31 Creative DIY Photo Crafts and Projects

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You must be having a lot of photos stacked up on your computer or in your drawer. So what are you waiting for? Put your favorite memories on display and show them off to the world. 

I personally believe that nothing could be better than crafting the pictures of people you love. You may or may not hang them up for display (the choice is all yours). If you’re really looking to do something amusing with them, we’ve aggregated some of the best DIY ideas for you.

Let’s dive straight into the sea of amazing ideas!

31 creative DIY Photo Crafts and Projects

1. Hanging Branch


I never thought of such a unique idea to display my pictures. You can try it as well, just pick a branch from your yard and attach your photographs to it. You can use anything like a clothespin, string, thread, etc to tuck your photos. 

2. Popsicles Frame

Via Eighteen25

Make a popsicle sticks frame for your pictures. These popsicles are inexpensive and easy to prepare. These frames can be easily ported from one place to another and is a really fun project to do. 

3. Cork Picture Board 

Via Simplyem

Corks although seem pretty useless but they can be quite interesting when it comes to making DIY crafts. This one’s dedicated to those folks who are passionate about their pictures and wish to get the best out of everything! 

4. Photo Brag Book

Via Nalleshouse

You must have heard of the scrapbooks that children used to be mad about. Well, I personally had maintained one but if I knew of this offbeat trick I’d never opt for the conventional methods! 

5. Make a Cardboard Frame

Via Letsdosomethingcrafty

Cardboards are monotonous but they can be proven to be zany in case of such projects. You can try out making a cardboard frame for your pictures.

A cardboard frame would emphasize more on your favorite picture than the surroundings. 

6. Twigs Photo Frame


Collect some twigs, break them and create into an unusual yet beautiful photo frame. This would add a little more liveliness to your picture and outperform any other simple frame. Try out this project the next time you’re up for something like this. 

7. CD Photo Hanger

Via Decozilla

There must be a stock of unused CDs at your place. If yes, get them and make your personalized photo frame with it. It’s very simple and requires minimal supplies. You may hang it anywhere around your home and exhibit your photos in a quirky way. 

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8. Floral Photo Hoop

Via Stylemepretty

You can make a hula hoop frame for your photographs without actually using a hoop! Amazing, right? It’s a simple technique that will produce a beautiful result. You only need a thin wire, fresh flowers, satin ribbon ( optional ) and some other basic things. 

9. Photo ceramic Ornament

Via Architectureofamom

Grab a few ceramics from your local craft store and create this mesmerizing photo transfer ceramic ornament. 

It might seem difficult to make but is actually as easy as ABC. Check out this tutorial to learn how to make it. 

10. Cityscape Photo Luminaries

Via Alittlecraftinyourday

This one’s my personal favorite. The best way to display your photographs in a classy manner. Not only will it show your photos in the daylight but also in the dark. 

Although it requires a little extra effort it’s worth it, after all, nothing good comes easy. 

11. Picture Frame Mason Jar

Via Alittlecraftinyourday

Grab a mason jar and your pictures to make this multipurpose frame. This photo frame will allow you to keep your flowers into it and so can be used as a vase as well. Try this simple DIY to give your pictures a subtle home. 

12. Photo Magnets

Via Sundaesins

Make these cute little photo magnets with this easy peasy method. You can now attach your photos to your refrigerator or cupboard. Also, you can now carry your immortal memories easily wherever you want to. 

13. Photo Ornaments

Via thehouseofsmiths.com

You can create personalized ornaments using your photographs. You can use these ornamentals as a gift as well. So what are you waiting for? Collect some of your best pictures and arrange them into ornaments.

14. Photo Letters

Via Shutterfly

Grab some cardboard to articulate them into letters. Paste your favorite photographs on them and get ready to slay it with your craft game!

You can use these letters as a home decor or simply as a showpiece to display your pictures.

15. Photo Wall Hanging

Via Homeyohmy

Try out this classy looking showpiece to show off your pictures on the wall. Just take a print of your photos and follow this simple DIY project. But first, don’t forget to collect all the necessary supplies. 

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16. Magic Photo Box

Via Voyagesofthecreativevariety

Click on the above link to unravel the construction of this beautiful round photo box. You can use it as a gifting material for your close friends and family members. After all, who wouldn’t love their special memories articulated in such a unique manner. 

17. Wood Slice Art

Via Hunker

Transfer your perfect picture to a wooden piece and make this wooden slice art. It’s a fun idea to display that one extraordinary shot you took while on a vacation. Or it just might be your favorite picture of yourself. 

18. Photo Lampshade

Via Whosaidcrafts

You must come across various methods to make that perfect lampshade for your lamp. Here, let me tell you this is possibly the best kind of lampshade you can have! Yes, a lampshade of your special memories of friends and family. What else could be better, right?

19. Rustic Pallet Frame

Via Littlehouseoffour

This rustic pallet frame will give a vintage dusky look to your pictures. It is really eye-catchy so get your photos ready to grab a lot of attention. 

This simple craft project is going to cost you almost nothing as compared to the compliments you’re going to receive after this.

20. Keyring Photo Frame

Via Sugarbeecrafts

Customize your keys with this simple homemade photo keyrings. Now carry your family and friends’ photos with you wherever you go! 

It is quite easy and effortless to make and is worth trying at least once. 

21. Wood Burned Photo Frame

Via Abeautifulmess

This wood burned photo frame will fill all the missing magic into your home. Show off your pictures’ artwork with these photo frames!

Don’t whine about the opportunities later on, because you already have so many opportunities to display your masterpieces. 

22. Mosaic Frame from Old CDs

Via Lovethispic

Here we bring another DIY craft project that can be made using old CDs. First of all, you need to break your old CDs into tiny pieces.

Arrange these broken pieces as a patchwork on the base. With little efforts, you’ll have your own patchwork photo frame.

23. Glass Photo Block

Via Itsalwaysautumn

Transfer your favorite photos on a glass block at your home in just a few minutes. Try out this too good to be true craft exercise to make a block of your favorite picture. Trust me, you won’t regret the time invested in it. 

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24. Photo Necklace

Via Itsalwaysautumn

Make a wearable piece of jewelry of your most loved pictures. You can wear six pictures at a time in this necklace.

So create your personalized jewelry with this technique and I’m sure you’ll love it! 

25. Photo Clock

Via Rosyredbuttons

Get started with your dearest photo to make a clock. Put your photo on the clock so that each time you look up to the clock, it will remind you of the good times you’ve had. 

26. Hanging Mobile Photo Display

Via Natalme

Create this extravagant yet simple hanging embroidery craftwork to display your pictures. You’ll only need some clothespins, embroidery hoops and craft gel stain to perform this recreational project. 

So head towards your nearest craft store and get ready to build something edgy for your photos.

27. Photo Frame Wreath 

Via Infarrantly Creative

Make this super edgy and vivacious photo frame wreath out of your Instagram pictures. Because why confine their audience to only online platforms, right? You work so hard to get that picture-perfect shot after all. 

28. Photo Pillows

Via Countryliving

Pillows are one of the most underrated entities we own. Give them a makeover by printing a collection of your best pictures on them.

I gifted one such pillow to my best friend and she loved it! 

29. Photo Mobile Cover

Via Silhouetteschoolblog

Personalize your mobile cover with this DIY project. It is super affordable and fun to do. If you’re looking for anything other than those usual cover designs, then you must try this one out! 

30. Photo Bookmark

Via Stylemepretty

Conventional bookmarks are a thing of the past, now you can customize your bookmarks according to your choice. 

Select a bunch of your favorite photos and get started with this project. At the end of it, you’ll have a personalized bookmark on every book on your shelf! 

31. Photo Calendar

Via Itsalwaysautumn

I’ve always dreamt of being one of the faces of such calendars once in my life. 

One fine day I came across this blog that made my dream come true! Not that I actually got featured in any celebrity calendar but I made one for myself. 

You have a bunch of cool ideas to craft your photographs now. Go and own them like a pro! You may even add your own style to them.