bored out of your mind, and guess who will be your saviors? Of course, the minions! The minion sketch is one of the best drawing ideas you can save for kids and adults alike. You can even choose to draw your favorite minion to give it a more personal and fun touch. 

50. Learn How To Sketch An Anemone Flower 


Be it journals, greetings cards, placards, or other craft sheets, everything almost has a few anemone flowers in them which we cannot resist adding. So why not practice nailing the way it is drawn whenever you have too much time on your hands? Just follow the tutorial and learn how to draw a beautiful anemone flower. 

51. Draw Planets 


Do you remember how the solar system and the planets were some of the first things you learned to draw and remember? Well, it’s never a bad time to revise it. Only this time you can add your touch with stars and creativity to make it much more interesting and fun for yourself. 

52. Doodle Some Cat Poses 

Via Instagram

If you ask us what we like to sketch when we get bored, we’ll probably list out these cat poses as one of our favorites. In case you are a doodler like us, and an equal lover of cats, you should check this out and try to recreate it. It is not only therapeutic but also very adorable. 

53. Draw A Door Into The Universe 


Are you looking for something which is both cool and easy to draw? How about a door into the universe. This sounds exactly like it looks, and is easier to draw than you would’ve thought. You can simply sketch the rough idea and then fill it up using your favorite pens and sketch markers. 

54. Sketch Bottles Full Of Nature 


Wouldn’t you keep little reminders of nature if you could, so why not create them if you can’t gather them? This sketch of bottles full of nature is one of the coolest drawing ideas we’ve come across. It is also very easy to draw and the details mentioned in the sketch are what makes it special. 

55. Draw A Patterned Deer


Artists don’t generally do things the conventional way, right? So why start now when you can create your very own patterned deer. We agree this isn’t the first thing that pops up when we think of a deer, but it is truly cool and easy too because all you have to do is fill the boundaries with your favorite patterns. 

56. Interconnected Giraffes 


Moving along the lines of one-line drawings, these interconnected giraffes are another addition to our minimalist drawings that do not take more than a few minutes to complete. Even though they look complicated, they are easy to recreate.

57. Sketch A Treehouse 


If you’ve always wanted to live in a treehouse but never got the chance to call one your own, then we have the perfect idea for you. A treehouse sketch! This easy peasy treehouse drawing is not only a great way to sketch your dream on paper but is also an incredible bored-buster activity. You can even add some surrounding elements like birds and a lake to make it grander. 

58. Draw A Magical Universe With A Bookworm Girl 


Books are the way to a magical universe for most of us, isn’t it? And drawing is all about showcasing what we feel onto paper. If you feel like your books take you into a different universe then this bookworm galaxy sketch is an ideal drawing idea for you.

59. A Cute Little Bee 


Going back to basics means starting with the tiny and cute little bees! You can include this cute little bee anywhere from your doodles, to greetings cards, to birthday cards for kids, or even in your projects. The bee drawing can also be made by kids and is, therefore, is a pretty fun sketch activity. 

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60. Pencil Sketch A Race Car 


Some people have a passion for cars, and if you are one of them, then you will love this sketch idea for sure. This pencil sketch of a race car involves everything from blending to shading to outlining. It completely engages the person who is sketching it and is one of the best drawings to pick up when you have nothing else to focus on. 

61. Space Ship


Since we’re on the topic of vehicles and passions, how about this drawing idea of a spaceship? Since we are on the lookout for cool and easy things to draw when bored, what would be better than a spaceship sketch that can take you to a different place, metaphorically and visually? 

62. Draw A Simple Feather 


A simple feather is a great place to start if you are not someone who has drawn before or is an artist. This simple and easy drawing will give you the freedom to improve and use your free time building up a new hobby. You can even choose to fill in colors using soft pencils to give the feather a new look. 

63. Cartoon Penguin 


Adding to the list of many adorable cartoons that we cannot wait to sketch is this little penguin. The drawing idea is as simple as it comes and can be even turned into a creative activity for kids. Little details like the scarf and the yellow nose, really add character to the penguin’s sketch so ensure you nail them when drawing. 

64. Play With Color Pencils 


Another fantastic idea that you can try anytime you’re getting bored is playing with color pencils. Fruits are the most basic things we learn about but they can be challenging to color and fill in. if you’re someone who enjoys coloring as much as drawing then this tutorial on how to draw tangerines with colored pencils will be perfect for you! 

65. Practice Sketching Tattoos 


Tattoos do not have to be complicated at all, some of them are incredibly easy especially once you’ve been practicing them. You can practice different tattoo designs in your free time by taking inspiration from different platforms like Pinterest or Youtube.

66. Easy Fine Sketches 


Fine sketches are a little different from drawings as they are more refined and focused. You can start your fine sketch once you’ve done some research on it. They are not difficult at all and can serve as stencils for other drawings in the future.

67. Learn How To Draw Human Body 


Learning how to draw a human body can be challenging, especially if you have been out of practice. So, we have added this tutorial on how to draw the human body which is easy, short, and informative. You can now use your free time learning and practicing the steps given in this tutorial. 

68. Doodle Leaf Patterns 


If you love doodling as we do, you must have come across several leaf patterns that can be used. If not, then you’re definitely at the right place because we have around 10 doodle leaf patterns you can easily learn and practice the next time you sit to doodle.

69. Draw Baby Groot 


If you’ve been a fan of marvel, you may have been fascinated by baby Groot as well. So, we decided to include these baby Groot drawing ideas for you all in this list! You can even start your webcomic with Groot as the main character and enjoy your free time while building it up as you go. 

70. Get Abstract With Flowers In A Umbrella 


Abstract drawings ideas are always fun, both to draw and to understand. Like these flowers in an umbrella sketch idea which has a beautiful thought associated with it. More than that, they also can be used as wall art or desk decor for your room.

71. Draw Your Favorite Anime Characters 


Have you caught anime fever like everyone else as well? If you have then you must try drawing your favorite anime characters to chase away those boring midday blues. You can find inspiration from sketches like these on the internet or use your imagination to create one. 

72. Sketch Goofy With A Soft Pencil


If you’re running out of characters to draw, revisit the shows you used to watch as a kid. Like goofy, from mickey mouse! This adorable portrait sketch of goofy is made using a soft pencil and does not take more effort than required. You can easily use a stencil if needed and fill in the accents using a soft pencil. 

73. A Cute Little Baby Alligator 


Who knew alligators could be cute? We didn’t but thanks to this adorable baby alligator sketch we have been practicing we can finally do it. You can recreate this simple and easy baby alligator sketch using pencils and polish your drawing skills. 

74. Learn How To Draw A Spooky Pumpkin 


Halloween may be over, but we can always start early preparations for next year, right? And that includes practicing drawing a spooky pumpkin so that we can include it on invitations, cards, and other decor purposes.  

75. Sketch A Landscape Of Camping Area


So what if you cannot go out and enjoy the view of nature? You can still manifest it through your drawings with all the free time you have on your hands. Quit getting bored at home and sketch a landscape of camping area so that you can pin it up on your places to go to board! 

76. Sketch A Cute Bunny 


This list has seen its fair share of cartoon animals, sketch animals, and so on but how could we finish it without including a cute bunny sketch? This adorable drawing idea is perfect for someone who loves animals. You can use a soft pencil or even a stencil, although the tutorial does make it easier to draw! 

77. Draw The Eiffel Tower With Hearts 


If we are being completely honest the Eiffel tower has been on all of our lists of destinations we want to visit, right? Then what’s stopping us from using our free time to create a beautiful drawing of our favorite place!

78. Sketch Aesthetic Flowers In A Bulb 


How many times have you seen these aesthetic flowers in a bulb drawing but were too scared to try it out? Too many? Stop being scared and pick up your pen right away! This beautiful Pinterest-inspired drawing is one of the coolest sketches you can add to your sketchbook. 

79. Draw Girl Characters 


Another unique idea that you can practice if you’re a comic person or a designer is drawing girl characters. You can take inspiration from this tutorial and learn how to sketch beautiful and quirky girl characters easily. 

80. Pizza Space Invasion Drawing Idea 


This pizza space invasion drawing idea is a complete banger! If you are bored and wondering what to draw, why not start with an alien invasion? You can try making it more interesting by replacing the pizza with other items that are personal to you! 

These were 80 cool and easy things you can draw whenever you’re feeling bored. Not only are these ideas adorable and interesting to look at, but they can help you practice those drawing skills easily.